Belvedere Hotel

, Salou, Spain
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Belvedere Hotel

, Salou
3 star

Rooms: 396

Terrer, 7 - Salou - 43840 - Spain Hotel Website | | 977352015
248 Traveller

Reviews - Belvedere Hotel

Awful Hotel
Submitted by: laura in 10/09/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Reception staff were extremley rude and arrogant. They would only understand what they wanted to. You would never in a life time get away with being like that in an English hotel.
The food was ok, again the staff rude and couldnt bring themselves to smile.
Drinks were absolutly outragous! do not drink in the hotel bring your own!
The pool was ok, dont thinl you were even allowed to swim in this pool, you would get told off for everything!
I would not suggest anyone going to this hotel.
Great location
Submitted by: Brian in 29/10/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Me and my wife stayed at the belvedere this September, we also visited the hotel last year. The food has improved this year, a very nice carvery every night, freshly cooked pizza was also available nightly. A lot of the food is aimed at the Spanish clients, but you are in SPAIN, not BLACKPOOL. The rooms are always very clean and we have always been happy with them. The hotel is 10 minutes walk to Port Aventura theme park and 10 minutes to the beach, ideal for visiting these two areas. the hotel is not really aimed at families it is more of an hotel for older couples, nice bar area but loads of bars within walking distance, best 1 we found was 007's great fun every nite, we would return to the belvedere again no problem, clean, quiet and a good location, but not for families.
Submitted by: Mr and Mrs Clemens in 20/10/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
When we booked the holiday with first choice we were told that the hotel was a family hotel really nice and it would have lots for the children to do. but when we got there we were really annoyed that we traveled all that way to what we found, the room was too small we asked for 2 single beds and one double we had two doubles, the room was disgusting, the food was horrid nothing for the kids to eat no English food, all the Spanish that were staying there were rude and they were all old with wheelchairs and took the sun loungers round the pool every day, the only thing nice about it was the English shops and the weather, I cant say nothing nice about the hotel just that we weren't happy and to move us would have meant to pay more money we already paid loads for this holiday we are very disappointed and this is our first family holiday we will never go back to the belvedere hotel but Salou was ok. They need to sort out the staff and the hotel and it would be ok.
Hell Hotel Belvedere
Submitted by: Sarah in 26/05/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
We stayed here from the 9th of May until the 16th 2006. We went on an educational trip with 33 others including tutors doing travel and tourism.

We were very dissapointed with the hotel to start with the hotel did not look a thing like what was on the brochures, I think you should read the trade descriptions act as this really doesn't go with this.

We went up to our room and we booked a three bedded. Only to receive a twin room when we arrived, this means there was three of us sharing two beds. As you can imagine it was pretty cramped with two people sharing a room, three was practically unbearable.

Anyway we then went to sleep as it was about 12 o clock by the time we got over the ridiculous size of our room and we thought we will get it sorted at the welcome session in the morning.

We woke up to go to breakfast the staff were very rude to us they didn't smile and ha dthe urge to barge trollies into us as we were getting our breakfast. Yes the food was the same thing every day with no variation. The hotel was also full of people over 70 and most of these were spanish. They didn't like us from the start and we hadn't even done anything wrong, everyone was totally pre judging us. You shouldn't have sent us to this hotel as it really wasn't suitable for us.

We then went to the welcome session at which our holiday rep tried to tell us about the hotel, but kept complaining about her cough for most of the 15 minutes. She also didn't tell us a thing about safety in and around the hotel which we definately needed to know. At the end we waited to ask her about our room, she said to talk to her at 8.00pm about it as it was the end of her shift and she was very tired. Very unproffessional and as we are all doing travel and tourism we know what they should do and say and it was not that.

8.00pm we search for the holiday rep and couldnt find her at all. So we then went for evening meal. We went down and forgot our card so had to go back upstairs. We brought down our slip and it only had two people on it. So one of us couldn't eat but we weren't having that. We went to reception where they were very unhlepful and started getting arrogant. They accused us of having sneaked someone else into our room without paying and me and my friend ended up storming off. Staff should always remain calm when dealing with complains or the customers will get crosser. We then got our tutor to come down and after about 15 minutes she dramatically scribbled another person onto the card. This also happened to two of our other friends where they only put one person on.

After all this the next night we went out to see what was happening. We discovered the place was like Blackpool abroad. They were spanish men trying to get you in their cars, people stopping you in the street and giving you leaflets. They really were harrassing us. We went out in a group of 15 and constantly people were trying to split us up and we knew it wasn't safe. There were an awful lot of lucky lucky men which is self explanatory it always brings the safety down that little bit.

The next night my friend Liam was about half a metre behind and he got dragged into an alley by two morrocon men and got mugged. This made us all very upset as we were being as safe as we possibly could and we weren't drinking.

Two days later I got all my money stollen from the room 60 euros, I got my friends to come up as I was very upset. One of my friends looked in her makeup bag to discover her money had gone aswell. Next thing you know more money had gone from about 15 other people, watches and jewellery adding up to a huge amount. We then discovered it was the maids that had done it, this made us all feel very unsafe as they can get into the rooms at any time. You could tell they had been looking through our things. The hotel said they could do nothing about it and my tutors asked to speak to the Manager of which he wasn't there at the time. The next day they spoke and he couldn't do anything. People also got money stolen that were'nt in the college trip. Some of the possessions were things money can't buy and this really spoilt our holidays as they had sentimental value.

Also they were tree cutters outside our hotel at 7.30am about 4 of the mornings which woke us up you could practically have a conversation with them from the balcony.

Two of the bar staff had a fight one night and they were hitting each other and everything with blood on the floor. When the police came they didnt even clean the blood up just left it there with a wet floor sign.

The final day we asked to have our tea because we only had it for 6 nights at this time we had the whole problem with the card again only having two people on.

The card in our light switch kept going on and off so we kept having to go up. Rooms sizes were so small.

There is also a lifeguard there who doesn't allow inflatables and if you go in with your sunglasses on I'd advise you to seek cover. My teacher went in with hers on and she needs them to actually see and she was forced to take them off. Another girl left her shorts at the end of the bed to be awaken with them thrown in her face.

There was also a security man who followed all us girls up to our rooms everynight and you can actually hear him breathing and coughing outside. This made us all very scared. It made us even more frightened when he was caught just about to put his key into one of the girls rooms when one was in the shower. We all wondered what was on his mind and why he would want to go in when he could knock.

The next nights after this we all couldn't sleep very well as we could still hear him outside our rooms.

The television only played spanish things and had only one button so you had to go through all 100 channels to get back to the beginning. There was no eyehole outside our door which also made us slightly scared as we couldnt look out to see if anyone was there this would have been handy with the security man. We were beginning to think that the whole hotel was in it together. This is the one time we were glad we were all together in the room as we were terrified by the security man.

We did discuss this with the manager and they came to conclusion that he should ask teachers before entering any of the girls rooms. He didn't really follow the boys I wonder why?

There was a jacuzzi and a little gym area with no lockers or anything, also a bit slightly suspicious as you would normally expect this.

Sunbeds weren't clean, sheets weren't clean even when they had made them sometimes there was unpleasant substances on the sheets. As you can imagine we slept on the covers them times.
Absoloutly appaling
Submitted by: Jenny in 19/05/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
This hotel was absolutely appalling. The hotel staff is unfriendly, unhelpful and moody. Firstly, the swimming pool is a good size, apart from the fact you aren't allowed 2 take balls into it, or floats, or wear sunglasses and they frown upon you splashing, and no jumping in. there are no outside toilets and you have to get dressed and put shoes on to go inside the hotel to use the toilets, the gym consists of a rowing machine and a bike, the sauna is freezing, and the steam room is tiny. Next, the rooms, they are relatively small, the lights kept on going off not only in our room but on others, they never got cleaned and when they did the maids stole money and precious belongings, towels and sheets weren't replaced despite asking, and they were filthy to start with. Next is the overall cleanliness of the hotel, its not, there was blood on the wall when walking up the stairs that hadn't been cleaned and is probably still there now. Next the staff...well where do I start with them, they are so rude, when we first entered the hotel it wasn't too late in the evening and yet they were rude to us, despite been a large group of 30, we had to escort ourselves to our rooms which were all on the same floor and there were 4 different lifts to choose from, we had to guess which to take. One of the double room shad 3 people in it when it was only made for 2 and even then it was cramped when telling the reception staff they didn't seem to be bothered and didn't do anything about it, and then only 2 of them could get into the restaurant to have their evening meal, an hour later it got sorted but by then they had stopped serving the meals. Whilst in the restaurant the staff are rude, the chefs are kind, and some all of the male staff are friendly, but the females look at you like a piece of dirt and ram trolleys into you and expects you to move. The food is appalling anyway and you may as well eat out, it isn't cooked properly and is cold, overall the hotel is awful and smells funny, it is dirty and the staff are rude apart from some of the bar staff, wouldn't recommend it to anyone, its a shame as its location is good been just 10 minutes away from all of the nightlife in salou and 15-20 minutes away from an excellent beach.

Top Local Tips for Salou

The resort is a little limiting for entertainment before 10pm Go and see the water fountain display at the end of the promonade. It is on every night at 9.30pm for about 30mins. It is a laser and light show set to music and well worth a look!

Out and about GO to the bus station on the seafront and pick up a bus timetable (in english) if you what to see other places like La pineda there is a waterpark there 10min on the bus. Tarragona about 20- 30min visit the old Amphitheatre and Barcelona about one & half hr away ( They do day trips)... Cambrils you can get there by bus 10min-ish or by boat which was great to do has you get to see all of the coastline ..

PortAdventura Make sure you get a night ticket or have the stamina to wait all day,as the night show on the lake at 23.45 is FANTASTIC!!!!!!


Other names for Belvedere Hotel

  • hotel belvedere salou
  • belvedere hotel salou
  • Address: Terrer, 7 - Salou - 43840 - Spain
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