Continental Hotel

, Calella, Spain
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Continental Hotel

, Calella
2 star

Rooms: 147

Cervantes, 105 - Calella - 08370 - Spain 937690647
29 Traveller

Reviews - Continental Hotel

Never Again!!
Submitted by: patricia in 02/09/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Well where do i start! This is most definately the worst hotel i have ever had the misfortune to stay at. The reception staff are not at all helful and quite ignorant in fact. The room was basic as expected, but beds were hard as rock and we only had one very flat pillow each. Trying to get to sleep was difficult enough with an uncomfortable bed but the noise from the young lads in the next room made sleep almost impossible it went on till 6am approx! Then when a group of young German girls moved in to a room underneath ours it was made far worse. They shouted to each other all night and morning!! The restaurant staff were friendly enough but ive got to say the food was awful no selction and very bland. Breakfast consisted of one cereal and slices of salami and cheese with a roll. The orange and pineapple juices had been watered down and the coffee was very strong. The evening meal consisted of a soup that was always disgusting, a basic salad a pasta that was bland chips that were greasy and often cold, and grisly beef stew or disgusting fish! Your desert, EVERY evening was ice cream! Needless to say my two children and myself were always hungry. The bar staff were very friendly though and attempt to hold a disco twice a week but whilst we were there was a huge dissappointmment.All in all couldnt wait to get home to catch up on some sleep and get some good food inside us. If your aged 16-20 this would probably be an ideal holiday for you if your Dutch German Italian or Spanish otherwise my advice STAY AWAY!!!
A cheap get away
Submitted by: sue in 17/09/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Cheap Getaway Holiday Maker
I booked this hotel as a second holiday for me and my husband as it was a cheap half board deal. We were not expecting the Ritz, but neither were we expecting Faulty Towers. The rooms were very basic and badly in need of a refurb. The balcony looked out on to a brick wall with patio doors that when you locked one side the other side opened. Breakfast: nothing remotely healthy everything was sweet unless you had a bread roll. we didn't bother after a few days. Evening meal:lovely salad All main courses tended to be a mish mash.The bar staff were very nice and friendly, but the reception staff quite ignorant,and they won't change english currency. Location ok with plenty of lovely resturants close by. All in all, it was ok to rest my head at this place, but if you like to spend time in your room, it's not for you.
Clean but food awful
Submitted by: John in 24/09/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Cheap Getaway Holiday Maker
We booked this holiday as a late last minute break. We knew it was a cheap holiday in a cheap hotel, so had realistic expectations.
First impressions were good - a bit old fashioned, but cosy. We were lucky that, when we arrived the young lady, who we later found was the only receptionist who spoke English, was on duty. She was very helpful. We found our room without problems. It wasn't big, but clean. It was cleaned properly every day of our stay, with clean towels. The balcony overlooked several "dumpsters" which were emptied everyday, soon after midnight. Avoid Saturday nights if you can, as the adjacent recycling bins, including glass and cans, are emptied then!
Downstairs, the bar was run by a friendly Spanish couple (on opposite shifts - don't know how they manage it)
Now the real downside - the food. On the occasions we ate there it would have been rejected in a 1950's school canteen (I am 60). Gristly beef stew, tinned ravioli & spaghetti, fish fingers - the list goes on. For some reason, the coffee and fruit juice machines available at breakfast are turned off for dinner. Breakfast was a normal, if monotinous Continental. If you want a good, cheap meal while you're there, go to the "Can Xena" just down the road on the corner of the main shopping street. It has a great atmosphere, full of locals (always a good sign) and they have a picture menu.
When we were there the roof pool was clean, and no-one said we couldn't take bags (though the bar wasn't open)
They hate the English
Submitted by: Michaella in 23/08/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Party Animal
My friend and I have just got back from a week in Calella staying at this 1970's throwback hotel. We arrived in Calella at 11pm, & the airport transfer dropped us at the top of the road about five minutes walk from the hotel due to the minivan being unable to access the one way street where the hotel is situated. Usually this wouldn't have been a problem, but we were dropped off and told to just follow the road down until we saw the sign. It was really intimidating to say the least, being two young girls in an unusual place and having to find our own way through the backstreets of Calella, it wasn't exactly what we were expecting. When we arrived at the hotel, there was a large Spanish guy sitting on the front steps, my friend and I, struggled to get our cases up the steps to the hotel entrance and he just looked at us. (Oh I noticed that there was no disabled access around the hotel either.) We then went to check in, the same guy who was sat on the steps took his time to read our information and spent a good 10 minutes examining our passports and shaking his head, he made no attempt to help us or even be polite. He then forced the key into our hands along with a card which said our allocated breakfast & dinner times, and without us receiving any information or welcoming into the hotel, we figured out ourselves where our room would most likely be, as they failed to give us any direction to where our room was. The room was clean, but small and the view from our balcony was Spanish housing with bins placed directly under our balcony. We then decided we needed a safe, so we went down and he couldn't understand what we were talking about (we literally had to mime putting money in a box!) They told us it was 18euro deposit, but at the end of the holiday only received 6euro back. The breakfast consisted of salami, ham, cheese & bread. Being a vegetarian I decided to skip breakfast after the first day. The restaurant staff were equally as ridiculously rude; they shouted at me on my first day for not wearing a suitable top, they then shouted at us for sitting at the wrong table, and as we were late coming down for our meal, they told us we had five minutes to eat then we had to get out! The food in the evening was cheap, basic and bland, it was unlabeled and when asked what the food was the chef responded with ‘it's very good, eat'. The hotel is full of young Germans, Spanish, Italian and every other European nationality bar the English. The majority of them were really rude towards the English aswell. The pool was dirty, small and cold. The pool bar only sold icecreams & crisps, and you're not allowed to take your own food or drink up. They ran out of water half way through the week, but we still got told to dispose of our own water when we tried to take it up. The maid's idea of cleaning a room appears to be making the bed. We only recieved fresh towels and sheets once during our week stay. However, all this seemed like nothing compared to what happened to us on our last day. Our flight wasn't until the evening, and as noone in the hotel spoke English, we couldn't find out what time we had to check out by, or where to store our cases & whatnot, so we packed and left our cases in our room. It got to about 1pm, and we were about to make our way up to the pool when we heard the manager banging on our door. When we answered it he barged straight in demanding 50euro for keeping the room for an extra 3 hours. (We didn't have 50euro left between us so we couldn't pay him) When he realised we couldn't afford it he snatched my friend's bag and went to walk out the door, we grabbed the bag off him and he went to hit my friend. So we threw the last of our money at him (30euro between us) and he demanded the extra 20 by 7pm. We were both extremely shaken up by this incident and left the hotel immediately refusing to pay the extra 20euro. We are currently trying to get in touch with the agency and are taking this further. Don't stay at this hotel seriously.
Not one for the family!!!
Submitted by: Sally in 14/08/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We have just returned from Hotel Continental and all I can say is "DO NOT BOOK THIS ONE!" if you are looking for a nice friendly, family holiday, this hotel should be avoided.
On arrival at the hotel we were given a key to our apartment and a card stating what time we were allowed to eat dinner. As the reception staff spoke no English we were not offered an explanation of where to find our room, she just thrust the key into our hands and ignored us.
This is a very residential area so the only views from the balcony were of dilapidated spanish homes. We quickly realised that the hotel was filled to the rafters with teenage lads (German , Dutch & Italian) generally between the ages of 16- 20, certainly not what we were expecting.
There is no air conditioning in the rooms as stated and whilst the rooms are relatively clean they smell very damp and was not cleaned once during our weeks stay.
The pool on the roof sounds lovely, but it is on the small side and there is no childrens pool, you are not allowed any items up there other than your towel. No bottles of water and certainly no bags. However, there is a bar up there, but how you can buy a drink from it when you are not allowed a bag with your purse/wallet in, I don't know.
The hotel is a non smoking hotel and they have a smoking room however some of the younger holidaymakers were allowed to smoke a hookah (one of those druggy bottles)in the bar area, which I felt was inappropriate as it is suppose to be a hotel for families.
Dinner is set in slots, 7pm & 8pm, our time was 8pm and the food that was left over although edible was scarce. We would arrive at the restaurant at 8pm and by 8:15 the chef was packing all the food away, whether you had finished or not. The chef was also very rude. Some fellow holiday makers that we met there went to get a bowl of fruit & ice cream however after putting her ice cream in a bowl, he snatched it from her and put it on a plate. Obviously the bowls were for the tinned fruit cocktail only not the ice cream
If you still decide to book this holiday do not expect a cooked breakfast at anytime. Continental breakfast consists of cold meat, cheese and cereal (there is no variety). The croissants and pastries that were supplied at breakfast were lovely however, the lady from reception obviously thought they were layed on for her as she had about 7 of them every morning.
I have never been anywhere where the staff pick at the guests food and found this very off putting.
I would give this hotel an overall rating of 1 star and I certainly would not return there, EVER!
This hotel needs renovating quite badly and friendly staff that can communicate with it's guests.
Calella itself is nothing to write home about, I thought that the streets were quite dirty; a bit like the local slums.
There are a few good bars there though and some lovely places to eat however, I won't be rushing to book my next holiday there.
The beach which can be reached via the train underpass is mainly tiny pea shingle which feel like bits of glass in your feet, but the sea was crystal clear and there were first aid/lifeguards that patrolled the beach area. Overall I would have been bitterly disappointed if this was my annual holiday, but as a cheap last minute break it was bearable, JUST!
Submitted by: Jeanette in 03/10/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
As a resort Calella is a lovely place. The locals are very friendly and helpfull and the resort is kept clean and tidy. It is only a 1 hour train journey to the amazing city of Barcelona. The train system is easy to use very reliable and very cheap.

As for the hotel continental...We never wish to see this hotel again!! The room was tiny and not very clean, the toilet leaked which left a constant smell in the room. The staff were not very helpful or friendly. Security is not high on their agenda as the reception was often left unattended with room keys hanging behind the desk. We had to help ourselves to our room key!!
The food is terrible. For breakfast it is a traditional continental breakfast but the evening meal was of VERY poor quality and choice. It is usual to be a little restricted by dining room opening hours but to be TOLD your allocated time slot is VERY restrictive. We will never recommend this hotel to anyone! We have stayed in 2 star accomodation in much poorer countries where the cleanliness and service has been far superior.

Top Local Tips for Calella

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Pubs! Check out the Beach Boys and the Golden Gloves!

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  • continental hotel calella
  • Address: Cervantes, 105 - Calella - 08370 - Spain
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