Boix Mar Hotel

, Blanes, Spain
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Boix Mar Hotel

, Blanes
3 star

Rooms: 156

Enric Morera, 3 - Blanes - 17300 - Spain Hotel Website | | 972330276
35 Traveller

Reviews - Boix Mar Hotel

Where else would we stay?
Submitted by: Dorothy in 08/03/06
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Having stayed here for the last 12 years we look forward to visiting again this year. Club Cantabrica picked an excellant Hotel with the Boix Mar. Family and staff provide an excellant and very friendly service. it is now more like staying with friends than at a Hotel.
Very nice hotel (a rose between a few thorns)
Submitted by: Ian in 07/08/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
This is a comprehensive review but your holiday is important so take you time to read it. (with a touch of humour).

After reading other reviews on this and other similar sites, we decided on the Boix Mar.

We booked; through the site and were pleased with the price and ease of booking. We also booked a shuttle bus to pick us up and drop us off. I would recommend doing this if it is your first time in Spain as someone will meet you and point you to your bus (coach).

The coach; will take you on a little tour of the surrounding tourist resorts so you can get an idea of where you are. The roads very narrow and the drivers do a great job of maneuvering their way through the double parked cars and tourists who don't seem able to look left and right, therefore they deserve a great deal of respect.

The town of Blanes; couldn't have been further from my expectations. I have been to Spain many times, but always in non-tourist areas. I was shocked at what I saw. If you think Blackpool is one of the highlights of the North then you'll love to Costa Brava! It's like hot England! Blanes continues this trend, albeit with a Dutch touch. I say “touch” but it is more like a sleeper hold! If you go to real Spain you will never see anyone walking around without his shirt, here it's obligatory.
I must admit, we were forced to go during the school holidays, which is not really recommended if you can avoid it, and so there were a lot of people between 16 and 19 in the resort. That being said, it wasn't very loud in the evenings, maybe the Dutch are a little more reserved that the Brits.

Now to the hotel:
The Boix Mar is a very nice 3 star hotel. The staff; are very friendly. At the reception there are about 5 members of staff, one speaks perfect German and very good English. Another speaks very good English. The others can understand and be understood and, as I say, are pleasant and helpful.
The food; is basic but edible. I don't usually take more than B&B but this time, because of the favourable prices, we tried half board. The breakfast is not bad, hard rolls, one type of cheese, sliced meet, (for the English) beans, egg and bacon, also jam and marmalade etc. One negative is that there is no fruit on offer, they learnt from past experience that if they put fruit out, the guests pack it in their beach bags and it costs the hotel a small fortune. Quite understandable really.
Dinner is good for meat and salad eaters. And always a fight for the chocolate ice-cream, it's funny to observe. Don't expect a restaurant atmosphere, it's more for the ”refueler” rather than the “bon vivant”.

The beach; is very clean, water warm and very refreshing. Better to go between 10am and 1pm before it starts to get full and the mass sunburn begins. Some areas have a man who hires parasols for 4€a day but you can buy your own from one of the many shops for around 9€, so if you intend going to the beach more than twice it's worth buying one and giving it to someone when you leave.

The surrounding area; becomes nicer the further inland you go. As with most of Spain, the number of neon lights, henna tattoo stalls and English pubs decreases with the increasing distance from the coast. Girona has a beautiful old city and is well worth a day-trip. Spend time wandering around the narrow alleys and cafes and you will not miss the beach and masses for one moment.
Barcelona is of course a must for every Costa Brava visitor. With bus and train almost 2 hours away, by car, much quicker. Barcelona is a great city with lots to do and see. Make sure you read the small print on the menu with may say something like “there is a 15% extra charge when sitting on the terrace”. Alternatively learn a Spanish accent and get the Spanish menu, it is often not written on this. They wouldn't want to rip off their fellow countrymen now, would they? The general rules of big cities apply; if you walk around with white trousers on and your wallet in your back pocket, it won't be there when you come to pay your 13€ Tapas on La Rambla! And if you see a small stret that looks dark and as if noone in their right mind would go down there - don't. If 2 kids come towards you and one pushes a newspaper in your face, the other is rifling through your pockets with a dexterity that would warrant a leading role in Oliver Twist. This does happen but it happens everywhere, don't let it bother you or let it change your mind about visiting Barcelona.

A few stories; everyone has humourous experiences from their holiday, here is one of mine.
On the coach ride back to the airport we drove past one pub in Calella with the name “The White Horse”. It seemed to be a well frequented local for those who don't want to go to Spain and eat any of that “foreign muck” and offered everything the heart desires, from Sky Sports to cheese butties. We drove to the next hotel for the final pick-up and waiting for us were a few people wearing very stylish t-shirts with the words, yes, “The White Horse” proudly adorning the front and back. They loaded their suitcases, time for one last ciggy, and on board. “WAIT!!” was heard screaming from the back row, “'old on a sec maat”, ordered Mr Horse as he sprinted past the blissfully clueless Spanish driver. Back into the hotel. Only to return 3 minutes later with a 10 year old boy in tow!!! And I thought this only happened in the movies!

Top tips:

1, Learn some Spanish, or Catalan, but it's not easy.
2, Remember the Spanish number of your room key.
3, Don't go to the coast if you want to experience real Spain.
4, Book at the Boix Mar if you don't need a kids club or entertainment. Totally recommended!

Good 3 star hotel with superb staff
Submitted by: Mark in 19/01/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Been to the Boix Mar for the last 4 years. A good 3 star holiday hotel with superb staff, mostly all family. 100 metres to the beach, about a mile from the main town. Food basic but good & plentiful. Lovely gardens. Very clean. Well worth a visit.
Submitted by: Stan in 22/06/05
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
We have been going to the Boix Mar for several years now and find it a friendly, spotlessly clean and well run hotel. The owners and staff are very helpful.

Top Local Tips for Blanes

Beach Don't bother going on it as it is not nice sand - lots of shale and even more flies

Lots for youngsters Beach was great for digging in, sea was warm and clear but shelved steeply so you need to keep an eye on little ones. There was a small fair open every evening that was well populated, with fairground rides, trampolones, dodgem cars etc.

Local trains, buses and boats. Very easy and inexpensive to visit Barcelona by train. Local buses to nearby towns and villages and places of interest. A must is a boat trip along the coast - especially in the direction of Tossa.


Other names for Boix Mar Hotel

  • boix mar blanes
  • Address: Enric Morera, 3 - Blanes - 17300 - Spain
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