Hotel Esplai

, Barcelona, Spain
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Hotel Esplai

, Barcelona
3 star

Rooms: 198

2 Carrer Ramon I Cajal Calella - Barcelona - 08370 - Spain | 937 690 308
93 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Esplai

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I Wouldn't Go Back.
Submitted by: Leah =] in 14/09/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
I Went To Callella On The 16th Of August To The 30th & We Travelled With Ferris. The Hotel Its Self Is Clean && The People Are Friendly. The Food However Wasnt As Good, The snack Bar By The Pool Was Lovely & Thats All Me & My Family Lived Off. The Meals Wernt So Good. It Was Always Fish Or Pork & Never Anythink For My Little Sister & Breakfast Was To Early ( 8-10 ). The Pool Was a Good Size But Really Cold Water. The Outside Jicuzzi Was Lovely & Warm But The Inside One Was Dirty & Cold. The Entertainment Was, Well You Had To Go Out Every Night Because Of It. Ive Been To Callela 3 Times Not & Stayed At The Palace, The President & The Esplai & The Esplai Was The Worst One.
Submitted by: Leah & Hana & Toni in 12/08/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Clubber
It was great =]
We all loved it =D
Goin back on thursday =]
Room Ok, the rest not so good.
Submitted by: Brenda in 14/08/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We arrived at 11am after having travelled for more than 24 hours by coach. The reception area was full with people leaving/arriving and chock-a-block with luggage. We had to wait 2 hours before we could have our room and had to sit on uncomfortable chairs as there were only a few sofas/comfy chairs. Our first impression of the hotel was that the entertainment area looked like a cafe (later on in our hotel we wandered into other three star hotels to compare and they all had separate larger entertainment areas and nice tables and chairs). The stage as it was called consisted of planks of wood and a couple of speakers. The hotel owners spared no expense or imagination here! Our room was clean and surprisingly comfortable (because there were three of us so we had three beds in the room). The air conditioning was good. The maids did clean the room everyday, however it was only surface cleaning. I don't recommend looking under the beds, under the dressing table, in the wardrobe or balcony!). The towels were changed every day if you left them in the bath.
The food, what can I say? If you appreciate good food then this hotel is definitely NOT for you. However, on Fridays there is a special buffet and it's like a banquet. So much choice of nice food its difficult to choose. They even give desserts (normally you only get 1 type of melon and a few other fruits, jelly, blancmange that we nicknamed slop and sometimes instead of jelly a disgusting mousse). On Fridays there is also cheese and biscuits and pate. It's crazy that six days a week the food is awful and one day a week it is out of this world. If you love pork then you might enjoy the food they serve daily. There is at least two or three pork dishes at the main counter and more pork in the evening at the hot counter where a chef starts cooking after the first guests are allowed into the dining room.
Breakfasts are not worth getting up for. In the eleven days we were there they served bacon 3 times and the rest of the time it was different types of sausages (I think breakfast and lunches were the left overs from the night before!). We had scrambled egg once and fried eggs twice. The rest of the time it was hard boiled eggs. This hotel is obsessed with pork and they even served pork pasties for breakfast! Cold baked beans were on the menu every morning. It would have been nice if they offered an alternative such as grilled tomatoes or mushrooms. They didn't even serve croissants every day. There were no fruits (fresh or tinned) or yoghurts at breakfast.

By 9.15am there is limited bread left, usually a few stale pieces and the staff don't refill the baskets. At 9.15am the staff close down one of the two drinks machines and start cleaning it out. The fruit juices are watered down so much they taste like squash. Bottled water is not included in the all-inclusive deal.

If you ask for a packed lunch they are very minimal and they don't include drinks (even for all inclusive packages). They are supposed to give drinks if you miss an evening meal but we found that we got the same packed meal whether it was for lunch or dinner.

Lunches as I said previously are mainly left-overs plus a few extra dishes. There are less salads to choose from and the fresh cooked counter is not used. There is more choice of fruit in the evenings. There are two separate counters for salads and main meals. However, in the evenings if you don't want salads people complain if you try to bypass the salad counter and join the queue at the main meals. We found it was best to get your drinks from the lounge bar before going into the dining room because there is only one barperson and the queues are long so if you get food first you end up with cold food.

The pool is nice but not big enough for the amount of guests staying at the hotel. If you want a sun bed you have to queue up. There is a chain put across the entrance of the steps to the pool area and the cleaners clean the pool area from 8am so they don't let you get your sun beds before 8.40am. By 9am every sun bed is taken. Also because the floor is wet it is slippery and if you take beach bags down to the pool area they get soaked through. There is not a large area surrounding the pool so you have to be prepared to get wet whilst trying to sunbathe because naturally kids like to splash in the pool. We used to move a few tables so our sun beds were not on the edge of the pool but then a large group of Dutch youngsters put their sun beds in front of us and because they were in along line we were prevented from getting to the pool! Some of them had different colour wristbands so I assume they weren't even staying at the hotel.

We got fed up having to get up early to queue up for beds so we went to the local beach which is only 10 minutes away and you can get a nice space. It's a nice beach however, it's steep so the water gets deep very quickly and there is a strong current and big waves so you have to keep an extra careful eye on young children. There are good showers on the beach to wash off the sand before you leave.

The entertainers do try to entertain the kids and they have water games every afternoon/water fights. My son got injured whilst taking part in the water fights. The entertainer gave my son a pad to put on the foot but as it was a deep cut this was not sufficient. I noticed there was a first aid cabinet near the bar area so I took my son to the bar and the barman, who was the first aider treated the injury properly.

The evening entertainment was appalling. Most people like ourselves went on organised evening trips. A lot of people we spoke to went to the local bars. The hotel was full of Dutch/German youngsters between 18-20 and they were very rowdy and not very friendly. This hotel is more suited to this age group and we wouldn't recommend it to families. There were two pool tables but one of them was out of use. We used the games area over the road. (Pool, table football, discs etc).

We didn't have any problems with the bar staff. They weren't friendly but they weren't rude either. The only annoying thing was that adults are only allowed order two drinks each and children can only order 1 drink (on the all inclusive deal) so as there were three of us two of us had to go to the bar if we all wanted a drink. At the poolside our son could never get drinks for us. The snacks at the poolside were good. The food was cooked to order so it was always hot and fresh.

We didn't have any complaints about the reception staff apart from one young man. Our son's wristband broke (whilst participating in water sports at the hotel) and he wanted to charge him 2 euros for another one. We waited until there was another receptionist on duty and the band was changed without any problems or additional costs.

The hotel charges 18 euros a week for the use of the safety deposit boxes. As we were staying 11 days we had to pay the weekly charge and 4 euros per day for 4 days, so we had to pay 34 euros (if we stayed for two weeks the charge would have been 36 euros).

We went to look at other three star hotels and in our opinion they are far superior to this hotel. We think this hotel is over-rated and should be a two star hotel. Regrettably we would not consider staying at the Esplai ever again.
Amazing Hotel
Submitted by: Katy in 25/04/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
14 of us aged around 18 with two adults went to Hotel Esplai in the August of 2005. Being a first timer to the hotel accomanied by friends that had been going to the hotel for years i was suprised at how much we had payed to stay in a 3or4* hotel. This soon came apparent. The Hotel is Awesome. The only downsides being the food, we were half board with all inclusive drinks. The food i found nice, especially the man doing the steak, but some days things were unacceptable like fish head soup!! WHAT???!
I think we would have prefered just a plate of chips each night, but saying that holiday food is never up to standard unless its in britain, it seems forigners dont understand the concept of potatoes and things like bacon and sausages that we brits are oh so fond of. The snack bar served us well though and McDonals i am ashamed to say is only a few seconds down the road. It seems everything is just down the road to hotel esplai the beach especially is nice and the waves are great fun.
The internet cafe accross the road is cheap for those like i that cannot keep away.
The bars i would recommend like so many others is the beach boys also the white horse is a good bar. The white horse also does full english breakfasts and chicken nuggets and normal things for those who are prepared to pay for meals.
I found the bar staff acceptable, not too moody, even only talking in english i didnt get a drink that wasnt what i asked for and i found them ok to talk to also. Don't know what other people are complaining about.
We were told off for firing our BB-Guns off the balconies and had them confiscated, so anyone talking about the night staff not being fair i think thats more than fair.
Recently went with the same people to a 5* hotel in Greece and found it wasnt the same as calella and so will definatly be going back to the 3* Luxury of the Esplai this year!
Every thing was great!
Submitted by: !Hutton Family! in 24/04/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Stayed in this fab hotel in august it is very clean and we had a beautiful room and all the staff are friendly the food was ok this resort is a very good resort to stay in as there is a lot of good english fun pubs the pubs we like the most are beach boys club and molly malones these are the best english pubs in calella we are going back again this year and we cant wait we love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A nice hotel
Submitted by: Laura in 18/03/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Me and my family have been going in this hotel for 8 years now and we think it is 1 of the best hotels in Calella. We always have a nice time at this hotel and we love going to the resort Calella can't wait to go back in 2007!.
Hotel Espla-T.
Submitted by: Jason in 05/10/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Price wise I dont think we were ripped off. Generally a clean environment, but with many areas of improvement. Ranking in importance (highest to lowest) here is my feedback.
The food was not only poor - but dangerous. The mish-mash selection did not even suit the continental guests. Pork was every night and all the cuts were fatty. By the time you got your food to your tale it was too cold to consume. I spoke to the under manager of the hotel, Sergio, who explained to me that he was aware there was a problem with he food and he was "looking for a long term soltion". I simply explained "Easy, cook the food properly and serve it hot". He said to me it was not as simple as that - I was shocked. I demnded a meeting with the owner, which was granted, and I explained the problems to him. The owners name id DAVID - remember that should you go there. Nothing really happened wih the foods condition for about 3 days when suddenly evening dinner was superb. I confronted Sergio to congratulate him on success to be informed that this nights food was special due to a Spanish Festival - thanks Sergio. Guess what breakfast was like - cold beans and boiled eggs, no bacon or other normal items. oads of cheese though! Ok, you may think I sound harsh but bacon did come out on the mornings where a new coachload would be eating breakfast. Holiday undercover eat your heart out!!!
For the remainder of the week I was on dodgey food alert as by this time 3 out of a group of 9 had gone down with Esplai-belly. Several other groups I spoke with were experiencing the same problems - all different nationalities.
The staff were in general very helpful, some of the bar staff though took the mickey a bit. Serving wrong drinks (we think out of spite) and some of e drinks were weak. DONT DRINK THE BAILEYS. Look out for the guy with a selleck tash in grey. He is well moody.
The rooms are very basic, mine was very clean,but the last thing you want when struck down with a dodgey tummy is the cleaner bursting in. No signs to put out saying "no lean today thanks - do not disturb".
Whilst I was there I was lucky enough to watch wildlife sliver out of the pool - a snail infact!
The entertainment was poor for the kids, consisted of colouring in during the day, and three songs for them to dance to on an evening in the mini-disco.
If you are going to visit this hotel I would recommend room only and you must have a knowledge of the area or be visiting calella for a reason.
Do not go to this hotel or resort!
Submitted by: Tracy in 23/09/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The Room: Mouldy, damaged walls (including hole in the ceiling above shower where you could see daylight), unclean and generally shabby! Dirty, ripped towels provided.
Entertainment: not really in existence and had to fight through smog of tobacco smoke to get to it anyway!
Food: Served uncooked meat(usually pork) nightly, huge queues, repetitive choices when there were some, moody staff, stale bread - generally terrible and not worth paying for!
Pool: Very crowded and territorial and very overlooked by large high rise buildings.
Resort: If you enjoy the feel of a dirty, ugly, sprawling, high-rise town with magnificent views of other hotels then this resort is for you!
Sergio we warned you! Cold Food,Colder Staff!
Submitted by: Andy and Paula in 26/09/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
As echo`d in previous reviews of this hotel, The food was terrible (yes pork every night, yes often cold!!) We discoverd the reason for this was the hot plates we not working at the time we got there. all though apparently the hotel Owner David "Is looking for a long term solution to the problem of cold food?!" Meanwhile People continued to fall ill with what we began to call esplai belly...But if you could drag yourself out of your room (you had no choice with the maids coming into your room everymorning with the lack of do not disturb signs!)also the PAPER thin walls - because the plaster has cracked off and been painted over so many times that all that remains are walls that you could hear eveything through..and i mean everything going on in rooms around you, snoring,walking,coughing and full conversations as if you were in the room with them!! You could go down to the pool and be served a selection of watered down, poorly made drinks by some of the most miserable bar staff i have ever encounted in a hotel. Namely "Moustachio" being your one to look out for, even when you spoke in spanish to the man he pretends not to understand you and gets you the wrong drink! Entertainment was ok a selection the usual Spanish Flamenco/Karaoke/Disco...Our last words on the Esplai...Dont Bother!
It was OK....
Submitted by: Jehane in 18/08/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Spain
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Me and my family stayed in this hotel for 1 week. It was lovely. The weather was brilliant! The staff weren't very helpful and the food well... we went mc Donald's most of the time through out our full-boarded holiday. The same dish was handed out everyday day!
If you like the food you would have it over and over again if you didn't... tough. You either had to have it or paid extra to have something different.
I think if the hotel wanted to improve get a better menu!!!

Top Local Tips for Barcelona

travelled by coach trip was really enjoyable,you meet really nice people,the bars are really especially papas bar,the western bar

local trains ,shopping stay away from the esplai

Dining Anyone who has the misfortune at said hotel should dine out.


Other names for Hotel Esplai

  • esplai hotel calella
  • esplai hotel
  • esplai
  • Address: 2 Carrer Ramon I Cajal Calella - Barcelona - 08370 - Spain
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"Room Ok, the rest not so good." - Brenda

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