Perola do Algarve Hotel

, Albufeira, Portugal
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Perola do Algarve Hotel

, Albufeira
4 star

Rooms: 120

Rua do Pacifico, Lote 24 - Albufeira - 8200-166 - Portugal Hotel Website | | 351 289 540 850
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from Coopas
We arrived at the Perola Do Algarve with a few reservations having read the Trip Advisor AFTER we had booked it (lesson learned to do it before in future). The staff were friendly enough on arrival although they told us there was no way we could upgrade our room as the hotel was full!!! It was apparent quite quickly from the amount of dark rooms on an evening and the amount of people around that it was not full. The rooms are basic, our bath was cracked, the kitchen bench has pan burns on it, the planter between our apartment and the next one on the patio was dirty and full of cigarettes and the overflow pipes were dripping from above and filthy below (see photos). The indoor pool was like a bath in the basement and the gym was full of old equipment that we did not use for risk of injury. The steam room was cold, the jacuzzi and sauna you had to pay for (both very small), and the outside pool is not heated. It is most certainly not a four star hotel and would be an average two star based on our many experiences. We moved out of the Perola within three days into the Paraiso (at a cost to ourselves as First Choice would not help), and had a much better experience there. I would not be rushing back to Albuferia and would most certainly never re-visit the Perola.

Staff could have been friendlier

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just came back from a week long trip to Portugal and stayed at the Perola. Being the off-season, the package deal was very affordable (air, hotel & car rental) so my expectations of the hotel were pretty low. I was just hoping that it would be clean and comfortable, which it was. It was in a convenient location close to both Old Town and The Strip. We were travelling with another couple and it was nice that they put us close together. I think it is a bit of a stretch to call it a 4 star hotel however. The beds are twin beds shoved together and the other couple found them particularly hard and uncomfortable. The sofa was actually a single bed mattress and I guess if you were to suddenly have a stranger sleep over, it would come in handy. Since we got such a good deal on our trip, none of these things were a real issue for us. But they would have been if we had paid full price!

My main complaint with the Perola is with the staff. On our very first morning there, we got up very early so that we could drive to Sagres. We went out to the car only to find that we left the lights on and the battery was dead. So we asked the desk clerk if he had any suggestions. He said that if we found some jumper cables, he would lend us his car. We found some cables, but when we asked for the car, the clerk said "No". No explanation, just no. So the guys went out to find someone to help us out. As they were standing there, the clerk drove out, looked right at them and drove away! Luckily, we found a nice guy to give us a boost. I just could not believe that the Perola was so unwilling to help us out and gave no explanation why. I had heard that the Portuguese people were very friendly, but this was certainly not true of the staff at the Perola. We spent one night at the Pousada in Evora and it was nice to see how a REAL 4 star hotel treats its guests.

Would I stay here again? Probably not. Portugal on the other hand is beautiful and we met some great people. If you stay in Albufeira and are getting tired of Portuguese food, try the Clay Oven for some fabulous Indian food. We went two nights in a row it was so good.


Perola Perceptions

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Perola from Nov.6th to 14th, 2005. I had some concerns after reading the reviews prior to our stay. I have travelled extensively around the world and do have some experience with good and bad hotels and their assigned ratings. I don't know who grants the ratings for the Luna chain of hotels but it is deceiving. This is definitely not at 4 star hotel even in places such as Cairo and Guatemal City, where I have stayed, it would not be a 4 star.

The staff was couteous and friendly. The rooms were large but stangely furnished. The suite had two bedrooms, one with a small ensuite bathroom. The kitchen was small tucked into an area the size of a closet. The coffee cups were European demitasse size holding maybe 2 ounces of liquid. We had to buy a mug at the local supermartket to be able to get a decent sized cup of tea or coffee

The sitting and eating area had two tables and 6 kitchen chairs. One coffee table and a couch that could be use as a single bed. It was highly uncomfortable to sit on. There were no other lounge type chairs in the room and far too many kitchen chairs.
Yes, there is satelite TV but beware. The TV is an 11 inch screen that sits on a small shelf. The English channels are FOX NEWS, BBC NEWS and CNN NEWS. After you have seen an hour of any programming, it repeats itself. Now, I admit we weren't there to spend all our time watching TV but in the evening, there was not too much to do unless you wanted to bar hop. We were not aware that this was the first week of the off season and that almost 75% of the restaurants were closed, even those in the hotel which was fully booked! So while we would have preferred to dine out in a Portugese style restaurant rather than watch TV, our choice was very limited. The usual North American Fast food chains were open but we didn't go to Portugal to get what we can have at home.I don't really go there at home either!

The hotel rooms are sound proof on the sides, so we did not hear our neighbours, however the same cannot be said for the occupants above. There is little or no sound proofing between floors. Every time someone above moved a chair, we heard it. We also heared personal activities in the bedroom above us every night. This was most unpleasant. Several days, we had a very unpleasant odour of sewage coming up the drain in the floor of the ensuite bathroom. The rooms were cleaned every day but they tend to use cleaning agents with strong perfumed odours, I guess to mask the smell. The sheets on the beds were changed but they were not those you would expect in a 4 star hotel. They were very flimsy and of poor quality.

The pool area was clean and pleasant and the grounds were well kept. The city is also very clean and comfortable to walk around. The location of the hotel was good as we were close to the mall and to many restaurants. It's too bad many were closed.

Words of caution: Bring plenty of euro's or a bank card. Many of the restaurants and stores do not take credit cards. When we asked one of the owners why, he explained that the banks charge between 4 & 6 % to use their cards. He can borrow money from the bank at a lesser rate.
We had a rental car included in our package. Even though the car insurance is included in the deal, you are offered a choice of leaving a 1,000.00 Euro deposit on a credit card to cove the deductible or to pay a flat daily rate to cover the deductible. We chose to pay the daily rate, approximately $10.00 a day. We unfortunately, made the right decision. There is no parking at the Perola. You have to fight with everyone to find a spot at the side of the hotel or on a side street. One morning we came out to find a large scratch and dent on our car along with a note on our windsheild. It said that the note writer was a guest in the hotel. He didn't leave his name or room number. He had witnessed a large tour bus trying to turn around that basically damaged the vehicle and drove off. With the extent of the damage, we would have had to pay the $1,000.00 euros to get the car repared. Fortunately haveing paid a daily deductible insurance, we just dropped off the car without any problems or other payment required. I can't imaginge having to leave a damage car in a foreign country and not being able to ensure that the cost to repair was justified. I would have just been dinged for the entire amount, I'm sure.

While the Perola was not 4 star, we made do with what we had. When I pay for a four star hotel , I expect more than I got. When I go on vacation, I don't like to skimp on quality.

t Fault The Perola!

from Onreek
I have just returned from a week staying at the Perola and honestly cannot fault the hotel.
I read some of the reviews on here before departure and was honestly quite worried by what i was going to see, especially since I had booked this on behalf of others in my party. On the coach from Faro Airport i was panicking. When we arrrived i was pleasantly surprised and relieved that what I had read wasn't true to form, not while I was there anyway. The comments about the outside of the hotel didn't ring the same for me either. I agree it is maybe in need of a lick of paint but i think if I hadn't read previous reviews before hand, I wouldn't have even given it a thought. Perhaps I go on holiday for other reasons rather than to look at the paintwork and smell the bins!!!
Our rooms were always kept clean and tidy, sheets and towels regularly replaced and all staff helpful and friendly. We only had to call on reception once and that was over confusion with the patio door, we had maintenance sent to our room with 15 minutes - can't complain at that. Our room was on the pool & restaurant level. The area around the pool was regularly cleaned and kept tidy. We only ate once in the hotel on our first night as the restaurant was closed of an evening from there on due to end of season. If it hadn't closed we would have ate there again, we all enjoyed it and there was plenty of choice for all on the menu.
The hotel was pretty full for this time of year but not too busy of an evening in the bar so we spent most evenings out so cannot really coment on the entertainment.
The surrounding area of the hotel was good, not too close to the main road that there was noise at night and with a shopping centre next door comprising of a few shops,a supermarket, bank and an eating hall which is handy for those of us self catering.
The Old Town and the 'Strip' were both within walking distance, about 20 mins in either direction from the hotel. There is a taxi rank just up the hill (not steep) from the hotel though and they only charge 3/4 euro's so at night these can be of preference.
Fishermans Beach is also about a 15 minute walk although the hotel does provide a mini bus down there daily.
There is internet access in the hotel charged at 1 euro per 10 minutes which was hardly used so handy to keep in touch. The reps did advise us that it is expensive to call home from local payphones and I discovered each text message with Vodafone to home was 49pence.
If you travel with First Choice, please be careful what you sign up for with the reps. We had a newish rep who offered to book us our seats on the plane home which we thought was very kind but on further investigation when we paid for excursions that we agreed to go on, we had been charged 11 euro's each for the pre booking of our seats. This didn't mean we skipped the queue at the airport, just meant that we were supposed to be sat together. On arrival to the airport we hadn't been booked properly and so they refunded us our money but the rep and her manager, who she was supposed to have called in the resort, said they couldnt do anything and that she would have to pay out of her pocket if we were to get it back. Not a huge problem, just a niggle that we weren't told that we had to pay for the 'priviledge' and what the benefits were to pre booking them.
As i have already said i couldn't fault the hotel during my stay and would have no hesitation in staying there again if I return to the Algarve.

Student Haters

from Amellia_7
This hotel was ok, considering what we had paid for. It was by no means a 4 star resort. Rooms were fine, expect for the ocasional cock roach. The pool was great, except the indoor pool was only open from certain times (not past 6pm at night). I went with a group of 38 students and because Albufeira is supposed to be a party place we figured this hotel was great. For some reason they had all of us spread through the hotel instead of grouping us together to not disrupt other guests. We had quite a few noise compaints, (On a Friday Night?!?!!) and hotel staff (mainly front desk) was rude to us, due to the fact that we were students, even to the ones that werent causing noise. The resturant was not properly staffed at all. It was an ok experience but I would never stay there again, just because the staff was so rude to us. Yelling at us because we wanted wake up calls, and being very snippy with questions we asked.

You get back what you give

from A TripAdvisor Member
OK first things first, the name. I've called this review 'you get what you give' because we made a very basic mistake in minute one of us walking into the Perola do Algarve and it was to do with the name. Perola do Algarve means Pearl of the Algarve, and we made the mistake of pronouncing the name as 'per-owla' to one of the receptionists. This got a frosty response and we were a bit upset to think that this response might be normal for our stay, so I took the trouble to ask one of the tour reps who were around about the name of the place. She explained that the word Perola in Portuguese is pronounced like the word 'Petrol' without the 't' and with an 'a' on the end, ie, with the accent on the first sylable and with a short 'e'. The word pronounced 'Per-owla' as we did is an extremely rude word in Portuguese and we therefore said a very nasty word to the receptionist the moment we walked in the door. Not a good way to endear yourself to your hotel staff - so get the name right folks - it will mean a lot!!!!! I apologised for my mistake the very next morning and after this the staff of The Perola were just superb - kind, friendly, accommodating and helpful.

Right then, next. The Perola do Algarve may have 4 stars in neon lights under its neon-lit name on the roof, but please do not let this lead you to believe that it is a 4 star establishment - it is not. Anyone who has had the good fortune to saty in a 4 star establishment in any European capital city will have had nice fluffy monogrammed towels replaced daily, a bar fridge in the room which is checked and replenished daily with the items consumed being charged to your bill, room service which delivers tea or coffee to your romm on request, a shoe cleaning and laundry service etcettera, etcettera. Folks, the Perola do Algarve has none of these things, and is simply not in this league, but in its defence it does not pretend to be so let's concentrate on what is good about it.

The reception of The Perola do Algarve is staffed 24 hours a day, and this is a great confidence booster for you because you know that you can pick up the phone in your room at any time of the day or night for any reason and get an instant response. The rooms are spotlessly clean within the limits of the fabric of the building, and by this I mean that, OK, yes, some bits are in need of a bit of TLC. The work top of our little kitchenette was a bit grubby - but clean - the toilet seat was a bit loose - but spotlessly clean - one of the wall sockets was cracked, but the plug fitted fine and was not a problem. So I hope you get my drift here. These hotel appartments get a real hammering from all sorts of people and I think that compared with their contemporaries The Perola do Algarve does very well. For insatnce, when we arrived we found that a couple of light bulbs had blown. I reported this at 10 am as we left for a stroll round town, and when we got back at about 12 noon for lunch in our room they had been replaced. That's not bad service - even for true 4 star standard!!!

The thing that struck us about The Perola do Algarve though was the soundproofing. We have stayed in quite a few self catering hotel apartments around The Med. and we have had some nightmares with noise, but we just did not get this at the Perola. Our room happened to be on the same floor as the bar in which all the action took place - you know what I mean - hootin' and roarin' 'till 2am, karioke, live rock and roll bands etc. etc. When I saw that we were on the same floor as this I was horrified because whilst we're no Darby & Joan we are morning people and not night people and like to be in our bed by around mignight and up and about by about 8am. Well, we went to bed on the second night at about 11.30pm while the live music was at full tilt and do you know what - we could hardly hear it. I do not know how this is achieved in the Perola, but we were so surprised how well insulated it seems to be against ambient noise. We had a good night's sleep every night, but having said that the hotel has no defence against antisocial morons coming in from The Strip at 4am drunk out of their skulls and creating mahem around the place. Thankfully this happened only once during our stay there, and to their credit the hotel staff did their very best to control the situation.

So all in all I think The Perola do Algarve is fine. It's a shame that it's in Albufeira, but that's another story because this is supposed to be a review of The Perola do Algarve and not Albufeira, or indeed the Algarve. I can't resist a comment though. The fact is that The Algarve region of Portugal has been sacrificed on the altar of tourism, and the sacrificial dagger is plunged into The Algarve through the town of Albufeira. If you want to witness the capacity of tourism utterly to strip a community of its soul, national culture, pride and self respect look no further than Albufeira.

So if someone held a gun to my head and said 'Ok, you have to stay in Albufeira for a week, where are you going to stay', I would contemplate for a moment that death might be a preferable solution, but would eventually say, I suspect, 'I'll stay at The Perola do Algarve'.

great place

from Steve039
We cannot believe that these people stayed in the same place as us. we have just returned from our 4th visit in 4yrs to the Perola do algarve and are full of praise for the staff and the facilities. an excellent hotel.

t stay here!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Last week I had the unfortunate experience of staying at the Perola do Algarve apartments in Albufeira. I still cannot believe this establishment is consistent with a four star rating...where do I start?

On arrival there, the reception staff couldn't even manage a smile before throwing the key at us. On our first evening we decided to take a taxi to the nearby strip, so we thought we'd go to reception and ask them to book a we did. After asking the rude receptionist to order a taxi we took a seat opposite the desk. We waited there for almost 40 minutes before the receptionist told us that she forgot to order the taxi. Then after another wait, she told us that were no taxis and left us to our own vices. Fortunately there is a rank nearby.

As an excursion, we decided to book a cruise from one of the many on offer. On the day of the cruise we went to receptionist to ask her where we should go as the receipt was in Portuguese. After looking at it blankly for a few seconds she mumbled "Vilamoura". So we went to the taxi rank and went to Vilamoura, which cost us €15. On our arrival there we were told that we were at the wrong marina and that we should have been at Albufeira marina. We then had to walk two miles to get a taxi back to Perola, costing an additional €15. We told the receptionist that she sent us to the wrong marina. She said she had just spoken to the receptionist from the cruise company and told that it wasn't her fault as she didn't book the taxi!! We asked for a refund for the taxt and she told us that she would have to ask her chief and colleague and that she would get back to us!

The recptionists, bar staff and restaurant staff are the laziest team I have ever seen working in such an environment. They made our stay miserable. The food was diplorable, the service was slow and sloppy and the atmosphere was dull. I would not recommed Perola do Algarve to anyone and I would suggest that the four star rating be revised...

never again

from A TripAdvisor Member
I would never recommend this hotel to anyone.

The room was damp and smelt fausty. The shower head was detached from the wall and you had to hold it yourself to have a shower. That's when there was hot water. The toilet was blocked and every time it was fixed it blocked again the same day, so in the end the toilet was out of order leaving the smell to get even worse. The cleaners never did anything about it either.

We went half board but never ate in the hotel again after the first meal. I'm not a fussy eater and will eat most things, but for a four star hotel only to be offered fish or meat for your evening meal was unbelievable. You didn't even know what type of fish it was, and it was cold.

The only good thing was the location of the hotel, within walking distance to the old and new town.

Good Accomodation

from thebroons
As a family of 5 we have just returned from the Perola. After having read the reviews prior to travelling we were slightly worried as to what we were going to find. However, the accomodation was excellent. The entrance to the hotel was fine and the staff in reception were very friendly. The apartments were excellent, large and spotless. The pool area was sufficient for our needs and clean. The pool was very cold though and only ventured in with the feet!! It would have been nice to have a grassy play area for the children.

The food in the hotel was average and have definitely experienced much worse. We opted for a flexi dine option for 3 nights and enjoyed the experience of eating in both the old town and new town some evenings.

Overall the accomodation was well situated between both towns and it was very easy to access other areas. The shopping centre did not interfere with our holiday at all. However, the smell at the bins was rather disgusting, but not the only area in the Albufeira region where we noticed this.

Overall had an excellent holiday. The only reason we would not return to the Perola, would be due to wanting more facilities for younger children. It is a clean and friendly environment and well done to all the people involved in making our holiday a success. Kate the rep was always around to offer advice and help! The bar staff were exceptionally kind and friendly.

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  • Address: Rua do Pacifico, Lote 24 - Albufeira - 8200-166 - Portugal
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