Palm Court Hotel

, Qawra, Malta
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Palm Court Hotel

, Qawra
3 star

Rooms: 350

Triq It- Tamar - Qawra - SPB05 - Malta | 21572484/5/6
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Cheep and Cheerful!
Submitted by: Sue Jeffrey in 07/10/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Cheap Getaway Holiday Maker
Me and my hubby (age 36 & 39 respectively) returned back to North Wales August 19th, after a thoroughly enjoyable 14 nights at the Palm Court - incidentaly our 3rd visit in 5 years.
As ever I found the staff very helpful, if, on 1st appearances, a little surly! Just bother to actually initiate a conversation with something other than a complaint and you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Our room, on this visit WAS a little grim - quite damp and smelly - so after 1 night I requested a different room. When I say requested I mean just that; I waited for the reception desk to clear and DISCREETLY explained the problem, the girl was mortified and immediately found us another (363) which she asked us to go and look at to see if it was acceptable - it was - and we changed rooms.
I didn't wail & shriek like a banshee nor did I hurl abuse and swear loudly and my complaint was sorted out quickly and to a more than satisfactory conclusion. PERIOD.

The hotel IS a bit tatty, it's old and in continuous use by many, many repeat visitors, but for goodness sake - I paid £370 for TWO weeks ALL INCLUSIVE! I mean, seriously, what do some people expect!

The pool area is cleaned nightly - I know it is because I watched them often enough! The rooms are cleaned daily, with fresh towels daily if required - just drop the used ones into the bath in the morning and they will be replaced - the sheets (which in BOTH rooms we stayed in were definately not shabby) are changed every 3 days and they make your beds daily.

The food I heard aptly descibed as 'school dinners - but better'! A choice of 2 starters, 4 main courses, A carvery, Salad bar with choice of 4, and unlimited bread, rolls etc, and fruit salad, sweet and ice cream EVERY night.
We had a wonderful holiday and will definately go back again when we are on a budget!

We met, as ever, some wonderful, friendly people and had a great time at the 'entertainment' most nights - it was a bit cheesy with a choice of Line/sequence dancing, bingo/quiz, karaoke or a duet (they were pretty good actually!), but, throwing ourselves into it, we had a wail of a time!

If you want 5* Please PLEASE pay for it!

After all, I don't want to have to listen to you moaning next time I'm soaking up the sun by the pool or toasting our newest friends with a cold pint of Cisk!

By the way, just in case you think we might not have anything better to compare this holiday to - we have stayed in 4* and 5* hotels before, in the USA just last year in fact, however after looking at our holiday budget for this year we both agreed that we'd rather go back to the Palm Court than take a risk on getting stuck somewhere dodgy.
The Best Hoilday Ever
Submitted by: Natalie heyhoe in 02/10/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Do Not Listen to any of these comments written below. people make me angry because they all moan about the hotel but there are all aware that it is a low budget hotel. You get what you pay for. Me and my 3 girl friends went to the Palm Court hotel in july which is the most expensive time to go on hoilday. We only paid £261 half board which is really good. We got what we wanted a bed for the night and food and drink. All the staff were great. I dont no where all there other people where staying but our rooms where clean the food was good. People are just expecting too much if you pay cheap dont expect 5* hotels. Overall this was the best hoilday ever there is so much to do round the area its great. I would definitely recommend it.
Hotel truths
Submitted by: The Gilberts in 06/10/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We were here in May and having read all the reports were expecting the worst but having booked on the teletext and paid before looking at the reviews were already committed. We wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone who is expecting a good quality hotel, it is basic, it needs decorating and the food is like 1970's school dinner standards. In fairness we only paid a couple of hundred pounds for the 2 of us for a week in Malta, the flight alone would have cost that and that's how we viewed it. Many of the guests enjoyed it but if you are not a typical knotted hanky on the head and watneys red barrel over a game of bingo then you probably will be dissapointed with the hotel but if you do book here you will have a few more shilling for spending once in Malta. We wouldnt go again.
Pay low price expect low standards
Submitted by: peter irvin in 25/09/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Having spent a two week holiday at the palm court in august 2005 I must say that for the money that i paid for my partner and i it was value not that many things cannot be improved to soon.Our room on floor 2 was drab and too near the main entrance's traffic noise and morning deliveries.I did asked to be moved to a higher level and with a calm and sensible approach from myself we were moved to floor 5 on day one. Yes there were some ignorant fellow Brits who on 3 seperate occasions thought that returning to their rooms at 3am in the morning acting like we had won the world cup,was just the normal thing that you did on holiday. The food was plentiful and good although more variety should be addressed.The staff were very helpful. The indoor pool was very stuffy and was being given a wide birth from many. The local bars had a variety of entertainment ,just as well because the hotel,s entertainment was just bingo ballroom dancing and quizs.So if you want cheap digs as a base for visiting Malta with the odd meal added then this hotel is for you.If you want luxury then pay more if you can and book another hotel. Malta bargains were very helpful and efficient and do have higher grade hotels on their books.H appt hols.
Could do with a good "spruce up"
Submitted by: David Cooksey in 09/09/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
We didn't think we were going to afford a holiday this year as we'd spent a lot on the home, but out of the blue we came across and decided to give it a go as the prices were fantastic! We travelled to Malta with my mum and went half board,as we like to get out and about a lot to taste the local culture and food.I'd had a look at the hotel on the internet so had an idea of what to expect. On arriving at the Palm Court, my main niggle was with the coach driver, who sat in his seat while all the passengers had to crawl into the luggage hold of the bus to get their cases out!!! On reaching reception they were quick and efficient in sorting us out with our room and we were pleased with the hotel lobby. The walk to our room was a little off putting as the hotel really could do with a good spruce up. The lift was somewhat cramped with 3 people and their luggage,but we managed. It was another long walk down another corridor before we arrived at our room and here we were pleasantly surprised.We had a triple bedded room, basic, but clean. We had a lovely balcony,which turned out to be quite a sun trap. The toilet/bathroom was again basic, but more than adequate for our needs,clean,with soap and shower gel satchets included. The room had a fan,which I tried, it worked BUT,as it was only hanging by it's cable, I thought it best if we let it be. The air conditioner was perfect and kept the room beautifully cool all day and night.Once we had unpacked, we went down to the restaurant to eat. This was quite a trip as the place turned out to be in the basement of the hotel. On arrival at the resuarant,we were initially told that our "sitting" was to be between 5.30 & 6.30 but the waitress was more than helpful, when we said we would prefer a later "sitting" and she switched us to 8.00. Again we were pleasantly surprised with the food and had a good meal. You help yourself to whatever you want from starters, main course and deserts. Breakfast the following morning and for me, each morning, was more than adequate and I enjoyed it, although the bacon was not to everyones choice as it is typically "continentally" fatty! If there was anything to "nit pick" at the food, it was that it was very samey and I would have eaten more at the hotel if there was a variation of choice. As it was,we ate out 5 evenings and ate in 3 evenings, which was more our choice as we preferred to sample the local cuisine. The staff all work extremely hard although some training in customer relations would not be lost on some. Our room was cleaned each day with clean towels every day and our sheets changed every other day or when we asked. What more could you want? All in all, we all 3 had a good holiday at the Palm Court Hotel. Yes the hotel could do with a good "spruce up" and a little more staff "training" but that apart,when you look at what you are paying you are getting good "value for money", a very good location, plenty of inexpensive choice if you don't like the food and a very good base to operate from. We did meet up with a couple who had 3 young children and yes they initially had serious problems with their room and 2 other rooms the hotel staff moved them to, but in the end the staff worked hard to re-allocate them to another hotel close by and they ended up having a brilliant holiday. Those people that nit pick expecting 4 or 5 star treatment from a 3 star hotel, well good luck to them but, most of the people, staying at the Palm Court and who we travelled back with, had a good time and that is what we all go on holiday for.
Hotel from Hell!!!
Submitted by: Julie Woodhouse in 05/09/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
On arrival at the Palm Court we were greeted by a sea of miserable faces, both guests and reception staff. The room we were given was on the second floor overlooking the Main Rd. The room itself was furnished much like an army barracks with wooden framed beds and an inch thick mattress. The bathroom was filthy, it looked as though it hadn`t been cleaned since it was installed. The toilet didn`t flush properly which was just not acceptable. The food in the restaurant was mediocre, a buffet style, all you can eat job. Not very nutritious or calorie concious but it kept us alive!!! The evening entertainment was either bingo, karaoke or a quiz. All well and good if you like that sort of entertainment, but it wasn`t for us. All we could see were the parents drinking until they fell over and the kids running riot. At precisely 7am EVERY morning was the bread and milk delivery, and because we were at the front of the hotel we heard the loud greetings from the drivers to the hotel staff, doors slamming and the most irritating was the lift they used to move the delivery was in dire need of oiling and made a horrendous noise. You may think that is not a legitimate complaint but when you are awakened by hotel guests drunken singing and banging doors at 3am, to be then woken at 7 every morning is no joke. Our daughter who is 11yrs old was in tears she was so tired, and we were not far behind. Then we had no hot water for 3 days and when I politely inquired I was dismissed with a wave of the hand by a young girl at reception who said maintenance were "on it". We never had one single please or thank you or even a smile from the reception staff, they were very off-hand. The pool area was ok, our daughter enjoys swimming so was able to get her fill. The bar staff at the pool bar were jolly, two young lads the week we were there, they were the only staff we saw smile the entire week. All in all we feel this hotel is substandard and does not deserve its 3 stars. Cheap and cheerfull we thought, well we got the cheap..............
Holiday nightmare!
Submitted by: Jayhe Athersuch in 28/08/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Upon entering the hotel, we all thought how lovely it was. How wrong can you be. We have heard of people who complain on hols & we accuse them of nit picking well we are about to join the nit pickers... the reception was full of people complaining about the state of their rooms & how dirty they were, one man was saying to us as we walked in welcome to faulty towers.... again we thought they were just the resident moaners... we were handed our keys by unsmiling, unwelcoming staff & we made our way to the rooms... they were the most damp ridden, dirty holes i have seen... the room our daughters were in did not have any air con & the smell outside the room was appalling .The beds were damp & you could not breathe in the room as it was so damp & as we know with damp you get the cockroaches aaahhhh. We complained to the reception who looked at us as if we were from another planet or something. They had scraped from the bottom of their shoes & said they would send maintainance up to the room, upon our return later still nothing had been done... back to reception now there is nobody in building in the evening to fix air con or smell..... girls sleep in our room for the night 4 of us in 2 single beds... next morning holiday rep gets the job done quickly & efficient The room gets a full clean as does the carpet out in the corridor which we were told smells as there had been some floods from the pipes above... the scottish girl who cleans the rooms works extremely well & very hard, but it is very basic, she has so many rooms to do in a short space of time. She was very good to us when we were sick & made sure we had sufficient towels & toilet rolls (thats a different story) Beds get made daily but only changed once weekly... the food what we had at the hotel was not too bad although very bland & the same choice every night. We were poorly for the last 2 days with some kind of bug but dont know where it came from. We did not eat from the hotel just in case. Malta itself is a beautiful island with plenty to see & do... we hired a jeep out for the week & travelled all over the place. You can get to the beaches by car or bus quite quickly & they are some of the most beautiful sights we have seen. The trip to the blue lagoon by speed boat was brilliant & charlie was lovely & friendly(most of the maltese we met were cold & unfriendly)buggiba is busy with plenty to see & do & only a short drive or walk to. Valletta is well worth a visit also. So apart from the Palm Court hotel, we had a superb holiday & would recommend Malta to our friends. So enjoy yourself when you go from a not normally nit picking brummy.
Waste of time
Submitted by: Jess in 04/08/05
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I thought it was not brilliant yet not completly crap. Only Yesterday I came back from stopping with my family. The room was spacey yet boring. There were four. My Mom Dad and sister, the beds were ever so uncomfty, and easy to catch yourself on. The tv had news and Uk Gold, and the Balcony was okay. The toilet was terrible, there shower curtain was ever so small and leaked all over the tiled floor making it easy to slip which everyone of us nearly did. The toliet didnt flush correctly, and often waste still there - Bit off putting. And the shower didnt stand correct and often cold. The air conditioning didnt work. And we asked for it to be checked out and was never looked at. Our room overlooked the pool. And could watch entertainment. But that was oftern boring. There was a lift, which was small but good. The Lobby was big and able just to chill out. Didnt pay much attention to the reception. So cannot say much. The pool was the best bit! It was big and cool, the drinks were cheap and really cold to, which is needed. The indoor pool is like a Sauna and not often used this time of year. The staff were okay, not exactly friendly or horrid. The bar on the front was nice. And its not to far away from the sea.

The worst was the food. It was awful. We were only half board but thank God. The first night 26th July, we enjoyed the food alot. But it was exactly the same every night Chiken, Pork, Turkey, Chips, Rice, Meat pie.... and so on. It made me and my Family ever so sick also the breakfast was awful, apart from the toast. The soup was the nicest but the oxtale was just like gravy, the juice for the morning is really sweet like the pudding so if you dont have a sweet tooth I dont recommend it.

I would never visit again, and the food has put me of certain foods for a long time. But if you decide to go, enjoy your holiday.

Jess Shaw,
Teenager, Derbyshire
You get what you pay for
Submitted by: John Lloyd in 22/06/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Palm court hotel was the ideal base to see Marmaris in Turkey it was pleasant freindly and cheap the rep for Goldtrail was useless but we always do our own thing on holiday and so his total lack of ability was a minimal annoyance. The staff at the hotel and the staff at TJs bar around the corner signified the strong desire found everwhere in Turkey to give 100% service and value for money. We will be back soon.

Top Local Tips for Qawra

nice island to visit any one wanting fun and great views visit malta and all its sights,the first time i went to malta it was love at first sight.keep going back hoping one day to live in malta, just love the people and all the sights around the island.

Freeways Head to Freeways - it is literally 30seconds from the hotel. The people are very friendly and the prices are very very good. The best thing is that you get to keep the car for the maximum time as you can return it 30seconds away from the hotel! No need to pay for buses or taxi's back from the rental place or have to pay extra for collection!

getting about get out to popeye village, blue grotto, craft villages, valletta market sat/sun eat at vinnys buggibba sea front excellent food service


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  • palm court qawra
  • palm court hotel malta
  • hotel palm court
  • Address: Triq It- Tamar - Qawra - SPB05 - Malta
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