Hotel Atlante Star

, Rome, Italy
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Hotel Atlante Star

, Rome
4 star

Rooms: 61

34 Via Vitelleschi - Rome - 00193 - Italy Hotel Website | | 66873233
624 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Atlante Star

Don't Believe What you read on this site!!
Submitted by: DC in 18/09/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
As a result of the comments made on this web site we nearly cancelled our holiday less than 24hrs before going.. What a mistake that would have been!!! We had two rooms on the 5th Floor, they were compact but very comfortable, very clean, very tidy and in very good order. There is a TV with access to CNN, but we rarely used it, after all we did not go to Rome to watch telly. The restaurant Les Etoiles on the 6th floor was expensive, but the breakfasts which were continental, were excellent and the food was good. It was a disappointment that the roof garden was closed, but scaffolding is visible and work is being carried out on the roof, however, the views from the restaurant were astounding and made up for this. The staff were very helpful, if business like in their manner (but so are all the Roman people). We plan to go back there and i would have no hesitation in recommending it. The location is superb and handy for the metro and all historical sites. DO NOT be put off by the reports on this web site, they are far from the truth. I would rate the hotel as a 3star plus based on UK standard rating, but well worth staying there.

This is no 4 star hotel
Submitted by: Geoffrey in 31/05/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Do not be taken in by the website - this is not a 4 star superior hotel. We had a bad start when the transfer from the airport arrived 1hour & 15 minutes after we got to the arrivals hall (and judging by telephone calls overheard in reception this is commonplace). Room was pokey and dark. Roof garden was closed for maintenance, and judging by other reviews this has been the situation since 2005.

Breakfast was mediocre to poor - coffee tasted as though it was yesterday's, warmed up. Bread rolls too dry to eat.

Positives were that we found the staff courteous, no problem with overcharging as rooms were prepaid by Travelocity.

We had one dinner and one lunch and found the food excellent, if a bit expensive.

We would like to visit Rome again, but will not stay there again
Nothing like shown on website
Submitted by: Lesley in 01/03/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
Although we enjoyed our break did I did feel very disappointed with room in Hotel, very small and dark, very hot but couldn't have window open as very noisy. I had booked double room with one large bed which was confirmed but ended up in twin room. I did not want to make a big fuss as I had booked trip as surprise birthday present for my husband and didn't want to spoil it as we were only going to be there for a few days, but really felt it was nothing like shown on website.
What a disapointment
Submitted by: Hannah in 30/03/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
My boyfriend and I had a three night break in Rome, staying at the Atlante Star. The trouble started as soon as we arrived at the airport, where we were supposed to have a complimentary pick up service and there was no one to be found. Upon arrival at the hotel we were told that there were no rooms available and that we would be moved to their apartments (something we had read about happening on other websites). We told them there was no way we were moving anywhere and we would be staying at the Star as planned. The man on reception was incredibly rude, actually laughing at us and telling us that as we had already paid there was nothing we could do! We were told to go away and come back in a couple of hours, which we did. When we returned we were given a room. The room was small, dark and, although well furnished and clean, by no means a superior room. More complaining ensued and the man on reception continued to laugh telling us there was no such thing as a superior room in the hotel. Eventually he offered us another room, which we went to inspect. It was even worse than the first and again, by no standard a superior room.

Once we had decided to give up and settle in room the hotel manager rang us and offered us a complimentary dinner, with drinks, in Les Etoiles. Naturally we accepted this offer and the meal and service were fantastic. In addition to this we were given a car to take us back to the airport four days later.

As someone who has stayed in a variety of hotels across the globe, I can not help but feel let down and mislead by this hotel. Whilst no one can moan about a free dinner and champagne, I feel there is no way the Atlante Star should qualify as a four star hotel. I agree with comments below that the rooms are nothing like they are on the website and quite frankly, are no way worth the money. To anyone who is planning on staying here - don't bother! Pay attention to reviews such as the ones featured here (I should have) and stay somewhere else.
Do not stay here
Submitted by: Danny in 16/10/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Awful. We paid £2,300 for a luxury week to celebrate my partners recovery from cancer. We arrived, and as with so many others, were waiting at the ariport for 1.5h and then told that there was no room for us at the Altante Star but that we would have "a better room" at the "recently refurbished sister hotel, the Atlante Gardens. It was awful. Mould on the walls, gaps in the wall paper and wallpaper stapled to the wall. There was a portable TV and a set or wall mirrors that belonged in a 70's **** film. The staff were surly and even our tour orgnaiser, Thomas Cook, could not get them to accept that accepting money for a 4* superior hotel and putting people in a toilet was unnacceptable. In the end we got a refund from our tour operater and walked the (rainy) streets to find another hotel. It appears that there is a common practice of over booking this hotel and putting the over flow into a sister hotel called that Atlante Garden. We were told if we wanted to eat we could just walk back every morning and evening!!!!!1 The lies we were told, the smug look on the face of the manager when he told the same lies that appear in the review of others and the sheer awfulness of the experience will stay with me for some time. The worst hotel experience in my life. Frankly these people are just con men. I am just thankful I used a reputable tour operator and could get some refund.
What a dump
Submitted by: K O'Mahoney in 27/08/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
What a depressing, awful hotel - absolutely no way a 4 star. The rooms are small, cramped and badly equipped, we were on a fifth floor with a small child and there were no safety bars on the window - you had to lean out and dice with death to close the shutters, the rooftop restaurant (the main reason for booking) was closed although we had not been advised of this - but they were working to reopen it - mainly at 10.00pm at night when there was constant banging and hammering. The hotel advertises satellite TV but only Italian channels are available. The view from our room was revolting - a dirty, untidy alley. Breakfast is meant to start at 7.00am and on our final day we had to leave for the airport at 7.45am - we went for breakfast at 7.15am and nothing was ready, the hot drinks finally arrived just as we left.
Caveat Empteor
Submitted by: Robert D. Delgado in 11/03/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Other
I have not had a worse experience at a hotel in my entire 57-year life, and I have stayed at quite a few hotels. I blame myself, in part, because I did not do more research before booking a reservation with the Hotel Atlante Star. The long list of reviews from other dissatisfied guests is there to be seen on websites such as this one. Unfortunately, I relied on positive and glowing reviews of widely sold travel guides (i.e., Frommers, Fodor's, and Michelin) to make my selection of a hotel in Rome. How can these widely sold travel guides be so wrong about the poor quality of the facilities and services of the Hotel Atlante Star in the face of obvious, contradictory evidence and the significant abundance of complaints from previous guests that are posted on websites?

Do NOT expect the Hotel Atlante Star to match the quality of other four star hotels. This hotel should NOT be placed in the four star or even 3½ star categories. At best, it belongs in the three star category.

Too late, I learned the hard way about this hotel's common practice, well documented by guest's reviews on websites, of over-booking its hotel rooms. Its bait-and-switch policy lures a travel-weary guest to a supposed four-star hotel and then offers the guest a stay at its apartment, an overpriced dump about a block away from the hotel. This hotel policy enables them to charge for rooms in a low quality facility that would go vacant if it were not for this cynical trick on guests that had confirmed reservations for the Hotel Atlante Star, as we did. We attempted to find other higher quality accommodations but were unable to do so because they also were completely booked; we had not much alternative but to accept the Hotel Alante Star's offer for the first overnight stay at the apartment, the room was about what you would expect for a one star hotel, but at about twice the price.

The hotel staff, the desk clerk/ concierges in particular, made mistake after mistake after mistake, and all of the mistakes were in the hotel's favor and /or adverse to the guests. I concluded that the hotel's staff could not be that incompetent, that most of these mistakes were not honest ones, and that the management of the Hotel Atlante Star and its desk clerks/ concierges are skillful and well-practiced at deceiving and fleecing their guests toward an objective of profit-taking by any means.

The hotel's shabby treatment of its guests extends beyond the over-booking of hotel rooms to overcharging for hotel rooms - charging more than the rates clearly specified on written, confirmed reservations for the hotel. Our confirmed reservations clearly specified that our hotel rooms would cost 175 Euros /night for the evenings of 9/26 through 9/28. Yet the hotel presented us with an advance bill, at my request, for 180 Euros per night. It took me three different discussions on 9/27 and 9/28, totaling more than 1 ½ hours, to correct the overcharging for the rooms. I asked twice to speak to the hotel's manager for assistance on the evening of 9/27 and the morning of 9/28, but he was not available. Given the extraordinary difficulty I had correcting simple and obvious overcharging errors, I cannot believe these mistakes were honest ones. I wasn't surprised to witness, on the evening of 9/27, the same type of difficulty experienced by a TV crew from a well-known international news organization.

Concerning its over-rated and over-priced restaurant, only about half of the restaurant has a view of St. Peter's Basilica. The attitudes of several of the waiters were condescending. The table linens for the buffet breakfasts were unchanged and soiled from the previous evenings dinners. The food offerings at the buffet breakfast were the most Spartan, least generous that we have experienced at any of the dozens of four-star hotels we have stayed at in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

The information about the Hotel Atlante Star, provided on numerous travel and hotel websites, is very misleading. The rooms we received looked nothing like the one shown on the websites. Our room was small and cramped and had a view of a dreary alley with lots of laundry hanging on lines. The websites information about the hotel's amenities offered a complimentary airport shuttle but does not indicate that a free trip from the hotel back to the airport is not included. The websites present a picture of a nice table setting at the outdoor; rooftop area of the hotel, but the hotel did not serve food there during our four-day visit. In addition to being small and cramped, the bedrooms are noisy with very little soundproofing. From our rooms, no. 501 and no. 511, we could hear a couple arguing at 3 AM. Also, these two bedrooms were located beneath the restaurant and kitchen floor; late at night and early in the morning, everyday, items were frequently dragged or rolled across the upstairs floors, creating sounds that sounded, at first to me, like thunderstorms (my wife had to use earplugs). When one books and pays for a bedroom for three people, you should know beforehand that the bed for the third person is a cot: there is not enough room in the bedroom for a third bed. We didn't know that.

Other miscellaneous issues included an inadequate supply of hot water for shower purposes. The hotel would not cash a VISA traveler's check for 100 Euros, this was the first time I have been unable to cash a traveler's check at (what is supposed to be) a four star hotel. We were unable to obtain a fully itemized easily understandable receipt for the hotel bill; the desk clerk could only provide us with a list of adjustments and corrections to the missing original bill, which is meaningless without knowing what the original, erroneous bill looked like.

There is indeed, unfortunately, much more that I could document about the poor services and facilities of this hotel, but hopefully, this was more than enough information to help you avoid making the same mistake of staying at the Hotel Atlante Star.

To the management of the Hotel Atlante Star - the travel public is catching on to you.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel Atlante Star

Friendly with great location

from A TripAdvisor Member
Our experience was very pleasant. The hotel sent someone to collect us at the airport free of charge, to take us directly to the hotel. That was a relief because we were so tired when we got off the plane! The Atlante is a stone's throw from the Vatican. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and our room was clean and nicely furnished. The central location allowed us to visit most of the city on foot, which we enjoyed enormously.

Just back, stayed 18-20 March 2004 Hmmmmm

from A TripAdvisor Member
Read previous mixed reviews, decided to try it Euro 240 Deluxe rm. Room small, dark, hot and when asked why Air Con didn't work - told that only heating works in winter months [apparantly this is true of many Italian Hotels] Despite phoning ahead of time to organise Free Airport transfer, no-one was there on arrival, phoned again and told would be 20-25 mins finally arrived 1 hour after we did. However was free and driver pleasant, like the staff in general. Deluxe room compact! and tiny bathroom with ancient jacuzzi[worked] however neither plugs in sink or bidet worked. Lift very small & inadequate[max 3/4 people], Hotel not suitable for very elderly or disabled. If you don't get a room with a view[External] don't go out on your balcony, it's dirty,smelly and noisy out there. With no Air Con you will probably need to leave your balcony door open, with unpleasant smells. On a more positive note, the view[St Peter's] and the Breakfast [Free Buffet] served on the high floor were impressive. Have a look at the prices before deciding to eat dinner here, you're paying for the view. The roof garden has great views over Rome although not utilised very well.
Overall a very average hotel in convenient location for Vatican & St Peter's. Will go back to Rome but not here. TOP TIP : Try ice cream parlour next door.

Expensive, but not that bad

from A TripAdvisor Member
We were worried by previous reviews, but decided to go anyway.
Rooms(deluxe) were small and expensive, but clean and warm. Restaurant very expensive ( a good alternative can be found right across the street) Staff were friendly and helpful although the drive to the airport was a bit scary. Corridors and lifts small and dark and needed some redecoration. Two star hotel in an excellent location. You only sleep there as there is too much to see and do in Rome.

A hot, noisy closet of a room at a ridiculous price

from A TripAdvisor Member
The internet pictures made the rooms look lovely. When we arrived the desk clerk told us the only room available was in the basement. A dark, dingy, linoleum-tiled room with two single beds which you could just barely walk around. There was no tub, just a dirty shower stall.

I was furious and went upstairs to tell him that this was totally unacceptable. Somehow a room had become vacant on the first floor.
Again, it was extremely tiny, but at least it had a decent bathroom and was decorated nicely. The problems occured when we tried to sleep.
Since there seemed to be no air conditioning, we were forced to sleep with the small window open, which faced a noisy, smelly alley of fire escapes strewn with drying laundry hanging on lines. The noise kept us up both nights. We were just glad to get out of there.

This was May, 2003, and we're going back to Rome to visit our son in a few weeks, but we won't be staying there!

The only good thing about the hotel was the wonderful view at breakfast on the top floor looking out towards St. Peter's. It was lovely. The waiter was friendly and attentive. Too bad the whole experience wasn't like breakfast.

A Total Dive

from A TripAdvisor Member
A total dump. I would never go there again. tiny room. You have to be a midget to use the toilet. Rooms are shabby. The transfer to the airport is a scam. i had to pay ?45.00 (appx 65$)NO WAY a 4* Hotel, I would give it 1*Do not use this place

Pleasant Stay!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had a great stay, the service was excellent and I had no problems at all during my week in Rome. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves quite a bit and the hotel is easily accessible to all that Rome has to offer, and it was for the vicinity of the vatican that we went for it. We enjoyed the hospitality at the Atlante and we will definitely be back for another stay. A great + for the breathtaking terrace and for the excellent breakfast.

t believe the pix on the website

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place is a dump. Noisy, bad beds, dim room, leaky tub. Thought it was going to be really nice place--website is totally misleading. You will be disappointed.

Had a wonderful three day stay at the Star!

from campi
My husband and I and my brother and sister-in-law booked two rooms at the Atlante Garden during mid March, 2003 . However, when we were picked up at the airport, we were then taken to the Atlante Star as we were told they had overbooked the Atlante Garden. We were given two excellent rooms. Ours was small, but quite attractive with a great marble bathroom with a jacuzzi. The breakfasts in Les Etoiles dining room were the BEST we had in Italy and the view of the Vatican and St.
Peter's was breathtaking. We had no problems with service, staff, elevators.

No AC and tiny rooms!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed there for around 9 days in May There was no air conditioning and leaving the windows open was horrible because of the noise from the scooters and the cars. The elevator did work a good part of the time and the room was so cramped we have little room to move around It has a great location if you are having lunch with the pope but I would never stay there again.

Wonderful hotel, misrepresented by earlier reviews

from A TripAdvisor Member
Fantastic service and a beautiful ornate room. Comfortable bed, quiet A/C and a huge round jacuzzi. Location and views unparalleled.
Recommend asking for a room on high floor with view over the Vatican.
Earlier reviews had left me concerned but we were very impressed with every aspect of this hotel and enjoyed our stay immensely. Not one for writing in reviews normally but felt this hotel was being misrepresented. A big thank-you to all the staff for the great kindness shown to us and our baby. Would definitely choose to return to this hotel in the future.

Top Local Tips for Rome

Be brave and use the tube. The tube allows you to go anywhere for 75mins for just one euro. It's really clean and impressive as well as easy to understand. It's not that extensive though so check the nearest station to your destination.

Having a coffee If you just want a quick drink stand at the bar area in a cafe. If you don't you get a large charge for your drink. 2 coffees in a cafe near the Vatican 10 Euros, at the bar 2 Euros each!

Look after your feet You will walk alot in Rome and the streets are cobbled. Dont undeestmate the walking or the ankle breaking ability of cobbles. Good footwear is essential if only to run from the traffic.


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  • atlante star rome
  • atlante star hotel
  • Address: 34 Via Vitelleschi - Rome - 00193 - Italy
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