Excelsior Garden House Hotel

, Amalfi, Italy
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Excelsior Garden House Hotel

, Amalfi
3 star

Rooms: 10

Via Papa Leone X - Amalfi - 84011 - Italy 89830015
289 Traveller

Reviews - Excelsior Garden House Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Excelsior Garden House Hotel

Its not that bad!!!

from lindseyayk
We stayed here with our families as we were getting married in Amalfi. I have to say we were very apprehensive about the hotel after reading the reviews on this site, but luckly we were presently surprised. Breakfast and dinner were fine, swapped dinner for luch one day, the lunch was fantastic (though I think an effort made for wedding day). The views from all areas of the hotel are fantastic!!! though the down side is the hotel is a little remote but the hotel provides a courtesy bus and the local bus is also very efficient, at €1 per journey. Although if you are resonably active you can walk to the centre of Amalfi in around twenty five minutes, well worth the effort. I found all of the staff to be courteous and helpful during our stay. The rooms and public places in the hotel were spotless, including the pool area which is one of the best in Amalfi. Overall I would stay in this hotel again.

A Med. Adventure

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at this hotel the 1st. week of March 2005 as part of a ski trip from Palm Beach Florida ending up in Andorra LaVella. This place was part of a tour so I didn't know just what it cost per night. We were told that they would feed us breakfast and dinner. We were late leaving Miami, late to Madrid, didn't get any food on the way over as there was some rough weather. Got to Madrid late, had to get a different flight to Rome, were late getting there and the airlines had lost luggage for 10 people in our group. This took another 2 hours to fix this problem. Now we are 6 hours late leaving the Rome airport on a bus to the Excelsior. Now check this out, we had left Palm Beach on Monday at noon and now it is late afternoon on Tuesday headed south. Our tour guide called ahead and they were waiting for us at the desk, a small army, quick check in and here are your keys come to the dinning room post haste! It is now 10 PM and we are treated very nice by the staff as they had expected us at 4 PM and dinning at 6PM. They told us what the meal was, soup, pasta and dessert, a lemon flavored cake. The also had the bar open and we were treated to a drink, "I'll have a Jack Daniels please". They had it! Oh I didn't tell this, they are not open in the winter but they opened early to take our tour. Some complained about the rooms, some didn't have very good heat, my had a electric heater which was very comfortable. Yes, the food was different, scrambled eggs in water? But the best part was this place was Art Deco to the max, this would have fit in here in South Florida very nicely. And the view was not to be missed. On Wed. evening they had a guy on a keyboard and a gal singer, knew a lot of old rock and roll, 50-60's style and the gal sang some local songs, very pretty. All and all I wouldn't have missed it for the world. You see, us Americans don't usually go to a hotel to eat, so we don't put much stock in the quality of hotel food.....

Do Not Be Afraid!

from Smileymiles
We stayed at the Excelsior for a week in the summer of 2001, again in 2003 and have just booked again for August 2005. This is a comfortable old-fashioned hotel offering probably the best view anywhere in Italy. In our experience the food's adequate hotel food, not brilliant, but certainly OK. The rooms are a reasonable size and all seem to look out down the mountain and out over the sea and dining on the terrace with that fabulous view is just out of this world! There's a really great pool for those who like to swim plenty of sun beds and sunshades, nice terraced gardens, and a separate lunching area. The free hotel bus runs up and down the mountain to Amalfi several times a day and is supplemented by the local bus service. Do not even think of hiring a car. There's a great private beach that the hotel bus drops off at, where you can hire a sun bed and shade and lunch at the beach bar. The village, a short walk above the hotel, has a few bars shops and restaurants. There's a great walk down to Amalfi that starts behind the Sports Bar in the village. It's not hi-tech, it's not very modern, but if you want a relaxing holiday in a truly great place, do not be afraid to stay at the Excelsior. By the way, the hotel staff (excluding reception), the villagers, and the people of this whole area are in our experience very friendly.

Do not stay here!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have written to the holiday company regarding this establishment ...well here goes!
All i can say is that Hotel Excelsior ruined the first week of our honeymoon !

We have complained to the holiday company about the quality of the Grand Hotel Excelsior in terms of
its food and accomodation which we found to be closer to 1-Star than 4-Star. This was very disappointing to
us since it was our honeymoon and we had deliberately chose to spend money on a 4-Star hotel with half
board to treat ourselves. By the end of our week there we were glad to be leaving, fortunately the second week
of our honeymoon in tuscany where we made our own arrangements was much better and saved the holiday
from our perspective.

To go into detail on our complaints:

Food - Dinner
The dinner varied from the mediocre at best to appalling at worst. Some of the food e.g. chicken in breadcrumbs,
risotto with lemon, was disgusting and would not be acceptable in a 3rd rate restauraunt or fast food joint in Ireland.
Generally, the starters were OK, the main courses were tiny and clearly made with cheap ingredients, the desserts
were ordinary, slices of cake, more like what you'd get at granny's than a 4-Star hotel. In addition the service was
uneven, the last night we were ignored for 40 minutes. Also the "table booking system" was strange and unfair.

Food - Breakfast
Every morning, without fail, the bread and brioches were stale. The yogurt was bitter. The scrambled eggs were
runny. It isn't hard to get breakfast wrong but they managed.

The Room
We were in a room right next to the breakfast room, so we were woken up from 7 every morning.
The room was small and basic with the same decor it had in the 80's...not what we were expecting from a 4-star hotel.
Also we were on
the bottom floor and so had no privacy on our balcony. Finally the shower head was cracked so water was spraying
vertically upwards, did they not have maintenance men? Each time the shower was turned off, the showerhead fell from the wall on top of the
unsuspecting person underneath !

For the sake of balance, some things were good, the view was spectacular, the bus service to Amalfi reliable, the lunches
were good, but then again you can't mess up pizza. Also the bar was OK with a friendly barman.

Some staff on reception were extremely unfriendly. The night before we were leaving we asked to settle our 'tab', and the
receptionist very crossly told us to wait until later. We didn't expect a reaction like that! We were leaving early the next
morning and when we asked to book a taxi. We were told there were no taxi's at that hour of the morning and were given
no alternative. Thankfully, we were able to work out for ourselves that we would be able to get a local bus.

There was no presence of a hotel manager around which I don't think helps the running of this hotel.

Hotel Excelsior ruined the first week of our honeymoon and all we can say is thankfully we had an excellent second week
which we organised ourselves.


from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at Grand Excelsior in April 2004.

When we arrived – around 10 pm – we were taken to room 102 and felt like our holiday was ruined.
The room was dreadful – cold, damp, parts of equipment in the toilet fell off etc.
The older man at the desk said nothing could be done until the next day, and basicly made it clear that he couldn’t care less.
On the next day – after some negotiations – we were ”upgraded” to 5th floor, which was much better – but still closer to a 2 star room than 4 stars.
This kind of ”room-changing-lottery” shouldn’t be required when you’re expecting to be accommodated in a 4 star hotel, and are being charged accordingly.

We only had the breakfast at the hotel, and just like it has been mentioned on TripAdvisor by other guests it really was quite dissappointing.
For dining I would suggest the Ristorante La Capannina in Pogerola, the village up on the hill (only a 10 minute walk from the hotel).
The food and service at La Capannina was very nice – indeed a good value for the money.
The owner of the place turned out to be polite ja quite humorous, and managed to make regular customers out of us (we visited the place three times!!).

If you are looking for an excellent food and service you should try the Restaurant Eolo down in the city.
It’s fairly expensive but we felt is was well worth the cost.

All in all Grand Exelcior should be graded as a 2 star hotel – don’t expect more.
The location is remarkable, so for that you could give it an additional star, but the facilities and the staff are not up to 4-star standards.
I believe this is mostly caused by the groups of older German tourists that come there one bus after another.
The staff (and the owners?) have realized that the germans are happy with the things how they are, so why bother to improve anything?
But still there is someone in the staff we have only positive things to say about;
bartender Tommaso always made us feel welcome when we went to his bar for a nightcap.

Great hotel, good food, superb staff, amazing views!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just returned from the hotel Excelsior, Amalfi, Italy. I found the hotel was beautiful and very clean. The food was very good and plenty of choices on the menu, but don't expect fast service - it's typically mediterranean (leisurely eating with long gaps between courses). The staff were very friendly, helpful and caring and the facilities including private beach and swimming pool were just perfect. We would happily stay there again.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Just arived back from a holiday at the Excelsior,Amalfi. Its the first time I have eaten my in-flight meal. Compared to the Excelsior it was a feast. The food was indescribable, I would not let the chef feed my dog. The last night was unbelievable we had 'roast beef' running in blood, I like rare beef but I also prefer the animal dead., 10 skinny chips,and cauliflower in a batter that was the size of an onion bahgee.If you wanted fruit you had to pay for it. Rooms are hit and miss. We were lucky we had a good one but others who paid the same price were tiny miserable rooms.At this hotel you are paying for the view. We found the staff lovely except on reception when we complained about the food, he looked bored and indifferent. Dont spoil your holiday by staying here its more like Faulty Towers.

Would be an Improvement

from A TripAdvisor Member
Impossibly bad hotel. Hopelessly dated decor, with surly, unprofessional staff, and nearly inedible food, located far from the center of Amalfi. We arrived to find our bathroom flooded due to a leaky toilet. We informed the staff repeatedly, and were told "we are already thinking about that, sir." Huh? Then, when mosquitos made open windows not possible, I tried to turn on the A/C...you have to pay an additional fee to use the A/C! US$12.00 a day!!! At a "Four Star" hotel?! One employee was so anxious to go have a cigarette instead of answering our questions, he lied and told us they had no info about Pompei. After he went outside, we went behind the desk and found it ourselves. An absolute, unmitigated disaster of a hotel. A total dump. DO NOT STAY HERE.

the best views of amalfi

from A TripAdvisor Member
Yes the views are staggering, we found the staff extremely smart and efficient,the food was very good but perhaps more attention could be given to vegetarian options.We were also in the Garden Rooms which a previous reviewer condemned as "spare rooms" to cater for overbooking - we disagree we thought they were possibly the best rooms in the hotel away from communal corridors and public areas and with stunning views from bedroom terraces.

Pretty good....

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Excelsior is a pretty good hotel but has obviously been a grand place once upon a time. Most of the staff seem to think it is still a grand hotel and behave accordingly, alas it is not.

The location is good although if you wish to escape the hotel you are reliant upon the hotel and local bus services, which are both frequent.

The major downside was the restaurant. My husband and I were there for our anniversary, and on our first night we were shown to a table in the thoroughfare and there we stayed for the duration. Those lucky people who showed up at the correct nanosecond to bag a balcony table with a view got to keep it all week. At one point the staff were using our table as a serving area so after that we started looking around for the hidden cameras and headed off to Amalfi each night. The food was pretty samey and very mediocre - not worth going half board for although we had no choice.

All round it was a good holiday, but frankly I wasn't keen on celebrating my first wedding anniversery with a surly waiter plonking dirty plates next to my table!

If I go back to that part of Italy, which is stunningly beautiful, I would head for Positano which is less tacky than Amalfi and has much better beaches and restaurants.

Hope this has been helpful.

Top Local Tips for Amalfi

Cafe in the square enter the square on the bottom left corner, to your right is a little cafe immeadiately behind the statue of St Andrew best value cafe in Amalfi

Amazing non-tourist restaurant - La Capannina Above Amalfi, in the village of Pogerla, there's a great family-run restaurant -- La Capannina. It's only 10 minutes from the center of Amalfi and there's a bus that goes right to the center square of the village. The view from up there is amazing. You will get a great meal and warm reception from the kind owners of La Capannina. Fabulous pasta and fish, especially. Here's the link: http://www.ristorantelacapannina.com/

TOP HOTEL Choose the best Hotel in Amalfi, the GRAND EXCELSIOR


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  • hotel excelsior grand
  • hotel excelsior amalfi
  • excelsior grand amalfi
  • Address: Via Papa Leone X - Amalfi - 84011 - Italy
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