Hotel Ikaros Laganas

, Zakynthos, Greece
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Hotel Ikaros Laganas

, Zakynthos
2 star

Rooms: 78

Laganas - Zakynthos - 290 92 - Greece Hotel Website | | 2695-052290/4
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Reviews - Hotel Ikaros Laganas

Rubbish hotel and friendly fasle act
Submitted by: Mo in 06/11/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
Me and my two friends stayed in that hotel for one week. The hotel looked nice but following in the week we discovered some disadvantages. After the first day my money was stolen from our room, our door was locked when we went out and also our suitcase was locked. The hotel did not help. And other night we found our door was opened when we arrived to our room. As three people stayed in that room with three beds but one bed was like a folder chair which it is terrible for people who have back problem. The shower had been problem for three of us because the water kept runs out! The breakfast was horrible, warm milk and fresh orange. The swimming pool is very dirty and greasy around the edge. I'm so disappointed with this hotel because Laganas was really good and I would come back again but different hotel!
Submitted by: Bristolian in 13/05/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We had room 27 it was a lovely room and it was a lovely hotel nice food for breakfast.... fabulous pool... just outside of there is the lovely shops but the disadvantages is the beach because people were allowed to go thru it on there cars but it was lovely on a cruise
Great staff and service - shame about accommodation
Submitted by: Natalie Clarke in 19/04/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
When we arrived at the Ikaros it was early hours in the morning. We were disappointed to say the least. The room resembled a prison cell but we somehow thought it maybe better in the light of day. By morning things looked no better but we thought hey??
Probably the worst thing about the hotel were the beds.. The most uncomfortable things you'll ever lie on let alone sleep on.
All in all we would not go back to the Ikaros to stay but would definately return to the bar to visti the friendly staff and atmosphere. At the end of the day our holiday was only cheap so what can you expect.. We will ensure that we pay more for our future holidays so we receive the standard of accomodation we are looking for...
What a disgrace!
Submitted by: Alastair in 09/09/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Put simply, Hotel Ikaros is a façade. From the outside it looks lovely, as it does on their website ( Even the reception area looks clean and well maintained. However, if you're brave enough to venture inside one of their rooms, then it's a whole different story. On their website, they cheerfully state, “We have devoted a great amount of attention to our rooms! We are sure that you will enjoy the highest quality accommodation and service.” Bollocks. I went with my girlfriend for two weeks, and we were far from impressed. We were put in Room 222 (#1), which is the only room without shutters; this is great if you love the sun waking you up at 7am, but useless otherwise. The next evening, while shutting the curtains, the entire curtain rail fell of the wall, bringing a huge chunk of plaster with it. After complaining, the Greek handyman equivalent of Manuel from Fawlty Towers came scurrying up to our room, promised to “fix it good”, and then proceeded to drill three huge holes in the wall, to no avail. It's no surprise that we switched to Room 220 (#2) the next morning. This is actually a well situated room on the first floor, far enough from the bar that the music isn't too loud, and with a great view of the pool. Unfortunately, there's a catch- the bathroom floor flooded whenever we used the sink or the toilet! In addition, the light is the lowest wattage possible. The combination of near darkness and wet feet isn't particularly appealing!

What else? Oh yeah- breakfast. We only tried it once because we went out early one day, and it was horrible. A stale croissant, a weird cake thing, some processed cheese and ham and some cereal with no taste whatsoever… Ikaros call it a “Continental Breakfast,” but from which continent?! As for general cleanliness, the room floors are “cleaned” every day, however, the Hotel Ikaros definition of “clean” is rather different from the usual. On arriving, you will notice an abundance of hairs and random fluff all over your floor and bathroom floor… the cleaner's daily game is to rearrange this mess around your room with a dirty mop in as quick a time as possible. The hotel is also guilty of false advertising- on the website they claim to provide a telephone, iron, TV (radio&music program), fridge, air conditioning and balcony in every room… in reality, you only get the last two, and you have to pay 7€ a night extra for the air-conditioning!

Why am I qualified to make such sweeping statements you may ask? Well, we sampled 5 rooms during our two week stay, and they were all like this! We tolerated our second room's wet floor all holiday; on the last day, though, our flight was at 6am Monday morning, meaning that we were booted out at midday Sunday. Not wanting to sit around in reception all day, we opted to pay the 30€ extra to keep our room for longer. We weren't allowed to stay in our current room, though, we were relegated to Room 6 (#3) in that disgusting, damp and dingy place that the lovely people at Ikaros keep vacant for special guests– the basement.

Leaving our room after dumping our cases, we discovered to our amazement that the door did not lock. Straight to reception it was then, only to be corrected by the smug receptionist- “It does lock, you just have to know how.” Sadly, I'd forgotten to pack my magic wand this holiday so requested a new room (#4). Surprisingly, Room 14 was bigger than all previous rooms, and looked promising (despite the door being kicked in in two places). Unfortunately, the bathroom floor was absolutely covered in water, and a merry looking cockroach was patrolling the perimeter of this lake, while basking in the dim glow of the light bulb. Not the place to take a shower before your flight home! At this stage we were in serious disbelief and really pissed off with dragging our heavy cases around the place. Another trip to reception and the same smug woman, when we told her the room was a disgrace, informed us that “they're all like that down there.” Great way to sell your hotel! Thankfully, the next room (#5) was liveable, despite the floor sporting a crop of hair to make a bald man jealous. Lovely. Needless to say, we spent as little time in Room 18 as possible before we left!

I have noticed positive reviews of the hotel, and I wonder if they're from a parallel universe! It was reading these kind of reviews that persuaded my girlfriend and I to stay- we felt reassured by all the praise it received. Now, after first hand experience, I really can't understand how people have enjoyed their rooms! I can only assume that when there's a group of 4-5 people, they stay in one of the 3 suites, which look a hell of a lot nicer than the standard rooms. Funny though- on the Guestrooms page of the website, Ikaros have chosen only to display pictures of the suites... rather deceptive, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, despite the hotel, Laganas is a brilliant place, as is Zante in general and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The bars, restaurants and the beautiful beach, together with cheap prices, make for a great holiday, Ironically, Ikaros' pool and their Chicago Bar are lovely- I would recommend staying somewhere else and coming along to use both. That way you avoid the hideous hotel, enjoy the large pool and get ridiculously cheap drinks! The point of this review was to warn fellow holidaymakers though… please, whatever you do, DON'T stay at Hotel Ikaros!
Submitted by: Hannah in 06/09/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Greece
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The holiday itself was fantastic and I would have rated it 9 or 10. However, the hotel was a big disappointment.
The rooms were a mess. The only reason that the rating is even a 4 is because they actually gave us a room that was liveable… compared to the 4 other rooms we experienced over 2 weeks! At the beginning of the holiday we had to change rooms because we had no shutters (the only room without any) and more importantly we closed the curtains and the curtain rail fell off the wall bringing a huge lump of plaster with it! In the second room, the bathroom floor flooded every time we used the sink or the toilet however it was nicer than the first room overall and seemed generally clean so we managed to survive. At the end of the holiday you have to pay extra to stay in a room if your flight is an early morning flight the next day. We did so and got shunted to the basement rooms which are so neglected! Room #1 had a broken lock (“It does lock..but you need to jiggle it a bit” said one receptionist) . Room#2 had a flooded bathroom and a cockroach. Room #3 which we settled with was the most bearable but had random people's hair all over the place on the "clean" sheets and towels and the floor. Oh and half the light bulbs didn't work either! Basically sheets were only changed once a week and the floors were mopped with a dirty mop! Bathroom lights were nowhere near bright enough and gave off a dingy glow. It would be a race to see how quickly each of us could shower and get out of the pathetic excuse for a bathroom. The hotel staff were not the least embarrassed about their hotel falling to bits in a huge hairy mess and almost seemed annoyed that we were not impressed with their lack of cleaning and maintenance! They seemed surprised that we had bothered to stand up for ourselves and ask for something better i.e. liveable! One receptionist, when we asked to move from the flooded floor and the cockroach, actually said "hmm… they're all the same down there" whilst trying to find us another room key!!!! So they are blatantly aware of the disgrace that is their hotel and they are happy to let people suffer. 3 star hotel?! Whoever thought that this hotel was a good place to stay must have been blind with no sense of touch or smell. They also falsely advertise their hotel facilities. In the 5 rooms we experienced in our 2 week stay there, there was no sign of any fridge or TV or iron! The room photos on their website were mythical so do not be drawn in...lovely beds and clean floors are not a reality! The only way we survived was by spending as little time as possible in the hotel and enjoying the ironically good bar and restaurant facilities and the lovely swimming pool. We want to return to Zante but we won't be staying in hotel ikaros. Only go there if u like sleeping with other people's dirty hair and enjoy floods in your bathroom!
Oh and if u like having all your belongings dusted....showered with, plaster from the broken walls.
Very disappointing. (i dont understand how this place gets good reviews?! where are these mythical nice rooms?!)
Got way more than what I paid for
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 24/08/05
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Clubber
When me and three other mates booked this holiday we were expecting the worst, especially from the hotel (how good can a 7 euro a night hotel can be??). But when we got there we were amazed. The swimming pool is very big and always has music playing which is very chilling while you're sun bathing. The hotel itself (ie reception, bar...) is very clean and the staff are very nice. I think the best thing about the hotel was Yon the barman. He was always up for a friendly chat and always knew how to crack a joke at the right time.
Our room was very clean and we got clean towels (almost) every day. If you are going in a group of 4 people definately ask to stay in room 325. It has a view to the main street and the balcony is twice the size of a normal room. When you check in the receptionist will tell you that if you want a/c you will have to pay 7 euros a night, just tell her that it said that a/c is free in the email you recieved and you will get it for free.
Don't get scared (or disgusted) by the fact that you can't flush your toilet paper down the loo, it doesn't do anything and we did it anyway.
For breakfast I would recommend full English in the Chicago cafe, it is the cheapest price in the area and it saves you the energy it takes to walk in the heat. You should definately try one of the restaurants down the road if you fancy a nice dinner. In Delicious you can get a very nice lamb stifado for 6.40euro, but the food can take quite a while (we had to wait an hour...). If you don't like waiting try all you can eat buffet in Fatsos, and if you are a true eater than try their burger challenge, if you eat a whole Fatsos burger you get it for free and you get your name on their hall of fame.
All the good clubs are located at the bottom of the strip which is about a 10 minute walk, but before you go to any club go to the Chicago bar. Every shot is 2euros and their cocktails are 2.50euros, about half price than clubs. If you do kareoke you get a free shot, and if you become friendly with Yon the barman he would give you free shots.
If you like hip hop and R&B then check out Waikiki which is right at the bottom, and Bad Boys which is next door. If you like trans then Zeros is the place you want to go to. But for a true old skool experience check out Cherry Bay, which was my personal favourite. Other good clubs are The Ghetto, Wackabout and Medousa.
If you have time go to the beach and rent a speed boat. But if you do that than make sure you get it for at least 2 hours for two reasons. One is that it takes about 25 mninutes to get to the turtle island by boat, so if you only take it for one hour you wouldn't be able to get off the boat at all. And the second reson is that if you only rent for one hour they only give you enough petrol for one hour, and we didn't return it after an hour, ran out of petrol and got stranded in the middle of the sea.
The only bad thing about the hotel is that it takes about 10 minutes to get to the beach and clubs, but even that won't stop me from going there again next year.

Top Local Tips for Zakynthos

Places we liked Keri cape with the lighthouse and taverna close to Greek flag, Schinari cape with the lighthouse and taverna close to wind mill , in Exo Chora in the house close to the old olive tree you can buy fine home made olive oil

Smugglers Cove I went on a boat trip to Smugglers Cove and the blue cave and went swimming there and they were so beautiful its well worth a visit.

Great nightlife Laganas is a great place to have a party untill the next morning :)


Other names for Hotel Ikaros Laganas

  • galaxy hotel laganas
  • Address: Laganas - Zakynthos - 290 92 - Greece
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