Hotel Petra Mare Ierapetra

, Crete, Greece
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Hotel Petra Mare Ierapetra

, Crete
4 star

Rooms: 227

6 Filotheou A' - Crete - 720 00 - Greece Hotel Website | | 2842-023341/7
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Reviews - Hotel Petra Mare Ierapetra

Our stay
Submitted by: Andy in 07/05/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Enjoyed Petramare hotel, staff friendly and helpful, food very good, rooms clean, waterslides very good. We went out of season and still had a good time, well worth a visit, especially if you have kids and you can stand the heat.
Nice Family Holiday
Submitted by: Jane in 03/09/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
For a family holiday on a budget,this is a great place to go in Crete! The only thing which let it down was the flight from Bristol - A night flight and you have to check out from your room at 12 noon and the coach back to the airport was 01:30am !!! - Be prepared for hanging around.
Hotel was clean, could perhaps do with a re-vamp at some point, but don't let that put you off, because the pools were great, and the kids love the water slides on site.
Hotel is right on the beach, with a nice walk along a promenade into Ierapetra itself.
Food can get a bit monotonous but very edible.
A nice hot holiday!
Great holiday
Submitted by: Me in 29/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The food was very good and very traditional. Hotel room very spacious and not noisy at all. Pool great,clubs great. Excellent family holiday.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel Petra Mare Ierapetra

t go back

from murphy35
i holidayed at petra mare in september 2004 with my husband. We knew from brochure it was a quiet resort but was more like a ghost town. The hotel itself was nice enough. The pools were excellent and cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. Only complaint was that the Lazy River was out of action for whole fortnight. The room we had was clean enough but been in better, badly needed decorating but it was toward end of season. Our main gripe was the entertainment. It was dire. Nothing at all in main bar and to get a table at the outdoor bar you had to be there for 7pm and be bored witless with same thing night after night. The food was disgusting and we're not fussy eaters. In 14 days don't think we managed to finish one meal. We ended up having to walk into the town and pay out for decent food. This should not be tolerated when you pay extra for all inclusive. There were lots of children and the in-thing now is that their parents switch off for the duration and let them run amok, dive bombing into pool and swearing, fighting among themselves and upsetting other holiday makers. No wonder we Brits get talked about!

Great hotel, good location

from A TripAdvisor Member
Have just returned from a two week holiday at the Petra Mare with my husband and two kids aged 5 and 3. We all had a really good time. Lots of delicious dishes to eat every meal time with wide range of salads, hot veg and meat dishes, pasta dishes, rice, kids menus and different dishes put out every day. This is a really good holiday for families with young kids. The only complaint I heard about the hotel was the fact that round the pool you could only use plastic cups for the drinks - but this saves all the children getting cut glass in their feet. Also no coffee making facilities in the bedrooms, but you can fill up a jug/cups of coffee downstairs and take to room. If all you eat is MacDonalds/fast food this isn't the hotel for you. The hotel rooms are cleaned every day, including sunday, and pool water changed regularly, paths round pools cleaned thoroughly every morning and also throughout the day. My kids and all their friends loved the kids clubs and the entertainment team work very hard. I would definitely go back to this hotel. My husband is keen on diving and unfortunately there is no PADI diving centre near the hotel so to go diving you have to travel to the other side of the island.

loved it!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Well we have just got back from Crete.What can i say,we booked this holiday 15 month before we went.It was our fisrt time all inclusive and to be honest iy was great,the kids had a whale of a time,and thats all that really mattered,they had something to do more or less all day long,if they wanted,they didnt go hungry,thirsty,ok maybe they went home tired,but that cant be too bad!!The entertainment team were fantastic with the kids,even when they had finished work they still found time to sit down,not only with the kids but with us old fogeys too!!They deserve a pay rise. We went on the 3 bay cruise that was organised,this was good,not what we expected as we had heard some bad reports about some of the trips,but i have discovered that some Englishmen abroad are only happy when they are complaining.Not us.we would deffinately go back again.

not as good as expected

from ganderboots
after reading some of the reviews on here and other holiday sites,i was a bit concerned about the hotel.the hotel was mainly clean,but the pool area was hosed down every morning and when you were putting your towels out,which you had to do to get a bed,you could see them doing this and i'm afraid most of the dirt and every thing else ended up in the pool.Three members of my party ended up with severe sickness and diahrreo when we were there.The food was mainly ok but the resturant was half inside and half outside.It was so hot inside that you had to eat outside if you could get and keep a seat.The problem with this was the hotel had a lot of stray cats and most of them would walk around the restraunt at meal times,one cat weed on my sister in laws handbag.When i complained to the restraunt manager he said too many people were feeding them.Other bad things were the plastic cups,in the evening you had to use plastic cups around the entertainment area.These were less than half a pint in size,the beer was so weak ,one night i tried my hardest to get pi**ed,but after 20 or so plastic cups and my belly down to my knee's i gave up.If you don't like spirits there is nothing else to drink.The First choice entertainment team were ok and tried very hard,but older children say older than 10 would have been bored.the hotel is situated about 15 mins walk from the town,there is no english pubs and only one bar showing the football(it was nice to get a decent pint).The town is quite small with not many good shops,market was on a saturday and more like a jumble sale.It was not all bad ,the hotel had a good waterpark,only open 3 hours a day,the kids loved this.You have to make the most of it and we all had a good holiday

A Good Family Resort

from florasmum
We have jsut spent two weeks at the Petra Mare hotel. Overall the holiday was very enjoyable. The hotel is remarkably clean with a continuous mopping operation. The Pools are also very clean, with them being emptied and refilled on a fortnightly basis. The rooms are average size for a beach hotel. We were a family of two adults and two children (11 and 7) and had a good holiday with no real complaints.

The slides are open 3 1/2 hours every day which is more than enough for any child or adult. There are only 3 slides and there are no queues, unlike a water theme park. The food is varied, plentiful, and well prepared Although I can see that it might not satisfy the conservative British taste.

The beach is fine and above average for a Greek Island - if you want pure white sand then go to the Caribbean. It is coarse black sand with a 5 metre wide pebble strip at the waters edge. It slopes in a steepish manner very quickly. Water Sports are available form a private venture on the beach. Never pay the price advertised, pay 10 euros per person on the jet ski's and inflatible's. The resort is always windy so only consider a ride on the inflatible if the sea is calm. Do not even bother with the family banana boat ride, waste of time and money.

The entertainment is not the best but sme people did enjoy it. The town is about a 15 minute walk away with the best places to eat past the Harbour. The rest is a mixture of cafe's and shops selling counterfeit goods. There is a good pastry shop in the town square.
Most guests are british at the resort and to a man, woman, and child are dressed in football uniforms. Overall then a good family resort and good value for money. We booked the package form a Slovakian based travel company and saved £500 per adult over the UK price. Even when you add the £85 for a Prague - UK return it still shows a considerable saving plus you get to spend a day in Prague. Fantatstic

petra mare, letdown

from A TripAdvisor Member
we went to the petra mare in august 2005, we had waited all year for what we imagined to be a dream place, judging by peoples reviews.
The hotel itself cannot be put down for cleanliness and rooms were of good standard but the food was terrible. We have never been all inclusive before and it was enough to put us off 'all inclusive' for good. Snack bar was repetitive chips and sausage rolls everyday and salad.meals were also repetetive in the restaurant and quite poor. it took over 500 visits to the bar to get merry and the drinks had to be in plastic party (white) cups. entertainment was garbage and would not go again. The childrens slides were only on for 4 hours a day which was a let down as the kids were expecting to be able to use them all day.Small childrens slides could be used all day but the water in the pool was dirty and out of two weeks stay we only saw it cleaned once.
We decided to go into the town for some entertainment but found that it was just as boring in the town as it was in the hotel. overall opinion "go again"? not a chance. by the way before we went we read the reviews and they were all good.

loved it

from nekrews2002
We have only been back two days and so the holiday is still very fresh in my mind.My husband and I along with our 3 year old son stayed at the petra mare for two weeks and we loved it. The hotel is very family friendly, The Reps were excellent.
I was a little unsure about going as i had read some of the reviews listed but i have to say i shouldnt have worried. The whole holiday was great. There was a great deal of repetition when it came to the kids entertainment (mini disco) but thats what children need and enjoy. I also thought the food was good as well. I am a very fussy eater but still managed to eat well each night. The staff were very friendly and helpfull.
In short I would happily return to this destination again.

bitter and a nasty little rash

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from a fortnight here.The hotel is fine,and the pools are great for kids(my 6 year old loved them).The reps work hard and try their best(except for the useless one who does the transfers,a chocalate fire guard would be more use).
That's the really good news....the bad news is the food is truly dire for adults and kids with some bizarre combinations on offer.We ate in town a few nights just to get an enjoyable meal(not great when you are on an all inclusive).I think the food problem is caused by the different nationalities the hotel is catering for(german,english,polish and greek).Add to this the fact that most plates in the buffet were wet through and needed wiping before use.....not great(I developed a "food allergy" which brought me out in a nasty rash,that cost me 175 euros to get treated.I wasn't the only one either).The poolside snack bar definately needed a fly killer while we were there.
If you've got kids who want to go to the clubs you've got to get them on the sheet early as it books up very quickly,only 30 spaces available!Not good considering the hotel is advertised as being for families(it definately is geared toward families but First Choice need to realise this).
Drinks(booze) aren't great but what I didn't expect was the lousy soft drinks for kids.
Having said all that we still had a good holiday!!l

Sick as Chips!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed here 14th-22 June 05 2 Adults and 2 children 11 and 12 . It was a very long transfer to hotel, almost 2 hours and that was doing good apparantly. On first impression the hotel was very impressive, rooms average sized.We booked room with sea view at extra charge which was worth it as it was really picturesque. The rooms were cleaned daily and linen and towels changed every other day.

The swimming pools were excellent and the waterpark great to keep all ages entertained however they only operated twice a day for a couple of hours, but the lazy river was a good substitute. The slides were also very safe as they were manned by qualified life guards.

The pools overlooked the beach which was handy but it is a pebbled beach which gets very hot on the feet. There are watersports available at an extra charge which is very expensive. We took the banana boat express which cost 80 euros for 4 of us. It lasted all of 30 minutes!!

Thats the good stuff now the bad!

We only went for a week and by the second day we all had had enough of the food as it was totally tasteless and very repetative. There was nothing to tantalise the kids appetites and so they lived off bread and chips all week. By our third night we ended up having to eat out in the town as we could not take any more.
The drinks were something to laugh about too.You have to use plastic party cups in the entertainment area and make about twenty journeys to the snack bar to refill and you still cant get drunk. Its as weak as water!
The pop is more like coloured soda water and half the time flat as a fart! If you want a cocktail you have to pay 6 euros which is a right rip off as they use the free local spirits to make them and so a tip being make your own!
You can't have fruit juice all day long, its only available during meal times.

So far food crap, drinks crap and now the entertainment!

Well what can we say, I think First Choice need a re think on their recruitment procedures. It was really disappointing that there was no outside entertainment brought in and you have to endure the same old thing every day uptil 10.00pm. Adults get an hours worth of entertainment between 10.00 and 11.00 but its still for the kids and if we hear Cha Cha bloody Slide one more time!! You will see what we mean if you decide to go.

All in all a holiday is what you make it.We went with the intention to relax and thats what we did.
There were people there who absolutely loved everything about the holiday, all we can say is that they mustn't get out much!!

We did think the hotel was nice it was just a real shame that the food, drink and entertainment let it down badly.
We doubt we would revisit this hotel but would not discourage anyone going as each to their own!


from A TripAdvisor Member
We had a night flight which was very tiring not getting to the resort till 08.00am greece time,came into land in England at 08.00am on return very tiring for the family.(This was the worst part of the holiday). The hotel was excellant for kids, with the waterpark playing a popular part of the days enjoyment.
Entertainment team worked very hard and was busy most of the day, then they put on family entertainment at night, which was very good but apart from greek dancers, there was no other outside entertainers that came in to the hotel,(which this should be adressed for future holiday makers.)

The kids club was very good too apart from, we had 6yr old and 10 yr old the only complaint for me would be the clubs could coincide together more giving mums+dads time to relax.

Lerapetra was a nice little town with a nice walk along beach front, to bars and shopping area.

The food was of plenty choice, and loads to choose from. Childs menu was not of great choice but there is still things for them to pick at (But sill not english something to bear in mind).

Room cleanliness very good , maid service very good, clean hotel.

Overall this was a very good enjoyable holiday defenitley worth going to.

Top Local Tips for Crete

chrissi island er,dont go if you dont like rough seas and paying for sun loungers

On the rocks in Lerapetra On the Rocks and Zorbas Bar is excellent.They have fantastic red wine and scrummy gyros pitta with greek yogurt.Don't be scared of the gangs on the beach front walk near the church,they are harmless ! Be careful of the locals in their cars (They don't seem to know what a speed limit is in built up area's).Don't bother with the Saturday morning market in the town,you get car boot sales @ home that have better gear.The beachfront shops are reasonable and very friendly with not too much of a pushy attitude.

Crete airport A nightmare! Take lots of water as you may be kept outside queuing. Will definitely be queuing inside too, as you have to check in your bags, well at least they put a baggage tag on then you will have to queue again with your bags to put them through the xray.


Other names for Hotel Petra Mare Ierapetra

  • petra mare ierapetra
  • petra mare hotel ierapetra
  • hotel petra mare crete
  • hotel petra mare
  • Address: 6 Filotheou A' - Crete - 720 00 - Greece
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