Hotel Escape Resort Blue Bay Agios Spyridonas Perithias

, Corfu, Greece
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Hotel Escape Resort Blue Bay Agios Spyridonas Perithias

, Corfu
4 star

Rooms: 328

P.O.Box 122 - Corfu - 491 00 - Greece | 2663-098500
367 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Escape Resort Blue Bay Agios Spyridonas Perithias

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Great Pool
Submitted by: Nick in 29/08/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Great swimming pool and service at all!
Its bad for young people there that don't want to spend much money cause when you want to go to a city or village you have to call a taxi :) next city is 10 km away BUT theres a shuttle bus from the hotel you can use for free (not for late hours! taxi then)
food was moderate sometimes very good, sometimes not so good. Quote: never went hungry :)
The mosquito's were a pain
Submitted by: Paul in 22/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Just came back today. First impressions were great. Reception and rooms very clean. Food choice a bit limited but never went hungry. Pool area good. Always got a sunbed but if you want a brolly then you had to get up early. The only down side were the mosquito's that made sitting out in the evening impossible. Should you dare then you have to cover yourself in repelent and take a chance on being eaten alive (Which many were).
Some good, some really bad!!!!!
Submitted by: Vicky in 26/07/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Hotel itself was very clean. Rooms, poolside, reception and everything was shining. Staff were very friendly and welcoming. Our first week was lovely probably due to the fact the hotel wasn't fully booked. The food was excellent, good choice of simple well cooked food - more than enough for anyone. We didn't need to use the snack bar at all.
Then the second week (first week of the school hols in England) things deteriorated rapidly- five out of the final seven days the food was very poor- although a repeat of the previous week's menu the quality and quantity was very poor. The wonderful beef stew became lumps of fat floating in gravy, (other meals suffered too) and the inspiring array of beautifully designed cakes and puddings became sparser and less available and very poor quality. It seems that to see the hotel at its best you need to go there out of main holiday times, when we all rush in (I know that's when the kids are off school) the quality slips and the pressure to provide more and more by the hotel does take it's toll on the quality.
If we hadn't experienced the first week where everything was near to perfect I don't think we would have even given the hotel 2 stars. My kids even resorted to eating the hotdogs from the snack bar (believe me these were preferable to the meals during the second week)
All in all think the hotel is capable of being a 4 star but it was very inconsistent when we were there.
I would have been very cheesed off if I had paid another £500 to £1000 for the same holiday in the very high season if this is an indication of how it is going to continue through this summer.
If you are thinking of going whether or not you've got kids don't go after the 17th July.
And if you do go with First Choice never ever go on the Beach BBQ excursion to Paleokastritsa - it is hell on earth. (And they refer to it as a family day!)
We were toured around the bay in an overloaded glass bottomed boat- then left on a pebble and shingle beach for 4 hours in the boiling heat with only a tiny parasol for protection. You couldn't walk on the beach without shoes - the pain was excruciating on the pebbles for a start and then if this wasn't enough the pebbles became so hot that you would have been better of walking a mile on hot coals. It was difficult to get in an out of the water as there was a drop which you slid down like quicksand to get into the sea and then couldn't climb out again. So you actually got more hot and uncomfortable trying to cool off in the sea.
Needless to say the food was not a barbeque, 1 piece of chicken smothered in a mustard sauce, salad and a piece of fruit.
By the time 3pm came the rush to get back on the boat was tremendous, people were pushing to get on and we had to hold on tight to each other and the kids to save being split up.
It was a nightmare and I felt like crying. I have never been so glad to get on a boat and sail away from a beach as that one!!
Submitted by: Nick in 08/07/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
As a family we tend to go all inclusive and have to say that having been on several over the years that Blue Bay is probably the best yet, in fact it was so good that we are going back this year, which is a first for us. Entertainment was typical of this type of holiday. One bad point would be the limited choice of local branded acholic drinks. All in all, an excellent place to relax.
The best choice is with First Choice!
Submitted by: Dan in 05/06/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This is the first time I have ever been to Corfu, and I was a bit apprehensive about going. But as I arrived at the hotel I was totally amazed by the friendliness and consideration of the staff. My first meal was the breakfast the following morning, as I was ill on the first night and did not attend the evening meal, and it was great! The selection was amazing and the taste of the food was amazing too. Well done Chefs! The pools facilities were great too! The water was a little cold but you got used to it. The bar offered a wide range of drinks and cocktails. The snack bar was also a great place to grab a pizza, burger, hot dog or ice cream when you want too. The self-service restraunt opened at 12:30pm and was an excellent place to get your lunch. The desserts were exceptionally nice, and the chefs really put time and effort into the preperation of their food. The rooms were air conditioned and was a great way to cool down. They incuded a very high tech and convenient electriciity system. The beds were comfy and easy to settle down in at night and the view from the balcony was breathtaking! The main meal was great and you could see the chefs cooking the deserts right infront of you. The food got a bit repetitive, but overall was excellent. The holiday reps were absolutely amazing and really helpful. There were lots of sport activities to do, including basketball, water polo, volleyball, french boules, pool, darts, table tennis and football, every day. The kids club was excellent and many people were crying when they left it. I would reccomend this hotel to families who have kids and need a relaxing break where you don't need to spend a euro on site! However, people may not be as lucky as we were and may not get a room with a very good view. But, however you spend your holiday at The Blue Bay, your sure to enjoy and recommend it to many people. I did!
Submitted by: Tiffany in 29/05/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I came to the blue bay escape in May 2006 it was a great holiday and me and my family loved it so much we are going back in October cant wait. I mainly enjoyed the company of the friends I made there and I also enjoyed a chat to the staff my favourite were 2 of the first choice reps Hayley and Dan and my favourite kids club rep was Tracy the wave length rep Damian was great to have fun with I've been on loads of holidays but this one is the best one for me its clean, the food is nice but the choice is more for adults were as they also had a separate menu for kids they didn't have much for vegetarians the pool area is beautiful cant wait to go back miss monneypenny rooms are the best there all the same but I liked it because it was pink.
Great Holiday we all Loved it!!
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 29/05/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
Brilliant holiday I loved it staff was nice pool was a bit cold but we all got used to it, location was brilliant although the beach wasn't what we expected but we had a great time on the boat we rented out !!!!
Cant wait to get back there!
Submitted by: The Freeman Family in 29/05/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We as a family thought that the blue bay escape resort was the ideal holiday if you just want to relax by the pool. The first choice reps Hayley, Dan, Andy we found were very pleasant and helpful and if the were not doing anything they would come and chat to you and they will try and help you in any way possible. kids club reps did a good job of looking after the kids especially Tracy and making sure their holiday was fun and they enjoyed it as much as the kids,the staff are very polite especially Hayley and Dan all the staff were helpful but we found that Hayley, Dan and Tracy just stood out from all the rest. There wasn't much entertainment at night but its perfect if you want a relaxing holiday. The kids had fun doing the wave length activities for ages 11+ with the rep Damian who gives them free wave lenght stuff e.g. t-shirts, ID cards and keyrings etc. and cant wait to go back. 1 of my children loved singing on the karaoke with the reps and they made loads of friends who they played hide and seek with at the night time. The only thing that spoilt our holiday was 2 of the restaurant workers 1 in the main restaurant and the other at the pool side bar. The weather was lovely and we liked it that much we cant wait to go back in October or sooner.
Excellent family location
Submitted by: Adam in 16/05/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We returned last week from an excellent holiday in Corfu, at the Blue Bay. The hotel was clean, set in fantastic grounds and landscapes with excellent and varied food every day. The staff, both local and overseas. were all efficient, friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Although early in the season we found the organised entertainment well into swing and properly balanced towards being non intrusive too..(i.e., you could choose to join in - but be left alone if you wished). Rudi, Linda and Michael all did work tirelessly to keep folks entertained and we certainly had a great time
Most of all, the greatest praise has to go to the reps at the Kids' Club who have a real tough job on to build rapport and respect from varied groups of children from different backgrounds, needs, cultures and languages in a short time and get them to have fun.
Our kids, Rhys aged 7 and Sophie aged 4 absolutley loved the Kids Club and were genuinley sad to leave the resort as the would miss the staff who had such fun and games with them. Special mentions to John (surname unknown but from Tyneside) who really did a great job with them both, but also to Charlotte, Steph, Faye, Tracey and Damien. They all work jolly hard but seem to really be enjoying making the kids' holidays (and the parents too!) go swimmingly.
Be nice to have both bars open to save walks... but then I am a lazy thing!
Would I go again - of course!
Not Good
Submitted by: James in 13/05/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Australia
  • Traveller type: Gay
The whole hotel was dirty and the staff were ignorant. Food was horrible - no decent choice. I would never come back to your hotel because it is rotten and I seen a rat in my room. Room 35

Top Local Tips for Corfu

The dreaded mozzies The only thing that put a small blight on the holiday were the mozzies - we tried everything from sprays to candles but my wife still got eaten to death - now we found out the best way to deal with them is to take garlic capsules for about 6 months before going and this keeps the mozzies away

Mosquitoes We were recommended a spray frpom AVON cosmetics of all places and it worked a treat. Neither my girlfriedn or I had more than one bite and this is in a place everybody ahd warned us about the abundance of mosquitoes. It was a dry oil spray in a blue bottle for soft skin but worked a treat as anti bite spray. Although it did smell like baby oil.....

Nearby beaches Get away from the two beaches near to the hotel complex. The beach immediately infornt of the hotel is small and not great, The sandy beach to the left of the complex is crowded and two chairs & parasol will cost you 9 euro's per day. Take a walk through the nature reserve and explore some beatiful beaches - see notes in my review for directions. There is a nudist beach approx 2000m into the nature reserve - follow the stoney road and keep bearing left. Fabulous beach if you are 'open minded' by make sure you don't get your backside burnt !


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  • hotel escape blue bay
  • Address: P.O.Box 122 - Corfu - 491 00 - Greece
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