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Hotel Central

, Athens
2 star

Rooms: 84

21 Apollonos - Athens - 105 57 - Greece Hotel Website | | 21-03234357/9
247 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Central

I would go back!
Submitted by: Doreen in 14/05/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Malta
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I've just returned from an 8-night stay in Athens, four of which were at Hotel Central (the other 4 at Plaka Hotel but this didn't live up to expectations). I can strongly recommend this hotel for: its location - a couple of blocks from Syntagma, Plaka and Monastiraki (and luckily far away from Omonia); on a quiet sidestreet with other hotels; the price was reasonable (euro 126 double room); the establishment looks and feels new - nice, clean lines, modern furnishing and fittings,rooms are decorated in cream; the breakfast area is well laid out around a courtyard simply and attractively dressed in decking and large pebbles; the breakfast fare is fine though a little lacking in fruit (but still better than Plaka's); the reception staff are attentive and warm and get things done straight away; the lady at breakfast is cheerful and offers you more tea and coffee at your table; the rooftop view of the Acropolis is fine and there's a jacuzzi which will be a lot of fun in summer; you get a decent selection of TV stations; internet facilities cheaper than in some other hotels. I would easily stay here again!
Great staff but disappointing facilities...
Submitted by: Julie in 29/06/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
the staff at Central Hotel is wonderful.. they try... but it is obvious management does not care about the guests or future repeat business.
The jacuzzi - the water is dirty (has not been cleaned in a long time), it is not heated....
The bar only serves beer, sodas, water, wine....
and to top it off.... last week, beginning of heat wave A/C broke down and was not fixed in two days...
plus - there is no TV room or restaurant as the website says.
bottomline -- overpriced, over rated 2 star hotel.... go somewhere else.
Don't waste your money...
Submitted by: Carmen in 23/06/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: France
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
There are better places to stay in Athens... no Jacuzzi, no bar - though the website says it does - overpriced. Last week A/C broke down - in Athens! And for 2 days it was not fixed... we checked in and we were not told this was happening....

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel Central

Good location BUT...

from Tirpula
First of all, arriving late into Athens is a dangerous business - we ended up losing a lot of money to the taxi driver because he wouldn't let us out of the taxi before we paid and wouldn't turn the lights on so we couldn't see what he gave us as change.
But, what comes to the hotel, the service desk people were very nice and helpful - the only problem was the room.
The mattress was like rock - I can understand that the troglodytes were angry if they had to sleep on slabs of rock like these. The other problem was the carpetting. It was made out of some strange hard material, like old rope. It was also moldy in front of the "balcony", which in reality was just a French balcony.
The breakfast was tolerable but not excellent.
All in all, you can find better hotels for your money.

Very small but in the action

from Sasharoo
Small Rooms! Staff was helpful and really nice but we had a hard time navigating our small room. When we checked in they offered to keep our small stroller at the front desk because there wouldn't be room for it, I should have been clued in. I had read the reviews on trip advisor about the size of the rooms...I should have listened. I think there is better value out there, but this place does have an amazing rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi!
The Hermes is right next door and has no view.
The elevator is built for 1 plus small stroller or 2 adults without luggage, we had a good laugh.

Great Location

from Damselcat
This trip was one of those times that the hotel room was just a place to wash off the dust of the day and lay my head on a pillow. Normally, I'm very picky about the hotels I choose, as everyone should be with the prices they charge! I was in Athens for only a 3 day weekend and location was the most important factor in booking my hotel. Had I been staying there longer I'd not have been as satisfied with this property. The location is great, as many have mentioned, very near a subway stop, walking distance to many of the tourist attractions, and just a hop and a skip to the shopping and dining in the Plaka. The room was small, but nicely furnished (except for the carpet, it was like sandpaper!) even with the glass walls and door to the bathroom. They are frosted glass and don't reach all the way to the floor or the ceiling. Not important to me since I was traveling with my boyfriend, but I can understand where it would be a concern with traveling companions on a less intimate footing. Our room was clean, but I did notice some common areas of the hotel that weren't as well maintained, like stairwells and hallways. The front desk staff wasn't the most helpful I've found in hotels, but they weren't overtly rude. The staff in the dining room at breakfast was very friendly and helpful. The breakfast itself was average tastewise, but very nicely presented, plentiful, and did vary from day to day. The crowning point to the Central Hotel, pardon the pun, is the rooftop deck with jacuzzi. The view is fabulous day and night. It was quite a treat to come back after tromping all over the Acropolis during to day to spend the evening soaking in hot tub, with a view of the same. Overall my experience here was positive, but not incredibly impressive facility wise. I found the price to be ok for the location but if you put the hotel anywhere other than the center of the tourist district of Athens, it wouldn't be very good. I'd give it a 2 or 3 stars if not for its location and incredible jacuzzi view. Would I come back again? Probably not, BUT I don't really wish I'd stayed elsewhere either.

Costs too much for what you get.

from Eleni_K
We ended up staying at the Central Hotel after the Magna Grecia failed to honor our reservation, and shunted us over to the Central.

The location is very convenient to Plaka and Syntagma. The staff was pleasant and the lobby large.

However, the hallways were like an oven (apparently from the boiler), smelled, and weren't very clean. Likewise the mat on the floor of the room wasn't clean.

Paying over 100 Euros to stay in this hotel is not a good value. There are lots of better places to stay in Athens.

very good choice

from dghezzo
This was the fourth time going back to this hotel. It is perfectly located for visiting Athens and it is very quiet. Rooms are relatively small, but nicely furnished and very clean.
Personnel was very helpful. It has in room connection for the internet. Just bring with you your laptop.

Mediocre stay

from VT_Hokies_44
The hotel is a good location close to street shops, metro station, and walking distance to Athens landmarks. The room itself was very small and not well maintained.

Great location, nice little hotel

from colanja
We went to see the city not the hotel and the hotel is perfectly placed to do that. It is a 2 minute walk from Syntagma which is itself a 30 minute metro ride from the airport. It was very cheap and the room was big enough for my wife and I and our 3 year old. The breakfast was good and the staff at the desk were friendly and helpful.

Some reviews mentioned the bathroom layout. Our room had a shower only when, after the marathon, I wanted a bath! Also the doors could be more private but these are small quibles for what is a lovely hotel and didn't detract from a wonderful 4 days and doesn't lead me to reduce my rating.

ps for a great, simple meal go around the corner into Voulis and walk up the hill to the next crossroad. No frills but good food.

Central to Plaka + Acropolis

from lesrion99
We were fortunate enough to book this property the day of and end up with a great hotel just 5-10 mins from Syntagma Square metro which is directly connected to the airport.

The room itself was tidy -- but very small. Not sure if this is standard for all rooms, but we had a partial view of the Acropolis which is also walking distance from the hotel.

I would defintiely recommend this hotel in Plaka. There are lots of places to eat nearby and travel agents if you want to get away.

Great Location, Clean Room

from tedbutlerutler
My wife and I stayed at the Central for one night in mid-October 2006. The hotel is perfectly located, just a few minutes walk from 2 different train stations, the Acropolis and a number of other intersting tourist attractions. The bathroom and linens were clean and everything in the room was in working order. We paid 143 Euro (including 20 or so Euro extra for an Acropolis view, which I wouldn't do again because as there is no balcony, you have to just stand at your window). The breakfast was good, with a number of different choices and good coffee. We tried to stay another night on our trip, but they were fully booked.

Great Location - Just nothing more

from rarnmzr
Beginning in Istanbul, we finished a two week cruise of the Greek Isles with two nights at this Plaka located hotel. Great location - easy walking to the Acropolis and other major ruin sites! On the roof-top deck, complete with hot tub, it also boasts a great view of the Acropolis, as well as one of the most romantic sunset views one could want. All of that is great once you get checked in, and learn the idiosycrisies of your room. The lobby is attractive enough - open to a landing above where meeting rooms and the continental breakfast is served (average muffins and breads, but good coffee). Arriving earlier than the late afternoon check-in, the reception crew rather reluctantly let us leave our baggage in the lobby while we went off to explore for a few hours. Upon our return were given our room key and directed to the elevator at the back of the lobby. The reception clerk explained that our bags would be delivered to our room soon. When the single elevator (for a 7 story hotel) finally arrived the two of us had barely enough room to turn around once inside. Our first impression of the room was pleasant. There was an adequete closet immediately inside the door, with the bath following. The two twin mattresses looked out of place made up separately and pushed together against a single wall mounted head board. The A/C seemed to put out a strong flow of air - better than most European systems we've encountered during 8 previous trips. The glass wall / window / door looked out over an attractive roof-top picture of the neighborhood, with the Acropolis up above - beautiful especially at night. Our revelry was spoiled when we removed our shoes to relax on the bed for a few moments. The attractive woven "mat" which covered the sleeping area floor was rough - like walking on a worn out loofa sponge which had been flattened to a hard, uneven, rough plate. Upon closer examination we found it to be dirty. Its texture was like that of an industrial mat used to wipe your shoes upon entering a building or home, almost impossible to vacuum or sweep thoroughly. The bed sheets were clean and stiff - starched and pressed I think. However, being twin sized, it was ridiculous to have these two mattresses pushed together as if attempting to make a king size bed. The stiffness of the sheets was complemented by the hardness of the mattresses - not lumpy, just hard (some may like that - we don't). The designer / supervisor of these recent refurbishments probably had something to do with the work in the bath too. We found a similar concept once before, in which the bathroom door is simply a frosted glass plate with a handle on it. This partition led into a simple and adequete shower bath. The shower needed MAJOR bleach for the caulk was black in the corners. (Great shower head and fixtures, though.) The toilet looked clean, as did the steel mixing bowl sized sink. Unfortunately the faucet was placed over the middle of the sink such that it was impossible to shave without making a mess of splashed water on the small ledge of a vanity and on the floor. The marble floor of the bath and the entrance of the room was SO much more comfortable than the "mat" in the rest of the room. We waited for 30 minutes before calling the front desk to ask where our bags were. The response was that they would be sent up immediately. 15 minutes later, I left the room fuming, headed down stairs to collect my bags myself. I was stopped before I reached the elevator by the site of a young man rolling my bags around a corner and toward our room. After deposting our bags, the porter courteously explained the A/C controls, the card key power conservation system (insert the card key into a slot just inside the door, and the room's power comes on), and the safe. As I was trying to set a pass code for the safe it slipped. I realized that it wasn't attached to any thing. I picked it up out of the closet and showed my partner, explaining that I didn't think that this place had its act together. The rest of our experiences were of similar oddities: the A/C didn't cool until we removed the probably never changed air filter. It wasn't even removed from the bathroom the next day when the room was cleaned. The reception staff said that they would take care of it, just like they would take care of cleaning the shower. Though we use our own alarm clock, we request wake up calls, just in case - never called. The 143 Euro price of this room was not worth it. This place just does not have its act together.

Top Local Tips for Athens

Express Bus There are great Express Buses from the airport all over. The X95 goes right from the airport to Syntagma Square in the heart of the action by the Acropolis 24 hours a day every 15-20 minutes for only 3 Euros and has room for luggage.

Feel the History There are many fantastic historical sights to visit in Athens, but the Acropolis is simply unbeatable and must not be missed.

Very authentic taverna a bit off the beaten path We recommend Oikonomou, at Troon 41, west of the Acropolis, for wonderfully flavorful, authentic food. There's no menu...the waiter will tell you what's available. Order the beans, horta, rabbit with pasta, some dips, and a stew and enjoy. It is reasonably-priced and not overrun by tourists.


Other names for Hotel Central

  • central hotel athens
  • athens central hotel
  • Address: 21 Apollonos - Athens - 105 57 - Greece
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