Hotel de la Porte Doree

, Paris, France
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Hotel de la Porte Doree

, Paris
2 star

Rooms: 39

273 Avenue Daumesnil - Paris - 75012 - France Hotel Website | |
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel de la Porte Doree

Fantastic ... lots of charm

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have stayed at this hotel a number of times - always in October. Last year while in Paris we decided to try somethign different - we got a "deal" on a 5 star in Paris - what a disappointment - when compared to Hotel de la Porte Doree. Yes it's a bit out of the way but what a nice place to relax after walking for 12 hours in Paris. We love the neighborhood and the proximity to the Metro. We've met Christne, her husband AND her in-laws - all very engaging. ONCE we had a room that smelled smoky - and they got on it right away - we love the decor. As for the lady that wrote about it not being in a "safe" neighborhood and it being noisy and the elevator - hog wash! There are stairs. We'd never stay any place else in Paris. We've recommended this hotel 3 times and everyone has loved it.

Okay for the money

from s
My wife and I stayed at the Hotel de la Porte Doree from Feb 11-14, 2005. We decided on this hotel based on the reviews on trip advisor. Like the latest review we had mixed feelings about the hotel. Realize this is the first time we have been to Europe so we do not have anything to compare the hotel to as far as European hotels are concerned:

Let me first start with the positives about the hotel:

* The staff was really accomodating (escpecially Patrick). They helped book our shuttle from the airport to the hotel. They offered to book excursions trips. They allowed us to check in when we arrived around 8 am which was great since we flew overnight from Sacramento, California.
* The bed was comfortable and the room/bedding were very clean.
* The bathroom (room#20) was large
* The hotel is near the subway (M8).
* There is a Mcdonald's across the street, a market a block away, and a couple of bakery's.

The negatives:

* The hotel was approx. 20 minute subway ride into the heart of Paris attractions (ie, Louvre, Eiffel etc...). This wasn't that big of a deal except when we wanted to go back to the room in the middle of the day to pick up a jacket it took a bit to get to the hotel and then back out to do the tourist activities.
* The room was okay but we had a double bed with an additonal twin. We used the twin bed to put our luggage on. The room didn't have a clock so make sure you remember to bring one-although they will do a wake up call.
* We could hear the subway from our room however it did not really bother us.

Overall, we felt the hotel was good for a 2 star hotel. The cost of the hotel was really cheap considering how much money everything else cost in Paris. We will probably stay at a closer hotel next time, but if you are looking for a cheap hotel that is clean and with a friendly staff this is one I would consider. This hotel met our needs of a quickly planned weekend getaway for Valentine's day to experience as much of Paris in three days.

Definitely Overrated

from checkers
I booked the hotel via email after reading fabulous reviews in this website. I must say that the response had been prompt and queries quickly entertained so that even when a colleague of mine warned that I could probably do better than the Porte Doree area, I stuck to my decision and check myself into this hotel. Disappointment would most describe what I felt about the Hotel de la Porte Doree.

1. The room stunk of smoke the minute I entered. And I was given a room right next to the street which makes it impossible to sleep if I were to open up the windows to let in a bit of air in a futile attempt to clear the smoke.
2. The hotel´s right above the metro station and being the light sleeper that I was, I had to take several sleeping pills daily to lure myself to sleep before 1am and of course, I didn´t need an alarm to tell me when it´s morning again. You´re not going to believe this, but the headboard of the bed actually shook each time the metro passes underneath the hotel!
3. The Porte Doree area is indeed a bit out of where all the action is. Undeniably the area is rather inconvenient and unsafe for a single lady to make her own way back to the hotel in the evening, though the metro station may be right next door.
4. And the elevator´s a real problem too. It´s the tiniest one I´ve ever seen. So be warned, it´s not gonna be easy if you have plenty of luggage. And nope you can´t trust THAT elevator. For the 5 days I was there, it´s working only for 1 day. Not a pleasant experience I must say, having to cart your own luggage down from the 3rd storey.

By the same token, it must also be said that the service of most of its hotel staff is excellent, like wat most of the other tripadvisor users have mentioned.

1. I like the fact that they were flexible enough to allow me to check-in at 9am instead of sticking to the standard check-in time for most hotels at 2pm. That´s really something I definitely appreciate.
2. Christina did also offer to change my room for me when I complained that the room was noisy ´coz of its proximity to the street but as the guests had yet to check-out, I didn´t take up the offer since it´d probably mean having to unpack, pack and unpack my stuff again.
3. The lady who made up my room was very pleasant and was even sensitive enough to notice that I didn´t like coming back to a stuffy/smokey room. It was a pleasant find to notice that she´d leave a window open for me everytime after she´d made up my room.
4. The book that Christina had written was particularly useful and informative. It gives good information about the area but the only glitch being that as Porte Doree is not a touristic area like Opera, many of the waitering staff in the restaurants/bistros she mentioned in the book couldn´t understand much English, so there were some communication problems there. There are many books about Paris and France everywhere in the hotel that you can pick up and read, though I´m not sure if it´s all useful...

All in all, I´d put my money elsewhere next time I come to Paris. For an additional 10Euros ++ per night, I think I can do better at the Hotel Villa Fenlon or the Ascot Opera. Not a place I would recommend for a single gal travelling on her own.
Management Response from christinap0rted0ree
I'am not sure how many times I'am allowed to respond but I was so devistated when I read this one that I can't help myself :-(

First of all ever since we started seeing complaints (only a month or so ago) about the smell of smoke we have re-renovated five new rooms which now makes a total of 7 true non smoking rooms and we are planning on continuing. And always, as I said before, if you have a problem with your room there is no reason to pay to be unhappy and we are always willing to move your things for you so you do not have to stick around and waste your time in Paris.

Yes, the metro can be a problem. Some people feel it, some people it dosen't bother them and again if you are sensitive we can always move you to the top floor. We are in a city and the problems with noise are like in every city. Some hotels have schools next to them, some hotels are right over a bar ( the worst kind of noise and it goes until two or three in the morning!) so honestly, unless you are going to pay 200$ a night to be in a beautiful court yard, there will always be something. Also, in all of the rooms there is double windows to keep out the noise from the street. Yes, if you have to sleep with your window open it can be a problem but normally you should not have to. Again, we are in Paris. This is a city.

I have lived in the hotel for five years and as I love to go out, I have taken the metro at 1am so many times I can not even begin to count. Not that it is impossible for it to happen but I have never had a problem with security in our area. I could list off a few areas of Paris where I did have problems and those areas are the most touristic so I really think it is compleatly uncalled for to say that our area is unsafe for a single woman.

I'am going down the list so I'am almost finished ;-)

The size of our elevator. Now this is a funny one. It has been photographed, it has been laughed at, it is loved, it has scared people but all in all it is there and that is more then I can say for a lot of buildings in Paris. These buildings were not built with elevators. Some buildings found small places to add them in and some buildings destroy beautiful staircase to add them in. Personally I prefer when they leave the beautiful staircase alone, it may be a bit more work walking up the stairs but it breaks my heart to see something so old torn up.

Yes our evevator broke down. We had just replaced it, it has a compleatly brand new system, but there was a electrical problem and they couldn't fix it for four days. Trust me, I must have called them a billion times and screamed my head off but it happens. It has happened to us once now in the last two years so maybe it will happen again in two years :-)

And my last comment. Everyone has a prefered area in Paris but if you want something more central etc. I would sugest the Marais, the Sixth but NOT the Opera. The Opera area is jam packed with horrible little hotels where they are so full of tourists that they don't even care that you are there. My husband and I had to go over to that area two weeks ago and we stoped for lunch in a bistro. They served us our bread and it was so hard that even if you soaked it in your sauce it was impossible to eat. When I complained he told me I could go else where. And I speak French!! I would never tell anyone to stay in that area. Do you know that we looked at quite a few hotels in that area to buy and soon realized that there was no way? Maybe my taste is diferent but what I love about our area is that people "see" you. After we started to get people from different countries here at our hotel, all of the restaurants would call us to say "Oh, we just some of your English clents here! Wow, they really can drink." ETC. Call me funny but it's nice to know everyone around you. I feel better knowing that if a client comes to me with a problem and I go to complain to the owner, he will listen.

Thank you for your time, I feel better now. Chow!!

Best Hotel especially for families

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have stayed there numerous times and loved each time. Met Christina (owner) and Patrick (front desk) the first time and were amazed at the assistance provided (tours, which metro passes to buy, best times & places to eat, etc). We were there for the first renovations and have been back three times since. Can't wait to see how Christine will decorate this time!
The area is very nice and probably one of the least "touristed" areas of Paris, which makes it nice. The bakery across the street has been rated Paris' BEST by locals and you are sampling their goods at breakfast. (Croissants that need no butter and just melt in your mouth!) I recommend the little place halfway down the next block north for late night eating esp. with little children, very accomodating and friendly. Although there is a Mickey D's across the street we have yet to eat there. I mean Your In Paris! Unless you can't wait to have beer and fries ; ) I don't recommend driving around here because parking is an issue. Park the car and take the Metro which is 60-70 steps from the front door.
Did have one issue but it was quickly resolved. (We had a very , very late check in..our fault, got a smokey room but were quickly moved when we asked).
The second time we visited we booked on-line but at Hotel Porte Doree which is not Hotel de la Porte Doree. Be careful! Arrived here and found out the mistake...what a mess that was. Patrick called the other Hotel and confirmed (in French) the error and took care of all the details. He even found a couple of rooms for us at 9 pm!
The hotel is very well equipped (new bathrooms, soft beds, umbrellas to borrow, COOL lift)& the staff is accomodating and helpful. Even offered to find child care for an evening out for all the parents travelling in one group. They have pack-n-plays for little ones and rooms with tubs for bathing the kids.
I cannot say enough good things about this hotel! Even my Mom and relatives liked it. We will continue to return when we stay in Paris!

beautiful hotel, beautiful area

from A TripAdvisor Member
We originally booked at the Porte Doree for 3 nights and extended to 5. It's a great little hotel, a few steps away from the metro line, which goes direct to Bastille, Opera etc. The rooms are small (like most hotels in Europe) but very clean and nicely decorated. The bathroom was also spotless. The internet in the lobby was useful as I found it hard to find internet cafes in Paris. The staff were helpful and friendly! The area is more residential, which was nice, as it's not "touristy" so it was nice to see the locals out buying their bread in the morning etc. There are several great restaurants in the area too and the prices are lower compared with the Opera etc areas. I highly recommend this lovely hotel, which was terrific all round - especially the price! I hope to be back one day!!

Happy to be here.

from fourthrock
If you don’t like this hotel, you’ve got a problem. It’s a bargain and I can’t imagine you’d be able to find a nicer place and at better price. I wouldn’t take any of the negative reviews too seriously. I want to start with the complaints about “tiny” rooms. First, I was in Room 23, it wasn’t tiny, it was small, clean and comfortable and I paid less than 60 Euro for it. If you think these rooms are tiny then you haven’t been on a cruise ship. For heaven’s sake, look around you; think about it, this is a huge city with millions of people crammed into it. Things are going to be small. Peoples’ apartments here are small. Peoples’ automobiles here are small, I’d even go so far as to say they are tiny. Then again you are in Paris, what are you doing in your room? Yes, the television set is on a wall bracket like a hospital (or a cruise ship) but I didn’t even turn it on, I was in Paris. I was there the week of Christmas. Wintertime. Plenty of heat from the radiators (I even turned them down) and all the hot water I could want. I didn’t notice any smoky smell and I was there two weeks after that bloke. I could open the windows to get some fresh air if need be.

I read about the staff not being “overly helpful”, whatever that means. Okay, they weren’t overly helpful, they were perfectly helpful. Answered every question, in English. Made reservations. Loaned umbrellas. Stored bags. Christina is a babe. What more could you want?

I read that this wasn’t such a nice area and that you should go elsewhere. Don’t take this advice. It is simply not true. Go elsewhere and you could wind up on Pig Alley. The area around the hotel is residential. You are literally steps from the Gardens of Vincennes where you could be strolling around Lake Daumesnil watching swans. Take a few steps the other direction and you could be strolling along the Promenade Plante and the Viaduc des Arts. And this deal about the Metro or subway; it was said you had to make several transfer to get to the main attractions. The hotel is on Line 8 and without a transfer you can make it to the Effel Tower, Invalides, L’Orangie (which in then just a stroll through the Tuileries down to the Louvre) and my favorite, the Opera Garnier. With just two transfers you can make it all the way to and from the airport. Get this, no one hotel in Paris is going to be close to everything; you are going to have to ride the Metro to somewhere. Deal with it, it is actually a lot of fun. If you try this hotel, you’ll like it.
Management Response from christinap0rted0ree
Well I think it's about time I respond to a good critic. Always so worried about the bad that we easily forget the good..... thank you, thank you, thank you. You guy's are all wonderful I always come back to Paris after my vacations with great ideas on what to write about this hotel and that but once back here I get so caught up in work that I forget. All of you who have written in actually find the time to do so which is a huge gift to all of those out there planning their vacation, not to mention to me as well :-) That book that all of you find so useful may very well still be sitting in my computer today if it was not for that first HORRIBLE Tripadvisor critic. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you again for all of the input you give us, it really helps.

Customer Service Top Notch!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just returned from a three night stay at the Hotel Port Doree. I can honestly say that the customer service is the best I have seen in the hotel industry- and I have stayed in some higher end hotels.

This hotel may not have a white gloved doorman awaiting your arrival, but what you will receive is a front desk person always eager and willing to go out of their way to accommodate you better during your stay (even in English). A nice man (I feel bad, I forget their names already) made loads of suggestions for dining and entertainment & then later made our reservations to all of them. Another man helped me when I was sick with food poisoning in locating some medicine and soda (A BIG THANK YOU TO HIM!).

Our room was larger than the 4 star hotel we had in Nice before coming to Paris, and the breakfast much less costly. (we recommend the hot chocolate and when you get your big poofy croissant, put some meil (honey) on it!) mmmmm such a good way to start the day!

I think that the location was perfect, you are out of the way of all of the tourism, yet close enough to get where you want to go within a few minutes. And, like others have said... the metro is within a few steps of the hotel.

I know that it is a difficult decision when choosing a hotel (especially in a foreign country and sight unseen...) please be assured that if you stay in this hotel you will be so happy you did.

Dana & Chris


from A TripAdvisor Member
The hotel isn't exactly central, and, as others have mentioned, the rooms are a bit smelly. Ours actually really stank of smoke - and I'm a smoker! But, compared to other hotels I've stayed in, it was worth the price. The staff were all lovely, the rooms were clean, the metro is right next door, and there's a fantastic bakery, Italian restaurant and supermarket all nearby. They also DO have hairdryers in the room and internet access. I just wish they'd give the carpets and bedding a really good steam clean and get rid of that smell! Oh and check out the lift - it must be the smallest lift on earth.
Management Response from christinap0rted0ree
So this is one of the hardest problems with owning a hotel in Paris, everyone smokes!!! We air out the rooms regularly and add products but yes I can imagine that if you take a room right after a smoker... all to say that PLEASE when you have a problem let us know at the reception, we will do everything in our power to make you happy :-) And in conclustion to this, we have decided that all the new rooms that we are renovating (yes after only four years we are renovating all of them again one at a time) will be NON SMOKING. I don't know if we will go as far as the hotels in California, a $200 fine if you smoke, BUT if no one follows the rules we may just have to!! I can just imagine the faces of our French clients now...... they would think we have gone mad!!!

Loved it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Hotel Port Doree is an excellent value!

I stayed there twice (September and November 2004) for work-related trips and once with my wife (October 2004) for a grand total of 16 nights. And I look forward to returning there in the future!

The owners and their staff are warm and friendly and even provide their own short guide (in English and French) to the local Parisian neighborhood. The front desk staff and owners speak English and French (indeed, one of the owners is originally from California), so there is no need for English-speakers to worry about language difficulties.

The rooms are charming and comfortable, complete with modern bathrooms and cute antique furniture. The Wifi access is free and useful for travellers wishing to connect to the internet with their own computer. For a small charge you can access the internet with a computer in the lobby. The hotel may not be located in the center of the city, but it is only steps away from the metro (for easy access to virtually any place in Paris), a museum, a park with a lake, several nice restaurants, and an incredible bakery (just across the street).

I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone coming to Paris, for business or pleasure!

Not Recommended

from Meganbeth
We stayed at this hotel in November and based on the reviews I expected a nice place in a nice neighborhood. The room was tiny, the staff wasn't overly helpful and the area is definitely not the best. I would recomend somewhere else.

Top Local Tips for Paris

Arriving and departing Use the pre-booked shuttle bus service from airport to your hotel -- it's worth it -- they pick you up and drop you at your front door and will pick you up at your hotel and return you to airport -- painless and worth it....

Carte Orange If staying for a couple of days bring a SMALL photo and buy a Carte d`Orange. It will save a lot of time and effort sorting out single tickets even if bought in Carnet`s. Just study the RATP zone map and select the Zones which you will require coverage for. Remember the CO is valid from Sunday to Saturday so best value if your visit matches the week duration.Remember that using the photo ID you will then be able to simply buy a new Coupon Hebdemondaire on any subsequent trips to Paris.

Where to stay When staying in Paris think about one of the outer arrondisements. The people are friendlier, the services are good, and the transport to the city via the metro is excellent, no matter where you stay. Use a weekly ticket or carnet of 10+ tickets to save on the metro.


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  • de la porte doree hotel
  • Address: 273 Avenue Daumesnil - Paris - 75012 - France
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