Hotel de Crillon

, Paris, France
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Hotel de Crillon

, Paris
4 star

Rooms: 147

10 Place de la Concorde - Paris - 75008 - France Hotel Website | |
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel de Crillon

Best in Paris

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel is the epitome of all of the hotels in Paris. This hotels had very few flaws by my standards. The Hotel de Crillon is located in Concorde Place, essentially the center of Paris. Every thing is walking distance fromt the Crillon... the Louvre to the East (past the Tuileries Gardens), the Arc de Triomphe to the West (past the Champs-Elysees). This hotel, unlike many others, has kept its French attitude, while slightly adjusting to the changing demands of its diverse clientele. The rooms have also kept their French appeal with all the modern conviences needed today. I suggest you book a room with a view of one of the courtyards of the hotel because the street noise from Concorde Place might be too loud. The restaurants serve traditional French cuisine. Lunch in the courtyard is also very enjoyable. If shopping is what you're looking for, the rue Saint-Honoré and the rue Royale are located next to and behind the hotel for the serious shoppers who enjoy stores like Valentino, Hermes, Dior, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, and so many more. The concierge couldn't be more helpful and ask for a (2, 4, or 6 day) Paris museum pass... these get you into almost any museum in Paris (including the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, etc.) without waiting in the never-ending ticket lines. Bring a couple rolls of film because you will never want to forget this visit to Paris.

Excellent Hotel, Notoriously Expensive (but they take plastic)

from serviceMember
Ah right, we talking the Crillon. Hm, did you check the last bank statement to make sure you can handle it? It is a notoriously expensive hotel, as far as money goes, but worth every penny if you can afford it. They sell you rooms there like real estate, by surface area. More you can afford, bigger room you get.

Yes, it is a stuffy hotel, but all grand dames are. Where else do you get the waiters serving breakfast in tux? The buffet breakfast is stiffly priced, but you do get champagne if that’s any consolation.

Most rooms don’t have any view to speak of, unless you own a Bank, and can afford the Place de la Concorde facing suites. But if you drop by the 1st floor in the morning, one of the salons may be open, and you can get on the balcony and shoot some pics/vids if you care to.

Many times one gets a free room upgrade, just so …….. or if you can hook up with some hotel network, you may be able to hook up into one with a guaranteed free room upgrade.

Sorry, but I forgot how many times I've stayed there. Must have been about half a dozen over past decade or so.

More of a tourist trap than an elegant hotel

from starwoodhotelssuck
Stuffy, pricy and not what I thought it would be like. I had imagined this grand hotel with a large take your breath away lobby and a grand stair case with hotel staff just waiting to serve you. It was nice but compared to the other places I have stayed in Paris I would have prefered another hotel The bar/lounge is very small and smokey as it has no ventilation. The morning buffet breakfast they charge you over 65 eur for is only the very basics, juice, cold cereal, cold cut meats, bread, fruit and hard boiled eggs. The kids had room service one night, two hamburgers and one order of fries, 100 eur. The rooms are nice but nothing to write home about, no views other than the inner court yard or the alley. The suites are the only ones with views. We usualy travel three weeks at a time so we depend on doing laundry at the hotel. To wash a pair of jeans, 35 eur shirt was 25 eur and so on, Very Expensive. It's not that we can't afford it or we wouldn't be paying for two rooms at over $700 a night each, its just the principal of taking you for every nickle once your in the door and not giving you anything in return. To sum it up, I would stop by and snap a few photos if you must and stay somewhere else for the money.

Absolutely perfect.

from A TripAdvisor Member
I recently spent 4 nights at the Crillon, and I can't possibly understand any of the complaints about the hotel.

The check-in was perfect. The hotel manager happened to be at the front desk area and checked us he. He noticed we were American, asked us about our transatlantic flight, suggested that we not take a nap to fight the jet lag, and led us up to our room. We arrived at 9 AM and a room was ready for us. He then personally escorted us up to the room where our bags were already waiting for us.

Much to our surprise, we were upgraded to a beautiful suite. It was tastefully decorated but not too over the top. We had a terrace with a view of the American Embassy across the street and the Eiffel Tower. The room had a sitting area, fresh fruit every day, an amazing shower (bathroom all around) and a dressing room. Hands down, there's nothing possible to complain about.

The concierges couldn't have done a better job. We asked for 4 restaurant recommendations - a 3 start michelin, a typical, non-tourist french brasserie, a neighborhood italian restaurant, and a neighborhood french place. EACH restaurant was phenomenal. With minimal explanation as to what we were looking for, the concierge knew where to point us. I was also quite impressed that the entire conceirge, front desk, and bell staff knew us by name and greeted us by name. How they remember such things, I'll never know. The concierge desk also has tickets to most museums so you don't have to wait in line.

The purpose of our trip was pleasure, and the concierge was more than happy to assist with our site seeing needs. Sure, we asked dumb, american tourist questions and we didn't once experience any disdain on the part of the concierge staff to answer our questions

The location is perfect for exploring both the left and right bank by foot. We walked just about everywhere we went. One afternoon there was a forecast for showers, and the doorman altered us to such and offered us umbrellas.

I can't praise the hotel enough. It's beautiful. The rooms/beds/bathrooms made me feel like I was at home. The staff is of the highest caliber. The best compliment I can pay to the hotel is that I will never stay anywhere else in Paris.

Above Average - but pricey

from ideide
The hotel was very nice, with an unbeatable location, The staff was courtious and professional - but at times a bit cold. The room was VERY small - for example the room service cart could just bearly make it in the room. However, the room did have some nice touches - like a great shower, plush towls and robe, and a comfortable bed with nice sheets. At times (specifically around midnight when we were sleeping) the walls seemed to be made of paper and you could hear the goings on (TV, music, etc) of the neighboring rooms well enough to wake you from a sound sleep. Overall a plesant stay, albeit very pricy (47 euro breakfasts, 28 euro to dry clean a shirt, in addition to the fairly steep daily rate)

The best place to stay in Paris

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just spent two nights at Hotel de Crillion, this is probably the finest hotel that I have ever had the pleasure of staying in, from the service, to the exquisite furnishings, the whole ambiance was out standing, I would recommend this hotel to anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.


from hobnob30
This was a terrible mistake. I had read in Travel & Leisure that Les Ambassadeurs at the Crillion was a wonderful dining experience (I believe it was called "transporting" but I was on transported to the bathroom all night).

The entire experience was sadly France at its worst. Pretentious and heavy. Heavy food, heavy service. You rarely had a moment to simply talk without some sort of interference from staff fixing your soup spoon or hovering above you. The food was incredibly heavy and over-designed. When we asked for an after dinner port the waiter was very aggressive about pushing a much much more expensive brand on us. Unpleasant. Go to the Ritz for a lavish meal and skip this overstuffed souffle of a restaurant. The emporer has no clothes!



from A TripAdvisor Member
A quick comment on the previous review by a user from Washington: I have stayed at the Crillon on numerous occasions over the last decade or so and never experienced any of the problems which she has mentioned, despite being of Indian origin. I really cannot praise this hotel highly enough and find it somewhat perplexing, not to say unfortunate, that she was treated in this way.

Unfortunate Incident(s)

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I were recently in Paris on vacation. In addition to practicing law full-time in Washington, DC, I am also an independent travel agent. As a result, when I travel to various cities, I usually visit several hotels, so that I may offer the most informed recommendations to my clients.

We were guests at another hotel in Paris when my husband and I, along with another couple (friends from the USA), decided to stop by the Crillon. It is important to note that my husband is white and I am black. The couple with us consists of an biracial man (half Asian/half Caucasian) and white woman. When we approached the Crillon’s entrance that evening, the wife of the other couple breezed through the revolving door. The Crillon’s doorman did not stop her, nor did they ask her if she was a hotel guest (she was not). Her husband, only a few steps behind his wife, was stopped by one of the Crillon’s doormen. The husband was asked in French, where he was going. Since he is bilingual, the husband responded in French that we simply wished to take a quick look around the hotel lobby. The doorman told him that unless we were hotel guests, or dining in the restaurant, we would have to leave. We decided to leave.

I would not have thought much of this incident had my husband and I not returned the next evening for drinks in the bar. When we approached the Crillon’s entrance, we were met by approximately six doormen. We politely informed one of the doormen that we wanted to have a drink in the hotel’s bar. The doorman told us that the lobby area was closed for a private event, and we would have to enter the hotel from the side entrance. As we were leaving, we observed a white American couple (whom we spoke with later) enter the Crillon via the front entrance and head straight to the bar. They were not asked by any of the six doormen where they were going. The doormen simply greeted them with a “bonjour,” and waved them inside. We later learned that this couple was not registered as Crillon hotel guests or attending the private event.

My husband and I went around to the side entrance to enter the bar. We were intercepted at the door by another doorman. The doorman barely cracked the door open to rudely tell us that he was not going to let us in because an event was taking place. We mentioned that we had just been told by a doorman at the front entrance to enter the hotel from the side entrance. The doorman would hear none of this, and he repeatedly shook his head no and waved his hands in the air. He then quickly shut the door in our faces. Immediately after my husband and I had this exchange with the doorman, an interracial couple (black man/white woman) hurriedly exited the Crillon via the side entrance. The woman angrily told us that she and her companion had been refused service at the bar with the excuse that the bar was full. She added that she suspected the problem was her black companion’s skin color.

Upon hearing this, my husband and I walked back to the Crillon’s front entrance and asked to speak with the hotel manager. As we waited, white couples and individuals continued to enter the hotel unaccosted. After being passed to the bar manager, and another unidentified individual (who offered no resolution), we finally spoke with Hotel Manager. We explained to the Hotel manager that: 1) we were never asked by anyone if we were guests of the Crillon-it was assumed that we were not; 2) we observed several groups of people (all white) enter through the Crillon’s front entrance without being stopped or asked their destination; and 3) the only people that we observed being stopped were non-whites or white people in the company of non-whites. It was apparent to us that whites were treated as presumptive guests, while people of color were stopped at the door. After speaking with the Hotel Manager at great length, he offered his apologies for our obvious mistreatment at the hands of some of the Crillon’s staff.

I will continue to recommend Paris hotels such as the Four Seasons (Hotel George V), the Ritz and the Intercontinental. My husband and I visited all of these fine hotels without incident, and we were welcomed as if we were registered guests. However, it is (understandably) impossible for me to recommend the Crillon to anyone.

Some Highs, Some Lows

from HelloThereAgain
The hotel's email reservationist was polite, helpful, and arranged for a lovely upgraded room for our anniversary celebration, complete with a chilled bottle of house champagne.
The location of the hotel is terrific and check-in by a young gentleman seated at a desk in the lobby was very smooth.
The room was well appointed, large, with two small balconies overlooking the Eiffel Tower which, during the nightly light show, was brilliant.
The room does show some signs of wear and tear, the hotel charges for music from the television stereo, only a single bottle of complimentary Evian water (unsealed) is provided, and a turn-down maid one evening insisted on entering the room while we were still present in our robes.
The setting at Les Ambassadeurs restaurant is breathtaking, but service at the buffet breakfast was spotty and largely absent; used plates were rarely cleared.
Our greatest splurge--an anniversary dinner at the much heralded Les Ambassadeurs--offered fine cuisine but was attended to by a set of young, clearly inexperienced staff members who ultimately presented us with our bill before offering the customary petit fours or before we had even finished our dining experience. The maitre d' hotel, who was present during the evening but seemingly unoccupied and doing little, expressed little graciousness when we inquired about the lack of petit fours and premature bill. And the bill was shockingly high to boot.
Check-out was fine (though when my wife returned to the room to retrieve a fogotten item, she discovered hotel staff members already busily inspecting our room--what did they think we would do to the room?) and the concierge arranged for a Mercedez taxi and courteous driver to return us to the airport.
Overall, our experience had some highs and some lows.

Top Local Tips for Paris

Berthillon - Ice Cream of the Gods If you are over on the Ile St Louis take the time to track down the main Berthillon store for fab ice creams and sorbets. There are lots of shops displaying the Bertillon logo but DO NOT BE FOOLED. They stock some of the flavours, but it ain't the "mothership" so to speak. You'll need to be in the centre of the ile and the shop is wooden panelled on the outside. The tea room is smalll but lovely and the ice creams... well.... they are heavenly. Take my advice and have the caramel made with salted butter, it is delicious, take your cone down to the quai by the Seine overlooking Notre Dame and watch the world float by.

Drinks at sidewalk cafes We found that if you have a coffee, wine or beer on the sidewalk you are charged more than if you sit inside the cafe. I have no idea why.

Buddha Bar - Amazing ! Check out the buddha bar at the side of the Hotel Du Crillon, absolutly amazing bar, expensive drinks but great feel about the place, check the website out


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  • hotel de crillon
  • de crillon paris
  • de crillon hotel
  • Address: 10 Place de la Concorde - Paris - 75008 - France
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