La Roseraie Hotel

, Chenonceaux, France
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La Roseraie Hotel

, Chenonceaux
3 star
7, rue Docteur Bretonneau - Chenonceaux - 37150 - France Hotel Website | | 02 47 23 90 09
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Reviews - La Roseraie Hotel

Awesome Place!
Submitted by: Sue in 03/09/10
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
This place is the best! I'm a clean freak and have worked in the restaurant business and found this hotel to be wonderfully comfortable and the food is beyond expectations. Our hosts anticipated our needs before we did! We hosted a small cocktail party in our suite and Sophie and Laurant sent up an hors'de ouves tray for our enjoyment! They also arranged for transportation to the train depot at 11:00 pm when we found out our previous plans fell through. All hotels could learn from these wonderful hosts.

Historical Traveller Reviews of La Roseraie Hotel

One of the Best Meals in France

from Tsarman
Spent two nights in a nearby B & B (La Moulin). The owner, M. Gerard, suggested La Roseraie for dinner. The setting was the lovel courtyard filled with roses. The service was friendly and efficient and the meal was one of the best I've had in France (duck with a cherry sauce). We'll be there again in the Fall . . . Merci, M. Gerard!

Does not disappoint

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Roseraie as part of a two week trip around France. Our two previous hotels had been disappointing. We were very nervous about what we would find. But we need not have worried. La Roseraie lives up to all of the glowing reviews on Trip Advisor. Our room (9) was wonderful; very nice and airy with an air conditioning unit that was effective and silent. The food was excellent.

The hosts were nothing but helpful whenever we saw them, and particularly after my wife broke her foot - she slipped on a stairway in the nearby chateau!

We felt like Royalty at the Hotel la Roseraie in France

from A TripAdvisor Member
Dear Tripadvisor, Our family of 4 (myself, my husband, my 23 year old daughter and 27 year old son) recently returned from our vacation in France and had a wonderful time. Whiloe in Paris, we stayed at the Hotel Muguet on Rue Chevert. Madam Pelletier does a grat job of making visitors so comfortable; I applaud her efforts in remodeling and keeping her hotel incredibly energy-efficient and clean. We made reservations in advance for the restaurant LeMaupertu on the Blvd. de la Tour Maubourg. Sophie, the Hostess, owns the reataurant with her husband. She always greets you with a smile and rewards you for coming to their restaurant with the most delicious meals. The only attitude the Waiters have is a good attitude! Of course we managed to squeeze in all the highlights such as the museums, rides up the Eiffel Tower and some nice "down time" at a sidewalk cafe. The "whit Card' museum pass is a great investment! Everyone we met was pleasant and cheerful buy the best part of our trip, my son and daughter agree, was the three days we spent in the Loire Valley. My husband and I had been on three previous trips to France, all starting at Chenonceaux in the Loire Valley. We decided to return to share the hospitality of Sophie and Laurent Fiorito at the Hotel la Roseraie, including an excellent restaurant, with our children. We were lucky enough to mmet this very friendly couple by staying at their establishment on our first trip to France. approximately 6 years ago. We had such a wonderful experience at la Roseraie that we have returned on every trip to France. Two years ago we brought my 80 year old Mother in Law with us. We stayed in a "family suite where ma "Belle Mere" had her own room adjoiningours by a bathroom. Since she had never travelled out of our country, she was understandably anxious, but afgter meeting the Fioritos she fel safe and comfortable. The last time we were there, we had an unfortunate family emergency. Sophie and Laurent joined forces and helped cancel reservations, reschedule plane tickets and got us home with a lot of effort on their part and very little effort on our part. This year we returned an Sophie and Laurent greeted us again with thier ever-present smiles. The first time we arrived at la Roseraie set the stage for all of our following visigts. The patrons at la Roseraie will find that all they have to do is ask for something and it's delivered. Sophie and Laurent will give directions, make reservations, help with travel advice, etc. They make you feel that they cannot do enough for you. Their rooms are comfortable and their restaurant meals are so good that we stay only there and order something different each night - every dinner is every bit as delectable as the next. (I highly recommend the escargot!) The breakfasts are a great wasy to start the day with fresh orange juice, delicious coffee, hot chocolate, yogurt and a varienty fo croisssants and baguettes. Sophie or Laurent are at you "beck and call" any time day or night to serve you at a table on their terasse or in their cozy bar room. Although their hotel is very popular, they manage to make each guest feel very special. Sophie's "green thumb" is evident in the beautiful gardens and flower boxes around the Hotel. Laurent is quick to share a story or listen attentively to yours. My efforts at speaking French were well accepted and encouraged but not necessary since both of the Fioritos speak English very well. I could go on but I'm sure you can tell that our French vacations have a different focus thanks to Sophie and Laurent. I cannot imagine a trip to France without at least a short stay at la Roseraie. Because of how personable they are we now go to France, and specially Chenonceaux, for the people and much as for the sites.

Excellent in all aspects

from OH_traveler73
We spent two days at LaRoseraie in mid-May during a 15 day tour of France with our daughter. We found Sophie and Laurent to be excellent and the hotel met all of our expectations. The rooms were pleasant and it appears each one is unique. The location is very convenient if you are traveling by car and visiting the many chateaus in the region. If you stay be sure and make reservations for dinner. All three of us agreed that this was one of the best dinners we had during our stay in France.

Unparalleled hospitality

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family and I recently returned from a trip to France that included a too-brief stay at La Roseraie in the Loire Valley. It was my brother (27 years old) and my (23 years old) first experience in France and my parents second. We spent our first of three nights at La Roseraie. After a taxing day of traveling followed by a visit to Chenonceaux, it was a welcomed relief to be greeted by Laurent with unconditional friendliness. That hospitality carried through our entire three day stay with Sophie and Laurent. I have been fortunate enough to travel abroad several times prior to this trip and can say from experience that the other hotels I have stayed in other countries have paled in comparison to the overall ambience at La Roseraie.
The rooms were gorgeous, exactly what you would imagine staying in while visiting a small countryside. The coziness of the room is carried throughout the rest of the hotel. The food in the hotel restaurant was absolutely amazing. It was a welcomed departure from the oversized meals that are inherent to American restaurants. Instead of being hurried through our meal, we were able to take our time and truly enjoy our vacation. Sophie, Laurent, and another server were the only ones waiting on customers, which provided everyone with personal attention from each of the owners. Breakfast was equally as enjoyable. The croissants and chocolat pain coupled with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate was the perfect way to start the morning. As I look at it, while on vacation, you should indulge in all of the native food no matter how calorie-saturated it may be. That being said, if you take advantage of all the sites, gaining weight will definitely not be an issue.
Overall, I would not change anything about La Roseraie. The attentiveness afforded to every single guest is a definite selling point of this hotel. The only problem I had with my trip to La Roseraie was that it was far too short.

Could not be better

from A TripAdvisor Member
I recently arranged a weekend at La Roseraie in Chenonceaux for my wife and myself, together with five other couples in mid-May. All 12 of us raved about the place. The location is ideal, the hotel itself is really charming, with a range of very individual rooms, and the staff were unfailingly polite and helpful. The food was magnificent, although you MUST make a dinner reservation, even if you are staying there, as the number of covers is limited. The couple who run the place, Sophie and Laurent Fiorito, were always cheerful and full of bonhomie. When we return to the area, probably next year, there is no doubt about the hotel will will use - La Roseraie! It was a real delight. LR

A Highlight of our Trip to France

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and our best friend have just returned from a three-week vacation in France and London. We spent a week in Paris, just over a week in the Burgundy region and two days in Chenonceaux on our way back to Paris to take the train to London for the final four days of our trip. The Loire valley is lovely, the chateaux are fascinating. However, what made this part of our trip memorable and enjoyable was our stay at La Roseraie. The hotel is the perfect combination of old and new world Europe. The rooms are clean, pleasantly eccentric and delightfully decorated - I'm sure no two are alike. It is obvious that everybody at the hotel takes pride in his or her work - and none more so than the owners of the hotel Laurent and Sophie. I remarked to my companions as we were driving away that I had never met anyone more suited to the role of host than Laurent and Sophie. They just seem to enjoy people! They were funny, patient, helpful and utterly charming. I speak enough French to get myself into trouble - not well, but serviceable - and both Laurent and Sophie were kind enough to engage me in conversation in French at a level that I could understand without strain. If you don't speak French, don't worry - excellent English is on the menu. And speaking of menus - the restaurant is a must. When you book your rooms, book your dinner reservations. The food is amazing. Now, I'm vegetarian and there weren't actually many vegetarian selections on the menu. However, Laurent could not have been more accommodating - I had an excellent pasta one night and the fluffiest omelette the next. My companions sampled the regular menu items and, judging by the blissful expressions that came over their faces with each bite, their meals were equally amazing. I don't normally eat dessert, but I found the combination of a scoop of grapefruit sorbet with a scoop of tomato/basil sorbet to be irresistable - it was heaven on a spoon. One of the pleasures of the evening was watching Laurent and Sophie interact with the other guests. They treated each person with respect and grace. I'm sure everyone left the dining room full of good spirit as well as good food. We plan to return to Chenonceaux some day soon - to see some more of the beautiful Loire valley, to be sure - but more importantly, to visit our new friends at La Roseraie.

Choose this hotel, if you love bugs or insecticide residue in your room

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed in that establishment last week of March. We were the only clients at the time, although at the time of booking Laurent insinuated that the hotel was full and that he could offer us a family room for 92 euros only. We had requested a room for under 100, but were given the most expensive one within that limit, even though we had told him that we were on a budget. The lower end 72 euro room that we had really wanted, remained unoccuppied during our stay.
We arrived in the evening, after a lot of sightseeing en route from Paris.
My husband was the first victim of Laurent's greeting. He said bonjour, handed Laurent our e-mail confirmation and said : "We are the
......s" (our family name), to which Laurent burst out in exclamations: "The...s! The incredible ...! The wonderful ...! The famous...!" It sounded strange, out of place, and appeared to have a hint of sarcasm in it. It appeared that Laurent did not fancy the laconic way my husband had broached upon the subject of our reservation.
My turn was next. Everyone was tired, my feet bled through my shoes from the walking we had done during the previous 6 days (I did not mind that per se, it was a cheap trade off for a wonderful experience, I just wanted to get to the room ASAP and treat the wounds in order to prevent staff infection), but our teen-aged son had been doing his best to keep us particularly miserable during the last leg of our trip, so naturally I was a bit preoccupied and had the audacity of entering the premises of Roseraie without a smile on my face, although I thought I deserved a credit for making a concentrated effort to keep a pleasant expression. I even said "bojour" with the best French accent I could master. Alas, my efforts were in vain. Instead of getting a polite "bonjour" in reply, I was promptly reprimanded by Laurent : "No! You are an American, and you walk in here without a big smile on your face !?" When I asked why he thought I should be wearing a big smile on my face (isn't 92 euros enough, I wanted to add, but did not- out of sheer politeness), he said: "You should be happy you are in France! You escaped from America!" After which he wanted to know whether Americans were still chasing bin laden, and when we thought he was going to be caught.
Although subsequently Laurent was helpful with the parking and luggage, our initial encounter with him had left a bad aftertaste. We both agreed, Laurent was overstepping.
The episode made me remember the review from an American gentleman who resented having been "lectured" for asking for ice water before dinner. I had no probelm picturing that incident.
Our other problems with this hotel were of practical nature, although I found Laurent's wife to be rude. When we arrived, she was first taking stock of us through a window, and then peeking out of the dining area, but never came out. Later, after I found a full bottle of insecticide spray left in our room on the window sill within easy reach of my toddler, I went downstairs to return the bottle to Sophie and to inquire of the nature of the problem that had necessitated the presence of that bottle in our room. I was concerned about the blood-
sucking bugs that were pictured in numbers on the bottle, as well as about how the possible residue from the spray, which had obviously been used in the room, was going to affect my child's health (she had asthma attacks at an early age), plus it's a common knowledge that these kind of chemicals are not just household poisons, but also carcinogens. I was not happy about finding that bottle at all, I was only happy that my child did not find it first. When I came down, Sophie was talking on the phone. she looked at the bottle in my hand, avoiding any eye contact, and proceeded talking on the phone at length all the while deliberately ignoring me. She made me wait for full 5 minutes without giving any kind of response to my presence.
After she finally hung up, I showed her the bottle, but before I could open my mouth, she blurted out: "It is not mandatory." "Mandatory"?-In her rude arrogance she assumed that I was asking her permission not to use the spray in the room.
I started questioning myself whether I was in a hotel for which I was paying 92 euros per night, or whether I had just imagined it and somehow ended up in some shelter for homeless people, where I was tolerated out of charity. After explaining to her that I would not use the spray,even if it was mandatory, I asked Sophie, how bad was the bug problem.
She replied lightly, that it only started in April-May, when the bugs "come in the windows". See, the building is covered with ivy, which obviously exacebrates the problem. Hello? Have you heard about screens? Roll-down screens, may be? At any rate, Sophie and Laurent prefer to poison bugs(and people) with health-hazardous sprays. It must be cheaper that way (for them).
Anyway, Sophie was not keen on discussing enthomology or health hazards of insecticides, instead she grabbed the opportunity of pushing her breakfast on me.
Although we do not eat breakfasts in French hotels, since there are so many other better and healthier options outside of them, I took time to listen to Sophie's sales pitch of the usual bad carbs+saturated fat+caffeine, which she was selling for 8 euros a piece ($10.25), because I was curious as to whether they would charge the baby (a tiny 3 -year old who eats like a bird). Madame's enthusiastic answer was:"I can do the baby for 6". That told me all I needed to know.
By the way, after I got rid of the first bottle of insecticide, I found another one in the bathroom closet.
By that time we started feeling like we wanted to spend as little time in our room as we could, so we went for a ride to see neighbouring chateaux, Fontevraud Abbey and the town of Loches. When we arrived back shortly before 10 p.m., Laurent informed us that we were lucky we'd made it, because hotel closed up at 10p.m. and did not open until 8 a.m., and if we wanted to leave before 8 a.m., it was not going to be easily accomplished. I thought, Laurent should have informed us about the restrictions when we were checking in. It was not a pleasant thought, that only by sheer luck we avoided being locked out with no place to sleep at night.
The final touch to our stay-I should say two touches, since they were connected:
when after having done the laundry and having a blissful shower (no glass door on the tub, or curtain-note for those to whom those things matter), I pulled back my blanket, I discovered a good-size fat-bellied bug on my pillow-one of the kind that was pictured on the bottle- a bloodsucker, who stinks, when it gets squashed. He put up quite a fight as I was wrapping it in a piece of toilet paper and flashing him down the drain. Needless to say, all my dreams of restful sleep evaporated after that incident.
When the lights went off I had a panic attack imagining all kind of bugs feeding on my child who was sharing the bed with me. I reached for the light switch on my side of the bed only to find that there was none. I crawled over my daughter's sleeping form and flipped the switch on her side of the bed, and was almost blinded by the light from the chandelier in the center of the room ( 3 bare glary bulbs).
See, the wiring in that room is screwed up as well: in order to turn you bedside light on (which is really a lamp in a small niche up above your head), you have to get off the bed, cross the width of the room and in pitch darkness find the switch on the wall. Turning on the whole chandelier in the middle of the night is much easier- the switch is right by your bed-never mind that it may wake up every single person in the room.
I had to wake up my husband in the opposite end of the room by whispering first, and then talking in full volume, which resulted in my son being woken up as well. With the help of the flash light (useful tool-don't forget to bring one), my husband located the wall switch for the alcove lights, so that everyone could examine their bedding for the presence of bugs once again. It was not a restful night.
Would we stay in Roseraie again ? -No.
With all said-it was not worth the money. There are 2 other hotels in ancient buildings in this town,, where you can stay at about half-price (Family rooms -56-64 euros).

Charming Roserai hotel in Chenonceau

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place is awesome!
Spent a couple days here on our honeymoon in September '05. (Lagged on doing reviews)

Even if you stay at another hotel, get a reservation for dinner here! It is 5 star quality, the kind of stuff you see on the travel channel!

As for the hotel, it is absolutely charming, specially the breakfast/dinner room. Complete with fireplace, cast iron stove, antique knick-knacks... we really felt at home and warm. Kind of like a "Hobbit meets Winnie the Pooh" atmoshpere.

I had a "Blue Room", with a garden view, nice and spacious, modern heater, big bathroom.

My only let down was the lack of a shower curtain. For some reason, us Americans just cannot seem to shower in those European tubs without a curtain and NOT get water on the floor.

A small price to pay.

Oh, and it is very close to the chenonceau chateau. Walking distance if you're up for a few extra blocks.

I talked at length with Laurent, the owner, a delightful man, fluent English, and very helpful. He helped us discover the best dessert white wine we've ever had, the local "Vouvray".

Dan & Winnie


from A TripAdvisor Member
Quiet with spacious rooms and a comfortable bed. Breakfast was very good and the evening dinners in the restaurant were superb. Laurent and Sophie were welcoming and gracious. We would definitely stay there again.

Top Local Tips for Chenonceaux

An Oasis The town of Chenonceaux is delightful, small, walkable. One can easily walk to the top Loire attraction: the Chateau. Staying in Chenonceaux is like being in an oasis in the midst of incredibly fascinating and travel-tempting-and potentially-tiring France. Being there was a REAL vacation and rest amid spectacularly rich beauty. Stay several days!

low cost for a beautiful stay Very friendly staff

Chateau Chenonceau Chateau Chenonceau, a few blocks away, is the best of the Loire Valley Chateaux, with an entrancing setting, wonderful gardens, and lots of history as well, including WWII. Even though it was rainy the day we were there, my wife and I enjoyed it immensely.


Other names for La Roseraie Hotel

  • la roseraie hotel
  • la roseraie chenonceaux
  • la roseraie
  • Address: 7, rue Docteur Bretonneau - Chenonceaux - 37150 - France
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