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, Prague, Czech Republic
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Top Hotel Praha

, Prague
4 star

Rooms: 700

4 Blazimska - Prague - 14900 - Czech Republic Hotel Website | | 267 284 111
368 Traveller

Reviews - Top Hotel Praha

Small rooms...
Submitted by: Anna in 14/05/08
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Portugal
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Small rooms, uncomfortable beds, poor breakfast...maybe it has a star or two more than it should.
Top quality Prague experience
Submitted by: Jan in 27/02/08
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Upon arriving outside the Top Hotel our first impressions were very good, the hotel and its surrounding areas are very well maintained and clean. The reception hall and bar area is amazing; from one end to the other is decorated beautifully with polished gold, elegant paintings and fountains. The receptionist greeted us with friendly smiles and supplied very helpful information about the city of Prague, bus schedule and more. The corridors leading to all the rooms are easy to navigate, the lifts were in good working order and all very clean. The Standard room was surprisingly large and well presented; it had everything we needed including dresser with chair and small TV, two night stands with lamp, wardrobe and shoe rack/table thingy, bathroom with including good strong shower and wide sink, shower gel and hand wash, two tumblers, all of which were very good quality and clean. The only issue was with the bed as it was a little hard, but nothing important. The room did not have an iron, but there is an ironing service available. The main breakfast hall is very large, well decorated and obviously very clean. The food buffet and is fairly traditional mainly consisting of cheeses, cold meats, bread and butter, yogurts, cereal, sweet cakes/muffins and also hot foot such as sausage, eggs and bacon. Also there are drinks including, various juices, coffee, hot chocolate, water etc. The waiters and waitresses are very hard working and will speedily clean up dirty tables in a flash. All the food available during breakfast is very good quality and hearty.
There are many services within the hotel such as swimming, fitness, bowling, Internet etc, but obviously all these extras require payment. If you have prepaid for evening meals also as we did, you won't be disappointed, again the food is delicious (I recommend the Bolognese as starter, tastes great and loads of it) and again the service is fast and friendly. One issue which caused a little confusion was how some evenings dinner would be served from seemingly random restaurants within the hotel, some night we were eating at the Morovian (waiter service), some nights at the main dining hall (buffet), other nights at the newly refurbished bar hall (buffet), so keep your eye out the arrow signs pointing you in the right direction for dinner.

Below are quick points to remember in and out of the hotel:
* Be friendly if you want a friendly service, the Czech people are respond only to how you treat them. So be respectful and patient.
* Extra services within the hotel require payment; they are not free of charge.
* The food is varied yet fairly traditional; so don't expect bangers and mash, curry, pizza or any other sort of junk food you may be used to. You are in Prague so don't be afraid to try some Czech food. I personally prefer their style.
* The beer is fantastic, so try it, its cheaper than cola anyway.
* When using public transport, buy a ticket, which will last you for your whole stay, its better then carrying change around each day you need a ticket.
* Bring an iron, kettle with hot drink stuffs etc if you need them in your room. Also don't forgot the power outlets are European, so get an adaptor if you need one.
* Don't be afraid to be lost in the city of Prague, we found some cool places to eat at for lunch by chance because we had wondered down a small street we didn't mean to, but glad we did. But if you do get lost, don't stress, because of the size of the city its easy to find your way again.
* Most important, have FUN! Be positive and most problems wont be an issue.
Avoid this hotel
Submitted by: Richard in 31/10/07
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
Have just returned from 4 days in the beautiful city of Prague.

Unfortunately, we stayed at the Top Hotel whose name must either be some kind of joke or have lost something in the translation.

It's miles from anywhere of any interest to anyone, the rooms are very basic, the food is pretty awful, you have an excellent chance of being stuck in a lift, and if our party's experience is anything to go by an even better chance of being robbed. One in three of us lost money, jewelery or other possessions taken from locked cases. It could only have been done by hotel staff but the management could not have cared less.

The only way this hotel would make the bronze medal position is if the only other two competitors were Fawlty Towers and the Bates Motel. Give it a very wide berth.
Everything was brill!
Submitted by: Rachel in 19/03/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type:
Everything was great! I went with my school and the hotel was huge and just lovely!
Submitted by: Stephen in 15/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We were very pleased with our hotel stay as we were transferred from another hotel when we arrived from the airport. We found the staff helpful on the whole and the breakfast meals provided were adequate although sometimes cutlery ran out due to the large numbers of people using these! It was fairly easy to travel by bus and metro to the centre of Prague each day of our stay but a bit of advice - buy your tickets either at the hotel or at the metro ticket machines not from the bus driver as tickets purchased on the bus are more expensive. The hotel is very impressive inside and our room was cleaned well every day.
Not for those expecting
Submitted by: Craig in 08/08/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
It was pretty much on a whim that I booked the TOP Hotel Praha for our four night stay in Prague. said it was 4* and the overall price came out at £547 for 2 of us in 2 separate rooms. So it seemed like a good deal.

Style of Hotel


This hotel is LARGE. There are over 1,000 rooms here. It's primary purpose is to cater towards large coach parties and conferences. As it is it's a pack em in rack em tight. The public areas are massive. Staff just don't have the time to pander to each and every customers smallest whim but if you do have a problem they will sort it out for you just don't go bothering them over trivialities which you could sort out yourself.

Getting there
Yes as other reviews state it's not directly located in the centre of the city. It's approximate 20 - 35 minutes from the main attractions via a combination of bus and metro. To get there take the Metro Line C to Chodov

DO book this hotel if you don't mind going out first thing in the mornin and coming back last thing at night or the evening and don't intend to venture out again and you don't mind doing a bit of legwork in commuting time to get to where you want to be. (It's not as bad as Tokyo where sometimes it takes 40 minutes to get to your desired station on the Yamanote line)
DONT book this hotel if you want to go back and forth during the day and expect to be in to tourist spots within 5 minutes.

Rooms and Public Areas

It is most definitely the public areas which is why this hotel has got a 4* rating and deservedly so. The photographs don't do it justice. It's truly a sight to walk through and wouldnt be out of place inside some of the worlds top 5* hotels.

Theres plenty of bars / restaurants / shops (bank overdraft type shops / if you need to ask the price you can't afford it type) There is relaxation facilities but they are chargeable. DONT EXPECT TO GET IN TO THE POOL FOR FREE.

ROOMS - We stayed in the basic standard rooms. The room are admittedly not on a standard with the public areas. But what do you expect of a room?. The fiitings are in good order, the bed is comfortable. The bathroom is clean. You're using it as a place to sleep not as a place to live out of. If you absolutely need 4* decor then don't bother. If youre just looking for a place to sleep which is of a good standard, clean and tidy and secure then this hotel is for you. THERE ARE NO TEA AND COFFEE MAKING FACILITIES IN THE ROOMS BUT...if you walk out of the main entrance and turn right and walk down a bit towards the block of flats, you'll see a shop with coke signs. You'll be able to pick up cold drinks there and chocolate. Theres a fridge in the room so you won't be short of a drink. For 186 crowns I was able to get 4 2l bottles of Pepsi and 2 100g bars of aero which is just short of £5 in English money.

DO stay here if you're just looking for a good clean place to sleep

DONT stay here if you're expecting the 4* standard of room that you might find in your London hotel with sumptious designer fittings.




The breakfast is more of a continental breakfast style. Items on offer include...
Corn flakes
Fruit Yoguhart
Natural Yoguhart
Frankfurter Sausages
Salami Sausages
Boiled Eggs
Fruit pieces
Bread / Jam and Marmalade.
Tea Coffee Milk Fruit Juice.


I personally had a bowl of yoguhart and cereal, bread rolls with jam and butter and 3 glasses of orange juice. Hey it's not bacon and eggs but you won't starve. Just don't gape at it from first glace and follow my advice and you'll be ok. Theres plenty of opportunities for more substantial meals when you're out in Prague. (At the very least it's a 10 minute bus ride to Centrum Chodov shopping centre where theres a McDonalds and KFC which is accepted universally as a meal option)


A lot of people have written very negatively about this hotel because they have gone in expecting the sort of service and style which you would expect from the Hilton or Ritz in London. If you want that then don't stay at the TOP Hotel.

However if you're looking for a cheap high standard hotel and not a bed and breakfast place and are prepared to overlook some of the stuff you'd normally expect it's in a nice place.

This as I mentioned previous is primarily aimed at conferences and businesses and the staff are not trained to provide the individual service which you might get from smaller hotels. Also the rooms are kept basic because if you think about it, does a conference delegate really care how sumptious the room is as long as he can get his head down for the night in somewhere clean and tidy?. Thats the point. They're providing a decent place to sleep not a home from home. If you want a home from home experience go to one of the smaller hotels in the centre of prague. Also as I mentioned don't go here expecting a full English as you wont' get it but if you don't mind Continental style breakfasts then you won't go far wrong.

Overall i think a lot of people have been grossly unfair to the Top Hotel cos they went in with the wrong expectations. Perhaps maybe the Top Hotel should try to make that clear that they're not primarily aimed at individual tourists but as a conference and tourist group hotel they do their job damn well.

I would quite happily stay here again and use it as a cheap basis for the rest of my travels in Prague. I sincerely hope this hotel has cleared up a few of the misconceptions about the Top Hotel.

Craig Henry
United Kingom - North West of England
Submitted by: R. in 12/12/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We pulled up to the Top and were instantly told to park 1 block away before checking in. No unloading in front! Given the ghetto setting, far from the downtown core, we were reluctant, but no choice was given. The lobby was fine but the trudge to our room was a long, twisted journey down dark hallways, tenement-like staircases and the necessity of a tiny elevator which kept stopping between floors and bouncing as if the cables would snap at any moment. Our room resembled an army barracks, with twin beds so narrow and hard they would have suited any self-deprecating monk. The sheets were clean and the water hot. (You just read my best comments!) We looked into upgrading to something larger and more luxurious. However, their idea of "supreme" was a room 5 times larger with no more furniture! There were busloads of people staying there and the restaurants were crowded, noisy, expensive and mediocre. We tried their "exclusive" restaurant at the top, with a view of the city. Our waiter was condescending and disinterested. The meal cost approximately $125 euros for bland and badly presented food and wine. Yikes! The complimentary breakfast is served in a convention hall to accommodate the crowds. You stand in line forever to get coffee that looked and tasted like mud. But if you like bleu cheese for breakfast you may help yourself to huge hunks! We had several people tell us how beautiful Prague was. But in spite of a sunny, crisp fall visit, we found the city to be unappealing, riddled with slums of Communist apartments, graffiti on EVERYTHING, overcrowding, and prices far above those in "next door" Germany. We started in Germany and scurried back quickly to more friendly service, much better food, lovely villages, clean and pleasant lodging and ancient sites to visit with far more charm than Praha/Prague. Never, never again will we visit the Top or its host city.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Top Hotel Praha

Not a 4 Stars

from rpribeiro
We just returned from a trip to Prague-Vienna -Budapest and from all the hotels we've been this hotel was the worse despite the fact that it was the higher rated with "stars".
The entrance in the hotel was very beautiful but when we arrived to the bedrooms we were very surprised with the lack of care. The walls were cracked in several places and the furniture was low quality, not to mention the bad decoration of the bedroom.
Other of the cons of this hotel was the personal that had not the delicacy and sympathy that is "a must have" in a hotel of this rating. This fact is true to all personal from the reception till the waitresses in the breakfast.

not the tops

from evensteve
I stayed with some mates on a mid week trip and would like to pass on some tips. Don't eat in hotel, the food was expensive and not tasty. agree a taxi price before you leave for distination. and most important leave all valuables in a safe!!!
Prague is a beautiful city but not somewhere I would like to be with my girlfriend after dark. We ate very well in some of the places just outside the tourist areas and found the locals very friendly, but back to the hotel.
The place is huge and sprawling (get directions before leaving the recieption.) The casino may not be quite what you would expect, think bookies not Monte Carlo and despite the place constantly bieng cleaned one gets the feeling its dirty just underneath.
Overall a place for a stag base and not a romantic gettaway.

one to avoid

from Rayr
This hotel is miles from anywhere of interest. It can easily take up to 45 minutes to get into town, worse at weekends! The public areas are impressive and new, but it looks like four council-house blocks have been joined together to form a 'hotel'. It took me about five minutes to walk from the front door to my bedroom. The staff, although appearing quite friendly, tend to be somewhat autocratic. If there is a crowd of you on, say a stag weekend, and are happy to take taxis into and out of town then this place would be fine. Otherwise look for somewhere nearer the metro.


from bmc79
8 of us went to this hotel on the 3 may on a stag do when we got there we were very impressed with the size and the design of the reception area, found staff to be very helpfull especially the bar staff who told us the best clubs and pubs to go to plus the sports bar was open nearly all night. rooms were very basic but when your on a stag do it does'nt matter that much. we didn't have any problems with noise or people running around the corridors a night which i had previously read in review's.we didn't think it was that far away from the centre probably about 10 mins but we always got taxis which cost about 350k on the way in and you could get one from the centre back for about 200k. overall we thought the hotel was really good and if i was going back to prague i would definately stay in this hotel again.

A Hotel Not for the Faint Hearted

from Coonometer
My husband and I visited Prague for our tenth anniversary and I have to say, this hotel is massive. Unfortunately, when we were there, there was some sort of dog show on and the hotel was fully booked. Therefore we were a little disappointed not to have been able to upgrade our room to a superior (definitely recommended as the standard rooms are somewhat dingy!). This hotel is also very far out from the town itself, so you have to get a bus and then go on the metro system to get into the good bits of town. I have to say I definitely won't be staying at this hotel, should I ever go back to Prague.

A little too far out..

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I visited Prague in late December 2004 as part of a tour group around Europe. We stayed at this hotel in the outskirts of Prague for two nights.
First impression of the hotel is one of awe at the size. Slabs of concrete buildings - the hotel has various wings, the buildings themselves are characterless, just grey slabs of concrete - but a legacy of the old communist days. The hotel reception/lobby certainly is impressive with amazing fittings. It was possibly the largest hotel we stayed at during our European jaunt. As mentioned, the hotel is large with a number of restaurants, bars, a gaming room/mini-casino and even a bowling alley in the hotel. The hotel was packed with numerous tour groups and also many business travellers.
We did not have any room service issues primarily because we did not use it. Our room was pretty basic, 2 single beds, own bathroom and toilet (which for us is always most crucial)... unlike other reviewers, we had no problems with noise from other guests. We put this down to the fact that we were in a quiet wing.
The location of the hotel is not great... it is about 25-30 minutes away from the city centre. The immediate surroundings are drab and uninspiring...nothing to see in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, we were grateful to discover that there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel, which we could take to the nearest metro stop, and on to the city centre (where all the magic of Prague lies). Just beware of dodgy looking characters who may try to pickpocket you when embarking and disembarking on the buses/trains.
Overall, our stay in Prague was wonderful but this had nothing to do with the hotel. When we are next in Prague (and who wouldn't want to return to this lovely city), we will plump for a hotel that is located centrally in the heart of the old city.

Mama mia all those Italian kids

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is a beautiful hotel once you get inside, from the outside its a bit plain looking. Rooms are pretty basic but clean., breakfast menu is varied, everything from bacon and eggs to cereal, yoghurts to cold meats and cheese, breads and pastries......BUT Mama mia!!!! the place was full of noisy Italian teenagers, hundreds of them, all smoking and drinking, but they were all well behaved. Hotel taxi is a bit of a rip off charging 450Kr to go to the city centre whereas taxis taking you from the city to the hotel charge 215 Kr. Next time i would try to get a more central hotel.

Top Hotel:not as good as it looks..

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived at Top Hotel at 9 o clock in the morning, we left our luggage and we went at the city centre for a few hours as we couldnt check in before 2 in the evening. The reception was impressive and we thought that the rooms would be equally nice or at least decent. However when we saw our room we were very disappointed-it was very basic and not well maintained. The hotel itself was enormous, full of youngsters making noise and congressmen, it had no character at all. The receptionists dont speak good english (only german), and they are sometimes rude with tourists. Our flight back home was about midnight and we had requested to stay at the hotel till late (check out time is 11 in the morning), only to find out that we had to pay extra although nobody told us so in the first place. The hotel is out of the way (about 25 min away from the city centre), the area is industrial. A good thing is that public transport is very reliable (there was a bus stop outside the hotel) but this has nothing to do with the hotel itself. There are much nicer hotels in the city centre..just keep on looking

Shame about the rooms and the noise

from A TripAdvisor Member
As others have commented, I also had problems with noisy youngsters at night time. However, the next morning I complained and was immediately moved to a quiter part of the hotel. The hotel is very nice and has very good facilities and the rooms are clean but very basic for a four star hotel. The hotel is also a little out of the way but superb local transport makes this easier to cope with. I would recomend the beautiful city of Prague to anyone and intend to return myself but perhaps to a hotel a little nearer the city centre. If the hotel management read this, I would suggest to them that in future they advise their staff to ensure wherever possible, that all group parties are kept seggregated to their own wing of the hotel.

Nice but !!!!!!

from sindy42
There was 4 of us all arrived on the 20/12/2004.
First impression nice reception area , rooms are more like 3 star quality and not 4 star.Restaurant's lacked character and it also states on the web that there are excellant views of prague castle , which really you can't see too far away.....Taxi service from the hotel good always prompt and when you needed them. Good transfer from airport and also prompt.Back to the restaurant's the rest at the top which supposed to ahve excellant views the menu was okay but it was a little expensive for prague anyway!!!!! and again no character..
And as for the piano bar this had no piano and was lacking in charcter also, the rest where you have breakfast was also quite poor and the breakfast was not upto much either.(if you liked pasta for breakfast) they catered more for there japanese guest's than they do the scottish- british but the old town made up for what we did not have at the hotel. Next time we visit we will most likely to have a hotel closer to the town.
Prague it's self is a most wonderful city.

Top Local Tips for Prague

Transport Book a cab in advance from airport to hotel and return. Easyjet site very good(ATS). Buy a three day public transport ticket, really cheap and saves a lot of time. Metro really easy to use.

easy and clean By a ticket for the duration of your stay, to use all of the public transport system, as it quick clean and easy.

location location location If it is possible try and book a hotel in the city centre, at least you can come and go if you need to. If you book outside the city you are limiting yourself to spending evenings at hotel and missing out in trying different restuarants.


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  • top hotel praha
  • top hotel prague
  • prague top hotel
  • Address: 4 Blazimska - Prague - 14900 - Czech Republic
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