Hotel Opatov

, Prague, Czech Republic
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Hotel Opatov

, Prague

Rooms: 300

U Chodovského høbitova 2141 - Prague - 149 00 4 - Czech Republic Hotel Website | | 420 271 196 222
39 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Opatov

Don't go there.
Submitted by: Anette in 21/04/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Sweden
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
We were there on school trip in 2003. We were around 20 students and 2 teachers. We stayed for almost a week. The service and comfort were ok. Beds was more ok than I expected and it was clean all around. But as other said here the elevators were terrible. Very slow, very small and sometimes didn't even came when you waited for them. It went faster taking the staris to the 11th floor than waiting for those elevators. The problem came when we was checking out. When we arrived we have left 10€ for room keys wich we would get back when leaving in the keys. When we would to this they refused to give them to us since according to them "some of us had stolen towels". What? That was ridicoulus. What would we do with some towels in the first place? They just tried to fool us, and it was some other class there who had been fooled right before us. But our teachers solved it so we could get our money. Oh, and there were gunshots in the night! So, my conclusion is, don't go there.
Super Duper
Submitted by: Matthew Bareham in 07/03/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
This hotel is amazing i wish i was there right now. I loved the great service and kinky rooms. You have great views from every single room. Very close to a car park and very very very very very low prices. I would recommend to everyone. I would stay there for up to 3 weeks. Perfect holiday destination.
Tower on the outskirts
Submitted by: John in 06/11/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
This hotel was full of students, this gives an Idea of the aims of this hotel. I was amazed that the decor of the rooms matched the outside of the building. Unless you are less than 1.5 meters tall your feet will stick out of the end of the beds, which would be comfortable enough apart from this.I am 1.7 meters tall and had to place one of the beds at the end of mine to sleep. The showers were as described, but I had no problems with the water,it was the right temperature for me, the breakfast was just functional, and reminded me that sausage and red cabbage are always on the menu for every meal in prague.
It was cleaned every day and spotless at all times.The no drinks policy is to stop stag parties going on into the late hours but at 35 crowns for a beer from the bar, its hard to complain too much, I sneeked some beer in and as I did not roar around drunk, no one seemed to mind. The heating needs to be improved, one tiny radiator in the corner of the room just isnt enough.

With bigger beds, better heating and lighting and a touch of non sandstone colour paint in the rooms will make this hotel much better.

They were building a new reception area while I was there, so when you visit maybe there will be improvements.
Its worth bearing in mind that shouting and agresive behavior is against the law in prague and I saw several groups of young men hauled away by armed police in the town center.
A post stalinist nightmare
Submitted by: DEBIZE in 03/10/05
  • Age Group:
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
We were a small group of French people visiting prague, booked at the Opatov through a travel agency. To me, this is a hostel, not a hotel. Lifts that don't work, unpleasant hotel staff, hotel located in the middle of a wasteland, sofas put together instead of beds, dry and tasteless food in the evening (breakfast miraculously OK, though). Avoid at any cost !
My favorite hotel in Prague
Submitted by: Mank in 27/09/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Netherlands
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
This hotel is one of the top spots in Prague. Clean rooms, friendly people, and great food. If you want a great stay I would definitely recommend this hotel.
A great breakfast with nice salty bread, a juicy Spies for dinner, they have it all. Parking space is ok, but it's wise to remove your car radio at night, the Czech police is a real hassle, trust me.
Possibly the worst hotel I ever stayed at
Submitted by: Martha Ruis in 26/09/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Germany
  • Traveller type:
We were a group of 38 students and 3 teachers on a school trip. The description of the hotel wasn't too bad, and we didn't mind that it was in an outer area of Prague. The bathrooms were terrible - no matter how you adjusted the hot/cold taps, the water was either scalding hot or ice cold. Sometimes the water supply just stopped. The toilet and shower were in what seemed like little tin huts. The walls in the room were naked and it wasn't very pleasant. The beds were ok.
Breakfast was terrible and we were happy that we didn't have to eat any other meals there. The buffet didn't look too clean and the food gave me a permanent stomach ache. Sometimes waiters would start clearing a table while you were still eating. The orange juice tasted like water and the apple juice was not better.
We were not allowed to bring or consume our own alcohol in the hotel. It was only allowed to drink alcohol in the hotel bar - which was closed for construction. Every morning we woke up to the sound of loud hammering, welding etc. The elevators rarely did what you wanted them to do - sometimes they would go up instead of down, or vice versa. There were also some very narrow escapes when people almost had arms, legs, hands or feet shut in the elevator doors.
On the last evening, a few of us went onto the corridor, we were not loud or anything - but immediately a hotel guard came along and told us we were in trouble. Our teacher was informed by the reception that we were having a 'loud party', when all we were doing was watching TV quietly in our room and we had just been standing in the hallway for a few minutes.
All in all, the hotel opatov was horrid and I was very glad when we could finally leave there.
Left Over communist Housing
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 29/06/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
We stayed there one night because it was late when we got in. When you read one of the hotel's amenities is a gaurded parking area that should be your first clue about the area the hotel is in. The inside of the hotel and the rooms look like something left over from the communist rule. All the walls were concrete, the furniture looked like something I would buy in a box and put together. The bathroom, well, that is another whole story. The wall were metal like maybe it was added as an afterthought. The tub was 6 inches deep with a flexable hose attached to the faucet for a shower. Try soaping with one hand and rinseing with the other to get the idea. We checked out in the morning and moved to another hotel.

Top Local Tips for Prague

metro Use metro it is the best way to get from one place to another in Prague.

nightlife there is plenthy to do at night it is a great city

provaznice we eat around Prague, but the most beautiful and cheap good food, bear and becerovka was in the PROVAZNICE. Near the metro station MUSTEK.Also brewery KOD MEDVIDKA near metro Mustek.. You must go to this two placws


Other names for Hotel Opatov

  • opatov hotel prague
  • Address: U Chodovského høbitova 2141 - Prague - 149 00 4 - Czech Republic
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"Don't go there." - Anette

"Super Duper" - Matthew Bareham

"Tower on the outskirts" - John

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