Fantasy Island Beach Resort Hotel

, Roatan, Honduras
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Fantasy Island Beach Resort Hotel

, Roatan
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what a letdown

from sonshine-lover
We spent 2 nights at this resort, and I was counting the hours until we could catch our flight home from this less than stellar place. My husband and I have stayed all over the Carribean, and this place was drab, dank, and unpleasant, to say the least. Our room was so dark that we had a hard time seeing into our suitcases. Only one ugly lamp that had a loose switch and an overhead light/fan that had a fluoresent bulb in it. Made the room depressing. The bed was OK, but the sheets felt like sandpaper. The bathroom had ants in it, and the fixtures were old. The water was rust brown, and it was easy to follow the "do not drink from the tap" signs! Ugh. The shower ran out of pressure entirely when I took my shower, so my shampoo was never rinsed out completely. The room also had a strong, unpleasant smell. The beach was pretty, until you sat on one of the chairs, which were cheapo and had bug-infested optional cushions. I was bitten up pretty badly by the first 10 minutes, and I had covered myself in "Cactus Juice" which worked great on other parts of Roatan, but not here. Must be the mosquitoes are hard-core. Also sand fleas and no-see-ums. There was a band of spider monkeys that would steal your sunscreen and sodas if you were not looking. One monkey threw an empty sunscreen bottle at me and hit me on the head! We had bats hanging from the top eaves of our building, and at dusk they would swoop down and around us as we tried to get into our room. There were numerous creepy-looking "island bunnies" which looked like big rats, and a 4 foot iguana, too. Quite the zoo, but I did not like it. The food was pretty good in the dining room. However, the waitstaff ignored us mostly, and we usually had to get our own coffee and water and everything else. Most tables were not cleaned up right away, so we had to sit at a dirty one if we were late to breakfast. They had french toast and pancakes, but no syrup or jam. Better for my waistline, I guess. To sum up, we will NOT be returning to Fantasy Island ever again, and we do NOT recommed it.

Pretty Good

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you are expecting a 5 star hotel dont go here. Generally everything was fine but not spectacular. Night life = none. Take shuttle bus (10 dollars) into town (about 20-30 minutes). Other categories:

Diving- 10. Really spectacular! Mary's place and the fish feeding was great!! There were such wonderful creatures to be seen (eels, sea turtles, sting rays, tons of fish, octopus, sea horses, etc.) Definately do at least one night dive! Diving off the gazebo not too good though- low visibility! Boat dives are GREAT!!
The dive staff is very good and helpful (we had Roger as instructor, and Nigel [i think that was his name] as Dive master). We rented equipment and it was all good quality and pretty cheap. Up to 3 dives a day (+night which is optional and only on certain nights) but not recquired (we did 2). Dive staff takes attendance before and after dives, at least 3 dive staff members on a boat at all times. Usually brought local fruit and water for when we were finished diving. Snorkeling is good too.

Food- 7. Well its a buffet so there's something for everyone. I didnt think it was that bad at all. Breakfast was very good (juices, fruit, french toast!) Lunch & dinner were pretty much similar but it didnt bother me.

Rooms- 8. Ours was next to the dive shop, second floor. Nothing special. Simple but clean. Nice view, AC broke but fixed it while we were out, TV has american shows in english, bathroom fine.

Service - 9. cleaned our rooms everday, even organized clothes and objects we had dropped on the floor or that lay next to the tv.. new towels every day.

Pool- 0. what pool? it was a dirty and tiny above ground thing. Never used it. Why would you when the ocean water is crystal clear, warm and wonderful?!!

Beach- 9. very shaded (palm trees, thatched umbrellas). Has volleyball court. Great fod kids (barely no waves and shallow) Can swim out to platform (anchored). The water is very clean and warm.

Water Sports- 9. free ocean kayaks (single and double) to use whenever you want. Ask for paddles (or take them from the shed yourself). Can stay in near the beach or go all around the island. Jet skis availible at cost.

Animals- 9. lots of monkeys (White-faced Capuchin Monkeys)!!! they are tame and will sit on your arm or shoulder when you feed them, sometimes even when you're not! They are all over the beach (in the palm trees). Iguanas climb in trees and are fun to spot. There are augotis (large brown rodents) - these are very afraid of humans and look like huge guinea pigs. There are some stray cats and there is a mini zoo. This "zoo" is hard to find, its past the 'honeymoon cabin' on the hill (away from the hotel and beach). There are deer, geese, ducks, parrots, etc.. Make sure o lock the gate behind you or the geese will escape!

All in all it was a great vacation. If you are a new diver like me, or simple enjoy it, Fantasy Island is great! Between dives you can relax on the beach, play tennis (courts across bridge), go swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, look for animals, etc.

100% happy.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Hi. I read the reviews of this site before, and I was afraid I was going to a bad hotel, or some other with no vey good service. But it was 100% ok :o). I really like the hotel. It has a very clean and nice beaches (it is an island). Very good service (all included) but do not expect a 5 star all included hotel. Food was very good. Waitress very nice. Rooms very nice too. I had not problem with mosquitoes like the other reviews said. I just take my mosquito lotion (OFF) and worked nice. Nice place they have to learn SCUBA. We have to leave the hotel before breakfast, and they have some fruit, juice, sandwiches, etc. for us in the lobby. They have animals all over the place (iguanas, monkeys, etc).... I'll say no more than perfect vacations.!! I will recomend it for you.

Better than expected

from A TripAdvisor Member
Returned Apr 2nd from a week at Fantasy Island Resort, and must say that the vacation exceeded my expectations. Like many of you I researched the property before booking my trip and was mentally prepared for a week at "Fawlty Towers". With sense of humour intact I spent a week and have concluded that many reviewers have grossly exagerated the negatives. The property is definitely 3-star and bearing this in mind I will attempt to rate (1-10) various aspects of the vacation:

West Jet - rating 9 (I would have given them a 10 if only the stewardess hadn't sung :o))

Hotel Room-old wing: rating 5 (mattress, pillows & water pressure - poor, Mini frig, AC Balcony, bathroom, View - good. 1 note of warning tie down anything you put on your balcony - the monkey's are surprising strong and have a very large collection of guest's belongings!)

Hotel Room-New wing: Rating 9 (only negative is new rooms have shower only no bathtub, every other aspect of the new rooms is spectatular)

Cleaniness - Rating 9 (Housekeeping staff incredibly hardworking)

Beach - Rating 7 (Man-made beach is clean, plenty of shade, too short for the avid beach walker 10 min end-to-end, YES there are sand flees and mosquitos come prepared and you'll be fine!)

Water: rating 10 (clean, calm due to break wall, raft anchored near shore is the best spot at the resort for tanning!)

Snorkeling at the gazebo: rating 7 (lots of baracuda, snorkel/shore dive only where buoys indicate or you'll end up in the boat lanes.)

Diving: rating 9 (you dive on the same boat with the same crew for a week which has its advantages/disadvantages, marine life is not as diverse as other dive locations, some great terrain. good/safe equipment - the only reoccuring problem is with the tank levels and o-rings, check both before leaving the dock)

food: rating 8 (not a lot of variety, but something tasty for everyone. Every meal has 1 fish, 1 meat and 1 chicken dish. Salad bar is rather sparse, but as the water is not safe the drink staying away from the raw washed veggies is a good idea)

Wait staff: rating 3 (Waitstaff, while very nice require major amounts of training, they know how to bus tables but seem intimidated/confused when it comes to service - this is definitely an area which needs to be addressed by the GM)

Bar: rating 6 (Domestic beer, rum, bottled water & soft drinks included, all other alcohol available at a cost. Closes early as most of the guests have been diving all day and go to bed early)

Nightlife: Rating 1 (the property is just beginning to experiment with nightly entertainment and while it's a step in the right direction, which I heartily applaud, sitting thru the maiden voyage of the "Beach Party", "Fire Dancers", "Beach Bonfire" and the "Farewell Party" was pretty painful)

I would recommend this resort to divers. whether you are traveling as a group, couple or alone, if you're a diver who doesn't sweat the small stuff you'll have a good time.

If you can't roll with it, book a 5-star at 4 times the price then you'll really have something to complain about!

Great dive operation - hotel was not good

from biologyteacher
We just returned from a week at Fantasy island. If you read the other reviews, they all pretty much say the same thing. It's a good deal and really, really great diving, but the hotel definitely leaves something to be desired. About the diving - the setup is really wonderful and very easy. They truly take care of everything and the divemasters (esp. Nelson!) are great. You can leave your gear on the boats in between dives and everything is taken care of.

Regarding the hotel - it's pretty beat-up (for lack of better words). The room smelled musty when we first arrived and was very plain. The beds were uncomfortable and the bathrooms tiny. The shower did not work well and neither did the TV! We spent little time in the room so we didn't really care, but if that matters to you, you probably want to find a different resort.

Security - the hotel was a little scary in that realm. They had some problems while we were there - the master key for the safety deposit boxes was stolen so all of the boxes had to be drilled out. I didn't feel entirely safe there.

We were with a group and had a bunch of activities scheduled and that was a nightmare. The activities desk made numerous mistakes with our plans that caused some stress and complications. The front desk attempts to be helpful but wake-up calls were often not received, and the internet computer never worked (theirs worked fine, but the one for the rest of the guests was always broken for some reason...).

Nightlife - none. That was fine with us, but if you are looking to party - find a hotel in the West End (Anthony's key would be closer to nightlife). Fantasy Island has little to offer at nights (horrendous karaoke, that sort of thing) and the bars close early.

So if you want to dive and do nothing else - this is a great value. The food was fine (certainly not spectacular) and the service was ok. The rooms were less than I'd expect as well. Diving, though - perfect. It's up to you what you consider important on your vacation.

Great Bang for the Buck

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently returned ( March 26th through April 2nd 2005 ) from an all inclusive World of Vacations package trip, which included flight, meals, and as much good local beer and rum drinks as one could imbibe. A glass or two of home style red or white wine was also included at lunch and dinner. For the connoisseur, bottled wine could be purchased.

Beauty of course - is in the eye of the beholder - but - what a location - what a beach ! Bring your camera / camcorder for the fauna and flora, if only for the monkey antics at lunchtime. If you swim, snorkel, or dive, this is the place to be. Yes - there are beach bugs, but memories of the trip will remain long after the bites have healed

After reading a few horror stories on Trip Advisor we were pleasantly surprised to find clean accommodation (200 block on the upper level) and freshly prepared appetizing buffet style food. The seafood was of particularly good quality, including shrimp and lobster tails. Yes, the coffee at breakfast is thick and heavy - simply ask for instant plus hot water, and mix it yourself.

Some staff are shy – but friendly if you make the first move to say "Hello" and ask how they are. Roatan has a severe shortage of workers trained in the hospitality industry. It is unrealistic to expect wait staff to respond and multitask to the same standards we have at home. If five star service is expected - go to a Sandals resort.

The management at Roatan International Airport need a serious wake up call. When we arrived, our incoming checked baggage was put through yet another x-ray machine. When the machine jammed, a local airport security person actually got inside the machine attempting to free a mangled suitcase, while the operator alternately reversed and forwarded the conveyor belt until the motor blew a breaker. This situation would have been amusing but for the gridlocked baggage area, and the sweltering heat.

The return flight check in was equally ridiculous. Three hours to "hurry up and wait" for an on time departure, in a poorly ventilated building is simply not acceptable. The return flight home to Toronto was under four hours – only one hour longer than we waited in the stinking heat at the Roatan airport !

The Westjet flight was the best charter we have ever been on. Brand new Boeing 737, pleasant front end crew and flight attendants, decent leg room, seating, entertainment. Also a valued snack (courtesy of the WOV tour operator ) on reaching cruising altitude.

Fantasy Island resort is mostly of wooden construction built about 1989. After fifteen years some renovations are necessary. They are working on it - but perhaps not fast enough for some folks. However, Fantasy Island is a good bang for the buck. The tour rep. for WOV - “Francois” from Montreal - a great professional guy, and problem solver.

This resort is at best a 2

from A TripAdvisor Member
This resort was at best a 2 star, there was nothing to do there. They boast a pool, but it is a little above ground round one with no deck to sit out on. Their rooms were in terrible shape and if you were one of the lucky ones like me you got one by the marina so you wouldn't have to walk up 65 stairs to get to your room.
They also boast 2 dining rooms and 2 bars, but they are never open at the same time. They did have good food but each day was the same, except their sensational lobster night. Theirs drinks are either beer or wine ( both locally brewed) or limited rum based drinks.
Again I will mention that there was nothing to do, no place to walk, no daily activities, no real water sports, there was supposedly great diving but not alot of fish to look at. I would not recommend this resort to anyone who doesn't dive or expects to keep active. If you like to read they have great porches to sit out on, but that is an expensive reading room.

Enjoyed our Stay in November

from psincl5611
My husband and I went to Roatan in November 2004, since the vacation we had planned for Grand Cayman was cancelled (due to the hurricane damage there.) Admittedly, Roatan and Fantasy Island are not the Grand Cayman Island, however, it was a nice place to stay, the food was above average (most of the time) and the diving was great.
Granted the resort is not a 5 Star resort, but we knew that going in, but we hoped it was in a sufficiently out of the way area that we would get some nice peace and quiet in addition to good diving. It was, and we did. The rooms are clean, and while the sheets were not as soft as mine at home, it didn't matter after the 3rd of 4th dive, I crashed until dinner time, without too much trouble. We were in the D section and from our 2nd floor room, we had a nice view (between the palm trees) of the beach and were frequently visited by the monkeys, whom we fed bananas and oranges.
The resort was obviously adding rooms (building and building!) They look like they will be as nice, but I really would stay in the same building we had when we return to this resort.
The dive shop was awesome in their knowledge of the area and dive sites, care of the divers and their gear, and in finding the small critters for the shutter-bugs amongst us. I had never seen a seahorse before going to Roatan and I loved the little animals! We got a couple of nice photographs of them.
Suffice it to say, we liked Fantasy Island enough that we are returning in May for a week for our annual wedding anniversary dive trip. We look forward to our return trip anxiously, and I am sure the diving will be even better, since it will not be the rainy season and not so much "bloom" in the water.

t believe the ads

from mlgarcia
FAntasy Island Resort advertises two restaurants, tennis courts, swimming pool, and two bars. What a joke! Two restaurants except only one is open at a time. In reality there is one kitchen so the food is the same regardless of which restaurant is open. The food is medicore at best. The meals are buffet and 2 -3 hours are alloted for each meal. The tables are set but never reset. In other words, if you arrive for breakfast an hour into serving time you have to search for a clean place to sit because the busboys don't reset the tables. Many of the dishes are chipped and often not clean. I witnessed a waiter cleaning the inside of a coffee cup with his thumb before pouring coffee. The waiters have not been trained to anticipate customers' needs. YOu have to ask for everything. Monkeys are allowed to frolic on the tables, bats fly around inside the beach restaurant. The rooms are clean but barren. No coffee makers, no clock, minimal towels. The sheets are cheap, some have been washed so many times the threads have balled up so it feels like you are sleeping on sand. There are no mattress pads on the beds. The bars (only one is open at a time) have happy hour that lasts one hour. However many times we were charged full price before happy hour ended. Some drinks are good some are watered down. The local beer is the best. After two days we wanted to cancel the rest of our reservation and move to another hotel. We were told to contact our travel agent. However we could never connect with an international operator, the line was always busy. The good things that exist are the snorkeling and diving. I would recommend taking the short trip to nearby Coral Cay. Coxen Hole is overrated. West End is probably the best place to stay. Bring bug spray with DEET and used it constantly.

A wonderful Holiday

from Iguana Hunter
My wife and I just returned from a week at Fantasy Island Resort, March 12-19. After reading some of the other reviews, I was worried about what I was going to find. If you are looking for a fancy 5 star resort, don't go here. But if you are looking for a clean, quiet, relaxing holiday, this is the place. The rooms are basic, but very clean. The housekeeping staff was great. The water pressure for the shower could have been better, but we had plenty of hot water. The food is not fancy, but there is something for everyone...chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, pasta, rice, potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables each lunch and dinner. Breakfast choices included french toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sasauge, refried beans, and fresh fruit. The dining room staff are a little slow, but who is in a hurry when you are on holiday. There is a troop of monkeys on the island who always show up at meal time. They are very tame, and quite bold. Good entertainment!! Speaking of entertainment, there is basically no entertainment in the evening. There was a keyboard player in the lobby bar most nights, and a great show of local dancers one night. Other than that, our evening entertainment was going for a walk, feeding the fish, and watching for eagle rays from the bridge to the mainland (we saw 5 rays during our stay).
They beach is great. Beautiful white sand, and warm water. There are lots of chairs and during our stay the beach was never crowded. There are kayaks to use, and a large, calm area to paddle or swim in. There is good snorkling at the shore diving gazebo, and only a short swim to the reef.
The people I talked to about the diving all seemed pretty happy with their experiences.
We rented a car and driver one afternoon, and toured the west end of the island. We were picked up at 1:00, and after having dinner at Geo's in French Harbour (a little expensive, but good seafood) returned to the hotel at 8:00. All that time with the car and driver for only $40.00 US.
A great place for a meal is just east of the hotel at The View. This restaurant/bar is at the top of a "mountain" and commands a spectacular view of the north side of the island. Great food, music, and view. I highly recommend this spot.
The only downside during the trip was at the airport on the way home. There were three flights leaving on the Saturday, all of them within two hours of each other. The departure "lounge" has enough seating for about 250 people, so it was crowded. There are sand fleas on the beach. A good bug repellent seems to keep most of them away, but we each got a few bites each day. We used an anti-itch cream at night, and the bites didn't bother us.
My wife and I so enjoyed our stay, that we would return without hesitation.

Top Local Tips for Roatan

The 24 hours before you fly.... you can't dive(or shouldn't) Rent a vehicle the day before you fly out and see the island. Taxis are fine but I got a car for $55 for a day and had more flexibilty than a taxi. The road can be rough though. If you fly out the next day take it to the airport and avoid going on the resort bus like all the other guests on your flight. Visit West Bay and West End if you can....

Dine well Give your waiter a small tip at the beginning and he or she will be there for you. I gave the room maid a tip at the beginning as well and our room was kept in tip top shape.

The Best $2 you will ever spend! The dive boats go out on shallow dives and we found that for $2.00 (U.S.) some will allow snorkelers to tag along. We snorkeled while the divers dove. Just check with the dive shops to find out which dives were shallow ones and if there is room on the boat!


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  • Address: French Harbour - Roatan - Honduras
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