Anthony's Key Resort Hotel

, Roatan, Honduras
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Anthony's Key Resort Hotel

, Roatan
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AKR in the Rain

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at AKR starting the day they re-opened after Hurricane Wilma. Unfortunately, it was just in time for Hurricane Beta, and a week long cold front. We saw sunshine on the day we arrived and have beautiful sunset photos to show for it but the rest of the week was cloud and rain.

The huge waves on the North side very much limited our diving on the sites rigth at the resort but we have to say the dive staff bent over backwards to get us in the water on the south side. This included driving us back and forth when it was too rough for even the boats to make the trip! Greg and Windell are awesome divemasters but if you are really experienced divers, you may be frustrated with the fact that all the dives are guided. Most of the experienced divers on our boat were coming up with more than 1/2 tank of air each dive.

Staying on the Key is fun but you have to remember that the taxi is the only way to get back and forth - you sometimes have to think about what you want to have with you, because it isn't exactly an easy way to get back to your room. We had a superior room and it was lovely - very big. A couple of people we met had standard rooms on the North side of the Key and advised their bed sheets were wet - as a result of the rain and wind coming through the louvered windows.

The new pool area is lovely but oddly out of character for the rest of the resort. For a space out of the rain or sun, sit on the lovely benches with cushins and pillows - a soft place to nap.

The food was always excellent but not a lot of variety, likely due to the size of the resort. Would suggest that you get to meals at the start of the time, if they are having buffet because it seemed a little bit cold otherwise.

If you are a beach person, don't go here - there is no beach to speak of. We heard, from returning guests, that the snorkelling, dolphins, and sea kayaks are really good but the weather prevented us from engaging in these activities

AKR - Swiss Family Robinson Style

from Peggie King
I also stayed at Anthony's resort the week that Hurricane Week hit. I stayed in a cabana on the Hillside with no A/C, which was quite pleasant. It was very breezy and cool. It was like living in a tree house, Swiss family Robinson style. The food was good and the staff was great. The dive operation was great also. Nitrox was also available and cheaper than some of the other locations that I have traveled. Despite 2 days of hurricane Wilma, the staff went out of their way to make our stay as confortable as possible. I will be returning to AKR next year to dive the North side of the Island.

s Key Resort!

from PDX-Divers
I wasn't expecting Anthony's Key to be anything special, just another one of the dive resorts in a tropical paradise. But Anthony's was amazing! Incredible diving, wonderful staff, and a great kid's camp, Anthony's Key provided an overall fantastic vacation for my family. The staff was friendly and always willing to help, the dive sites were some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen, and I never once felt threatened or itimidated as I have in some other third world countries I've visited. Thank you Anthony's, for an unforgettable time!!!

Best diving ever

from el aguila
My husband and I went to akr in March, The weather was great only one day of bad swells. The food was very good. Best staff ever seen. The rooms weew wonderful. The pool was just being finished so we didn't get to swim. Now to the diving... If you go you must idive the 2 wrecksbest vis i have ever seen, so many sish, sea turtles, great reefs and walls. The dive boats were fun and the dive masters treat you like queens and kings. Best place we have ever stayed. Ww will make this dive trip annually. You can e-mail with questions. Make sure you put tripadvisor.

Great resort, but you must be a diver

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am a diver so I loved Anthonys Key Resort (AKR). I could not imagine going if I was not a dicer as there is not enough to do to fill the day. With that said the dive operation at AKR is second to none. It was run so efficiently it was amazing. The dive masters were very helpful (thanks Calderon) and the boat captains very eager to help.

The rooms were very clean and mine was right on the water with a private deck with hammock. The food was mediocre. Not enough choices and the Dolphin grill was shut down so there was no where to get food during the day between meals. Also in the brochure it stated juices were included. What they neglected to put in the brochure is juices are only included during breakfast.

As far as the bug went I had no problems. They either did not like the way I tasted or the cactus juice really did work. My dive buddy also used cactus juice and had no problems with the bugs. Some people that were using DEET were getting eaten alive so I stuck with the cactus juice.

All in all it really is a great resort. It would be even better if there were a few more activities to fill the days after the diving is done at 3:30 or so. I would go back to AKR but only if the person was really into diving as this is truly a dive resort.

Also, the staff was really very friendly. From the time they meet you at the airport until they drop you off they really are great.

d rather tell everyone it was terrible to keep it for myself

from A TripAdvisor Member
First and foremost everyone that has complained about the bugs; you are right! It's got alot of sand fleas and DEET does not work. But the good part is that Cactus Juice does work. It works better than any bug repellant I have ever used and everyone at the resort used it and agreed.

The diving is top shelf and so is the staff. I can't say enough about them and how fantastic they were. I have traveled all over the Caribbean and this was the best yet.

The food at the resort as far as I am concerned was great. The breakfasts were as american as it comes. Bacon, eggs, omelets etc. with fresh baked rolls, croissants and breads. Lunch and dinner for the most part was fantastic. Make sure and try all the soups because they really are great. The staff throughout the resort was wonderful and extremely nice and polite. All seemed to genuinely want to make your vacation the best it could be.

My overall vacation experience was a 10 out of 10. It couldn't have been any better and I can't wait to go back to Anthony's Key. In addition all the people I met on the island, tourists and locals allike were awesome and made it that much more of a great experience.

t seen the South Pacific

from rompingmermaid
This is possibly the best dive experience many North Americans will have. The resort is marketed toward U.S. divers -- if not for the employees, you would never know you had left the U.S. The rooms were very clean and well maintained and apparently decorated and possibly furnished from someplace like Home Depot. Many rooms, including mine were built over the water and thus very scenic. The downside was impacts to the local environment from shading and direct discharge of greywater (shower, sink) into the bay. The food was very good and served in generous portions, though very similar to what one might get in the U.S. -- again, very little local color. The divemasters were among the most attentive, anxious to please, and safety conscious of any I have encountered in the world; but weren't attuned to ecological problems of divers brushing up and damaging corals and other organisms. The reservation process and other logistics were extremely efficient and pleasant. Many divers return annually and think the place is great. If you've been to places like Palau or the Great Barrier Reef, the diving may be disappointing because the bulk of the reef structure is badly bleached and dead; the new corals, fishes, turtles, etc. are nice, but it's like seeing Greek ruins. Many of the divers were not aware of this problem.

Loved AKR

from PMinBethlehem
Here's my report: Although it was a long day getting to Roatan from Pennsylvania, the trip was well worth it! I flew American Airlines to San Pedro Sula and then TACA/Islena to Roatan via La Ceiba. No problems! TACA was fine and almost on time. Anthony's driver met me at the airport and sped me to the resort. Check in and orientation was a breeze. The resort is beautiful and well run. The accomadations were rustic, but elegant and charming. The shuttle boat between the Key and the main island was fun and not a problem....even at 3 in the morning! The dive operation is the best I've come across in the Carribean. Wendell, my dive master, and Corbin, my boat captain were wonderful...Very professional and knowledgable. The reefs around Roatan are very healthy and the aquatic life abundant and varied. I didn't get to see a whale shark, but the Island was so much fun, I'm going back next week! The boats are like new and the operation very slick and efficient. I had a leak in my high pressure hose on one dive and the dive shop fixed it in 30 minutes and charged $15.00.......I didn't even miss my next dive! The food was good! Not great, but good! I usually shy away from all inclusive deals, but this one was WELL above average! The location of the resort is superior to Fantasy Island or CoCo View in that the latter two resorts are a 30 minute cab ride to West End Town. Anthony's Key is a 5 minute ride that costs about $ 5.00 each way for one passenger. For an extra 5-10 bucks, the cab driver will even wait for you...all night if necessary. Just buy him a soft drink or two! I met a couple of divers at Anthony's who spent part of their trip at Fantasy Island. They said it was fine, but a long way from town. West End Town is fun. Funky little beach bars and restaurants along a sand road. The Black Pearl Bar is one of the best beach bars I've come accross. House band that plays a great variety of music. Find out which night they throw the TOGA party and grab a bed sheet!!!!! I spent most evenings exploring town. Nightlife at Anthony's is low KEY, pardon the pun! LOL! As far as the bug situation....yes, there are bugs. It is the tropics after all. USE CACTUS JUICE LOTION as every one recommends! I was skeptical since it has no DEET, but it works very well. Smells good too! The no-see-ums will bite without notice and leaves small, red/purple bite marks. Some people who had not discovered Cactus Juice were covered to the extent that they looked liked they had measles!!! But they fade in a day or two and don't itch. You can order it online, just google cactus juice. You can also buy it everywhere on island. I booked through tropicalrez. A charming South African women named Sandra Sampayo runs the outfit and lives on Roatan. I met her and her boyfriend for drinks and dinner one night and used her to book my return trip. She can take care of ALL your travel needs and seems to know EVERYONE on the island!!!!!! I had a great time and would recommend Anthony's Key Resort without ANY reservations. GO and have a great time!!! I'll answer any/all questions. Email me at

Very Nice Retreat, But Really for Divers Only

from philstah
Great resort IF you are a diver. Snorklers are treated like second class citizens by both staff and guests. Almost seemed like a nerdy divers club most of the time. The snorkeling was very average with alive reefs, but not too many fish. If you want to do some real snorkeling go to Light House Reef in Belize. You see nurse sharks, rays and abundant fish there. Did a few resort dives at AK and wasn't too impressed. The dive boats were new and the instructors were great, though. Definitely do the dolphin swimm which was very cool. The resort itself was beautiful and very unique. Make sure to get a cabin on Anthony's Key, however. I heard people complaining of noise from roosters who stayed on the "mainland". Our cabin had a deck with stairs leading down to the water and we were put to sleep by the ocean. Cabin was very clean, but with a relaxed rustic vibe. The food is decent, but certainly not great. They have sit down service at dinner and you choose from a couple entrees. Great bar with superb pina coladas and excellent local beer. All in all a very nice trip, but would only go back as a certified diver or get certified down there.

s Key Resort

from Jannaqq
My dive buddy and I stayed at Anthony's Key Resort, in Roatan, Honduras (one of the Bay Islands, with Utila and Guanaja) the week of April 9-16, 2005. Very good experience. Based on our experience, I'd highly recommend this resort and dive activities.

ROOMS: located on the Hill (island proper), or Anthony's Key, which is a small island close to shore. Hill cabanas don't have too much of a view of the water, but are shaded by all the glorious palms, hibiscus, etc. Water taxis (skiffs) run as often as you need it, by friendly staff with amazing boat manuevering skills. We stayed in #15 on the Key. Our room was air conditioned (which I would highly recommend, it was a relief in the 90ish degree, humid weather, they call it a "Superior" room), with a nice breeze off the bay. Our cabana was very clean, with wonderful beds and pillows. Shower never ran out of hot water. Sheets and clean towels provided daily. Small soaps and several sample sized shampoo/conditioner provided. Good shower pressure. We could watch the Dolphin Presentation from the shared deck. If I had to do it again, I'd request a cabana that was by itself but on the same side (such as #18). Ours was one of three, and it seemed that the room would sway with people walking on it.

FOOD: Oustanding menus, not always the same for lunch or dinner, served with polish by excellent waiters. Excellent quality. Wonderful head chef and staff. Great view--open air dining with several seating options (fully covered, out in the open, etc.)

FRANGIPANI BAR: Friendly bartenders, excellent service and variety. Raul pours a mean drink!

FRONT DESK STAFF: The best. Upon arrival, we were provided with a concise and helpful orientation. Diving paperwork was easy to fill out with a welcome drink to boot. I can't say enough about how helpful they were. Sherry and Ferran were outstanding, working with the airport to help me track down my luggage that didn't quite follow me to Honduras. Each day they contacted Continental's baggage resolution center (for 5 days). The dive shop provided rental for my delayed dive gear at no charge (thanks, Denny!!!) The only problem we had was a door knob that became unseated, somehow locking us IN our room. We were able to crawl out the window to the deck (there are no phones in the room, which we appreciated except in that instance), and notified the Front Desk. Within five minutes a night guard was at our door, trying to help. They called the maintenance guy after hours, who arrived promptly and fixed our door knob. For the short time it took for the maintenance guy to arrive, Alexis stayed near our room to keep an eye on it. Things can go wrong, but it's how they are addressed that matters. AKR is responsive.

DIVING: Wendell and Corvin (Divemaster and Boat Captain) are wonderful, friendly people, focused on providing everyone with a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Wendell's been diving for 22 years. I'd recommend requesting Wendell, especially if you've got under 50 dives under your belt or are just certified. They are professional, experienced, and caring. They really know the reefs. Boats are the best on the island (we were on the Haydee). Dive operation is top notch, PADI would be proud. Dive sites are scheduled, so you're not competing for a mooring or site, no frustrating early departures only to see someone else at your chosen site and have to find another. Excellent rental equipment. Air usually provided at 3200 PSI, I rarely came back with under 1000 PSI (except our last dive). Dive sites are mostly on the north, from West End to East of AKR. Almost all have walls (my personal favorite). Interesting reef architecture. Not too many dives on the south side. We elected not to go to Mary's Place, because of the long drive and rough boat ride. Longest boat ride was 20 minutes to the beautiful West End beach, don't miss it. If you're looking for coral and sponges, the reefs will dazzle you. If you're looking for critters, Bonaire still has this beat but you won't be disappointed. Visability was good but not totally clear, the plankton etc. that attracts whale sharks is coming here (we didn't see any :( Other dive experiences available, some at extra charge. Dive package included 3 boat dives daily and two night dives.

DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER and SNORKELING. A most memorable experience, one I would repeat in a heartbeat. About a hundred times better than similarly entitled experience in Kauai. 30 minutes with a trainer and a dolphin (we met a two-year old named Ronnie) with lots of time to pet, hug and 'kiss' the dolphin, interesting and fascinating facts and demo's of the dolphin's power and intelligence. Followed by 30 minutes of swimming and snorkeling with the 13 or so dolphins in their large 'pen'. This was the best. If you do this, find them over the grassy shallows in their pen, pull up some grass, and 'toss' it--they'll catch it. Many opportunities to touch them. Well worth the $65 dollars. Go on a Friday if you aren't going to miss a videographer, there were less people.

BUGS: the no-seeums were just that, and seemed to care less about insect repellent. My legs and arms were looking a little unattractive given all the bites I have (I counted 40 on my left leg alone). I was wearing OFF 100% DEET, then tried the new Cutter's Advanced. Didn't seem to deter them. Some swore by the Cactus Juice. My brother recommends UltraThon (available at Gander Mtn and similar stores).

VIDEOGRAPHERS: Very skilled. They joined our boat three times, two to video and one for U/W still shoots. We were so impressed with the quality of both video and stills.

OVERALL: Excellent resort nestled in a wonderful palm hillside (they did a good job of respecting the environment). Lots of activities to do, so good for nondivers, too. Email me at if you have specific questions.

Top Local Tips for Roatan

Fly direct to Roatan Unless you want to visit the mainland also. Saves LOTS of time and hassle.

Scuba This is mostly a scuba diving resort. If a member of your party does not Scuba or isn't really into snorkeling, then there is not much else to do. A little horseback riding and seeing the dolphins, but if you are looking for lots of activities then this is not the place for you. Also, no nightlife! For our family it was great. My husband is a huge diver and my son and I rode horses, snorkeled, hung with the dolphins and hung out at the pool a lot. Very mellow, though. If you are looking for adventure outside the water, go somewhere else. AKR was perfect for us! Very relaxing!!!

Zip lines and Gumbalimba Park This was definitely a fun side trip, offered Friday afternoons (since many people fly in and out on Saturday, and there's no diving before flying). For $35 there's the Canopy Tour - which is zipping from the top of a hill down a series of 18 zip lines all the way to the beach. For $5 additional dollars, learn some Roatan history, see the beautiful botanical grounds and have one-on-one interaction with beautiful birds and white-faced monkeys at Gumbalimba Park. Take a swim suit if you want to enjoy the nice pool and some cash for the snack bar and for a photo of yourself on the zip lines.


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  • anthonys key sandy bay
  • anthonys key resort
  • anthonys key hotel roatan
  • anthonys key hotel
  • Address: Sandy Bay - Roatan - Honduras
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