Barcelo Palma Real Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, La Ceiba, Honduras
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Barcelo Palma Real Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, La Ceiba
Playa Roma, Jutiapa, Atlantida. La Ceiba, Honduras - La Ceiba - 9999 - Honduras +33 1 69 47 00 65
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The worst vacation
Submitted by: Anayd in 04/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I don't think this is a 4 star hotel, the staff was not friendly, I did not like the food temperature, the salad was not cold, they should have a restaurant with AC. the rooms need more maintenance, sincerely I didn't like it.
Great service
Submitted by: Christian in 17/10/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
Bars and restaurants and clubs and very much fun and so much party. Every day and all nights.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Barcelo Palma Real Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

Relaxing time in Honduras

from A TripAdvisor Member
Hi, have just returned form a very relaxing holiday to this resort. I have to agree with others that it is not a 4star resort as advertised.
We changed rooms once due to noise and our 2nd room was much larger and a great deal quieter.
We did this in the space of 1/2 hr. with no problem at all. The staff were very helpful with moving us.
The room was very clean, was done promptly every morning while we were out for breakfast. The room was missing a hairdryer but within 15mins. of asking for one we had it.
The pools and gardens were very well kept. The beach was cleaned every morning.
The only problem we ran into was that the food that should be hot wasn't.
We had no problem with lack of towels, or being unable to change money.
As for Nancy the Conquest rep. I have nothing but good words to say about he as did another couple we met there. She was very friendly and very helpful.
The scenery of mountains to the ocean was beautiful.

Great vacation, great country

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just came back from Palma Real. We stayed there for two weeks and found nothing to seriously complain about.
Just to avoid repeating whatever was written in previous reviews let me summarize and also relate to some of the comments that were written about this hotel by other travelers.

First of all, things are not always perfect, they rarely are, so don't pick on everything you find because you're setting yourself for miserable vacations. Any resort I've been to so far, and I am well travelled, I could find things to complain about but I chose not to...

Second, most of our experiences have a lot to do with our state of mind rather than objective reality and common sense. If you have a major problem talk to whoever is responsible for addressing this issue not whoever you will meet on your way.

Third, find out where your're are going and read, read, at leat you will know what your options are. Expect less and you will get more, I can promise. Please, don't go to 3-4 star resort and expect 6 star treatment (you can get this at home)! This usually comes with different price tag. Don't compare hotels in Cuba with those in Mexico and those in Mexico with these in Honduras etc. Rating of the hotel usually refers to general accomodations and facilities of the hotel that are very locally based not necessarily the quality of the service and how much fun you will have there.

Forth, if you want to enjoy any of the activities offered in this resort you need to get where they are being offered. Your participation will be appreciated by activity staff and fellow tourists. Also, don't complain that disco is empty because it's not (we had a great time there) and don't expect that somebody will drag you into a dance floor. Also, night shows were entertaining and well performed. The fact that they were repeated in a week sequence isn't too abnormal and we could see the same pattern in in other resorts as well. Some of them would use tourists to do their own "shows" and they would also bring performing guests (bands and dancers)from outside of the resort. I would contribute the lack of larger repetoire of Palma Real Amimation Team with relatively small number of performers than anything else. This in return is the hotel's management issue to appropriately regulate the number of staff or at least to review this topic. Also, in many resorts in Cuba an average day of activity/entertainment personnel consists of 14-16 hour work day and this is way to far off from decent work conditions. Is that what you want?

All trips we took from the hotel were great as they always are. Some of them were overprized. Since all of them were offered via one tour operator make sure you learn about some other options available in La Ceiba if you are looking for adrenaline pumping adventure and thrill of going where regular folks don't go.

My practical suggestions for the staff of the hotel:
* keep people informed about daily activity schedule and stick to it, especially the time
*establish Kid's Club that was very missed by many kids and their parents
* bring more life into the beach by purchasing a small sail boat, pedal boat or perhaps some small catamaran and hire somebody who is trained to do water sports for instruction
* consider using animation staff for group activitis rather than individual games so more people can join
* staff of the hotel would greatly benefit from English language training that can be easily offered to them at the hotel even by other staff who speak better and they are not necessarily English teachers

In my view the lack of effective communication on both ends between staff and tourists had a great impact on service and general satisfaction of those who visit Palma Real.
Overall, I would recommend this resort to anybody who appreciates both: history and nature and who has at least some understanding of this country's harsh reality for many.
I would recommend this place to anybody who despite of all expectations will keep in mind that this country was flattened by Hurricane Mitch not longer than 7 years ago. Enjoy. I.D.

Do not go there

from A TripAdvisor Member
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go there. I spent 2 awfull weeks in December with my family. I was by far, the worst holiday we had ever.
To begin with the flight: We were supposed to fly straight from Toronto to La Ceiba, Honduras. I came to find out just two days prior to the departure that the flight schedule has been changed and we would make a stopover in Orlando, Florida.
Now, about the resort. Firstly, our room was really dirty, broken toilet, dirty tiles on floor and walls, bath was really tarnished. We did not have water for one entire week because of some repairs they were doing. The bed itself was filthy, fleas in mattress, damp, smelly full of stains such as blood, urine and other bodily fluids and there was no mattress protector to protect you from the wetness and smell of this awful bed. The ceiling leaked when it rained - the water ran down the walls and the plaster on the walls was rotten moldy. The furniture was in much need of replacement - but some form of repair might prolong the life of the drawers that wouldn't open and close without a fight. We immediately contacted your representative, Nancy Lopez and tried to return home, but she refused to help us. We then tried to request a move to another part of resort where at least they had running water. We were turned down. Only after a week of complaining at least three or four times a day we were given a clean room that had running water. Needless to say, we actually had to bribe your representative Nancy Lopez with 100$ for the move.
Now the food - I have never been so ill and neither have my family. This was our 10th Caribbean vacation so we are not new to conditions lower then the ones in US or Canada. We have been to Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, you name it. But, here the crockery and cutlery were chipped and dirty and there was no temperature control of the food, which was uncovered and swarming in flies. Stomach upsets from foods and chest infections from the sheer dampness of the rooms were awful for us. We love to try different foods, but the quality of the food served in this hotel needed much improvement. We were served pretty much the same thing over and over again, every single day. There were at least twenty other people suffering with the same symptoms as us. Everybody I talked to agreed that conditions at the hotel were way below the acceptable standard especially in relation to health and hygiene.
I could write forever about the wrongs at this hotel, but the list is to long. The sauna was not working. We were not given clean towels unless we repeatedly complained to the front desk personnel. This happened every single day with no exception. There were never enough beach towels. The hotel’s beach was trespassed daily by locals on ATVs, one of them almost killing my children once. We complained every day to the security guards and even to the hotel director, but nobody lifted a finger.
Now, one can ask: What can you expect in a 3rd world country? Personally, I paid a lot of money for this family holiday. I thought I had bought a nice present that would be memorable. But now I find my family remembers it for all the wrong reasons. I expected a clean room, a dry clean bed, food that wasn't going to make my family sick, I expected a safe room to sleep in at night and a safe beach to enjoy the sun. I wasn't asking much at all, just a basic clean and safe environment to stay within. These needs were not met at all. I expected that this hotel show their respects for the tourists that stay within their establishments by proving these simple needs as a minimum. Outdated furnishings can be forgiven - but filth is not nice for anyone to have to live with. Guests cannot be expected to live in such rooms and be healthy enough to enjoy their holidays.
This hotel needs to plough some of the profits back to improve the basics on offer in rooms. Educate their staff to make small changes and start at the lowest level to enhance the cleanliness and provisions on offer here. It is because the tourists go to these hotels that these staff in the hotels have jobs. We do contribute to their well being in many forms while in such countries as Honduras. They need to invest in the quality of accommodation offered to guests - as in the poor quality rooms, and foods on offer here. I am not saying that they ought to give 5* quality in a 3* resort - just they need to make basic provisions like clean beds and clean dry rooms to meet basic requirements.
I feel that my complaints are justified and hold credence. I went on this 4* holiday expecting no more than some basic comfort. Did I get this? Not a chance. If filthy dirty bed and room conditions, no running water, inedible foods, bad stomach and chest infection caused by the damp bed and room hold no credence, then what will?
To tell you the truth, I am concerned about the health of the other holidaymakers going there. There is obviously a major problem at the hotel that requires urgent attention and I trust that Conquest Vacations is acting responsibly by taking the necessary steps to prevent further people from going there. You should not be accommodating people in a hotel where the standards are way below those that are considered acceptable and where the disgraceful conditions have put the health and lives of holidaymakers at risk.

t be worried!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just returned from this resort and found it to be a good experience. A lot has to do with expectations and not letting small things get to you. Of all the people that we spoke to at the resort, no one had any major complaints.
There was a lot of rain this particular week, we only had 2.5 days of sun, but nothing anyone can do about the weather. Probably February would have been better as the rainy season is over with by then.
The country itself is very beautiful and green an lush. There is a gorgeous mountain on one side of the resort and the ocean on the other. The landscaping at the resort was very nice, lots of flowering shrubs, palms etc.
The flight going down and back weren't full, so there was lots of room to stretch out. We were near the back of the plane, but since it wasn't full, still went through customs relatively quickly. Bus ride to resort didn't take too long (about 1/2 hour). Unlike some resorts that have a cooler with beer, pop and water, for the ride to the hotel.
Things to note: there is no longer a casino at this resort, english is spoken at the front desk but not overly well elsewhere- although you can usually make yourself understood, the rooms on the Caribe side are a short walk but there is a shuttle available between sides- however no meals are served on the Caribe side except for 3 a la carte dinners.
The resort is very quiet, definitely not for a party crowd. Most of the time there were only a couple other people by the pool on the Caribe side during the day. I was at the beach on the Caribe a few times all by myself- very private. Food was very good- no problems there. We didn't have to wait in lineups for food or drinks. There are snacks from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Caribe side, and until 6 p.m. on the beach side. There are some very hard nacho chips and a cheese sauce, fries, hamburgs sometimes and ham and cheese sandwiches other times, and chicken wings. There is also pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon available. We never saw any birds or other wildlife in or near the food.
There was bacon at the breakfast buffet every day, as well as lots of other choices.
Particular type people may want to be sure they've booked on the Beach side of the resort, but I don't think that it is necessary as our room was very clean, well cared for and HUGE. There were some things not working in the room such as the light over the sink, the telephone, no batteries in TV remote control,low water pressure in the taps. We told the front desk 3 times, but gave up. This isn't a deal breaker to enjoying a trip.
The safety deposit box was included, didn't have to pay $2 U.S. per day like in most resorts.
We had no problems getting beach towels. I loved the fact that there weren't towels reserved on beach chairs all over the resort so you couldn't get a chair anywhere.
Pools were clean, public bathrooms clean.
I had a half hour massage at the resort for $10 U.S.- should have booked an hour as it goes fast!
We went on a taxi tour of the city through Hector-(a local taxi driver)his english was good, he was interested in what we wanted to see or where we wanted to stop. It was $40 U.S. for 4 people. We went to dinner at a restaurant down the beach from the resort called Le Canadien- owned by a Quebec family- it was good, shrimp was great for $9 U.S.
My husband went on the canopy zip lines for $45 U.S.- he says it is not to be missed! I went to the hot springs and it was enjoyable, but I felt $25 U.S. was too much for it. The hot springs is included in the canopy tour, so I think it is better value.
The local people are very friendly, and the staff always had a smile. Overall, for the cost of this trip (about $1000 each including taxes) we felt it was very good value and would recommend it, as long as you aren't royalty types.

Nice Family Getaway

from cindybrampton
I was in La Ceiba along with my Husband, two kids 12 & 8 yrs old along with our good friends from January 2 - 16th 2006.

We found the Grounds, Pools, Layout all beautiful and well planned. The rooms were comfortable, good in size and clean. They could use more light and a clock radio. We had no problem with our cable or safety deposit box.

I'm surprised at some of the reviews regarding the food as we found it to be quite good, not fine dining but good. I would agree with other comments I have read regarding the Al La Carte. The service was great but the menu was very limited and we found it not to be worth a second visit.

I too think that this hotel should be rated a 3 star but could so easily and should be a 4 star. It's really unfortunate because the problems are not with the facility itself, they are with the Management or lack there of. The Conquest rep. Nancy Lopez she's always available, but either doesen't know the answer to any questions or will refer you to someone else. I really don't know what she does, but it isn't assist you.

The entertainment staff or lack there of. Again, beautiful theatre, looks like the Teaky Garden Room at Disney. Certainly not the same caliber of entertainment. They should stick to what they are good at which is dancing and forget the attempt at comedy. There is not enough staff and only a couple of them even speak poor english. They don't do anything to promote activities around the pool, though they have a pool volleyball net at one pool and water polo nets set up at the other. I mentioned to Bennie the Host one day that we had been there a week and had yet to see any of the staff try and get a game going, he said he would see what he could do, and true to his word he came back and said that no one could get a game going until 3pm as the entertainment staff is on break from 12 - 3 pm. Now, I certainly agree that the entertainment staff at these resorts need a break, whenever we are away, which is often, we are always amazed at how hard the entertainment staff works. You know, you see them for activities in the morning, during the day, in the show in the evening and at the disco in the night. That is not the case here. There are too few of them and they really don't put in the effort. The activites board includes 10 am Stretching, 11 am Beach Volleyball, STAFF BREAK, 4 pm Beach Volleyball.
We got our own game of Pool Volleyball going that day and they did send over one of the entertaiment girls after 3 pm. I don't know why she even bothered. My girlfriend didn't even realize that she was from the hotel until I made comment when she got out of the pool. She didn't say boo to anyone. First, she doesn't speak a word of english, but didn't even try and joke around or make the game more interesting, she just stood there and made no attempt at any play and then got out. So, they did as they said and sent someone over but that was it. We had a great game for a couple of hours. You would think the staff would have taken notice but, they never came around again to get a game going for the next week.

Another day there was a great game of beach volleyball going, two of the entertainment staff were playing and then they just walked away and didn't say anything to anyone, just gone. Well, it was 12 pm - BREAK TIME. You think if you have a crowd into something for a change you could at least wait until the game was over, or if not even maybe say " hey guys, it's been fun, but we have to take our break (One of them did speak limited enghlish). To have no available staff to conduct activities during the day time when everyone is out at the pool or beach is crazy.

There were litterly tons of kids at the hotel. The brochure shows a family friendly atmsophere. There are no activities or programs at the hotel for the kids. The entertainment staff barely even took notice of them. They did however offer several times through out the week at the 4pm that a movie was avialble inside the theatre for them. OK,I've traveled the Central America in January for the WEATHER, would you want to be inside on a beautiful sunny day watching a movie or playing outside? well neither do the kids, save the movie for the rainy days.

Now for the positive, we had a great vacation.

Highly recommend the canopy tour, wear your bathing suit under your clothes as they stop for the spa portion in the middle. Didn't know that though, thought it was at the end. Also, bring a camera with a decent flash as the water falls are beautiful but do not provide a lot of light for photography. We felt sorry for the horses and weren't sure wheter we should be carrying them. This one is not quite up to par with Costa Rica but also doesn't cost as much and is well worth it.

Cuero Y Salsada Wildlife Refuge, a very enjoyable day. I'll let the train ride speak for itself. We didn't see much wildlife in the mangroves, but as with any excursion of this type it's hit and miss. Would we do it again, yes.

White water Rafting was a blast and the hike portion was absolutely beautiful. Again, the hike portion is in the middle of the trip so highly recommend a water camera with a flash as there is not adequate light in the jungle and you really don't want to miss this photo opt. Also, wear proper footwear. One couple had on flip flops and had a very difficult time with the hike.

Cayos Cochinos, lots of fun, bring gravel for the boat ride over as it's a bumpy one. Also, you want to bring your own equipment if possible and they do not have any fins. A note to the non fish lover, BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH as the lunch offered is a choice of fish or fish. Also, the life vests are pretty gruesome and my husband's back was covered with bites when we returned. We think it was from the life jacket. I would bring an extra T-Shirt to wear underneath. Again, a great day.

Roatan - We didn't do it this trip as we had stopped there on a cruise last year. What a beautiful place. We rented mopeds and toured for the day. Highly recommend " Look out Point" restaurant, one of the most magical places I have ever seen and the food was good too. Don't miss the iguanna farm, I have never seen anything quite like it. You will only need a hour there but it's fun. Bring insect repellant, at dusk you will be eaten alive.

Travellers Cheques - Why they are recommended for this country is beyond me. The hotel charges $6.00 US for every $100.00 they cash and we were only able to do that once over the 2 weeks we were there. They are always out of money, "come back tomorrow". We went to 3 different banks in La Ceiba before we found one that would cash them for us and then would only change $100.00 each with much difficulty.

La Chamba Restaurant ( Don't know if I'm spelling this one right). Fabulous!! It's located in Sambo Creek, which is about a 10 minute taxi from the hotel but for some reason costs only $2.00 less than a 40 minute taxi to La Ceiba. Anyhow, it was well worth it, I think they have the best shrimp I've ever tasted. Huge portions and very well priced. Don't let the lower level scare you when you arrive.

Over all I think Honduras has huge potential and will be one of the hot spots in years to come but at present they are still ironing out the kinks of tourism. This also provides the natrual charm before an area becomes over commercialized. Keep in mind that once they have tourism down to an art form the prices aren't going to be the same either.


from Heidi4
My husband & I spent New Year's at this resort. The location between a moutain and the ocean was breath taking. It felt like we were part of a post card. We were in a superior deluxe room with a king size bed, far from the Disco. We got this room by emailing the hotel and asking for the quietest room on the 2nd floor. Our room was next to the maintenance closet so it was a good thing that the disco did not keep us up as the maids and workmen (repairing the hurricane damage) start at 6AM! If you email the hotel ask to be at the end of the hall farthest from the maintenance room. Also look inside the closet for the air conditioner temperature setting. Outside the closet on the wall near the bathroom you will only find an on/off switch and will freeze if you run it all night. Unfortunately, details about the air conditioning, TV, channels, etc. are not in your room!

You need to bring your sense of humour because the hotel staff speak little\limited English (except the front desk). Towels are removed from your room and are not replaced (try hiding the towels and your ful/partially full water bottles in a drawer or get extras from different maids to keep your own supply of towels & water bottles).
Beach towels are always gone no matter when you ask unless you ask for the towels to be reserved .... then you go back & get your towels by asking for "the reserved towels".
Our room was missing a hair dryer when we arrived, so they replaced it with one from the store (it still had a price tag on it). It lasted 2 days then died. To get a replacement my husband had to stay at the front desk until it was resoled with a more powerful hairdryer (this happened to other quests too). When you go to the front desk there are usually people complaining about the SAME thing you or another quest are complaining about. My husband believes they get the same complaints every week ... hairdryers, towels, no hot water, low pressure & noisy rooms etc. The front desk states they will take care of the problem but they do not write it down or your room number unless you insist!

The restaurant is always booked but if you go in by the back door & sit down you will find that it is never full & they do not ask for your reservation.

Massage appointments are also always booked but people do not show up so try talking directly to the young woman doing the massages.She has a young son & can use the money because she wants to send him to university. She will work you in if there is a no show/cancellation.

The canopy tour is close to the hotel. There were only 4 of us & the guides on the tour. I was OK with the first zip line but I was unprepared for the mesh platforms with no rails. Most of the time I had a pounding heart as I zipped down 17 lines. We enjoyed our stop at the waterfall but I was concerned when I did not get my harness or helmet for the remaining 5 lines! It takes a lot of upper body strength (we are in our mid-fifties). We certainly needed a massage & my husband tore some ligaments in an elbow, already experiencing problems from hockey.

We flew to Roatan and rented a car. We enjoyed touring and especially enjoyed the variety of food in Roatan.We also did a little shopping in West Bend.

The rest of the days we sat on the beach in a lounger or hammock and read/walked. We played in the ocean until I got stung by a jelly fish... then we spent the rest of our time watching bathers to see who else left the water quickly, after meeting up with a jelly fish! The pool is noisy as the music from the hotel "pounds" all day. You can hear the beat even at the ocean. Fancy drinks are limited so bring you own bananas from the dining room to the bartender. It is also not unusual for the bar to run out of rum.
You can walk for miles on the beach and not see another human being. Other than the hotel and a large villa under construction there are no other building around the hotel.
Conquest needs to look at a few recurring problems such as late departures Toronto and the gastrointestinal problems.
Regarding scheduled flights:
We expected to leave Toronto, shortly after 4PM and ended up taking off 2 hours later. This is a long day when you already have to arrive at the airport 3 hours, before your flight. Our return flight was going to be about an hour and a half late, then while we sat on the beach we were told it was going to be on time! We all made a mad dash to the lobby and found out the airport at La Cieba had no lights and we were being bussed 3 hours to San Pedro... the actual trip took 4 1/2 hours with a bathroom stop for 3 buses full of people.We arrived in Toronto 5 hours late at 6AM and I did not get to work as planned.
Regarding gastrointestinal problems:
On the 4th day at the hotel despite precautions (brushing with bottled water, no salads etc.) we both came down with what we thought was a mild gastrointestinal problem because it did not stop our activities. What concerned us most was that a few days, after we returned home we both experienced nausea, chills, severe headaches, fatique & cramping. We also knew that a young girl on our flight was met by an ambulance because she had bacteria in her liver (diagnosis made by doctor at the hotel). We have both had a blood work-up and my liver count is not normal. I get a second test on the 10th of Feb. We are still experiencing days of fatigue,nauseu & severe cramping. We have travelled around the world including places like Tunisia, Cuba & Mexico but have not encountered this kind of illness. It seemed that most families had someone who had the same symptoms as we experienced. In fact one man went crazy and started smashing dishes in the dining room. He kept screaming "Your food made my wife & child sick". He left smashing lights etc. on the way out. He flew out the next day. We have been immunized for Hep A & B but would still like to know what we have picked-up.

Honduras is a beautiful country & this resort has a lot of potential. New Year's eve with the table cloths, covered chairs, candles, twingle lights etc. was well done BUT it is not even close to a 4 star accomodation. It is comparable to a 2-3 star Cuban hotel. If you travel to this hotel be sure to check with your doctor and read all the reviews and forum discussions, before you book your trip. Then have a good time!

Just an Awesome Vacation!

from TheCanadianTraveler
When: Dec. 26 '05 - Jan 02 '05
Where: Barcelo Palma Real, La Ceiba, Honduras
How: Conquest
Why: We've been to many places. This one caught our attention
Who: My wife and I

==== Intro
When reading the reviews from other fellow TripAdvisors, I can't help to wonder whether we went to the same place.

Either some people haven't traveled much, or completely missed the point in what to expect from this kind of vacation.

== The Country
Let me start with the country. The natural beauty of the place is just awesome. We have traveled all over North, Central and South America and this place has nothing to envy their neighboring countries in terms of natural beauty.

=== What am I comparing my vacation with?
Before going to this trip I was mentalized that it wasn't going to be anything like Cuba (We had gone last year to a 4.5 star resort in Cuba), but when I got there I was happy to see that this "3 star" hotel was even more beautiful that the 4.5 hotel in Cuba. --_ Granted, the beach was better at Cuba, though much much much narrower.

==== The Hotel
The hotel is huge. It's actually two hotels in one, plus a huge water park (although not even close in terms of attractions, but as large or larger then Canada's Wonderland's waterpark).

The gardens at the hotel were great. The rooms were just good, better than in Cuba. There were many swimming pools, a swim-up bar, and the beach was spacious.

I guess what I liked the most about this hotel was that although it was sold out we never felt crowded. It was just so relaxing to go and spend the day at the beach without worring about other people. It gave us that sense of serenity that we were looking for from a "Escape" vacation. I think that's the best way to describe what we felt.

==== The Food
The food wasn't fantastic. Having said that, it was good for our taste, though. The selection wasn't incredibly large, but it was sufficient to always find something good to eat. I liked the fact that they featured a lot of local foods, which we enjoyed tasting. The girls and boys at the restaurant were friendly. We did not experience any sort of sickness that we can attribute to the food... then again, we always travel with Peptobismol! :-)

==== The Shows
If anything, this was the part I wasn't too impressed with. Again, I'm comparing this with Cuba (which is famous for their world-class shows... think Tropicana), but it was nice to see the effort the guys and gals make. They surely have a way to go, but at least I wonder and appreciate the energy they put into it.

==== The Tours
This was our favorite part of the trip!! --- So much to see, so little time. Turaser, the local tour operator (which also provides the Airport Transfers), was just fenomenal. We just admire how hard these people work (you could see them working from 5:00 AM to 11:30 PM!). They were all very professional, kind and courteous to us, despite the fact that some of our tour mates were less than polite.

We did the Canopy Tour with Hot Springs, Pico Bonito, Cayos Cochinos and even ventured to Tela. We didn't do Copan as we had done many Maya ruin tours in the past.

The Canopy Tour was great!! --- Scary, but great. The natural beauty of the place was just second to none! (and I've visited 25 countries). The jungle and forest plus the rush of the Canopy made it just an unfogettable experience. The horseback riding to the first cable was nice and relaxing. The guides were very helpful, even though we're not the thinest couple!

Pico Bonito was beautiful, the rafting was awesome and the natural rock pool at the side of the river was simply incredible. We had a great time there.

Cayos Cochinos was an interesting trip. We went and visited several deserted keys, and got to relax the whole morning at the beach. We then had a traditional lunch at one of the native villages there. We thought (and almost everyone at the table) that it was one of the best fish we had ever tried!

Overall we found the tours affordable, and by far the best part of our trip. Definitely worth it.

=== Conclusion

If you're looking for a 5 star Hilton, go to Miami not here. If you are looking for an unspoiled, non-crowed place full of friendly people and awesome natural people at (yet) affordable prices, I think this is the place to go.

Great Family Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to La Ceiba Honduras in February 2005. We have been to other resorts in the Caribbean and decided to try this resort, as it seemed reasonably priced, especially for taking children. I had read several reviews before going and was skeptical about what I had gotten our family into. So far this has been my favourite vacation spot.

The rooms were clean and comfortable. We really didn't spend much time there except to sleep.

This hotel is best suited for families. When we were there there were only two single women, and no single men. The food was a great variety of salads and meats, everything was hot and delicious.

Remember, we are in their country and they do their best to make the food the way we like it. My daughter is allergic to fish, this was not a problem. I introduced her to the chef the first day - she was only 8 at the time- and explained her allergy. I asked him to tell her at each meal what included fish or a fish based sauce. He took fantastic care of her, and every time he saw her coming he would take her to the buffet table and show her what she could have to eat. I didn'
t have to give it another thought.

There is a water park at this resort, it was closed on Tuesdays for cleaning, but when it was open the entire resort went over to play. When it wasn't we had the beach, the pools and of course daytripping.

I would recommend this resort to anyone who just wants to get away for a nice relaxing vacation somewhere warm. It is a 3 star hotel, but I couldn't find anything to complain about.

Tell it like it is...

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from Palma Real and we found allot of things disappointing...when we booked this holiday we thought we were getting a 4 Star Resort and I would argue that this resort is even a 3 Star. After waiting 2.5 hours just to get through customs because they only had one Officer on duty to check every one on our plane we finially boarded our bus to the resort. Once at the resort these are just a few of our issues;
- hairdryer falling off wall and not working...
- ants in bathroom, they were coming in through hole in wall were the hairdryer used to be...
- asked front desk for wake up calls in the morning so we wouldn't be late for paid excurssions but they didn't call, when we asked them why, they said "they forgot"
- could not exchange American Money at front desk, kept telling us to come back later...
- forget about getting a beach towel, for some reason they were always in the laundry...
- the only bar on the resort ran out of rum several times...
- in the broucher they state that they give Scuba Lessons at the resort but they don't...
- don't get me started on the food, less than impressed for a 4 Star Resort???
- no cable tv in room, only got one channel...
- late night disco played types of music that would entertain there own staff, did not play to the crowd...
Trust me the list goes on on on...
We had no issues with the country of Honduras and the Island of Roatan which we thought were amazing and we would go back in a second. If you can get Palma Real for a great price and you are aware that this resort is not a 4 Star Resort and they certainly have issues in regards to Customer Service and an eye for detail then go for it because all the excursions offered from the resort are worth it.

Fast forward to 2005/2006

from kiki11
Without getting into specific problems (because i'll be here forever!), I am not sure why someone who stayed at this resort 1 1/2 years ago when the resort was under a different name and probably different management would have any insight as to how the resort is now.

I was at this place Dec. 26/05 - Jan 2/06 and although I don't know how it was in Sept. /03, I can't imagine it being worse than it was when I was there.

Disco loud, but empty of people, rooms not great, mouldy, bar - no staff and, as in 2003, skimpy on booze, "train" to other end of resort is a John Deere tractor! - just to name a few problems.

For a place that rates as a 4 star!! No where near a 4 star. I have stayed at 3 and 3 1/2 stars that were better than this place.

PS.. Can trip advisor not remove the picture of the blonde "bimbo" who can't spell and since her picture is no reflection of the resort itself?

Top Local Tips for La Ceiba

Rental car plates The local thieves look for rental cars just like they do in other countries. The rental cars in Honduras are not as obvious as they are in Mexico (huge stickers and decals all over the back windows and bumpers). The rental cars in Honduras have red or red lined license plates. So just beware of this if your going.

60% of the vehicles are taxis Rely on the taxis. Just stand on the sidewalk and taxis will stop for you. Ask the price before you get in. "Quanto vale?"


Other names for Barcelo Palma Real Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

  • palma real la ceiba
  • palma real hotel honduras
  • palma real honduras
  • palma real beach resort
  • palma real beach la ceiba
  • palma real beach hotel
  • Address: Playa Roma, Jutiapa, Atlantida. La Ceiba, Honduras - La Ceiba - 9999 - Honduras
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