Ramon's Village Resort Hotel

, San Pedro, Belize
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Ramon's Village Resort Hotel

, San Pedro
Coconut Dr - San Pedro - Belize Hotel Website | 226/2071
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from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at Ramon's 3/27 to 4/3. Our room rate was $200 per night which is a respectable price and would lead one to expect certain amentities. Arrived Sunday and waited until 2:30 for a room. They misplaced our dive equipment even though I identified it when it arrived and told them to put my room number on it. It showed up about 9 p.m. with no explanation. We were assigned a seaside room on the lower level. The room was probably the smallest we've been in maybe since college and for less than $20. The room was not rustic it was cheap. Our first night we could not sleep because of scratching in our ceiling. After several days of complaining and moving in and out or two other rooms they decided to cut four holes in our room and remove the six racoons that were living there. One night we slept in the honeymoon suite with the air conditioner above the bed leaking water on us all night. If you're looking for short marriage, book this room. The other room was a road side room which is perfect if you like the feeling of cars, trucks and airplanses in your room. The grounds are attractive and they at least pick up trash and get rid of the sea grass that accumulates on the beach. It seems the closer you get to town the less use they have for throwing their trash somewhere other than on the beach or in the water. The staff at Ramon's saves the place from being a complete embarrasment. Diving was bad because of high winds. The food was OK but average. The drinks at the bar, thank god, were decent.
This would be a good resort for half the money otherwise find somewhere else. We've been all over Mexico, Bahamas, Cayman, Turks, and other spots and this was the worse. Bring your ear plugs and have no expecations and this place will meet them.

Great place to un-wind

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was our first trip to Belize and although we knew people who stayed at Ramon's before, and loved it, we came in with an open mind. We had a great time at Ramon's. My only complaint was that the food was only average. You could go down the beach and find better eats and a little cheaper prices. The service staff was always friendly, albeit not real fast. But that is a Belizian trait. Same as in Cancun, you're on their time.
We will go back. The room was clean and comfortable. Ramon's has their own water supply, so when the rest of the island was running out daily, a not uncommon event, we were told, we had good water. Their beach was one of the finest ones on the island . Although I did not use their scuda dive operator, the people i talked with, said they were a first rate operation.
BTW, I used Amigos Del Mar Dive shop for all my dives.
Improve the food quality and value at Ramon's and I'd give it 5 stars.

Nice Little Vacation Spot

from A TripAdvisor Member
We've just returned from Ramon's. While I would have preferred to stay at Victoria House (we couldn't get in for our desired dates) I did enjoy Ramon's Village. That said, I did not expect to be stayin in a luxury resort. If you want luxury I would recommend another destination. Ramon's (and Belize) is very casual, laid back.

There is no need for dressy clothes. You can really get by with just tops shorts and bathing suits for your entire trip. You may want to bring a few collared shirts and sundresses if you want to go to a "nicer" spots for dinner like Capricorn

A couple of folks have posted negative comments about the beach (or lack there of). Of all of the hotels close to San Pedro - Ramon's had the best beach by far. Also - what you do in the water (diving and snorkeling) are what's important about the beach in Belize - not the sand. If you want to sit on the beach and be pampered I wouldn't recommend this destination (although drinks are delivered to beach chairs at Ramon's).

Others commented negatively about the food at Ramon's. The food was fine - although there is better on the island. Even the staff noted that they don't eat at the hotel (I would give the barbq on Tues/Fri nights a thumbs up). Elvi's kitchen, Caliente and Blue Water are cleary among the better places to dine. Capricorn is fantastic - the word on the street is that it is "expensive", but that's relative to the other places in town where dinner and drinks for two ranged around 20-30 bucks. Drinks at Ramon's are a buck or so more expensive than other places, but other places won't bring your drink to your beach chair - nor charge it to your room :).


We went through Ramon's for the convenience. In retrospect that was the one decision I would change. You can book Seaduced tours on your own (which pick you up at Ramon's - or any resort for that matter). We could have probably found a better deal elsewhere. I was disappointed in the lack of detail Ramon's staff shared about the tours - (like, bring surf shoes to the caving tour b/c you will be hiking through the water and your flip flops aren't gonna cut it).


When planning this vacation I initially wanted to spend 2-3 days on the inland (Placencia), and then 2-3 days on Ambergris. I set this idea aside as I thought it was too costly to hop hotels and pay the transfers. However, it wasn't. When you stay in Ambergris you end up spending 3-4 hours a day (total) traveling to the mainland to do things like jungle tours, mayan ruins, cave tubing etc - which is also expensive. The cost to switch hotels would have probably been the same.

s is for the laid-back traveler

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from 10 days at Ramon's, actually its adjoining hotel - Steve & Becky's. We loved it. Here's the deal: if you're looking for luxury, you're not going to find it at Ramon's. If you want to be pampered, have a spa, etc., stay at Victoria House. Better yet, Belize probably isn't the best for you. If you're looking for a fun place to visit, a great dive shop, and somewhere within walking distance to town, this is the perfect place. The rooms are not great, but they're clean and they're fine if you're the type of vacationer that doesn't spend much time in the room. The food is average and a little expensive, but frankly, that goes for much of San Pedro. We spent most of our nights wandering around San Pedro and eating at different restaurants. It was great. The town is small and very safe. You can walk there within minutes from Ramon's, either down the beach or thru the streets. The staff at Ramon's is very friendly and helpful. The dive shop is excellent. We dove with Turiano and Juan Carlos. They're the best dive masters there, in our opinion. As far as the rooms, I highly recommend Steve & Becky's Cute Little Hotel (across the street). It's cheaper than Ramon's because the rooms aren't right on the beach. But again, if you don't spend much time in the room, who cares! Plus the rooms at Ramon's aren't that great, so we thought it was well worth the savings. The maids cleaned it, including washing the floors, everyday. So clean but not luxurious. If you want luxury, I'd hit other areas of the Caribbean - Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica, or some of the places on St. Barth's, T&C, etc. All around, we loved our trip to San Pedro and would definitely go back. If you like vacations that are a little off the beaten path, away from TVs, cell phones and McDonald's, and like to explore other cultures, you will love San Pedro.

You Have Got To Be Kidding

from ClamsCasino
As stated by another reviewer, Ramon's is indeed a joke. While some may tout it as one of the best places to stay on Ambergris Caye, do not be fooled. There's a reason why their website creatively avoids all the little details that discerning travelers look for.

My husband and I spent the last four days of our Belizean honeymoon here in April 2004. We took a ferry over from the mainland and arrived at the boatdock, expecting to be greeted by someone from Ramon's for transport to the hotel. They never showed up. What makes this even more sad is that Ramon's is in WALKING DISTANCE of the airstrip. Seriously - we could have taken a puddlejumper and skipped over to the place instead of waiting in the middle of town. Neither the website, nor the owner (who booked our stay) mentioned this.

We ended up flagging down another golf cart that dropped us at Ramon's. After checking in, we were given keys and a map and told how to find our room. Upon opening the door, it was highly disappointing that the honeymoon accomodations (which cost over $200) were tiny and comparable to a Motel 6. Our balcony barely had enough room for the two teeny chairs that were set out. The welcome bottle of something pink and fizzy didn't make up for how overpriced and unenjoyable it was. Here's the best part - you PRE-PAY your entire stay well in advance.

Do not be fooled by anyone that tells you there's a great beach, bc there aren't any great beaches in Belize. This isn't the Caribbean. There's a ton of sea grass and sealife right up along the shore, particularly close to the dock. The activities are expensive, as are the drinks and the food. I spent $35 dollars on a meal that consisted of Pasta-Roni and three shrimp.

Proceed with caution if you decide to stay here, and do not arrive with high expectations.

Love it here!

from Cub
Excellant! Absolutely wonderful people working here. Great location. Would stay here again if we ever get a chance to go back. Just absoltely gorgeous.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Just back from a week at Ramon's.

The good: Friendly staff, responsive (but sometimes slow) service, good setting, ideal location to town and the reef, plenty of access to activities right on-site, comfortable rooms, good housekeeping service.

The bad: A little overpriced, can be noisy in spots, and be sure to use a safe deposit box (we talked to an older couple that had been ripped off right out of their room).

Overall we were pretty pleased. If having some kind of "luxury" experience is important to you, go somewhere else -- the rooms are rustic but every bit fine for what you should be there for, which is to relax and enjoy yourself. The rooms are comfortably rustic, the air conditioning works, thankfully there are no TVs and we ignored the phone entirely. If you have to make the show of staying at a self-billed luxury place, go to Captain Morgan's or Journey's End, though you'll be very isolated (far out of town over very crappy roads -- think about it, how easy would it be to get back the 3 miles from San Pedro after dark on bad roads, vs. walking 6 blocks from the restaurant to your hotel, barefoot and on the beach?) and I can't imagine how you'd really get anything more for your money.

At Ramon's, I would not bother to pay for a beachfront view. We had the "seaside" rooms, right behind the beachfront, and could see part of the beach from our rooms. But as noted, you're not in your room to look at the beach -- get off your ass and walk the 10 yards to the beach. It's right there. Even the garden view rooms would be fine, you're not losing anything to the beachfront rooms. Plus, you don't have people parading in front of your rooms all the time that way.

One note on rooms: Ask for an upstairs unit. The ceilings are higher and give a bigger feel to the room.

Everything we wanted to do was at hand -- just walk the 20 yards to the dive shop and arrange everything there. Dives, mainland excursions, whatever. The staff is very competent and the diving operation is very good. Dive with Palma if you can and tip him for the good job he does.

Activity pricing is a little high, but you're paying for convenience. You could probably find a slightly better deal down the beach, but it's damn nice to stroll over to the dock at 8:45 and get on the boat for the 9:00 dive.

San Pedro is a fun little town and the people are very friendly.

Caliente: Best food, a little pricey, but not outrageously so.
Caramba: Best all-around. Great menu, great prices.
Elvi's: Fine, but overrated.
Blue Water Grill: Good food, overpriced. But great drinks.
Celi's: Good food, good view, decent prices.

BC's: Fine, nothing special. Convenient if you're at Ramon's.
Cannibal's: Good bar, watch for Dennis Wolfe, the ubiquitous local singer who really is very good.
Big Daddy's: Please, don't bother.
Palapa Bar (north of S.P.): Fun during day.
Pier Lounge Bar: OK for Chicken Drop on Weds, otherwise dull.
Fido's: Fun, good house band.

If you're traveling with kids, I recommend Ramon's. Beach is good for kids, and we saw several families with young children who were having a good time.

I'd go back to Ramon's if we return to Belize.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I absolutely loved Ramon's Village! We stayed in our own beautiful little "hut" right on the beach and became fast friends with both the employees at Ramon's, but also with the locals. We were treated like family by every Belizean we met. They are friendly and happy for a reason! This place is paradise. Not only did Ramon offer (without even meeting us yet) to lend us money until the bank opened the next day (oops, no ATM's) but sat and bought everyone a round of drinks at the bar while playing his mix disc of everything from Dolly Parton to Dr. Hook. We met some locals who took us out on their boat to Shark-Ray Alley to feed the Rays and swim with the sharks. We felt like Rock Stars as a boat pulled up full of Cruise Ship travelers who were packed in like sardines and not allowed to snorkel or get in the water. You would have to be rude or very anti-social not to meet and love the locals, which will show you more than any of the chartered boats. We went out twice on the local "Captain's" boat and thought we were dreaming. We dove for our own Conch and Crab (under the Crab Shades) and then had it prepared for us to enjoy that evening on the beach. WOW!

I am desperate to return and hope that anyone visiting has the time of their lives. We certainly did. Say hello to Ramon.

Ramons way over-rated

from A TripAdvisor Member
On our second trip to Ambergris, we stayed at Ramon's. The previous year we had stayed at Capt. Morgans. Ramon's website gives you the impression of a locally owned property with alot of homespun hospitality, it is neither. The rooms were very spartan and we had to purchase our morning coffee inside the bar/restaurant. The property is one of the most beautiful ones on the beach but the amenities do not warrant the very high prices charged throughout. We will not be staying at Ramons on our next trip.

very relaxing

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had a wonderful time at Ramons. Two out of the four people we travel with celebrate their birthdays on the same day, so we always go somewhere new to celebrate. Ramons was great, the people were very friendly and accomodating. The bartender new us by name ( not because we are big drinkers but because they were friendly), the huts are comfortable, not fancy but nice. It was not crowded at all but the other writers of review were correct about the dogs. If you are not used to them barking in the nite, bring ear plugs. Dogs are everywhere on the island raoming around, that is just their way of life. Our air conditioner could not keep up with the heat of the day. Our friends had the international suite which provided two air conditioners and their room was cold! All in all we had a fabulous time! Ramons is also very convenient to travel to anywhere.

Top Local Tips for San Pedro

Must eat at Elvi's Kitchen The conch chowder was the best we had on the trip! Portions were reasonable, not overdone, adn the setting was perfectly casual yet upscale (for San Pedro).

Golf Cart Rentals STAY AWAY from renting a cart at Island Tours (in the grocery shop) - our cart broke and they charged us hundreds of dollars even though the part was completely rusted.

Go inland at night The further you get from the beach, the less expensive the meals get - we ate breakfast and lunch on the beach, and went into town for some really good dinners that cost a little less. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong, it's all great! Belize it!!!!!


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  • ramons village san pedro
  • ramons village hotel
  • ramons village belize
  • Address: Coconut Dr - San Pedro - Belize
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