Chenay Bay Beach Resort Hotel

, Christiansted, Virgin Islands U.S.
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Chenay Bay Beach Resort Hotel

, Christiansted
Route 82 East End Rd - Christiansted - 00824 - Virgin Islands U.S. Hotel Website | 340-773-2918
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Quiet and relaxing

from shamane
My daughter and I just returned from this resort and had a very quiet and relaxing time. This is a beautiful location set among the beach and hills of St. Croix. The accommodations are set along a hillside leading down to the beach, they are bongolow style. Now this is the carribbean, so it is natural to have things that crawl like worms, but the rooms are clean and the staff very helpful, especially Velma, Frank and GiGi. The resturant The Island House is very good, and they have a great buffet and floor show on Saturday Night. Watersports are free, with Buck Island just a short ride away. You need to rent a car staying at this location, as the only place in walking distance is the American Cheesburger bar and resturant. We had dinner at the best places in St Croix. The Tivi, Fort Christenstead Brewery, and the Baccus,all located in Christenstead. The Baccus is a little formal, expensive, but great food and service. Dugan's Reef(seafood, seaside), Tutto Bene(italian), No Bones Cafe(great bar in Gallow's bay). Taxi cost $10 each way from resort to town. There is a local $2.00 taxi from Christianstead to Frederickstead. Taxi to the casino is $14 from the resort. St croix is a very laid back place to relax, not a party place.

Great Beach setting

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I spent a great week at Chenay Bay and found the accomodations great, the personnel very helpful and the weather fine. It is about 3 miles from town, and a car rental is suggested as taxi service can become expensive. It is close to several great restaurants in addition to one of its own.

Beautiful View, Nice Rooms

from Meaculpal
Chenay Bay Beach Resort is advertised as a family friendly resort, but it is also a wonderful place to stay for a couple. The resort is approximately three miles from the main town on St. Croix, Christiansted. It is far enough away to enjoy the natural beauty while it is close enough to the town for a good meal in the evening. Recommend anyone staying here (or anywhere else) get a rental car. Taxis can get expensive, and driving on the left side of the road will give your brain some stimulation.

"The Ritz," Chenay Bay is not. It provides nice bungalow style rooms with kitchenettes and views that vary based on the rate paid. It was extremely quiet and beautifully landscaped with tropical plants and a nice view of Chenay Bay/Green Cay. The beach was clean and the water clear. I received a complimentary bottle of champagne as an arrival gift...nice touch.

One word of warning: some of the cottages are on steep inclines at the top of the property which can make getting to them a bit of a challenge. I looked at it as a bit of exercise I really needed.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants peace and quiet with easy access to the creature comforts of Christiansted.

chenay bay just great

from A TripAdvisor Member
we visited chenay bay st croix last feb/march 2004 and fell in love with it. every year we travel to a different isalnd in the caribbean and we haven't repeated any islands but we are going back to chenay bay his year. we are taking friends to share the great time. the complex is clean friendly and in good location. the staff was very helpful in all aspects. they have individual cottages which is something we like, we are not into high rises. the beach amenities are free to people staying there which is a nice feature a lot of places charge extra.
we have not seen the new restaurant but were told they remoled it and it is beautiful from friends we met last year.

Paradise in the Caribbean

from A TripAdvisor Member
Looking for the perfect spot for your vacation? Chenay Bay Beach Resort is the best place we've found in the Caribbean. After years of staying on different islands in the Caribbean, we've zeroed in on St. Croix and Chenay Bay for the last 3 years. Our accomodations were the best we've seen in the islands from the tiled floors to our own personal jacuzzi in the bathroom. All modern appliances in the kitchen make it easy to prepare a dinner fit for a king! If you're not into cooking your own dinner, there is a great restuarant located right next to the pool and hot tub. Whether you're ordering a snack or one of the scrumptious dinners, your palate will definetely be satisfied. Relax and enjoy a tropical drink from the bar while your dinner is being prepared. Yes you'll wait for dinner-No fast food here! Live entertainment completes your evening and you never have to leave the Resort! The beach is one of the nicest and cleanest we've ever been on. It's very relaxing to walk along the crystal clear turquoise water or use some of the water toys that are provided free of charge. The snorkling is great only to be topped by the sailing along the beach! We've found the staff to be very friendly and very helpful from the housekeepers to the managers to the office help. There isn't anything they wouldn't do to make your stay the best they can. All you have to do is ask! A special thanks to Greg for all his help and for making us feel at home! We're already planning our next vacation for Chenay Bay Beach Resort. This will make 4 years in a row! It's hard to go someplace else when you know you've found the best!

at Cheney Bay, mon!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have traveled all over the wester hemisphere and our stay at beautiful Chenay Bay Beach Resort was perhaps, the most beautiful and relaxing we have experienced. Our nearly renovated beach front cottage was terrific (clean and elegant) and the bay view breathtaking. Their first class staff were helpful and attentive (thanks Greg and Raquel!) and cuisine at the resort's open-air-on-the-bay "Island House" restaurant was divine [I was in a culinary trance for days after dining on their mahi mahi and tomato based conch stew one evening], thanks, in part, to the resort's master chef extraordinaire, Sylvia Lee!! The beach was quiet and clean, the water in the bay calm, warm and relatively shallow with interesting snorkeling venues just a few yards out. The resort also offers, beach lounges, body length flotation rafts, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling and a number of water toys at no extra charge to guests.

This is not the place to go if you're looking for a wild nightlife, but a fabulous destination for young families or the romantic to enjoy the gorgeous crystal blue sea, the kiss of the tropical sun and all that historic St Croix Island has to offer (i.e. check out 350 year old historic Christiansted and it's waterfront shops and boardwalk, tour the Cruzan rum factory, take the "Buck Island" snorkeling tour or check out the island's botanical gardens & museums - all a "stone's throw" from the resort)! All this and it's a great value too!

Highly recommended. Don't forget your sunblock!


from A TripAdvisor Member
The Chenay Bay is an awful, rechid place to stay. For starters, when we got to the room, we were met by plethora of disgusting sights: worms on the floor, ants all over everything, filthy dishes, disfunctional stoves, and an unsightly bathroom. We were quoted for a two bedroom, however the reality was a door joining two halves of a cabin, doubling the worthless amenities and halving the amount of available space for our family. The toasters didn't work, the stoves don't get hot, and showers have to be taken 30 min apart if you want luke warm water. Oceanview counts for a 10 ft. stretch of murky brown water from over 200 yards away.

These reasons were all well enough, however the main reason for my absolute disgust for this property came from Peter Locke, the owner himself. On the second day of our trip, we took out a complimentary sail boat, one of the many things we were promised with this property. We learned that a week earlier there was a problem with one of the two boats and the rudder was snapped off during a voyage into the bay. As an experienced sailor and skipper of small sailboats, I knew I had the capability to handle the single-sail sunfish, and decided to take the other one out with my younger brother, 16. However, I made the unfortunate mistake of assuming the worker on duty, the owner's son, rigged my boat correctly. When he told us that he had rigged it, and helped us cast off, I never realized that he never put in the boat plugs, or checked to see if a rudder pin was in place. Both MAJOR problems when taking out a sailboat. Ten minutes later, with an attempted tack back towards the beach, we floundered toward the reef in the current as our boat continued to fill with murky brown water. So much for sailing. The worst part of this experience came with the owner's reaction.

Before we even left our cabin on the third day, the owner already approaced my youngest brother, 14, and began yelling at him for my "inexperience" in sailing, and now, as punishment, we would not be allowed to take out any other equipment. After hearing this report, my dad and I, 21, took to the beach to find out what had happened. The owner appoached us, already heated, and started shouting in front of 15 other guests, within 6-inches of our faces, with a pointed finger attempting to intimidate me, and stading over my shorter father to do the same. We do not rattle easily and we simply asked him to demonstrate how well his equipment works, if I am "inexperienced" after two years as a midshipman at the US Naval Academy and a semester on the USNA Sailing Team. He continued to shout choice words at us, telling us that he isn't going to spoon feed us lessons, or teach immature guests how to sail. He then accused us of using the 'f-word', and he would not tolerate us on his property. Luckily, those 15 other guests know that the 'f-word' was never used, by either party, and the owner of this property, who also owns two others on St. Croix, is the embodiment of the 'a-word'. All said and done, we had the USVI Police Dept. file a report to document the owner's hostility, and later found out that this was due to HIS LACK OF INSURANCE. We felt entirely unsafe and thoroughly disgusted with our experience with Peter Locke, his "management staff" (aka wife and son) and began making phone calls to find a place to stay. We took a short drive to the Diva Carina Hotel and Casino and had an AMAZING vacation. The trained staff at Diva Carina not only had working sailboats, but also taught us to windsurf, showed us where to dive for conch, and provided an amazing environment for the family to relax and play, for far cheaper, even booking same day, than the Chenay Bay. For a full review of the Diva Carina Hotel and Casino, please click on their posting. For anyone wishing further details on the horrific experience at Chenay Bay, please email me. Be wary of any property owned by Peter Locke, as we were advised he owns two additional properties on St. Croix.
Management Response from dlocke
As the General Manager od chenay Bay Beach Resort I would like to respond to the issues mentioned. The "worms" the guest is referring to are actually called millipeds, or gongolos and like sugar ants, sometimes do get into rooms, our homes etc. When you are in the tropics, it is difficult keep every little ant or bug out especially if you leave your door open for any length of time, however our rooms have never been overrun with any type of insects as we spray biweekly.
The major issue however does relate to the sailboat, both of which have always been in working order. We are extremely diligent in making sure that whoever requests to use the sailboat assures us that they do know how to sail. There have been many instances where Peter Locke has had to go and rescue so called experts when they were unable to return. Safety is first and foremost and we reserve the right to refuse to allow anyone the use of the sailboat who is not capable of controling the boat in open water.
This was the case with this family. The son assured us he could sail and that turned out not to be the case. Sailing on a lake is very diferent than sailing in the Caribean.

We assisted in gettting him back and told the watersports staff not to allow him to use the sunfish again. This did not bode well with the boys father who proceeded to scream and curse out Peter Locke all within earshot of our other guests. Yes, the other guests did in fact hear him curse out the owner and were happy to learn that they were asked to leave.

The statements stating that we do not have insuraunce and that Peter Locke owns 2 other hotel are both false. We pay over $120,000 a year for insuraunce and Chenay Bay is the only property owned by Peter.

Again, the safety of our guests is #1 and I am sorry that these guests did not understand this.

The Perfect Place

from gsxrgirl
We really had a great time at this resort. We loved Raquel ( excellent cook- she prepared my husband and I a real home cooked island meal) Terrell, Zack (Zack shack) & Sylvester. The cabins were perfect for traveling. They were in the process of remodeling and it was looking nice. We had a beautiful view every morning from our cabin. The snorkeling was great and the West Indian pig roast was a great site!!!! Every one was very friendly. We were never hassled for the time share portion, but we did take a look and were pleased and treated to a complimentary breakfast!! Overall we would go back. I do recommend renting a car. It is very peaceful and quiet the landscaping is beautiful. They are very accomodating.

Chenay Bay is great!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I stayed at Chenay Bay for our honeymoon this past May. We loved Chenay Bay. It has a very relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Greg, our concierge was the best! He was very helpful and felt like family. There are 50 cottages on the property and our cottage was one of the ones that had one king bed/efficiency type layout. We toured the other cottages that had a separate bedroom. Either floorplan was great. Our efficiency was all that we needed. Chenay Bay is in the process of renovating the resort and when it is finished, I am sure it will be even better!

We didn't really eat at the resort much--we drove into town and experienced the downtown restaurants.

The pool is a nice size and has a jacuzzi too. The beach is nice, but remember you are on a bay, so no big waves. The place would be great for a family vacation. It is not a wild and active place. Keep that in mind if that is what you are looking for, but the drive to Christansted is only 5-10 mins.

We would definitely recommend staying at Chenay Bay!! We hope to visit St. Croix again soon!

Very nice resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently spent six nights at Chenay Bay Resort and had a lovely relaxing time. It was nice to have separate cottages and everything was recently painted and very clean with everything provided for the kitchen. We're not beach people, but enjoyed relaxing by the pool and they had a manager's party one evening and the Saturday night buffet with entertainment was most enjoyable. Debi Forbes, the manager, was delightful, along with the office secretary and other staff we met. We would definitely go back to Chenay Bay Resort.

Top Local Tips for Christiansted

Bug Spray - can't be said enough I was eaten alive by no-see-ums! Bring lots of bug spray and use it when you go to bed too.

Nice Town with many shops Christiansted is a nice Island town, but you really want to stay at a place like Chenay Bay because the town will get old after a while. Rent a car - the Island is amazing, and there is so much to do around the city. 90% of what we did was around Christiansted, but not in Christiansted. Frederiksted (the other town/ other side of the island) is kinda rebuilding. Taxi's are expensive. Drive only if comfortable driving on the wrong side of the road (in a left hand drive car)

Be sure to rent a car Unless you are staying for a very short time, a car is a must on St. Croix. You drive on the left but it only takes a short time to get in the habit.


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  • chenay bay beach resort
  • Address: Route 82 East End Rd - Christiansted - 00824 - Virgin Islands U.S.
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