Magens Point Resort Hotel

, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands U.S.
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Magens Point Resort Hotel

, Charlotte Amalie
Magens Bay Rd - Charlotte Amalie - 00802 - Virgin Islands U.S. Hotel Website | 340-777-6000
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magens bay villas and resorts

from A TripAdvisor Member
in 2003 my husband and i purchase a time share in Megans Bay. We decided to go back this year and really see what it is like, we brought my sister along with us, she is a traveler and has been all over the world. Her reaction to Megans was sheer delight and kept telling us what a great time she was having. We arrived on May 15 and stayed throughout May 22. Upon arrival I noticed the room which had the most spectacular view, was not hte cleanest I have ever seen. However, the people, the view, the service and the food was exceptional. Especially the food! Kirsty who owns the Indigo restaurant at Megans runs it as if you were at her home, and the Chef should be awarded for his delicious menu. We ate dinner and lunch almost every day there (the Indigo). We had Tina as a waitress (who could not do enough for us. We went to Megans beach, Sapphire bay, St johns beach. I was so impressed with Megans bay, the water was like velvet. I cannot impress upon anyone that if you are looking for a place that you feel like you are with family, and the atmsophere is so tropical and beautiful, this is the place to go. On Sunday Saphire beach has a beach party with calipso music, on Wednesday Megans bay has the same, with games and so much fun, we spend the day laughing and getting to know all of the wonderful people. Barbie along with Marty who runs this megans party is always smiling and really gives it her all. John the driver has stories about the great spots to see and his attitude is so calm and makes you feel how much he enjoys what he does. As I said the only thing that i was not to happy with was the maintainance on the property, the owner should get a handle on that, and believe me, this could be a five star villa. There is something to do everyday there, just make sure you get your welcome package upon arrival. Even the receptionists, Carla shared her backround story with us, and kept us enjoyed. I want to thank everyone involved in this resort and to tell them, I will make sure the word is out on this true find. I came back to New York stress free constantly claiming my enjoyment from this wonderful vacation and definitely looking forward to next yearl. We rented a car, but truly you dont even need it, since the driving is confusing since you only drive on the left, and the roads are very winding, and scarey. In the morning we sat on our balcony enjoying our coffee and overlooking the roosters and hens below us. And when we glanced up we seen all of megans breathtaking view. We hope you take a chance and check out this terric place, and enjoy it all. We did. I know this review is long, but believe me, I could keep going on, it was just that great! Enjoy and again thanks Megans Bay for all!

Loved the view of Magens Bay

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading so many negative reviews of this resort, my husband and I were a bit apprehensive. We spent a week in May 2004 and had the time of our lives. Our room had a wonderful view of the bay and was extremely comfortable. The a/c wasn't working half the time but we didn't need it--felt great to leave the windows/screened porch open all night to let in the breezes (husband was finally able to fix a/c but we didn't use it). All locks worked on doors and any valuables were left in the safety deposit box at front desk. The food at their restaurant was excellent and reasonably priced, if not cheaper; we ate there every night that we weren't full from our daily excursions that provided lunch (Lunch menu was available any time--had the best Mahi-Mahi sandwich). The resort is going through renovations but weren't bothered by any noises except for the rooster(s) waking us up at 4am (luckily I'm a AM person), feral cats lurking about but not really bothersome but I think this added to the Caribbean atmosphere. We had to provide our own soap (which I had brought with me, luckily) and I wish they would have stressed to everyone at orientation that if your flight leaves early in the AM, that arrangements need to be made the day before to guarantee a taxi since they do not operate from 12-6am and it is almost double the cost per person for early pick up. The electricity went off several times during our staff but the generator kicked-in; and hot tub still wasn't available. Considering you are in the Caribbean, not the US, we did not take these little inconveniences seriously. The hospitality staff was great and kept us informed of any changes/confirmations in our itinerary during our stay. All-in-all, my husband and I had a great time enjoying St. Thomas and surrounding islands and our stay at the resort was great, with added new friendships too.

Our Worst Nightmare!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from St Thomas. We made the fatal mistake of booking our room at Megans Point! This room was not even up to the same standards of a Motel 6!! I don't even know where to start. This "resort" has some very shady operations around the property that take place. Locals live in the unoccupied rooms. Yeah, thats right... there are locals that have family's (children) that live in rooms that are vacant. I knew something was wrong when there where about 10 cars in the parking lot that didn't look like rental cars. The room next door had a family of four living in it. I felt like I had rented a week in a apartment complex. Ferrel cats dominate the property. I counted no less than 14 different cats. They are everywhere!! Cat food is laying all over the walkways. The room that we stayed in was an absolute joke! My wife started to cry when we first walked into our room. Ants are your constant companions. In your bed, on the walls and all over the counters. None of the appliances worked propertly (or not at all). Not that we wanted to use them, but just to give you an idea. On our second to last night, we came home when it was dark, and we caught some guy trying to break into our room through the bathroom window. My wife screamed, and I asked the guy what he was doing. He told me that he was fixing our screen. I had seen this person around the property earlier in the week. Who knows what he was doing!! There is a whole crew of unsavory characters that lurk around that place!! If I had kids I would not let them wonder around with-out supervison. I was offered some "Snow" Cocaine by some rasta looking guy, one morning while putting some luggage in the trunk. Listen, the bottom line is that this place was a complete abortion. I'm not the type that likes to complain, but Magens Point is not even close to a hotel. It's a compound. My advice: Don't stay here. If you are thinking about booking this property for your honeymoon, you are asking for a quick divorce. Enough said.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Let me start out with the good things about this "resort". The restaurant and pool area were recently renovated and are beautiful. Food was excellent and reasonably priced. The "resort" was situated in a beautiful part of the island overlooking - in the distance - Magen's Bay, one of the best beaches on St. Thomas.Now, the problems. When we arrived, about 1PM, we were told we couldn't check in to our room till 4PM. The resort didn't appear to be full, and after seeing the condition of our room, I can't understand what would take the housekeeper that long to do. The air conditioning in our room was barely cool, and the room was very stuffy when we arrived. The shower was dripping, there was no hot water, shower curtain was hanging off the rod and was so small that every time we showered the bathroom floor was flooded, toilet seat was chipped and stained, we were told the TV received 10 channels, we got 4. Five times during the week our door keys didn't work and we had to go to the office for new ones, the security chain on our door was missing, TV remote had to be held together with scotch tape, sink faucets didn't work and water barely came out, toilets had to be flushed at least 2 times every time they were used, and the last day of our stay, we woke up to NO WATER AT ALL. The grounds were not taken care of, beer cans and debris around patio by the pool, the pool waterfall was not working till the end of the week, the hot tub had a whole bunch of tadpoles in it, the view from our room was of dirt - presumably due to construction which hadn't yet begun. We were with another couple and they had similar problems with their room when they arrived. They found that their floor was flooded due to dripping from the air conditioner and were moved to another room as the problem could not be fixed. They also had toilet flushing problems, their 2 large windows were locked and could not be opened, even though there were screens in the windows, bed blankets were missing and pillows were very tiny in both rooms. When we asked about transportation from the "resort" to the airport on our final day (as listed in "resort amenities"), we were told they don't have transportation on Saturdays. Well, the majority of time share people arrive and depart on Saturdays. In all fairness, the employees tried to remedy some of our problems, but there were just too many things wrong. I think this place has potential, but the rooms need a total renovation to bring them up to par with the restaurant and pool facilities. Resort should be shut down until room renovations are completed.

Not So Bad

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had expected the worst after reading some reviews here but were pleasantly surprised. Our bay view unit was clean and secure with an amazine view of Magens Bay. This property certainly has some staffing issues, but if you are prepared to be flexible and ask, ask, ask for what you need-- the location can't be beat.
Other reviewers mentioned the restaurant and I simply cannot say enough about it. Now renamed Indigo, the poolside bar and restaurant is becoming increasingly popular among Peterborg residents, not to mention resort guests. Service was fast and efficient, we had a great time chatting with staff who had come to the island from all over the US. I will review Indigo further on but suffice it to say we will be back there to eat whether we stay at Magens again or not!
Basically, this is a reasonable choice if you want a quiet place to sleep while doing other things on the island. Upgrades are ongoing, so expect better things from Magens Point in coming months.

t Stay Here!!!

from ttibbs
Just Don't Stay Here!!! This property is a filthy dump in an aunacceptable state of disrepair. The staff was rude, unfriendly and uncaring. The only acception being the couple trying to get the restaurant and bar up and running. The timeshare sales people seemed to be nice ...right up until they realized you were one of the unfortunate guests, and not an unsuspecting potential victim of their sales pitch.
The only reason I was able to have a good time on vacation was because I had a car. We simply got up every morning and left. we only returned to shower and to sleep. Our unit had a view of a construction site, and the bulldozers were up and running promptly at 9am. The hottub and work facilities were out of order, and the restaurant was not open. The pool was okay, but it wasn't anythjng to get excited about...probably because the rest of the place was such a dump, the pool seemed like an oasis. The bottom line is that St. Thomas is a lovely vacation destination and there are many very nice properties to choose from. I suggest you find one and stay there!!!

Lookin for a white trash vacation? YEEEHAWW!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Hey well I belong to a family that is an OWNER of this place for 15 years and BOY has it gone down hill! You just Can't call it a resort anymore. Sure it has a pool but basically its a place to sleep. Staff is very poorly trained as well. Some people had no Air conditionin,water sometimes ran out,,pillows and blankets ran out. Heck!! Some people came and were sent to other hotels because they over booked. Who's in charge there anyways?? I was afraid to find out. Other than that ,,IF you are going,,,Keep in mind the weather is incredible and the beaches and the sun is what your their for. The best way to enjoy yourself is to curl up with a good book and to do as little as possible. If you can get over NOT BEING PAMPERED you can have a good time. The activities are lame...unless your in a wheel chair. Remember,,this review is coming from someone who is a spoiled rich kid who's father paid for it a long time I only had to pay for the airline tickets. I guess if I had to pay for my room I would be FREAKIN POSTAL BY NOW. The only way I would go back is if they served the burgers topless at the pool and there was no other place to go. Lets face it. There are plenty of other places that know how to please you. PS. THANK GOD for the couple trying to get the resturant going. They do make awesome burgers on the grill!They just may save that place!! Plus the guy called "Ernie" who ran the convienent store (seperate from the resort) was wonderful! I will miss him dearly.

2 weeks of pure hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
Ok. We just got back for Magens point Resort it was 2 weeks of pure missery. The hotel is dirty and they are out of everything from beach towls to bead sheets. The resteraunt was not open at all for the first week and the second all they had was a grill. We had bed bugs in one room we kept waking up with bites all over us so we flipped off the lights and my husband flipped them on while I whipped back the sheets and sure enough hundreds of bugs took off running. There where no pans in one room no clock in another and neither had a working screen door on it and no working AC in one and we reported all this and none of it was resolved throughout the two week stay. The hot tub is out of order I was told by a staff it has not worked for years. And I hope you like cats since there is 37 of them that the hotel feeds and 2 more are ready to have kittens. I personnaly like the cats but just be aware. There is also rosters all over so get ready for the 4AM wake up call. Also this hotel has no security which is odd for a hotel in St. Thomas most have gates around and security guards we where there the week that couple was broken into this is a problem with alot of the rooms windows we even seen a few that where boarded up which would still be easy to get in and a real eye sore. And like I said St thomas has a high crime rate and there should be on duty security there. Finally rent a car if you don't plan on paying hundreds in cab fees to go into town for 2 people it is a average of $26 for a cab rider there and back so if you want to dine out you are looking at 26 extra per meal and like I said the resteraunt is closed. The only good thing about this place is Chris the activities lady she is really nice however they need more activities and Tammy a sales person and Nicole from the front desk she was about the only helpful one there was.

Lots of room for improvement

from A TripAdvisor Member
Had a great time in St Thomas in spite of staying at this "resort". Had to repeatedly beg staff for clean towels. Never knew if running water would work in our room. Hot tub and pool fountain were out of commission and appeared to have been in that condition for quite a while. Restaurant was closed and only food was off of a gas grill at the bar. There was just about no entertainment or activities other than letting us know things that we could have found out online or at the tourist center. Any activities that we were told about either were cancelled without telling anyone, or were very disappointing. The only thing this resort has going for it is the couple who run the bar. The place needs a lot of TLC and the staff an attitude adjustment. Would also recommend renting a car, because this place is off the beaten path and the taxis to beach, towns, ferry, airport, restaurants, etc will bankrupt you. The "resort" provides very little transportation. Oh and bring your own beach towel, snorkel equipment etc because they also do not provide any.

s Bay Resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am writing this review in regards to my stay at the Magen?s Point Resort in St. Thomas from January 31, 2004 to February 7, 2004 and my complete and utter disgust with my stay here.It came to my understanding after I booked the resort that it was under construction, but I never ever imagined it would be in the state that it was. The resort is disgraceful and dirty.My biggest and foremost concern is the lack of respect and concern that was shown to me and my husband when our room was broken into the night of Thursday, February 5th at 11:38. This was truly my worst nightmare come true! And not one person from management EVER contacted us. When we checked out, I asked Yolanda if management was available to talk to us ? this was about 10:30a.m. ? she said ?they are in a meeting?. I told her I would be out by the pool till about 2pm if they would come and see us. We left at 2pm without anyone ever talking to us!Let?s start from the beginning. Thursday 2/5/04 was a very windy night?.I woke up to the wind howling away outside?I also heard some sort of rustling in the bathroom area. As I was nice and comfy and warm in bed I tried not to think about it just thinking it was wind. Then I heard something that made my hair stand up on the back of my neck ? something didn?t feel quite right. I listened for a few seconds longer ? my panic rising. Pushed my husband in the back as to try and wake him ? still not sure if I should be in a panic mode. Then I definitely heard something move. I knew at this point someone was in MY ROOM! I slowly got out of bed to try to find something to defend myself with if need be. My knees were week with fear and my breathing deep. As I was rounding the end of the bed, this person starting to enter in the living/bedroom area at which point I started to yell ?hey??hey?..hey? with every ounce of energy I could muster. If not to scare him away to try and wake someone up next door in case we needed help. I could see the tall skinny silhouette of ?him? in the hallway area. At the point of me yelling (and him realizing someone was in there) ?he? turned and ran out the door.I broke down crying and shaking, as my husband found a knife and walked to the bathroom area, I called the front desk (3 different times letting it ring and ring and ring?finally the lady picked up ? I am crying now hard and trying to tell her what happened) She told me she was calling the police and security was on there way.The whole thing was over so fast (and a scene that keeps playing over and over again in my head ? something I will never ever forget)So all that rustling I heard was the person removing the glass panes from the bathroom window ? which later I noticed it DID NOT have a screen in there like the other rooms (which makes me believe that this was targeted before). I would also like to point out the lack of lighting in this area ? the soda machine at the end of the hallway was so dark you couldn?t read the buttons to push which soda you wanted. Also, the trees and shrubs were so overgrown it gave a great cover up for criminals. At the front desk the next day I noticed a sign saying surveillance cameras around the resort ? too bad no one could tell me where???The whole story is just scary and terrifies me to death. No one from management ever came on to talk to us or check with us on Thursday night, or all day/night on Friday and/or all day on Saturday when we were sitting by the pool. No one show concern for our safety and well being. The only thing they did for us or I should say Yolanda did for us was way our $42 energy/electricity fee. At this point I would have paid it if someone acknowledged us and the terrifying event we just went through. I find the management group disgraceful and the lack of care and concern shown to us is uncomprehendable. We are tourists visiting their resort and was showed a complete lack of respect.On another note I have further complaints about this resort. Took us way over a ? an hour to check in, the longest it has ever taken me to check into a resort?not to mention one of the front desk girls was very unfriendly.First Room 108 ?Air Conditioner stunk ?Sheets on the bed were torn ?Towels were worn and shredded (if they even left us any) ?Coffee Maker Broke ?Screen door to the balcony was unusable and wouldn?t stay on the track ?Cold shower for a few days till the maintenance person told us the plumbing was ?backwards? ? H meant cold and C meant hotSecond Room 212 ?Sheets upon arrival were dirty (asked the front desk person the next morning 2x to change) then when I got in that night they were still dirty. The night person finally after 2 hours brought us clean ones. ?One towel and no soap (even after they supposedly cleaned the room) ?Shower water dripped all day/night ?Toilet barely flushed contents down ?Microwave broke ?Found a cockroach ?Floors were so dirty my feet were black from walking around ?Dresser drawer was brokeResort Area ?Pool was murky ?Jacuzzi broke ?Tile coming up everywhere ?Restaurant limited menu if not closed all together ?Women?s bathroom out of order all week ? asked to use a clean facility somewhere (other than the smelly, dirty men?s room) was denied ? she told me to use the men?s room ?Beach towels were always, always unavailable ? found the laundry room myself and ?begged? for towels ?Understand the reasoning of the cats but that is all I smelled in areas of cat urine and feces ? really need to do something about that.I also read online and was told that the resort offered free or for a small fee a shuttle to the towns and beach areas. Unfortunately, they cancelled this before our arrival unknown to us. Now I was left stuck at a resort with limited access to anything and everything including food. Tried to get a car but was given a story run around and the car deal fell through (We also lost a ? day of our vacation waiting for them to come).After our experience here I would not stay at this resort again nor would I recommend someone staying here.St. Thomas is a beautiful island -- and I wish our vacation was a better experience for us. It is too bad the negatives outwayed the positives.Our stay in St. Thomas will forever be remembered.

Top Local Tips for Charlotte Amalie

daysail on the FANTASY probably the highlight of our trip was the day we chartered a 36 ft sailing vessel for just the family--capt.pam and mate shannon provided us with an unbelievable experience--sailing to st. johns, fantasic snorkeling,good food and drink, and just a wonderful way to end our vacation--the sailing ship was the FANTASY--leaves out of red hook

Do not pay too much I only paid $650.00 per week over president's week in the middle of February. Do not pay more than this area or you might as well go elsewhere for a better experience!

Hotwire! Try hotwire or another car rental company. We got a deal for $16.95 a day through hotwire. At the airport, they were charging $60+. If you think you want to rent a car be sure to rent it before you get there. They were booked solid. (we ended up with 7 people in our car because the other group didn't try to rent one until we were there!)


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  • magens point hotel
  • magens point bay
  • Address: Magens Bay Rd - Charlotte Amalie - 00802 - Virgin Islands U.S.
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