Bluebeard's Castle Hotel

, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands U.S.
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Bluebeard's Castle Hotel

, Charlotte Amalie
Bluebeard's Hill - Charlotte Amalie - 00801 - Virgin Islands U.S. Hotel Website | 340-774-1600
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They still have a ways to go

from A TripAdvisor Member
We embarked upon Bluebeard's Castle during the week of July 25-August 1, 2004. We read a lot of reviews that were published here first, because this was the first time going to resort that was not Gold Crown or premium in nature. We used our timeshare points and traded into RCI, for a 1 bedroom studio. One of the comments made here was that a lady was burglarized, so that frightened us a bit, and made me keep that in consideration at all times. At first, we would agree with some of the comments of the staff were not that open or friendly, but its also the vibe you give off, and we stayed positive our whole stay and after a few days, it felt like everyone greeted us. Unfortunately, we did have problems, and you have to weigh, problems with the facility versus, the staff reaction. Our first room the AC broke about an hour into staying at the place. The staff immediately rectified the situation by placing us in another room. That night unfortunately, we were visited by numerous roaches, and we could not handle that. That morning the staff did promptly address the situation, and we were moved to another building and another room, a better 1 bedroom suite. Once again unfortunately, the fascility kind of broke down. Our key card reader broke about 6 times during the rest of our stay, which frustrated us each night we came, because then we would have to lug our tired behinds to the lobby to have them reprogram the key. One bath never did have hot water, our microwave was completely broken (they did fix immediately) and one of the bathrooms light never did work. All of the rooms definately looked like they had been revitalized, retiled, the works. The staff to me, did work quickly. By the time we got to room 3 we felt we were problem children, because our problems just continued and continued. As a whole BlueBeards Castle is beautiful, the pool and weight room were up to par. There was nothing hot about the hot tub. The view and proximaty to the city was perfect. Some commenters stated they couldnt see the signs for Bluebeard or it was not well lit, I disagree on that point. The front desk was easy to find. They may have did a lot of driving, and we took taxi's everywhere we went $$$$$!! I have been to a few islands and used the timeshare point system to trade to rooms, but this was the first time, I actually stayed in a studio, only because I have been spoiled with such large rooms, etc., never again will we sacrifice on quality. The staff were fine. We see that Fairfield has put their name on this resort, so I guess Fairfield owns it, they have a lot to get the resort to Fairfield quality. Unfortunately, we will never in this life time stay at BlueBeards.

s Castle never again

from A TripAdvisor Member
Where to begin.... Husband surprised me for our 20th anniversary on June 18 with a trip to St Thomas and a stay at Bluebeards. We booked and paid in full our hotel and airfare thru travelocity. No problem with the flight. Recieved directions to Bluebeards from airport. First thing you should know signs for hotel are very old and faded. Once you find the hotel trying to find the front desk to check in is a treat. Once located we checked in and went to our room. The best part of our trip was our room. Can not complain about the room at all. Room was spacious clean and cool. When we checked in we did not recieve any itinerary from the clerk at all. We had no idea they had a meet and greet at the pool that next day until we checked out. Also make sure you get the paper that tells you that you will be charged .75 per 800 calling card call you make. We recieved that paper when we left..alot of good that did. They will also try and charge you an additional 75.00 per night for your room and an additional 6.39 energy surcharge per night for your room. We fought that thru the hotel and travelocity and we were not charged..should not have had to fight in the first place. One word of advice...Do not drive your rental car at night and try to find the hotel unless you are familiar with the area. Bluebeards does not believe or maybe have the money to pay for lights for the hotel signs so you have to learn by getting lost the first few times. When we were there, there was a representative from Fairfield the company that owns the hotel and she said that she was trying to make changes and better things....but the problem is she was there when we checked in and did not give us the itinerary or hotel info not sure how she can fix the staff when she is lacking herself. St Thomas was was great. But I too would recomend a cruise and spending just one day in St Thomas!!

Good place to stay

from treksapekul
We recently (6/19/04 - 6/26/04) stayed at Bluebeard's Castle for our honeymoon. The resort is very large as it spans the side of a mountain. We stayed in room 164, nice room for the price. The room had a lounge area with sofa and TV, a bedroom area with a second TV, a large balcony overlooking the harbor, and 2 full baths. The room was not as great as the picture, but it worked for us. The biggest complaint we had is that the hotel sits on a very steep hill so we had to get a taxi to bring us back up from town ($6 for two people to go 4 blocks). Walking down was dangerous because there is no sidewalk along the street and the cars come very close to you, but it saved us some money. The pool area is very nice now that it has been redone. The restaurants were amazing. The staff was very friendly. There is no beach at the castle, the nearest beach is a $16 (2 people) taxi ride away. There is no free shuttle between the 3 resorts. The air conditioning in our room worked all week but some did breakdown for a couple days. I would stay at the castle again. Any other questions, feel free to email me.

bluebeards castle st. thomas

from A TripAdvisor Member
i recently stayed at bluebeards castle in st. thomas and found this hotel dangerous. My room was robbed of all my personal belongings except my clothes. I asked for a new room or the locks changed the night before because of a man in my room that i didnt know and would not leave. I was told by security that they didnt have any more rooms and that they would change the locks,however they didnt and the next day my room was burglarized. They took my birth certificate id jewerly cd player camera and cell phone. The management was of no help and asked me to leave hotel. I have contacted fairfield resorts and numerous people from cendant the corporation that owns fairfield,they basically told me that it was not their problem. The robbers even rented a car under my name without a valid drivers license and smashed it up and left it on the side of the road. I had to have a birth certificate faxed to me just to get off this island. The hotel is badly lite with security sleeping on the job. Thank god American Express was there for me , as well as the new hotel i stayed at the Ritz Carlton. It pays to stay at a chain hotel, i felt safe and secure at the ritz. They bent over backwards to make the rest of my stay as comfortable as possible. Bottom line you get what you pay for and bluebeards castle has to be the worst hotel experience i have ever had in my 25 years of travel.

Could be great

from A TripAdvisor Member
Our stay was from May 22 thru May 29, 2004 at Bluebeard's Castle, love the VI's! I manage several mutli-family properties as well as vacation rentals myself so here is my review. Upon arrival I was impressed with the lush very well maintained grounds, full of tropical plants and flowers. The exteriors appeared in good condition. The tower is impressive being historical however the additions (shutters, exterior repairs, etc.) take away from it's authenticity and should be preserved to look more original. The water fountain in front of the tower didn't work which would make a nice focal point. The fish pond was dirty so fish were not visable. At check in, the front desk help was cold and less than pleasing, my guess is they either hate their jobs and or the tourists, the same attitude carried throughout our stay. Bottom line, rudeness should not be acceptable in a customer service environment anywhere and the staff is in need of customer service training which would have a huge positive impact on the hotel's image. First couple of days was rainy. The large room (#158) had a good view of the harbor, very large terrace (patio furniture very stained and dirty), partial kitchen, and fairly clean with the exception of a few minor details. The room sprung a roof leak at the beginning of our stay which poured water down a wall for 2 days causing the sheetrock to wrinkle and creating an eyesore throughout our stay. Maintenance is extremely slow. We used every towel we had to keep the water soaked up and to keep from slipping on the tiled floor. I know that these things happen but it took 2 days and six phone calls later before they would bring us more towels, we were not able to get them at the front desk. We left a few messages with the property manager who never returned a courtesy call surpisingly under the circumstances. It stopped raining and all was well. Mid-week after a full day out island hopping we find the a/c went out which could not be repaired until the following day so sleeping that night was uncomfortable. Here again we left a message for the property manager to no avail. The waterfall pool was very nice. The restaurants are top notch! 3 different restaurants of varied costs and menus, all delicious! You have not had filet mignon until you try it at The Banana Tree Grill, melts in your mouth! The beach party on Monday night was not one to be missed, great food and entertainment. Don't try and save a buck by attempting to walk up and down the steep hill, not worth it - take a taxi. For first timers, take a taxi until you are familiar with the roads which are narrow, you drive on the left, and traffic is a bit radical. Shopping is pricey but you can find some great deals if you hunt. Magens Bay is beautiful. There are several excursions available. Diving at Coki was awesome (thanks Snuba Tammy!). We went island hopping one day with Captain Nautica (thanks Capt. Mick "Jeff Daniels" and first mate Morgan!) and saw the Baths of Virgin Gorda, snorkeled the Indians, Tortola, and Norman island. even stopped at the famous Willy T's! One day, caught a ferry and toured St. John and snorkeled at Trunk Bay. All is absolutely breath taking! Bluebeard's Castle has the potential of a higher rating with it's location, beautiful grounds, and fine restaurants alone but needs a little improvement, better management, and better service. Although the hotel stay was not the best, the rest of the trip was fantastic!

s was Average

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed in room 100 and did not have any kind of a view. Room smelled musty/moldy but otherwise was clean. Studio room came with stove top, kitchen sink, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and pots/pans. Desk help was alright but I felt like I was asking for towels all the time. Pull out couch needed to be REPLACED and mold smell gone. Pool was nice and food was OK. For the price, the room was was overall fine.

Take a cruise...

from BParkerTX
We stayed at Bluebeard's Castle from April 4-10, and had a decent experience with the hotel itself. My biggest advice, TAKE A CRUISE, you will be disappointed with St. Thomas!! It's waaaay overpriced in terms of hotels and restaurants, the service in general is lackluster, AT BEST, terrible a majority of the time. The locals seem to hate tourists, which seems ironic given that that's their only major economic industry! Since this venue is for Bluebeard's itself, I will share my experiences with the hotel if you are still inclined to squander your money by staying on the island ;) The views from the hotel are GREAT, it sits on a bluff overlooking the bay, beautiful! The rooms are something you would expect at an old roadside motel, definitely NOT "luxurious". We found a deal on the internet and payed $93 a night, I wouldn't pay a penny more than that. If you're determined to stay on the island(which would be a waste of money), the Wyndham was nice, as were the Marriotts and the Doubletree.P.S.--the nice restaurants at Bluebeard's, Banana Tree Grill and A Room With A View, were great, expensive but very good!P.P.S.--go to Puerto Rico, it's much less expensive, has authentic luxury hotels, and the people are much friendlier!

d go back

from A TripAdvisor Member
Left a bit hesitant about Bluebeard's but had been to St. Thomas before and loved it, so didn't want to pass up a deal. Stayed in Hilltop II for a few days. Views of Charlotte Amalie and the harbor were gorgeous. It rained a lot but we were very comfortable in the room and enjoyed the views while it poured. Room was clean, had a partial kitchen which would be fine but the sink (bar sink) was so small you couldn't wash a single dish without the water splashing all over. Showed a little wear but nice. Don't plan on cooking, but great for leftovers, easy breakfasts. Pillows and sheets were decent quality, plenty of space, dual sinks, overall we were very pleased. We then moved to the penthouse unit in the Privateer building. Another stunning view (cruise ship harbor), huge balconies and beautiful accomodations. This unit had a full kitchen with plenty of space, whirlpool tub, and was nicely furnished. Hotel staff was courteous, though island time does apply. Fitness equipment was great and the exercise room had nice views and was cool. The pool area was generally filled with older clientele sunning themselves by the bar. No one in the smallish pool, lots of chairs on the decks. Great views, breezes. But all three restaurants have a view of the guests in the pool. We rented the larger units and we're quite happy with both. As an aside, loved the Grateful Deli in Redhook and Bill's Texas Pit BBQ for a great cheap meal, Agave Terrace was overpriced and substandard, Banana Tree Grille (at Bluebeard's) was very pleasant for a more upscale meal.

t expect too much.

from A TripAdvisor Member
We traded in a week of our timeshare, as did most everbody we met here, and it's definitely not up to par with the other resorts we've traded for. Service ranged from non-existant to terrible. Rooms, and in fact all amenities on site, were adequate but nothing special. The whole place has a rundown feel but the new ownership claims to be putting a lot into renovations. Do the Caribbean Buffet night and Beach Party at Blue Beard's Beach for a good value in food and drink. If you can stomach it, do the timeshare presentation for major discounts on tourist attractions. The new pool definitely isn't enough to make up for the lack of beach and it's not convenient to get to one. You can walk to town in the daylight, back uphill is strenuous. Overall just don't expect too much or you'll be disapointed. If you're actually paying for your room, there are nicer places in this price range on the island.

t be back

from A TripAdvisor Member
We were there on our honeymoon in 11/03. We were not informed of the Pool being closed either! I think that should be a major concern when booking a caribbean vacation! The walk up to the office from our room was hell! The office staff were not friendly. Our room was nice and we had a great view. There are too many nicer places to stay on ST. Thomas to waste your money here. Also, it was an older crowd...retirees and timeshare owners. We did get a free bottle of Cruzan rum at the manager's party the first night for anouncing our marraige!

Top Local Tips for Charlotte Amalie

two great restaurants at the resort Eat at Bananna Tree and Room with a View, not matter where you decide to stay in St. Thomas. Both are great restaurants, the owners are at the restaurants nightly, they have owned the businesses for years, and take great pride in producing a wonderful dining experience for their clients!

Taxi drivers are amazing Taxis are plentiful and cheap, and all the taxi drivers have a story. One was an attorney with a master's in poly sci. Another was a former K-9 police officer with a scrapbook he showed to all his passengers. Use the taxis. They drive on the left (it was a Dutch colony) in left-hand-drive American cars. A little hard to get used to, especially at intersections.

Be aware of whether your health insurance covers u in St Thomas some insurances cover st thomas some do not which i found out the hard way.....get extra coverage just to be safe.....the chances are slim but there's still a risk.....typically u can buy supplemental health insurance for under $50 each person


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  • Address: Bluebeard's Hill - Charlotte Amalie - 00801 - Virgin Islands U.S.
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