Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas Hotel

, Road Town, Virgin Islands British
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Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas Hotel

, Road Town
West End - Road Town - Virgin Islands British | 284-495-4252
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Not that great -- would not go back

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was a big dissappointment. We went for our honeymoon in 1996 -- hope things have changed. Food was OK, the accomodations were good (right on the beack with your own hammok!) but the resort was not a good value for the money. No rental cars were available (after waiting in line for 40 minutes) the "9 hole golf course" was joke (a weed-covered field) and the pool was nasty and unappealing. Food was ok. Its kinda out of the way, and difficult to get to other parts of the island. Get a sail charter- that was the highlight! (and Virgin Gorda!)

Beautiful beautiful!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Long Bay came recommended from two friends who honeymooned there. My husband researched all of the carribean and we decided on Long Bay for our honeymoon. We wanted a resort that was not commercialized or crowded and Long Bay was perfect. We had the beach to ourselves at times!

The room was clean and uniquly designed, with an incredible view of the ocean. The dining area is outside, just a few steps from the beach. The swim-up bar was our favorite feature. We enjoyed massages at the spa.
We were able to rent a car right from the resort as well as rent snorkelling equipment and set up day-trips sailing.

The service was not overly-friendly, but not rude. I think that is simply the style of the people on the island. No one is in a rush - it is truly relaxed, island living. We were delighted with our stay and would certainly return.

It was a wonderful experience for us! Idyllic setting!

from MimiBurkholder
My husband and I spent 5 sunny beautiful days of our honeymoon at the Long Bay Beach Resort in August 2001, and we absolutely loved our stay!
We are in total agreement with the positive reviews and honestly are baffled by some of the negative comments in some reviews. As I read through some of the negative reviews I actually was wondering if one person was writing these reviews to sabbotage the resort's business because some of the comments truly didn't make sense to us. How could one not at least love the beach that this resort occupies, seemingly all to itself? The beach and water are incredibly gorgeous and swimmable. When we were there we wandered up this seemingly private long stretch of beach enjoying the serenity and beautiful paradise, and I even swam out into the ocean -- the first time in my life anywhere!
The water was clear aqua blue and seemed so peaceful and inviting. I admit there were some stronger waves there than we found on the beaches of St. John USVI, but the beach and water are simply wonderful and beautiful. As mentioned by other reviewers, there is also the Smuggler's Cove beach about a mile beyond the far end of the resort's beach, which is also nice, and less "wavey" (more suitable for small children to wade in all day). My husband and I are rather adventurous, so we opted to walk along the tiny road to get to Smuggler's Cover rather than call for a taxi or rent a car. We enjoyed exploring the large and peaceful resort grounds and area, and were impressed with the fabulous views as we ascended up the very steep hillside toward the back of the resort. We were very comfortable in our beachfront deluxe room. Our room was always very clean and pleasing. It was a pleasure to come back to a clean/tidy room after hanging out at the beach or going into town. The decor was very soothing. I'm surprised to read that some reviews claim that the housekeeping was bad. Possibly an isolated incident, as could happen any other place, or like I said, someone could have written those negative reviews for sabbotage, but if they claims are true I'm shocked because our experience was so different. I feel it is important for our views to be expressed as we had such a lovely stay and were very happy with the location, the resort, the pretty flowers, the double-sided pool (loved swimming there) the restaurants (esp. the sugar mill) and everything about our stay here.
To us we felt like we were staying in a luxury in one of the most pretty places on Earth, but perhaps to someone who expects extreme opulence (like the Ritz) and servants running around their feet, this might not be the place as it is somewhat laid back, but definitely not at all shabby or or even close to disappointing. We liked not being bothered all the time by staff, though they were always there of course to do their jobs when needed. Keep in mind it's in the Caribbean, (not to say throw out your standards, but understand this place is not in the USA!) so be open and you will be extremely pleased! We hope to return to the beach and resort EXACTLY as we knew it someday.

Not for Prima Donnas!

from chsmith
Long Bay is a lovely resort and I would return to it in a second! If you go in with the mindset that you don't want a bunch of frills and you just want to relax, kick-back, and have a nice time then Long Bay is the place for you. If you want white-glove treatment and a full range of amenities then don't stay here. Its that simple. When I went in 2001 I had a Hillside Room with a balcony that I was more than happy with. It was clean, well-maintained and spacious. The staff were friendly and the food was good. The pool bar serves standard fare like burgers, etc. but I don't understand the earlier comment about all the food being that way. There's another restaurant (can't remember the name) that is very good and very romantic. I really liked Long Bay and while I usually do prefer a more luxurious resort experience I have to admit that I was very happy "roughing" it.

Warning: This is not a resort for the very high maintenace!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just spent a wonderful week at Long Bay Beach. Contrary to many of the reviews that I had read about the "unaccomodating" and "unfriendly" staff, I found everyone to be delightful, especially those working at the concierge desk. Upon arrival, we were a little disappointed at the room we received (Jacuzzi Jr. Suite--all tub, no space). When we asked about other available rooms, the staff happily showed us two more, including a beachside suite that would have been $500 more--they let us have it at no additional cost! I highly recommend the package deals that they offer. We had the "adventure package" and what a wonderful deal! We were especially surprised at the flexibility of it all. We were able to choose from six or seven different outfits for the day sail included in the package, and were also able to go to ANY of the neighboring islands that we chose and were credited the cost of the ferry and taxi when we produced receipts. Careful attention to detail was also given, a tub of water outside of each room to wash off your feet after a day at the beach. This is not a resort for the extremely high maintenace-- but a laid back couple would be MORE than happy. THe place was very clean and staff was friendly. My only complaint was the mosquitos due to this being their rainy season! We will surely visit again!


from Shamoson
I stayed at Long Bay for Christmas week. I received a great deal via my time-share company for the one bedroom villa on the hill for about $550 for the entire week. I was a little nervous after reading the amount of bad reviews the property had received, but for that price I thought it was definetly worth it. I had a fabulous time.I arrived via ferry from St Thomas and when the taxi arrived at the hotel, Carmen at the Front desk was so warm and welcoming. I travel all the time and I can say I have never had such a lovely welcoming to a property. I was driven up thte Villa which was a one bedroom. This means it is the first floor of the house. If you need more room you can have access to the upper level. The villa consists of a large Living room with sliding doors overlooking the beautiful resort and ocean (even up on the hill you can hear the waves of the ocean). There is a full Kitchen with sliders leading to a patio with a huge wooden patio table that seats 6 and a full BBQ and the same great view. The Bedroom has a King size bed and sliding doors agian to the same view. The bathroom only has a shower, no bath. The Villa has fans and only has AC in the Bedroom. I am one of those people that NEED AC, but the breeze was great at night, but I think in the summer months it would be too hot with out the AC.The beach was really great. It was not crowded and if you walked down to the far end, not only did you have the beach completely to yourself, but there was no rock problem and the swimming was great.The beach cafe was great even if the menu was limited but the prices were very reasonable.The pool and the pool bar were also nice and I found the staff overall to be VERY friendly.The only warnings or tips I would give are. It is the tropics, so there are a lot of bugs and spiders.
Bring spray for yourself and the villa. Also bring a flashlight.
Depending on the villa, it can be dark walk at night since the property is so large and the paths to the villas can really be DARK.One more word of advise, do research before you go. I spoke to other guests there who did not know it would be so "rustic". You will be disapointed if you think you are staying at the Ritz, but if you are looking for a nice place in a beautiful location to getaway from it all, and you do not need hands on service, it really fits the bill.Go, Relax and Enjoy

Welcome to the Caribbean

from MGanoush
We stayed at the Long Bay in November of 2001 and it exceeded our expectations for the money. We had a hillside jacuzzi suite with a fabulous view and a balcony. I had to contrinute because I am surprised at the negative reviews the Long Bay has received here. While I also would be unhappy if I experienced some of the issues these people faced, I have to say that you can and will encounter similar issues at any given independent resort in the Caribbean, and much worse on the non-British islands. If you want American service then stay somewhere with a Sheraton. The "island time" and laid-back attitude of Caribbean staff are part of the charm. Granted, no one wants a dirty room, but those isolated mistakes happen everywhere and the shouldn't impugn the whole character of the resort. The beach is clearly not a great swimming beach - as all the island guides will tell you - but right around the corner is the Smuggler's Cove, which is absolutely gorgeous and features an independent bartender (out of the back of his truck) named Chris who sells pitchers of frozen drinks in big plastic cups for $7. That is the Caribbean I bought for $350 a night at the Long Bay and I'd take that over updated rooms any day of the week.

The worst

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I spent 11 days in Tortola for a long awaited honeymoon. We spent the first eight days in a private villa that was even more beautiful than we could have dreamed - an empty, white sand beach, a hammock by the water, and quiet nights under the clearest, star-studded skies I've ever seen. It truly couldn't have been more perfect. Unfortunately, we could only have the villa for a week and had to seek other accomodations for the last three days of our stay. We chose to stay at Long Bay and BOY, was that a HUGE mistake. I could write volumes about the nightmare but I'll be as brief as possible. Upon arrival we were taken to our hillside villa which seemed nice at first; however, after a short time we noticed a strange odor. Shortly thereafter we discovered that the smell was mold. YES, mold. Apparantly the crack cleaning staff hadn't bothered to take some wet towels out of a drawer in the bathroom and mold had ensued. As it happens, my wife is extremely allergic to mold and had to sit outside in order to be able to breathe. When I called the front desk to have someone take care of it I was informed that the cleaning staff had left for the day but that they could "send up one of the boys with some air freshener". Hardly an acceptable remedy. At this point we decided it could wait until morning since we were going out for the night. But the next morning when I called (five times before I talked to someone who got it - This room is making my wife physically ill.) it took four hours for them to send someone to take us to another room. The room we were shown was smaller and had no kitchen. After another three hours we were FINALLY given a villa like the original room minus the mold. We wasted a whole day of our honeymoon trying to accomplish a task that should have taken only an hour. THANKS LONG BAY. That night was worth the $350 you're charging.(?) Furthermore, the beach stinks. The beach itself is very nice but the water borders on unswimmable. There are lots of rocks and coral just offshore and big waves with fairly strong rip currents in some spots. Hardly a place to film a Corona commercial. There are AT LEAST 20 nicer beaches on the island. The whole time we were there they started construction at 7:30 AM. But Hey, no one wants to sleep late while on vacation anyway right? I'm not sure which is worse: the fact that the staff is totally inept or the fact that they are totally indifferent. Do yourself a favor. GO ELSEWHERE. These people do not deserve their dubious reputation let alone your hard earned money.

Most beautiful place ever visited

from A TripAdvisor Member
Visited Longbay resort in Tortola for our honeymoon. Stayed for 2 weeks in a beachfront deluxe, which was simply divine. The beach was beautiful and the sea was crystal clear. We have never been any where so beautiful, the surrounding scenery is amazing, so green and lush!!! Food at the restaurant was excellent and the cocktails were delicious, try the bushwacker if you go. We hired a jeep for our 2 week stay and went around the whole island, only 15 miles long. Found beautiful deserted beaches. Peter Island is worth a visit and definitely Virgin Gorda. Wouldn't bother visiting the U.S Virgin Islands as they are commercial and full of annoying touts trying to get you buy cheap tack.Swam with the dolphins at Prospect Reef which was fabulous. It was definitely the most romantic and beautiful place we have ever been to, ideal for a honeymoon. If your looking for lively nightlife, don't bother, but if you want to escape the rat race and not see a McDonalds or a tacky souvenier shop, then Tortola is for you. Long bay beach resort comes highly recommended from us, we will be returning one day.............Andrea & Steve.

Avoid the Long Bay!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Long Bay Resort's web site illustrates a peaceful, serene beach front setting in the BVI. Unfortunately, the pictures do not accurately illustrate the true experience of this hotel.

The hotel is dirty, the rooms are outdated and the bedding is disgusting. The "lush" grounds are largely in a state of disrepair. The food is poor and the pools are dirty. Yet, it is the staff that truly define the character of this "resort". The staff does very little to accommodate the guests and they are indifferent or rude towards the customer. Again, this is hardly the picture portrayed on the website.

The company requires payment in advance of the check-in. This is most likely so that they do not have to issue refunds. We booked a 5 night package but checked out on Day 2. Again, no refund was given but the conditions were unbearable.

Do yourself a favor and save your money and, more importantly, your time by not staying at this hotel.

It would be a disappointment at half the cost and is certainly not the backdrop for a memorable vacation.

Top Local Tips for Road Town

Restaurants Oscars is a fabulous restaurant! Everything from appetizer to dessert was amazing including the service!

A must-do Dining was a bit of a problem because all restaurants close around 8pm. I DEFINITELY suggest trying the Dove, which is in Road Town. Make sure you ask locals (if you find anyone around after sunset) because we had been driving around the area with a map but couldn't quite locate it...

Hurricane Season We went in early June and there was a concern about it being hurricane season down there. However, no hurricanes ever developed in 1997 or since then that early. The weather was perfect and it is low-season so you will be saving money. We highly recommend the month of June!


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  • long bay resort tortola
  • long bay beach resort villas tortola
  • long bay beach resort
  • long bay beach hotel
  • long bay beach
  • Address: West End - Road Town - Virgin Islands British
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