Biras Creek Estate Hotel

, North Sound, Virgin Islands British
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Biras Creek Estate Hotel

, North Sound
North Sound, - North Sound - Virgin Islands British Hotel Website | 284-494-3555
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from JEC/MJC
Spent a lot of time reading in planning a late April trip with my wife. Want to give unbiased opinions of Biras Creek to those considering this resort....
-getting there easier than it was leaving. Connection thru San Juan not big problem, Tortola airport easy to get in and get luggage. Biras Creek rep drove the 60 seconds or so to boat launch, and boat ride was exactly 31 minutes to the resort...little bit of a wait checking in when we left Tortola (and US customs and bag-check in San Juan is a pain on way home)...
-never officially checked into the resort..we were met by Assistant Manager who gave us golf cart tour of the resort. We arrived near the end of lunch but we got a voucher for use at Fat Virgin restaurant (Not owned by Biras Creek but on property)...
-resort only about half-full during our week...we got to sit in prime location at restaurant all week...never any crowd at pool or beach or restaurant... but with only 32 rooms even at Christmas I doubt it would seem crowded...
-a few honeymoon couples there, but by and large guets are friendly and you are left alone if you want and there was a clear lack of demanding, loud, PITA (pain in the ---) guests...only saw one child all week; I agree not the best place for kids, unless they are old enough to use boats or enjoy watersports...
-warm (mid-high 80's all week)...internet weather sites predicted scattered showers all week, but only had one heavy (30 min.) rain before breakfast one day...risks of rain in April/May higher than first quarter but much lower than latet summer/Fall...luckily the breeze was there, especially at dinner..
-nice touches include the fact there is no room key, the bikes each room gets, the outdoor shower, and no shopping to speak of (small shop at Fat Virgin, and you can walk 15 mins. to nearby Bitter End Yacht Club)..each room gets 2 cans of beer, Coke, Diet Coke and Perrier, as well a bottle of white wine, when you check..if you need more, you can order from roomservice, or get it cheaper at Bitter End store or if you go off-resort to Spanish Town or the like...
-very lazy atmosphere, which was TV in rooms, and really did not see guests watching communal TV in the hotel lounge...extremely quiet...lots of land and few airplane noise, just sound of surf along the coast outside peak season you may get a few more 'boat people' who moor just off the resort, but mostly at dinner time...
-food was very good...breakfast was both a buffet and had daily special, plus eggs every day...each weekday at 1 pm there was a first class cookout at the beach, which was well-attended...definite a do-not-miss...dinner was top class and very idyllic sitting out watching sunset and the boats...some men wore sandals, so some relaxing of dress code at dinner...but when it gets warm and breeze dies down, I can see it getting sticky at dinner for the men...if you leave the resort for lunch they will pack you a nice lunch at no extra cost, including drinks and a blanket..
-really not many complaints....others have written about how screwy it is to have bathroom door closed when A/C is on, and I agree it gets warm in bathrom as a result...A/C can be noisey, and although being along the water is neat and for the most part relaxing, the surf can make a lot of noice at night, and can make sleeping tough (but not impossible)...I know, there are worse things in life to put up with...
-grounds were well kept..very arid part of the world, not lush at all...but flowering bushes and plants are grass at all, so do not expect any...
-as for previous comments about the service, it was fine...occasionally the wait staff would act dis-interested, but not always...reception staff was also hit or miss...I can say no one ever called us by name, even with a half-filled hotel, so if that is important to you, you will be out of luck...
-rooms were as advertised on this website - not glamorous or certainly not like a Ritz or Four Seasons...I am sure a little updating would be good for them, but expectations were met and having the sitting room was a bonus...try to get an 'A' room if you choose the ocean front suites, as they are just a little closer to the water..bugs were not big problem, as breezes helped address the mosquitoes...
-other complaint was drinks could get pricey, so pay attention to what they charge for wine/beer...
-we did a few off-site things, like the glass-bottom boat on Thursday to the Baths, and took out the free Boston Whaler to snorkel and picnic...but you do not have to do anything if you did not want..
-spa was smallish and not very busy..we did not use it...if you are a real 'spa person' you wil probably prefer a Little Dix Bay...if I had a wish list I would take spce and throw in a few pieces of exercise equipment, as nothing like that there now (tho bikes help) available, but did not see courts used once all week (a bit hot)...
-walked over to Bitter End twice, and it looked like a city compared to Biras Creek...very much bigger and more activity...was good getting back to solitude of Biras Creek...make sure you bring books!!!

All in all pretty close to the 5 stars I gave..not 100% there, but much better than a '4'...

s there not to like....

from bviguy
We've been back from Biras Creek for almost a month now and can't stop thinking what a great place it is and what a great time we've had. It is truly a special place to escape to, far away from crowds, noise, crass commercialism and any type of stress.

It is a place that delivers on all fronts. From the personal greeting and the guided tour of grounds when you first arrive, to the little box lunch prepared for the plane ride home, the service was discreet, professional and certainly up to North America standards. Food was outstanding and plentiful. Breakfast was a la carte supplemented with a small buffet. The lunchtime Beach BarBQ’s were amazing; grilled everything plus a multitude of salads. But dinner was the highlight. An excellent variety of appetizers, entrees, deserts, and a cheese plate in case you didn’t get enough. The wine list was diverse and surprisingly very reasonably pri

The rooms are nothing extravagant, but very comfortable, clean and well appointed. We would recommend the upgrade to the ocean front rooms. The morning views were great and sitting on the deck in the ocean breeze was an unbeatable experience. Note however; not all ocean front suites are created equal. Depending on which you get, you also may get a partial view of the suite in front of you, thus reducing a lot of your privacy. Ask at time of booking.

Activities were plentiful. We would usually start the day with a hike to the surrounding peaks or a brisk run. After breakfast we would take one of the Boston Whalers out for some snorkeling to the many reefs and deserted beaches in the area. And after lunch, was veg time on the idyllic beach at Deep Bay. In addition, the bikes provided gave us a nice way to get around the beautiful grounds. Other activities we enjoyed was the Yoga (so-so & expensive), and an excursion to the Baths (do it in a half day).

We were lucky during our stay as the resort was only perhaps half full and we felt completely pampered and secluded in paradise. There was never any problem getting a great table in the dining room, or chairs at the beach or boats etc. When we needed a little civilization we just walked over to Bitter End or water taxied to Saba rock for a little people watching during the sunset happy hour.

In short, I would wholeheartedly recommend this resort for a quiet romantic getaway if you are looking for top notch service, food, amenities, and attention. Go ahead enjoy!

A Relaxing Haven

from BostonTraveller99
My husband and I just returned from a great week at Biras Creek. The resort has all the benefits of a quiet relaxing get away from it all spot, with the benefits of having a lot to do. There are six hiking trails, mountain bikes with every room, and kayaks and Hobie Cats, etc. to allow for lots of exercise for those that find just laying on the beach too boring, but don't want to go to a large resort to get a lot of options for activities. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, not luxurious, and the beach is very pretty and in a protected inlet, allowing for very calm waters and a pleasant breeze at all times. The staff is extremely friendly; the clientele virtually all couples, Americans and Brits, from honeymooners on up. This is not the place for vacationers looking for any nightlife--I would be surprised if you could find a soul around after 10 p.m--and not a place for families. Further, the rooms have no TV's and cell phones, blackberry's, etc. don't work -- If you need your Type A partner to get away from the office for the week, this is the place.

The food was good, not great, in our opinion, but there was ample variety, with 100% completely new menu items for every dinner. No reservations were required, you just went to the beautiful, romantic outdoor dining pavilion when you wished. The lunches are buffets and we would have preferred a menu to order from.

In summary, if you value solitude in a beautiful setting, with lots to do, and a romantic genteel atmosphere, you have found the place.

a week of paradise

from gona40
My husband and I just returned from a week of paradise at Biras Creek. We had a fabulous week! This resort is so relaxed and beautiful we couldn't get enough. We are foodies from New York and love to eat. The dinners were excellent, and the wine list had many affordable and decent choices. There was a to-die-for barbecue on the beach each week day with grilled fish and meats and many salads to chose from. We never were bored with the meals. There was tons of stuff to do and at times we felt torn between just lying on the beach or going and exploring the islands in the Boston Whaler, hiking the beautiful trails, or sailing one of the sailboats around the Biras Bay. There was a relaxed elegance. You could dine at any time and never had to wait, the rooms had no locks on the doors, no one ever asked you for your credit card or your documents to check in, it all just seemed seamless and we felt pampered.

The rooms were not the fanciest, but they were clean, and well maintained. The outdoor shower was a daily treat and our porch had a partial view of the ocean that many resorts would consider beachfront.

We have been to many islands and many resorts in the Caribbean and both of us feel that Biras Creek is many steps above in terms of food, service and a relaxed atmosphere. Rarely do you go to a new hotel and feel comfortable immediately, but that's how we felt. Relaxed from the beginning to the end.

If you want to go somewhere to stay out late, drink a lot, and party with other people, this is probably not the best place to do it. We were in bed by 10pm almost every night.

We can't wait to go back.

A great relaxed resort

from jdubois
My wife and I just spend three nights at Biras Creek over Valentine's Day. While not quite as polished as some places asking such high prices, it easily makes up for it entirely with charm and sincerity. The rooms are quite comfortable if not luxurious, and the views from your private patio are wonderful. The food was quite nice, but nothing special. The service was laid back, but always helpful and friendly. The various hiking trails seemed to get little use, but were well kept and provided spectacular views above the resort after a small bit of an uphill climb. That, along with complementary use of the tennis courts, bikes, beaches, kayaks, sailboats, motorized dingies, and snorkel gear will keep you busy for days before you had to even begin taking advantage of the dozen or so added cost trips and options they offer you.

The guests tended to be older retired couples, both Brits and Americans, who were all friendly and casual. There's certainly no 'scene' here. If you looking for nightlife, forget about this place. On the other hand, if want to be far away from that nonsense and just enjoy a bit of quiet romantic time alone, this is the place.

Great Week, honest review

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I recently went to Biras for our honeymoon. We're fun-loving, young (late twenties/earlier thirties) professionals. We had a great time and would definitely recommend it.

The watersports are a ton of fun, the dinghies are great. My wife learned to windsurf, with the help of their friendly staff and I tried scuba for the first time.

The food was amazing. We're snooty, New York diners and love good food, and most dinners were spectacular. The wine list was solid, drinkers starting at $30, up to nice, spendy bottles.

The beach wasn't the most beautiful, but it was secluded. It was a little windy, but otherwise it was nice. The pool is also very scenic and nice place to end the day.

We also loved the bikes, it gave a nice, relaxed atmosphere to the resort.

I think what really impressed me was the intimate feel of Biras. Most staff members knew your room and you never felt like you were part of some massive place, which Biras certainly is not.

Our room was not the greatest; we stayed in the Garden Cottage. In hindsight, the ocean suites are probably worth the extra few bucks. But the rooms had a nice layout and the air conditioning was also a nice touch. We had a few bug bites, but nothing too bad. It is the tropics, afterall.

One other note. The resort shuts down rather early, the bar is closed officially around 11, but often shuts down earlier. If you want a scene, you will not find it here, but it was nice calling it early and feeling refreshed in the morning.

Absolutely Perfect

from Tinkerbelldee
We spent a perfect week at Biras. The staff was wonderful; friendly and attentive. The food incredible, and the room was perfect.
If you are looking for a resort with lots of nightlife and partying, this is not the place. However, if you are looking for first class service, beautiful surroundings, and sheer relaxation; then this is the place for you.
We could not have been happier. Our only complaint is that it rained for about a minute and a half, you would think if they can make sure our stay was perfect then they could have stopped the rain. :)

The wonder of Biras Creek

from A TripAdvisor Member
It would be impossible for me to overstate the natural beauty, level of service, food quality, and general ambience of Biras Creek! My wife and I were looking for an extraordinary vacation experience for our 30th anniversary, and we found it above all of our expectations at Biras.

One word of caution - if you are looking for a party atmosphere, lots of people, and wild nightlife, don't go to Biras. But if you want a sense of serenity, the feel of an almost private resort, and a wonderful mix of a casual tempo and a relaxed elegance, Biras is it!

Perfect two weeks!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I spent two weeks at Biras and could not have been more pleased. It exceeded all of our expectations. The setting was absolutely beautiful, the service sublime, the food fantastic, and the relaxation could not be beat. We stayed in an ocean front cottage (12A) which afforded one of the most unobstructed views of the ocean.

I just wanted to write to address some of the concerns others have raised on this board. (1) Island time service - I have traveled to many tropical island resorts and am accustomed to "island time" service. However, I did NOT find that the Biras creek staff operated on "island time". We never had an undue wait for drink or wait service at breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was very impressed. (2) Windy beach - Deep bay did tend to be windy. However, I preferred the wind. It was a refreshing breeze and kept the bugs away. Only one out of 14 days was the wind unpleasantly strong. If you don't like the beach, don't spend the day in your room - explore one of the other beaches on a Boston whaler! (3) Loud ocean - Yes, it was loud. I have never slept better than when I was at Biras. If you don't like the sound of the ocean, why are you going to the BVI? (4) Bugs in room - I NEVER saw a roach in the room. The person who claims that the room was "swarming" in roaches must have no idea what a roach is. There were occasionally some tiny ants, and once I saw a spider. I was actually amazed that more bugs didn't come into the room. (5) Food issues - I never had a problem with foods not being kept cold. The juices and milk on the breakfast buffet were kept on ice and were just fine. As for the lunch buffet, it's true they leave out cheese for about an hour, but it's fine. (6) Hot water - we always had hot water. It took about 30 seconds for the outdoor shower water to warm up, but when it did, it was great to be showering in the outdoors! (7) Staff - we found the staff to be genuine and friendly. Not everyone was overly outgoing - everyone has a different personality and some were more reserved, but everyone was very nice. There was always someone to serve us a drink at the beach bar after 11 am. Before then, they made water available for guests to help themselves. All in all, we absolutely loved Biras. We've been to some of the finest and most expensive resorts in the Caribbean and South Pacific (e.g., Turtle Island, Fiji), and this ranks right up there with the best.

Loved Biras Creek

from A TripAdvisor Member
We absolutely loved Biras Creek, particularly the peace and quiet! Staff were unobtrusive but there if you needed them, food was really wonderful and our cottage (no. 17B) was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended

Top Local Tips for North Sound

A couple tips. Be sure to spend an evening out at the Bitter End to get a taste of the surrounding. Members of the staff would be more than happy to suggest fun evening entertainment in the area.

Getting to Biras Creek The resort can only be approached by water taxi, and that adds to the privacy and seclusion, besides hiring a helicopter which can run hundreds to thousands depending on the itinerary. Otherwise, you can take a ferry from St. Thomas, which takes about 3 hours and can be rough sailing, or fly into Beef Island Airport (EIS) on Tortola. We flew directly from Atlanta to San Juan, PR on Delta Airlines, and then caught American Eagle to Beef Island. There are other Caribbean carries from San Juan to include Cape Air, Sunshine Airlines, and Liat. You will be met by the resort staff who will take you to the ferry drop about five minutes away at Trellis Bay. The water taxi from Trellis Bay to Biras Creek is 30 minutes and can be rough.

Spanish Town Don't let Biras' distance from Spanish Town dissuade you. There's almost nothing to do there.


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  • Address: North Sound, - North Sound - Virgin Islands British
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