Trade Winds Condotel Hotel

, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
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Trade Winds Condotel Hotel

, Providenciales
Grace Bay Rd - Providenciales - BWI - Turks and Caicos Islands Hotel Website | 649-946-5194
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tour companies ripped off We were in Provo in late Dec. 2007. We were looking for the "island getaway tour" . We called around and every body is booked and B & J tour referred us to Silver Deep (I wish B & J would not refer us to Silver Deep). So we called Silver Deep and got our booking. We dropped by Silver Deep souvinir store and paid the fee of $250 (silver deep website displayed $225) for the island getaway tour. We got to silver deep the next day and silver deep representative was clueless about our booking. we had to show our receipt so that they could be sure that there is really a tour that has been paid for. In addition, i noticed they did not have our complete lunch - they don't have our sandwiches. This is evidence that they were not prepared for us. While waiting for them to set up the boat, a smaller boat operator told us that the other taller boat operator will take us out. We boarded the boat. When the boat starts to head out I turned around and gave the boat operator $20 as a tip so that he could take us to a nice place. He took our money and after one minute he turned the boat around and told us the smaller boat operator would take us out. Immediately i know what is going on. He wanted us to give other guy the tip as well. Fine. I said to myself, f*ck I am going to give you another $20. I was soo pissed with these a***holes. So the other smaller boat operator got in and took us out. On the way out, at one time he got close to me and tried explain to me the direction we were heading. I know the mother f wants some money. In your f***king dream.. So he kept the boat running then told us that the wave is too strong in this direction and said that he will take us somewhere else. He turned the boat around and went the other direction. Eventually we arrived at the beach and he dropped us off at a location where there is a grill set up on the beach - it's called half moon bay he told us. I asked myself, is a get-away-island, supposedly secluded, suppose to have a grill set up? Does not sound right. In addition we noticed that the boat ride was very short and it turned out the this location is where we would go to on our kayak trip. You can see all the houses and high-rise at our drop off location. That's not a getaway island is it. We got off anyway. The boat operator told us he would bring us the sandwiches at lunch. I told him he does not have to bring our sandwiches. I my mind I don't want see this mother f again. So we knew we got ripped off. So we tried to enjoy the best of it. We hike about and when we came back we saw a tour company was using the grill to cook lunch for their customers. I had specifically set up an umbrella at where we are so people would know the location is occupied. Anyway, we rested and smelled the barbaque smokes. What a nice secluded get away island huh. So, that is evidence to us that this location is a common place for tour guides to take their people to and not a secluded island where we would be by ourself as a get away island would be. And ofcourse, f*****king silver deep need to the close the tour for us like the way they do it . They did not come to pick us up at the time agreed upon. We had to call them and ask them to come out to pick us up. DON'T EVER EVER EVER USE SILVER DEEP SERVICES. THEY ARE CROOKS. THE WILL RIP YOU OFF. IF YOU CAN'T GET BOOKING WITH ANYONE ELSE AND WAS REFERRED TO SILVER DEEP, JUST DROP THE WHOLE IDEA. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SKIP THAT TOUR. STAY HOME AND RELAX WITH THAT MONEY ON A SPAS OR SOMETHING. The silver deep experience and the somewhat unfriendly grocery clerks and attitude problems (sterotypical indeed) has giving us an overall disappointed experience with providenciales. We are nice people and we give good tips whereever we go. Tahiti would have been a much worthier place to spend that much money that we have spent at providenciales. CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH ON AVOIDING SILVER DEEP SERVICES. I hope you would have better treatments than us if you go there. KV

Taxies The thing we did not like was paying for the same trip twice. We spoke to a group who felt ripped off by the taxi prices. Here is how it went. A group of 6 went for a taxi . The Taxi driver told the it was a $6 cab ride,they said ok. The driver had his 3 kids in the back seat, The Taxi drove the to the destination and said :"It will be $36". They felt ripped off and said they would not recomend a Taxi again. This kind of intentional mis- information by the Taxi driver does not do the tourist industry any good at all. It was a black mark on this groups vacation

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