Club Med Turquoise Hotel

, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
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Club Med Turquoise Hotel

, Providenciales
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The beach and water are unbelievable!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I jsut returned from Provo. We were there July 18 - July 22. The weather was perfect, the water was crystal clear and the beach is awesome!! This was our first Club Med. The women there far out number the men. My husband and I enjoyed watching the single people.
The food was good at times and not so good at other times. There was a lot of variety. The fruit left a lot to be desired. But for the most part, we enjoyed it. The best thing on the buffet was the white chocolate bread. It was to die for. The hotel was nice. The rooms were quite large. We stayed in bldg. F. It was toward the back, but that was fine with us because when we wanted to go in early, the noise from the shows didn't bother us. Most of the GO's were really friendly.

If you are going to relax, which was our intent, this is the place to go. No one bothers you on the beach. It is very laid back. There is plenty to do, if that is what you are looking far, but if you want to do nothing, this is the place.

An amazing time to go!!

from BiTiKitsilano
I was at Club Med Turkoise from May 6 through 21, 2003. The weather was wonderful except for one day of rain May 18 or so. The Club was fully staffed but less than half full so the GO's had lots of time and energy for the guests, and there were no line ups for anything. I had one on one lessons in scuba and tennis.The viz for scuba was 70-100 ft, not bad, but the life was great-rays, turtles, sharks most days. Most sites were 30-45 minutes froim the Club so lots of time to do other things as well.The new sound system is great in the disco. The pricing was esentially cost. Get there soon.

great snorkeling

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just came back from a 12 day stay at Turkoise (very beginning of April '03). It was fantastic! We are a middle aged couple and we were a little concerned that we would feel old in the club. But there was a good mix of ages and we met a lot of nice people. The best feature of the club for us were the free snorkeling trips they offer. They have one trip each morning and afternoon. Different locations are being visited all between 20 - 30 minutes away by boat. Actual snorkeling time is about 40 minutes which is plenty. The corals are gorguous and the fish are sooo pretty. Before we left we had thought to rent a car and take part in some exursions but between the snorkeling trips and all the tennis we played (great instructors and a lot of fun) we didn't feel the need to leave the club. About the food; I read in this site that the food is cafetaria quality. Well I certainly haven't visited cafetarias where they serve frog legs, duck, belgium endive and pate (just to mention a few dishes) I can't say the food was top of the line gourmet but it certainly was very tasty and there was plenty of choice. Their breads are unbelievably good and their desserts are scrumptious. Clubmed is now all inclusive also concerning drinks! That is if you are from the USA. The vistors from Europe had to buy a bracelet in order to get drinks!!! This seemed very strange especially if you think about the fact that ClubMed originally started in Europe. Another catch was in the annex restaurant. You can sign up to eat in a smaller restaurant where they serve you a fixed menu. The food was alright but you have to pay for the wine! There are soft drinks available but no free wine. That seemed strange to us for an all inclusive club. Overall we had a wonderful time, the beach at ClubMed is the best (not a lot of shade though) We would definitely go back, great club! GodeliefP.S. as a response to the previous post:They still do the "hands up" song with the crazy sign right after the evening show.

Heaven on Earth!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went to Club Med, Turks and Caicos in July of 2001. It was one of the best experiences of my life. First of all, I am a pretty easy going guy and I am not very hard to please. The beach was amazing, clear water, soft sand and plenty of sun! The accomodations were good, I mean, how much time do you spend in the room anyway? Good beds, air-conditioning (which you need!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a working shower and toilet so no complaints there. The food was excellent. Buffet style and there were many choices at each meal. The bars were nice and they kept the many drinks flowing into the night. The GO's were very polite and freindly and they were always telling you about upcoming events so you wouldn't miss out on anything. To sum things up, I had a great time, would I go back?NO!. Even though it was awesome, the place caused me to fall head over heals in love with the Caribbean and I now want to visit just about every island down there and since I am not a millionare, I can't afford to waste anytime visiting the same island twice, however, I would recommend this place to anyone!!!!

Great Stuff

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just returned. Was very pleasantly suprised on the quality of my trip. Yea room and facilities were not the Four Seasons but who cares. every thing else was top flight. Great sunset parties at Sharky's, food was way above expectations and all the GO's were very service oriented (non GO bartenders should get on board). Marco (harmonica dude), thanks for your patience with the tennis lessons. Snorkeling was the best I've ever seen. Best thing for the evenings is to wear long pants and sleeves to avoid the bug bites. Do this deal!

Hands Up? Not really!

from LPHRW
Enjoyed one week of beach and sunshine - and I have the burns to prove it! The beach was absolutely fantastic! I felt like the pink battery bunny on our walks - I just kept on going and going and going...Our travel agent had already told us the hotel rooms were basic, so we were not surprised. As for the food, I personally like basic food so I was quite content with the cafeteria style. The desserts and bread were yummy! Considering how much we paid for this trip, it was extremely annoying to find out that our non-alcholic drinks were only free during the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. We had to put out an extra 57 US$ for unlimited, non-alcholic drinks. We just bought one bracelet but we shared the drinks. Entertainment was fine, but then I don't expect Las Vegas productions at these resorts. My husband and I found watching the singles "hunt" much more exciting and extremely entertaining. We were told the average age was early to mid 30's. I'm in that age group but I must admit I felt a heck of a lot older! The music and drinking brought back fond memories of my teens. Been there, done that! My husband went snorkelling without me and an older married woman said she would keep an eye on him - apparently the ratio of women to men is 5:1. A ton of mosquitoes (they must like my blood) so make sure you bring some mosquito repellant. We had a mosquito in our room for three days before I found him and killed him. I would sit on the bed watching for him but the little "bugger" would only come out and play when the lights were off and then he would buzz in my (note "my" and not "our")ear. Three nights of sleeping with a sheet over my head. My husband had put in two requests for a screen to be put on our bathroom window. When we left it was still missing. They never did sing the "hands up, baby hands up" song that you always hear on the commericals. I was kind of looking forward to that. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing vaca

Major disappointment

from A TripAdvisor Member
It was my third visit to this Club Med resort in the past three years (March 31- April 7). It was a major disappointment. Club Med had no control over some of the factors that caused this. They did over others. The trip was defined by weather and the war. The weather was lousy. Cool and very windy early in the trip, although it did warm up during the finaltwo days. The war was a factor becasue many Americans weren't travelling. Club Med allowed them to defer their vacations, so the New York charter on Saturday contained only 59 people (in contrast to the normal 200+). A long-time staff member said she had never seen the resort so empty, with so little energy. As legendary Chef de Village "Hammer" has said to me in the past, when condidtions are bad, that's when GO's really have to work hard to make theirguests feel welcome. The current Chef de Village ofTurkoise, Paul Langas, must have been sleeping during that portion of the Club Med training program. His GO's were the laziest, rudest bunch I've ever encountered in my dozen trips to various Club Meds. One GO made no excuses. She noted that she was "just marking time" until she was being rotated to her next Club. Then there was the matter of the air conditioning. It failed in the D, E buildings. We went to the front desk. They said it was repaired. But for the next three nights, the temperature in the room was suffocating and we couldn't open our windows becasue of the mosquitoes. I don't blame Club Medif the repair people couldn't do the job quickly. But I am angry at Paul Langas for taking the "if-we-don't-tell-them-perhaps-they-won't-notice"approach. He could have at least explained the problem during the evening shows. On a larger scale, this village is in need of a major facelift. While they have done work here-and-there over the past few years, the buildingsseem worn and run down. When we did aerobics in the (normally inadequatley air-conditioned) exercise room, the instructor asked he floor. I'm not kidding. Perhaps all GO's, and Paul Langas inparticular, could take a lesson from Marcel, the long-time Club Med staffer who runs the small restaurant on the property. He realized that people looking forward to something special when they eat at his place, away from the large dining rooms. He's courteous,greets people with a big smile and even laughs at his guest's not-so-funny jokes. He treats people with respect. Perhaps it was just a bad week. Perhaps Club Med's managerial ineptness and fiscal woes are affecting the morale at the Village level. Whatever the case, I would not recommend Club Med Turkoise until there are changes.

windsurfing turks and caicos

from vtran
I went to the Club Med Turks and Caicos April 5 through April 12, 2003 with two other people. At first, I was hesitant to go there because I wanted to go to a high wind destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding, like Bonaire, but my friends were not regular windsurfers, so we ended up at the Club Med Turks and Caicos, and I thought I would end up scuba diving and playing tennis all days. For all the obsessive windsurfers and kiteboarders out there, the windsurfing here was fantastic. I lucked out and had 4 days of side-on-shore steady over 20 knots wind. The wind was steady; the water was warm, flat, and crystal clear; the beach was gorgeous; and I was the only advanced (planning and in footstraps and consistently jibes and tacks on small board) windsurfer in the whole entire Grace Bay beach. I windsurfed from one end of the beach to the tip where there were no hotels. The only thing you see is people sitting on the beach. No other windsurfers or kiteboarders to get in your ways. It was too bad I did not bring my kite along...Then the wind died so I spend the last three days doing free styles and tricks and not minding falling into the warm water. And I went scuba diving and played tennis. I had a bad experience with the scuba refresher course (did not like my refresher course instructor who I thought had no interest in teaching, but all other club med diving instructors were great, especially John), and I had one excellent buddy dive at the end of my trip, so overall diving experience here was fine (and yes, I kept looking at the choppy water as I went out on the scuba boat and thinking of the few hours of windsurfing I was missing; if you are an obsessive windsurfer like me you would understand). So I decided to write this review to give an opinion on wind and windsurfing and kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos. So for all those couples who significant others do not windsurf, you can come here to Club Med and windsurf or kiteboard and have your significant other do other activbasketball, golf on the island, snorkeling, go on sunset cruises, etc.)...I plan to check the wind situation for the summer and be back with my kite this time...

Good job, Nick

from sandrich
I just read Nick's response to someone's bad experience with Club Med Turkoise's diving. We vacationed there from Feb. 8 - 21, 2003. I am a PADI Instructor and have had diving experiences all over the world. During my stay at Club Med, I had 13 dives with Nick's crew of professionals and found them to be simply the best. I was "buddied" with another instructor which made all my dives carefree thanks to the system used by Nick by which experience is matched with experience. It's not much fun when you pay for a dive and find out you have to work as well. Nick, in his efforts, has eliminated this possibility. For all you divers out there, no matter what your certification level, if you want great and safe diving, Club Med Turkoise is where you will find it.As well as the great diving, my wife and I had one of our best vacations ever. This was our first Club Med experience and being middle aged we didn't know what to expect. What we found was a fantastic group of GO's, good food, especially the breads, and a village full of diverse people of all ages and from different countries and who all got along. Where do you find that these days, huh? Great job you guys. Rich Mathers OWSI 206509

s are great

from A TripAdvisor Member
Turks is a great place to relax and unwind. The accomadations are so so and the food is not as good as other Clubs that I have been to. The GO's are great. They work very hard to make sure that your stay is fun. The Circus team are wonderful. The Dive Team is fantastic. They are always calm and looking out for your saftey. Turks is a great place to go !!!

Top Local Tips for Providenciales

Bargain before you go Make sure to ask the cab driver how much the far will be for your entire party before getting in the cab

Attractions Club Med Turks and Caicos was amazing. There is nothing to do outside the resort except for excursions. So I guess that's why the hotel makes sure that you have everything you need. If you love Excursions this is the place to be. I had a 2 hour Jet Ski excursion that was a blast. I saw Iguana Island which was fun and I explored the caves which was crazy.

car rental Don't rent from Provo Rentals. The guy who owns it was from Texas and a total scam artist. We rented a jeep with malfunctioning seat belts and windshield wipers, with a plastic bag used as a gas cap and very poor steering. When we complained he told us he would make it up to us and take us on a tour to the northern end of the island. We found out from a local that this area was very dangerous and that thigs would steal your stuff if you went snorkelling. Rent from a well known company such as Avis or Budget.


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  • turks caicos club med
  • turkoise
  • providenciales club med
  • club med turks caicos
  • club med turks & caicos
  • club med turks
  • club med turkoise
  • club med providenciales
  • club med
  • Address: Providenciales, - Providenciales - Turks and Caicos Islands
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