Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino St. Maarten Hotel

, St. Martin, St. Martin
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Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino St. Maarten Hotel

, St. Martin
1 Rhine Rd - St. Martin - St. Martin Hotel Website | 599-545-2115
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t hear you.

from A TripAdvisor Member
From the moment the cab driver said the hotel was two miles from the airport, a fact that is neglected on the Maho Beach Resort website, I was skeptical. When we entered the Hotel Lobby things took a downward turn. The staff was not helpful, and seemed to know very little about how the all-inclusive option, which is a major selling point on this hotel, actually works. A bell-boy took us up to our room and pulled the curtains back to reveal our garden view, which was a view of the concrete roof, of the building below and a construction site across the street. The room was horribly depressing and loud from a combination of jets landing next door and the construction noise. My husband and I then decided to explore the hotel grounds. The pool was very nice, as were the grounds and the beach area. We were starting to think it might not be so bad and then a plane landed. The jets are not only loud they cause a huge wake in the water which splashes on shore. I find it difficult to believe that people are not bothered by the noise of the planes. For us it was a deal breaker. We had some dinner and called our travel agent. The next day we moved to the other side of the island....

Realistic expectations will be met, no problems with Maho

from A TripAdvisor Member
Firstly, I would like to say that if you're either an American or Canadian that's expecting to go to the East Caribbean and get 5 star big city like service and pampering, you won't get it here. Neither should you.

I still do not understand people who travel to another place and not respect the local way of life and alter your own expectations accordingly. This hotel is absolutely great. The service wasn't the fastest nor the food was absolutely gourmet or anything (compared to what we may get in a 5 star in N America) but the grounds were beautiful, clean, and well maintained. The rooms were just fine, I would call the rooms and grounds close enough to 5-star. The local people who work and live in the island are friendly, honest, and relaxed people. If you actually sit down and talk to them you may come to agree that we should be taking a page from their book. The flight path to the runway was very close which made it even more thrilling for most people to see. 2-3 times per week a KLM 747 and Corsair 747 lands on this island and it's absolutely amazing to see. The planes were not very frequent and stopped landing at sunset. The beach and beaches surrounding were clean and safe. In fact, several times we left our beach chairs and bag with camera and everything in it to go have lunch, nothing was touched (though we had somewhat a view of it while having lunch). The chances were greater on this island for a tourist to rip you off than a local, locals all know each other and have a reputation to keep.

One employee at the hotel told me that they get people from N America
every day who come in and expect everything, right away, right now and
panic when it doesn't come, as though they were stopping into Starbucks
on their way to the office for a meeting. Meanwhile they have 1 or 2
weeks left in their vacation and the employee working wonders "What's
the rush?"

This and I'm sure other surrounding islands live on 'island time" and one word of advice that will completely make your vacation at Maho Beach one of the best ever: Get in your room, put your bags down, realise where you are and say to yourself "Okay, we're on vacation, time to slow down now..."

Do that and you'll have a great time. we'll say 4/5 for Maho.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I just returned from a 1 week stay at the Maho Beach hotel in St. Maarten.Based on the Conquest vacations brochure which rates this property at an astounding 5 STARS!?! we booked our tickets for June 14th. We followed it up by reading some reviews including this website... in hindsite we really should have listened more to the negative reviews and changed our hotel, as they were bang on.Pros: - close to the airport? (the beach is practicly almost part of the runway... no joke) - close to the Casino Royal (which is nice, but small by international standards) - a few nice shops/restaurants near the hotel - close to some good restaurants near simpson bay - $1.00 - $1.50 bus ride (per person) to Phillipsburg or Marigot (bus = 10passenger mini-van) - slots in the hotel - decent pool/swimup bar - clean rooms - people are friendlyCons: - ridiculously close to the Airport (close = like the Sheraton at Terminal 3 Pearson) - We bought the "All Inclusive" and the food was very bland and limited in selection (Brkfast, Lunch) and forget about dinner ... pathetic. We wound up eating out every night for dinner after the 3rd straight night of overcooked, bland, tasteless junk. - We payed almost $300ea to upgrade to a "deluxe" room... what a joke! It was the same as a standard room, but had a round table with 2 chairs. - the beach was manmade and very small. Airplanes landing and taking off 100 yards away at regular intervals in my opinion do not make for a very serene getaway. - Some guests were not AI, and you would think that a wristband policy would be the most convenient... but no, they make you show your room key and sign for everything. - no roomservice menu or late night snack barOverall and although it rained 5 of the 7 days, the shopping in Phillipsburgh and Marigot is GREAT!! Managed to have some great dining experiences and even won some cash at the Casinos.Would we return... maybe in a couple of years, but definitely not before we visit 6 other Carribean islands.

What a nice place

from nonrevver
Maho Beach is so nice and close to the airport. Just a $6 cab ride and in about 5 minutes you can be on the beach! I found the workers there to be very friendly and helpful. There's ample nightlife walking distance across the street and down the road in the form of 2 casinos and a couple of bars. The best part in my opinion is the closeness to the beach and the airport. People come from around the world constantly to watch the planes land at SXM because you can get soooo close to the runway. And it's on a beach so what more could you want! Overall Maho beach was a fair price in a good location with some shops and stores around and a good nightlife and right on the beach.

ll be glad you did.

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I went to Maho last year. I was a bit purturbed about having a hotel practically at the end of the runway of the airport but during the week only small planes role in and you soon forget about the noise completely. I am extremely critical about what food is served to me and being a chef myself it is my policy to introduce myself to the executive chefs and tour the kitchens personally. I found the kitchens spotless ,modern and completely up to date. The sous chefs were clean , friendly and more than willing to show me everything right down to the pantries and the freezers. In a nut shell the meals were outstanding and I'm sorry to say we both gained quite a few pounds over our week stay. The grill outdoors is also topnotch and all the wait staff were helpful and friendly Don't be afraid to tip generously once in a while , although it's an all inclusive the staff will remember you and bend over backwards to fullfill your needs. A previous reviewer mentioned Cheryl, she worked at the bar by the beach and was not only beautiful but very kind as well.Watch the little bartender at the swim up bar........... I found out that he was keeping daily tabs for the all inclusive guests for them to sign at the end of the day but the tab was always a bit more than you drank. It became more obvious by the end of the week when I would order one drink from him in the morning and end up signing for 6 drinks at the end of the day. No skin off my nose until I found out that non-all inclusive guests were paying cash for there drinks and I suspect he was pocketing that and charging there drinks to me and other guests. I reported this to the management so wether they did something about this I don't know.In conclusion the Island , the resort , the people were all fantastic and I will definitely return again soon.Doug & Alina

Stay away from Maho Resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading the previous reviews and saw what they had to say about the service, I thought "Hey, how bad could it be"? Well, it was worse than I ever could imagine! The service was the worse I have ever seen. I had to wait 20 minutes to get water at the swim-up bar which wouldn't be so bad if their was a line-up but I was the only one waiting! He completely ignored me and when I said something about keeping me waiting, he said "I'll get to you when I get to you", apparently if you didn't "flash" him your chest, you didn't get served, which is not my idea of a 5 star hotel... The hotel "guest services" girl was downright rude, I inquired about boat tours and she looked completely uninterested in helping us and she even walked away in the middle of my sentence! I told the manager and he just simply shrugged his shoulders. The breakfast buffet was uncomfortable since the servers all gathered in the corner staring at the guests, talking about them, giving them dirty looks and refusing to serve coffee. I asked for a cup of juice and she looked at me like I had killed a member of her family. The food was supposed to be all-inclusive but if you missed the 2 hour "window of opportunity" at the buffet for a snack, you starved. The food at the buffet was terrible but the a la carte restaurant was great as was the Point Restaurant. I found a great catamaran day cruise though that made the trip worth it regardless of the disgusting service. The Tahuna II was a great time, for $60 U.S, which was the best price I found, we sailed to Prickle Pear from Marigot where we snorkeled and lied on an uninhabited beach until lunch was served, which was great, then more snorkeling, diving or whatever strikes your fancy. It was worth returning. At least the boat crew were friendly! If you're looking for a 5 star hotel, Maho is not it, I personally couldn't wait to leave St-Maarten after spending a week there since I have never seen such bad, rude service. n office! However, Cheryl at the beach bar was great, she's the only one that serves you without giving you the look that you're ruining their day! Go to Dominican Republic instead, it's cheaper, better food, and the service is fantastic!Save your money and your sanity, stay away!

Wish we could have stayed longer!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We actually stayed at the Maho back in July last year. When I read a poor review of this place, I have to wonder whether there are 2 resorts with the same name. I feel I have to add my 2 cents after reading some of the reviews, just to set the record straight! My husband and I had a wonderful time for our week there, and were wishing we could have stayed longer! Parise, our Conquest rep, was absolutely amazing - a bundle of neverending energy! Cheryl was our favourite staff member in the restaurant, always greeted us with a smile and a chat. We went on the all-inclusive and, although I did not always go for the buffet, I always found something to my taste. We found that, for the price, you could eat there just half of the time and go somewhere else the other half, and still get your money's worth for the all-inclusive. True enough, not everything is available in the way of services when you go in the off-season, but we rented a car from Mickey at Tropicana (we chose a white Toyota Corolla, of course) and explored the island - actually put over 350 miles on the poor buggy by the end of the week. I was truly sad to go home after the week, and am actually hoping to take my Mom there next month, if all goes well. If anyone would like further info about Maho or St-Maarten in general, please feel free to email me. Bear in mind that this review is my own very humble opinion and on eshould always approach these reviews with a grain of salt. What is a deal-breaker for you may just be what made someone else's vacation so wonderful.Regards,Melody

Had a great time at the Maho

from A TripAdvisor Member
Had a great time ... The combination of an all-inclusive with proximity to restaurants & clubs up the street and bars at other resorts offers the best of both worlds ... Staff was friendly ... Food was excellent ... Choice of buffet or a la carte in the bar was a plus ... The airport is awfully close, so the constant fly-bys are entertaining but might annoy someone who is sensitive to noise ... Since a storm in Toronto delayed our departure, the location was a real plus as the Comquest rep made sure we spent the delay at the hotel rather than the airport ... Read on this site about the inferior rooms, but as I went at low season, nobody had that experience during my week -- In high season, if not buying a superior room, I recommend requesting a high room in the tower ... The nearby golf course has a stunning layout, but is not well kept ... If you want to see more of the island, I recommend the public transit that runs right by the hotel ... No real water sports options on site, but people went out and saw the island ... There were several repeat customers at the resort that week -- including one couple on their 8th visit.

Nightmare never materialized

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I came to St Martin for our honeymoon. The resort itself was quite nice, with a good pool, restaurants, and a small beach (which leads directly to the Sunset Beach Bar, our favorite afternoon hang out). BTW: The beaches on the french side are nicer (try baie rouge), as are the restaurants (Grand Case is the place), so you should rent a car and explore. On the fourth day the Maho had a fire in the electrical generator room, resulting in a total power outtage at the resort for over a week, closing it. Very much a resort's worst case scenario. It was during this chaotic time that the resort showed its true colors. The staff at the Maho (especially the manager, Carlo) was very attentive and pleasant finding alternative lodging for the guests and helping with thier luggage. Several guests were mad, even cursing and yelling, but the staff stayed positive and helpful, despite the unnecessary abuse. Carlo and his staff found us a wonderful suite at a much more expensive hotel, and made sure we payed only our agreed upon rate. He and his staff made a horrible situation quite pleasant. At no time did we think, "after all this planning and work, this is gonna ruin our honeymoon!" (We tell the story with a smile and many people ask how we can laugh about it, but the staff was really, really great, so it never truely interfered with our honeymoon.)And that is REALLY saying something about the service . . .

We liked the Maho!

from DramaQueen71
I have heard that many people did not like this hotel. We stayed there from 3/8/03-3/14/03. We actually liked it. We thought that the grounds were beautiful. If you do stay here i recommend that you stay in the Ocean Terrace Building. It is smaller, much quieter and the views of the ocean are beautiful. We got a free upgrade to an ocean view room with out even asking. I found the staff very helpful and friendly. I do not recommend getting the all-inclusive plan. We did not get it and were happy because there are many great restaurants in St Martin to try. The hotel is very close to the airport. You can watch the planes land while you sit on the beach. The planes did not bother us but then again we were out most days exploring the island. I would definately stay there again. We really loved St Martin. The beaches are beautiful and the people are very sweet.

Top Local Tips for St. Martin

Orient Beach is a MUST! Orient beach is a must visit. It is on the French Side. The beach is beautiful!

public transportation Make sure it is public transportation system because they only charge $1.50 per person and will take you anywhere! Taxi's are more about $5 or $8!

lots of restaurants Rent a car & enjoy restaurants in Grand Case or even getting to the Orient Beach.


Other names for Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino St. Maarten Hotel

  • st. maarten/st. martin sonesta
  • st martin sonesta
  • st maarten sonesta
  • sonesta st. maarten/st. martin
  • sonesta maho beach resort casino
  • sonesta maho beach resort & casino
  • sonesta maho beach resort
  • sonesta maho beach hotel
  • sonesta maho beach
  • sonesta maho
  • maho beach hotel
  • Address: 1 Rhine Rd - St. Martin - St. Martin
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