Pelican Resort Club Hotel

, Simpson Bay, St. Martin
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Pelican Resort Club Hotel

, Simpson Bay
Billy Folly Rd, 37 - Simpson Bay - St. Martin Hotel Website | 54-42503

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Historical Traveller Reviews of Pelican Resort Club Hotel

t waste your money!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from spending one week at the Pelican Resort. This is really a 2 star hotel. St Martin is just one big ghetto. Therefore, to them this may be a four star hotel. However, to most Americans this is an OK resort. Save your money and go to St Barts! That is a very clean, classy place to visit! The Pelican was nice and clean. The staff was friendly enough. Some of the staff were rude, but maybe they were having an off day. All in all, if you can go elsewhere, do so!!!! I would NEVER go back to the Pelican. I work hard and therefore I want better than a 2 star atmosphere when I travel. Especially if they say they are better! Don't go!

Wish I had paid attention to the previous posts

from A TripAdvisor Member
Dec 20-27/2003-After getting off the plane we noticed how dirty and poverty stricken this island was. Worse than Jamaica. You will not feel safe walking outside of resort or when you go into town. Watch for pickpockets and do not show your money. Be aware that you will be bombarded by timeshare vendors thruout your trip. The french side of the island is cleaner and friendlier. The hotel staff acts as if you are bothering them. Regarding our room; our first studio was B215-we had a view of the cement wall hiding the large pool. The bathroom grout looked as if it had never seen bleach, our toilet worked when it felt like it, we then went to the office and let them know that this accomodation was unacceptable and we are used to receiving at least equal to our 5 star but would have accepted a 3-4 star accomodation.
This was a one star. They moved us to B128, parking lot level but at least had a bit of a view of the ocean. This room's toilet decided not to work toward the end of the week and we had no hot water, got many excuses on why, the last one was "the resort is solar response was that I had hot water in the last unit and my neighbors had hot water but they didn't seem to care...this resort is either in financial trouble from the hurricanes possibly or the ownership has no idea how a resort should be maintained or upgraded. Many people that we spoke with had no complaints but after talking with them, had only traveled to this resort or very little and did not have 4-5 star resorts to compare to. You cannot charge anything to your room and the resort does not manage the activities or restaurants, stores, chairs; they are private vendors who charge their own prices and are expensive.
You cannot use a prepaid phone card and the hotel charges $2 per call to connect your calls via credit card. Bring everything you need from the states. Mosquitoes were ravenous to me and left huge welts but didn't touch my husband. I would not recommend this resort to anyone expecting a 3-5 star resort.

Read this first.

from A TripAdvisor Member
As I walked into my beach front room, I stepped into the bathroom, where I was introduced to a cockaroach. The only thing about st.
maarteen, aint the people, nor the hotels, but the beach. This hotel is a one star hotel, on the lines of say a "Motel 6." The bathrooms are ridculous, it is so uncomfortable to shower, to do anything. The whole hotel needs to be torn down and rebuilt. There are 121231234 mosquitos, I think I got bit about 15 times. Bugs seemed to just be popping into the room. The rooms are cleaned once a week, not once a day. It's ridiculous!!! The people there are so inconsiderate, and they just don't smile! All the waiters we had, help we had, was with no smiles.
The whole island is dirty and is like 3rd world, everyone thinks in a negative way towards the tourists.

My family and I are used to the 4 and 5 star hotel of hawaii and all.
We are from Los Angeles. Let me tell you know, this is a waste and a joke! Go back to hawaii, you guys can email me at with more questions?!

If you want no service, come here.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Worst vacation of my life!!!Resort accomadations were average. Staff very unfriendly. Never wanted to lift a finger to help guests:One day a table fell in our room, and I called the maide to fix it. She knocked on my door, handed me a broom and walked out!!!!!!!!!The next day, the maid locked us out of our bathroom I asked her to unlock the door and she stated "the bathrooms don't have locks". I told her well this one does because I can't get into it! She said she would check on it in a minute, 1 hour later she arrives looks at the door and says, the locksmith will have to fix this! Another hour mintues later the locksmith comes and fixes it. Mind you, our bathing suits are in the bathroom, so we just lost out 2 hours of nice weather.The hotel didn't have phone cards, none of the phone cards we purchased in the nearby gas station even worked at our hotel. This made calling home almost impossible and very expensive since we had to use our credit card to make the calls.Everytime we were on the beach, someone was trying to sell us something. These people were relentless. Only time you got a smile or help from the staff was when you were going to buy something.Last night at resort, around 2am heard a woman screaming outside our window "don't hurt me". Seemed as though couple was drunk and female and afraid of boyfriend. Neighbor called security, when security went there not helpful to girl. And basically left her with there. Not my idea of safe surroundings. Lots of security around, but didn't seem to be doing anything.Weather, shopping on island great, but resort was definitely a miss!

Pelican Resort, 10/03

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just returned from the Pelican Resort in St. Maarten. The resort was comfortable enough, the rooms were clean and large, however, there is a significant amount of renovation taking place at the resort and we were awakened every morning by the sound of jack hammers in the rooms adajacent to ours. Apparently this construction is going to be continuing for some time as they renovate nearly all of the rooms. If you're going to the Pelican, ask about being placed in a room away from renovation. Other than the renovation, the resort was nice enough, not luxurious, but clean, comfortable, and pleasant. All of the staff were pleasant and accommodating.

Wonderful 25th Anniversary Trip

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I planned early for our 25th anniversary trip. We wanted to go to the Carribean and were not sure what island we wanted to go to.
We found the Pelican Bay Resort in St. Maarten made our plans and we had a fantastic time. We were well taken care of and we stayed in Building F which is right on the beach. What a wonderful time we had.
Our dreams came true.

Pelican -not a high flyer!

from sanibelsandals
Arrived at the Pelican Sat 9/27/03. Check-in was fairly efficient, but directions to room not very clear. When we finally located our 2 bedroom unit, we were very disappointed. In a corner on a hill facing the backend of a tennis court - no views at all. The Allamonte Bldg.
The unit was spacious, but very warm - no air or fans going for a very long time, possibly months! - the odor of mildew/mold was overpowering.
The unit was in need of repair/upgrading, the 2nd bedroom was locked and we had no access. The bathroom was totally unacceptable. I knew there was no way I was spending my 1 week of vacation in this place. I complained and the manager handled the complaint promptly by having security show me 2 alternate rooms in another bldg - but both only having 1 bedroom - not 2-which we exchanged for. One of these units was a bit better than the original unit, (*strong pinesol smell for the first couple days) so we moved to the Caladium bldg. It was clean & the bathroom was ok - we were told this resort had tubs - they don't, only stall showers. I would not have accepted the exchange, had I known no tub/jacuzzis. Our replacement unit was 1 unit from the end facing a public road - the top of the fence was layered and layered with bobwire. Lots of local noise too, if you stepped outside to the public area you could see part of Simpson Bay - no views from unit. They were working in the bldg all week - tearing up tile floors - so if you stayed in - you were subject to jackhammering all day from 10am-4 pm.
Friday there were major problems with the vacuum system for the flush toilets - the noise was like a jet taking off/or an exploding toilet - we reported it early in the morning twice, when we returned around dinner time - nothing was repaired, we reported it again and the plumber arrived in 15 minutes. We were told the whole bldg had problems, the next morning at the pool we were told by other guests they had same problems in different bldgs-with some toilets backing up too. The Marina Pool is being redone - again we weren't told this at time of booking. So the entire week on the beach all you heard was jackhammering and carpenters - after a while you tuned it out. They were also working on one of the bldgs near the beach - ripping up floors. Lots of work being done around the resort - it's desperately needed! The casino was ok - but a disappointment to the guests who loyally played all week to earn raffle tickets for Fri night's Midnite Grand Prize drawing $1000 - at 11:45 pm lots of locals showed up with handfuls of raffle tickets (Gee, where were they playing all week??) and of course, a local won the $1000! The staff wasn't very friendly, Friday there were no beach towels available-they were all being laundered. La Veranda Cafe the food and service were good. The prices in the food store were fairly reasonable for an island resort. The beach was nice, the service good. Calypso Beach Bar - food was good, sanitation questionable. Check out is 10 am. A little early if you have a late afternoon flight. They do provide a hospitality room for changing/showering - it was crowded, we had a bit of a wait to change clothes - didn't shower because there were no towels - appeared to be 'common towels' that everyone before us used! We couldn t use the restrooms near the pool - they didn't work! Before checking out on 10/4 we spoke with other guests & owners and the general consensus was the place needs better management & lots of work!

Loved St. Martin - Pelican was good too

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent Sept 26 - Oct 5, 2003 at the Pelican. Our two bedroom timeshare - A2A and A2B in the Allamanda building - was a bit tired. It needs new drapery and bedspreads. The only view was of the tennis courts. The upstairs units of this building do not have a patio.

There were several pools spread around the property and the on-site grocery has reasonable prices. We stayed an extra night and had to be moved up the hill to the Caladium building, unit C16B. This unit was much nicer. It had been refurbished and had a wonderful view of the bay.

The resort was not as nice overall as some we've stayed in other places, but we would stay there again.

Had a great time in St. Maarten

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to the Pelican for 1 week from NYC for our annual vacation. The Pelican overall was about 3 stars out of five. It was clearly in its heyday in years past. However, the management seems to be trying to renovate and provide a general cleanup of the property.

Our 1 bedroom suite was immaculate and very comfortable. As it was low season (Labor Day week) we had the pool in front our suite to ourselves and the beach was very nice as well, except for some rough waves during the time Hurricane Fabian passed over. We met other tourists who were very pleasant, as well. I will say that the hotel satff leaves a little to be desired, not very forthcoming about activities, etc... and they are trying to sell you a timeshare! But, aside from resort activities being cancelled with no notice, I had a very enjoyable vacation.

You do have to be they type to make your own fun. Rent a car and get out and see the island on your own. The tours from the resort (e.g., Sunset Cruise) are top notch and are reportedly a better experience than some others on the island. Go to Lee's Roadside Grill; Bananas; the Q Club and Jewelry & Linens in Maho Beach.

I would stay at the Pelican again, but not for a luxury or five star experience. The Pelican is a "I gotta get away and I can't afford to spend much $ hotel." Be safe and have fun!

Sweet Revenge

from A TripAdvisor Member
After four years without a vacation, I chose the Pelican Resort to finally provide myself with some relaxation. Arriving at the beautiful island, my boyfriend and I soon discovered that US Airways had unfortunately lost our luggage. Trying not to let this mishap ruin our vacation, we headed towards the Pelican to shower and unpack what little we had. That was Saturday, Day One. The luggage finally arrived late Monday. In the meantime, we were not provided with any accomodations whatsoever. To start, we had to purchase GOD AWFUL bathing suits at the local shop on the resort for VERY unreasonable prices. Perhaps a simple discount could have been made by the resort on these already overpriced bathing suits. Secondly, I was forced to contact the airline several times a day because the manager did not feel that it was his responsibility to get involved. In addition, the hotel staff offered no information, support or understanding to our situation. Their lack of compassion was clearly shown by several staff members on Day Two, Sunday afternoon. Arriving with jeans and sneakers to the very beautiful and very hot island, we found ourselves in need of laundry facilities. The hotel staff refused to provide us with any complimentary laundry tokens (which have a retail value of $1.00 each), and ultimately were very rude to our faces and embarassed us greatly. I wanted to scream for help! Was it ludicrous to expect this hotel to care about their guests? The Pelican Resort managed to mentally and emotionally break down my spirit that week. When the luggage finally arrived late monday, my lack of enthusiasm and adventure were very apparent. The icing on the cake was the maid stealing the extra razors from their cartridge. My advice: do not subject yourself to the inconsiderate, unprofesional and unethical cast of characters at the Pelican Resort.

Top Local Tips for Simpson Bay

Go to Pinal Island Go to Pinal Island. Its beautiful. We also loved Wakiki Beach, by Orient Beach. It was SO beautiful.

Check In at Airport Our plane didn't leave until after 4, so we didn't have to check in until 3. Not wanting to leave our luggage in the car for several hours while we sightsee, as soon as we checked out of the Resort (10:30), we checked our luggage at the airport. That way, all we had to worry about was getting there in enough time to go through security and that went pretty fast.

Take the ferry - or a quick plane ride - to St. Barth's One hour high speed ferry to St. Barth's from 10-4 from Simposon Bay. Not good for those with motion sickness or those who think they'll melt if they get wet (you get splashed A LOT b/c they make you keep the windows open) Wear a bathing suit! Overall the ride was fun and we were there in no time - TIP - no matter what boat prices you see, there is always a $12 per person transport fee - PLUS the ticket. We got the tickets for $5 for touring a timeshare...tix are usually $55 per person but I would have paid that b/c St. Barth's is about a million times more beautiful than St. Martin! A gorgeous French island - so picturesque - star sightings - good food - luxurious accomodations. GET THERE! :-)


Other names for Pelican Resort Club Hotel

  • st maarten pelican resort
  • pelican resort st maarten
  • pelican resort simpson bay
  • pelican resort club
  • pelican resort
  • pelican hotel simpson bay
  • Address: Billy Folly Rd, 37 - Simpson Bay - St. Martin

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