Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa Hotel

, Soufriere, St. Lucia
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Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa Hotel

, Soufriere
4 star

Rooms: 112

Box 252 - Soufriere - St. Lucia | 4568000
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from swheatley
Simply amazing! My wife and I returned two weeks ago from our honeymoon at the Jalousie. We had the time of our lives. We can not imagine anything better than this resort. Our taxi driver summed it up when I asked him about the Hilton. He said..."My friend you're staying in paradise!" The people at this resort are amazing; everyone went far out of their way to make sure that our stay was perfect. The first night we arrived, we were too tired to go to one of the restaurants, so we decided to order room service. We also wanted to go to the beach, so I asked them if they could deliver the food there, no problem. Well, we were expecting Styrofoam boxes, but they set us a table with linens, wine glasses, and even a candle...we had the most romantic dinner on the beach, just the two of us. What a way to start a honeymoon! We loved the villa and feel that we had the best view of the entire resort...so if you go, request #701! We enjoyed the food, and we both feel that we ate a little too much while we were there. I would however recommend the all-inclusive package. We did go all-inclusive, I added the cost of our meals and it definitely paid for itself. I just enjoyed not having to worry about the cost of each meal. We enjoyed the seclusion of the resort the most. In searching for a resort, we wanted to feel like we were all alone, yet have the activities and amenities of a full resort. The Jalousie Hilton fit our wants perfectly. Comparing with friends who stayed at other resorts in the Caribbean and some that rented houses, we really feel that we made the perfect decision. We took some tours to Soufriere, the Botanical gardens, the drive through volcano, and also went horseback riding. The place is absolutely wonderfulwe have already talked about celebrating one of our milestone anniversaries at the Jalousie. I could go on and on, but the bottom line isthis place is paradise, we have absolutely no complaints!

location -yes! Hotel - No!

from JAncellDawes
I'll start with the good things about Jalousie St Lucia

The location is idyllic

Now for the disappointments -

*The journey by road is horrendous, particularly after an 8 hour flight. Not just bumpy, but violent....

*Anyone with a back or neck problem should avoid this journey, or take a chiropractor with them.

*The mini bar was empty on arrival, and the fridge was switched off. Apparently this is normal, the problem is that nobody tells you on arrival - little comfort at 11pm.

*We were put in the wrong villa - too small

*My family had a feeling of being 'trapped' at the hotel, which is located between two peaks.

*Babies were allowed to swim in the pool without any protective garments i.e. potential pollution of the water. The management simply looked on.

*Food from room service was always cold - although we investigated with the food and beverage manager, she said that she was leaving the hotel in any event, on the following Friday.....and couldn't understand the problem.

*Other guests complained of the same problem, including the poor quality of the food.

*We had continual problems with the quality of food at the hotel, apart from the Plantation restaurant - I forgot, I ordered a 'medium' steak and received well-done.

*The waitresses in the beach grill were continually getting our order wrong, and simply shrugged when there was a problem.

*One day the swimming area on the beach became 'clogged' with floating debris i.e. wood, bottles, general trash items, - this was left for the day - quite dangerous to bathers and paddlers.

*The maid used our telephone - we had the call removed from our bill.

*On two occasions the room was not made up - the excuse was that they had 'new arrivals' - surprise, surprise - a hotel with new guests.........

*The entertainment was non-existent, apart from an adjacent cafe, which had a local fire eating and general display of acrobatics - this in comparison to the previous five days was a real joy.

*Vegeterians better avoid Jalousie, as the choice of food is particulary limited.

*One couple had their room burgled, and were told that it was probably - staff members who were guilty.

*Two other couples tried to find an alternative hotel, but only one family was successful. They had complained of the same problems as encountered by my family.

*I also had the feeling at Jalousie, that if you sneezed, a charge would appear on the bill........

*I have no difficulty paying for good service and good food, but at this hotel we did not receive either.

In general, the hotel relies on the location, but probably merits 3
stars, not the 5 given for just a few more 'ticks in the boxes' - I
could go on and on about the problems, but will leave it there.

Leonce the Cab driver

from A TripAdvisor Member
I will write this review as in depth as I can. Prior to visiting the Jalousie on my honeymoon in late June I went online to read everything I could about the resort so, I will attempt to answer any questions that I had before going. First off, this place is amazing. One of the more gorgeous settings ever, breathtaking views everywhere, extremely clean and well kept grounds, very large and fun resort. Food: was hit or miss never horrible never amazing. Average lunch meal about 15 dollars a burger or so. Average dinner about 25 a plate. The theme nights expect a hundred dollar bill at the end more or less with extra drinks. Staff: is the nicest I have ever met, service is tremedous.
Drinks: bout 5 or 6 a drink for fancy or beer all the same. Nightlife: not much But you are never bored. the theme night have entertainment but it was really nice to relax. Definately go next door to the place called the "bang" for Wednesday night fun time so-so food but it is not a "bar" more of a "patio" than anything. cheaper food. Its right next door to the Pier Restaraunt. DO NOT GET THE MEAL PLAN. For my wife and I who really like to drink and eat it would have been 1600.00 for the 6 days and I spent less than 600.00 on food and drink on the resort.
You'll see everyone goes to the Bang on Wednesday so you woln't even get to use that night. And if you want to go to Dasheene to see the view. You woln't use it that night either.Take a cab into Soufriere (its the little village right by the resort) $30 round trip. But some groceries and alcohol there (about 75 cents a beer) and bring it back and put it in your mini fridge. If you take a cab ask for LEONCE. He is a cab driver that signs a contract with the Hilton and sits at the top of the entrance and is ready if needed only takes Hilton people. He can be trusted. HE IS THE GREATEST!!!!!!!! My wife and I used him three times and the final time we wanted to see the country so we had him take us to the Capital Castries for the day ($160) He gave us a tour of the whole island. It was a long cab ride but we didn't even notice. Its the best way to see the "real St. Lucia" And we took the helicopter.
The Cab ride all day is better While in Castries we did some shopping while he waited for us alllll day. On the way back we stopped at a the Rum Distillery for a tour and samples, our Cab driver Bought us 2 fifths of Rum as a souvenoir to take back and drink at home. Then sat and did some shots with me at the taste testing booth. Leonce, I can't say enough about him very nice, family man not shady at all. If you use him PLEASE tell him that Scotty and Christy said to use him. You can ask for him at the front desk they will call up for him, he will be there.Definately get the plunge pool room, you'll regret it if you don't. I got a great deal on my room and friends we made down there said they did too. Without airfare we spent under 1500. And did not hold back at all. So i am certain that there are people paying full price that may have found this totally a rough expensive trip, but i thought it was paradise that ended up being affordable. (airfare does however suck

Great Villas and Beach

from DowntownDC
We spent 7 days at the Hilton in May 2002. The weather was perfect, the villa was great for the two of us. If you're looking for hotel service, but a unquie villa experience this is the right place for you. The private dip pool was a welcome feature and we used it everyday. Pool, beach, and food was good too. Though it's worth exploring dining options at nearby for variety. The hot spot on Wed night in St. lucia is located at the bottom of the Hitlon property near the water. Worth checking out on Wed nights. Skip the spa services and scuba diving at the Hilton. Check out nearby resorts instead. Though snorkeling is good at the Hilton.

s beautiful.

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I planned our belated honeymoon to St. Lucia in June, 2003. This forum was so helpful, I just had to add my two cents to help all those other trip planners. 1) The food isn't anything especially spectacular, but it is very good. If you're expecting the best meal of your life, lower your expectations. If you want a good variety of tasty Caribbean fair, you're looking in the right place. 2) After all the warnings we received about the costs, my husband and I were very apprehensive. However, while the trip wasn't cheap (if you want a bargain – go on a road trip), the hotel is NOT expensive. You pay about the same that you would at any Hilton in the US. What makes this trip spendy is the fact that it's difficult to get off the resort, and to do so you have to take a costly cab ride. This generally negates the purpose of getting out to save cash. We got out of there with a cab ride to and from the airport, to and from Soufriere, drinks, food, and spa – for $1300 (7 nights, 2 people).3) The service was, without a doubt, the most outstanding I have ever received. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years, and the locals here were 100 times nicer than there. Since the staff is made up of locals, you can imagine how wonderful the resort is. Especially nice was Calixtus at the beach, the nurse, and George the night shuttle guy.4) The taxi ride IS terrible, and if you can all afford it…find another mode of transportation from the airport. My husband and I NEVER get motion sickness, and even we were queasy.5) Don't leave the resort, period. That will save you a TON in taxi charges. Gas there is over $3.00 a gallon (USD) and they have to replace the tires every 3 months. The costs for rides follow that kind of upkeep. There's enough to do at the resort for a weeks worth of fun, but not really much more. All the non-motorized water sports are free, and they have various dance and exercise classes throughout the week. If those that you travel with enjoy games, and it's easy to pack, you might want to bring one. I have no idea how many cribbage games my husband and I played.6) Okay…so leave the hotel once. Go to Soufriere's local Grocery store Eroline's (about $40 round trip), and stock up on food for light meals. If you plan on drinking, buy alcohol there and don't drink during dinner and on the beach. We bought bottles of (good) wine for $3.50 and a nice bottle of Italian sparkling wine for $6.00. Beer was about $.75 a bottle, for good St. Lucia beer. My husband and I would watch the sunset, and drink a glass of wine or two. By the time we went to dinner, we'd had enough to drink and were satisfied with a coke. Also, when we wanted a drink at the beach we'd head up to our villa and have our drink on our verandah. This made the trip so much more affordable.7) If you have a villa, have breakfast out on your verandah one morning. Room service is comparable to the restaurants, and the privacy was wonderful. My husband and I had a romantic breakfast with champagne and all the trimmings for around $40.00 a person. It's cheaper if you go to the buffet, but worth the splurge once. There are cheaper options for room service breakfast.8) Watch out for the service charge and sales tax. When all is said and done, you have about 15% extra on your bill, keep that in mind when you buy.9) Weather in the summer isn't that bad. It rained on and off during the day, but rarely that hard, and never for long. Clouds pass over the island so quickly, you'll never get rained out.Most of all, have an outstanding time…and relax. You're on island time.

Great Hotel/ Skip the Food

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent our Honeymoon at the Hilton last October. This is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation. The rooms are all bungalows with their own private plunge pool. The beach is real nice. It was nice to arrive in the room with flower petals on your bed, bathroom etc.The hotel food was mediocre and expensive for what you got. However there is a great local joint to the left of the resort (on the beach level). Ask any of the staff there - they go there alot for food. It is owned by a scottish gentleman - real nice and great authentic carribean food. Ladera also offers great food, and a great view (especially the sunset)We took a water taxi to Castries - if you do this stock up at the local grocery store with wine and food (saves a little money).

Simply Amazing

from A TripAdvisor Member
There is nothing more pleasing than to return home from a vacation that so far exceeded your expectations, and the Hilton in St. Lucia provided the perfect forum for such an experience. We bought our package from Expedia and just hoped for a nice, relaxing week away from DC. What we found was luxurious accomodations, an incredibly friendly staff and a resort so beautifully constructed that we really never wanted to leave.

St. Lucia itself is an amazing island - God's tropical gift to romance.
The pace of life is slow and the Caribbean winds keep the temperature perfect all day long. If you are looking for a high adventure vacation, this is not the place to come. The resort is secluded from town and we only left once to go to Ladera, which is a lovely resort in the mountains behind the Hilton, for dinner (which we highly recommend - go early and enjoy the sun set as you sit on the edge of the cliff and the only thing separating your dinner table from the mountains is air).
From the ocean, if you look back at the resort you can barely tell anything is there, as each little villa is hidden in the trees of the Mountain. Every room has its own dipping pool, which we found to be quite a bonus.

The food is good and the prices are not exeptional, but what you would expect from a resort. For on the beach drinks, we loved the "pool baby."

We HIGHLY recommend the hilton - truly a beautiful place.

Jalousie Hilton came up trumps!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from our honeymoon to the Jalousie Hilton and it was much better than expected. The All-Inclusive plan is the only way to go and even included room service, mini bar, and all tips. This is an over the top holiday that will satisfy on all levels. We were upgraded to an Ocean View Villa Suite (villa 604), it was incredible. If you have concerns, put them to rest, just get to the Jalousie as soon as possible because it is as close to Heaven on Earth that you will find. If possible, get a direct flight into St. Lucia even if you have to spend the night in San Juan. We had no problem going, but on our return we were stranded in San Juan on American Airlines (terrible). Everything worked out great since we got the opportunity to see Old San Juan and eat at Baru and stay at the The Gallery Inn on American Airlines tab, fabulous! Email any questions and I'll be glad to answer them. We met many wonderful people and a special hello to our dear friends from Britain. You do have to create your own nightlife, but with a full minibar and room service you should have a blast. Cheers Mate!

ve read

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I just returned from the Jalousie yesterday. We had an excellent time there! We stayed for one week, which was enough time to see all the sights and get some r&r. I have read over 10 or more reviews about the resort prior to and after our trip and feel that a lot of them are incorrect. While I'm sure that somethings sometimes happen, and people have bad trips, but for us this was a very nice getaway. Besides having a hour delay at Philly, the biggest setback was that we didn't have the remote control for the air conditioner in our room. (I subsequently found out how to work it w/o the remote.) Like other reviews I have read, we took the helicopter from the airport. It was a 7 to 8 minute ride that enabled us to see a more close up view of the southern part of the island. We figured the price difference between the helicopter and the taxi washed out the hour plus of driving and possibly getting an upset stomach. Apon arrival, we were driven up to the front desk for check-in. We were then driven to our "little hideaway". We had an awesome view of both Pitons and couldn't wait to get to the beach. We also had our own plunge pool. Although the pool is fairly secluded, I wouldn't try anything too fanatical if you know what I mean. Now I could go on and on about the view and all, but I would just say it was breathtaking, and that you should see it for yourself.
We also got our pictures back, and they don't even do it justice. About the day trips, and taxi drivers. We had Jeffrey. He is the best!!!
Jeffrey took us around for three days. He took us to all the places the resort offers, but for a cheaper rate. We went to the Botanical Gardens, Sulpher Springs, Diamond waterfalls(part of the botanical gardens), Castries, a road trip to the base of the Piton, etc... Not only was he the nicest person, but also very informative, patient, and on time. We highly recommend that you ask for him!! We also took a tour to the rainforest. (This was part of our "honeymoon" package.) Tony was our guide, and he also was extremely informative. Just driving to the forest was a trip in itself. Tony would stop and pick leaves for us and have us taste or smell them to see what we thought they were. A great trip! Regarding the food. If you ask anyone that knows me, they would tell you that I am an extremely picky eater. Meat and potatoes. Again, with reading these reviews prior to the trip, I knew we were in for spending a little money for food. Biggest thing right now is that we do not have any children yet, so we figure that we might as well live it up a little right now! Sure, some meals I had no idea what I was eating, but they were not horrible. The prices were not that expensive as some reviews tend to say. We averaged about $45.00US a meal. We had breakfast already included prior to arrival, so lunch and dinner were on us. A few days we ate a big breakfast, skipped lunch (not to my liking), and ate dinner. The best thing we found was to get room service. The pizza with two toppings was only $18.50US, and took care of me. Maybe one thing you don't know till you get there is the 18% taxing, and if you would like, to tip on top. Overall, our trip was very nice. We would definitely recommend the Jalousie to anyone.

Wonderful, romantic honeymoon hideaway

from Delilah_James
My new husband and I have just returned from our honeymoon. We spent 10 days in Barbados before flying on to St Lucia. Firstly - you MUST take the helicopter transfer, it is a stunning way to see the island and to get your first views of the Jalousie. Expensive but totally worth it.
....and so you arrive in paradise. The setting of the Jalouse is absolutely stunning - like nowhere else on earth. The lush vegetation combined with the dramatic views of the Pitons leave you in awe for your entire stay. The villas were beautifully situated and nicely decorated and included everything you could need. The staff were courteous and friendly (except for the front desk who were frosty and unhelpful to say the least). Food was great, we didn't dine at the formal 'Plantation' preferring to go up to the Ladera resort and the stunning views from Dasheene. We really enjoyed the privacy offered by the villa accomodation, it felt like a cross between self catering and camping but with the benefit of having all the facilities of the hotel.
There was loads to do on the island from horse riding to snorkeling, boat trips to city visits. We have never wanted to visit the same holiday destination twice but we made a promise to ourselves to definitely return to the Jalousie Hilton. I can't recommend it highly enough. You have to go!

Top Local Tips for Soufriere

boat, taxi & helicopter trips If possible do try and do a boat trip, to casteries you see so much more than sitting in a car for 2 1/2 hours, use the taxi service that the hotel use and negotiate a rate this will be alot cheaper if you go to the botanical gardens you dont really need a tour guide as everything is labeled and you can get around very easy, if you have the time and money do try a helicoper tour with St lucia helicopters, cathie is great and very helpful you see so much of the island (this tour might be better if you get car sick as the hill etc are very twisty ,turn and up and down!

things to do in Soufrire go to the saturday morning market and wander round the town to get a feel for St Lucian way of life

Take your valium As you enter the tiny airport, look for someone standing in front of a podium in a uniform. You need to tip one of the vultures to move your bags from inside to outside if you use a cart. Carts stay inside means the vultures get your money to move the bags 20 feet. Go to the podium and give them your name. They'll ask for your travel vouchers that came in the packet you got with the all inclusive. Ignore the yelling and flailing around. They're all so excitable. Taxi ride takes you through some depressed villages with cows and dogs roped up along the winding road.


Other names for Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa Hotel

  • jalousie plantation st lucia
  • jalousie plantation soufrière
  • jalousie plantation hotel soufrière
  • jalousie plantation
  • jalousie hilton
  • jalousie
  • Address: Box 252 - Soufriere - St. Lucia
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