Bay Gardens Beach Resort Hotel

, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
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Bay Gardens Beach Resort Hotel

, Rodney Bay
4 star

Rooms: 72

Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay Village - Rodney Bay - 1892 - St. Lucia Hotel Website | | 1 758 457 8500
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Reviews - Bay Gardens Beach Resort Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Bay Gardens Beach Resort Hotel

Excellent with only one problem

from HeraArt
I stayed here on my own and the location was fabulous. The hotel has its own beach front area on Reduit, a lovely restaurant on the waterfront and lovely bar area. There is a good pool area and the whole place looks fresh and attractive. The room was gorgeous, with a large bathroom and view of pool area.
Every single member of staff was friendly and very helpful. From reception to bar staff to housekeeping - they were all delightful.
However, the one problem was when I requested to extend my stay. I consulted with the hotel manager and she was the only person to be anything other than helpful during the whole stay - in fact she was rude. She only offered rack rate, which is of course her right, but I said that were still offering a reduced rate on line and I could simply book it via them on my laptop in the room. She told me I could not do this as I was already staying in the hotel. After a great deal of discussion, I said that I needed to stay a further 10 days and that she would be losing a considerable amount of business (the hotel was quiet) if she could not move the rate closer to what I had been paying (and was advertised on-line). She stated very firmly that she would not lose any of my business as she would simply direct me to another of the hotels within the group! I checked out, moved to Harmony Suites nearby (and not in the group) and they gave me a great room at the internet rate!
A shame that this lovely place - who have clearly handpicked their staff - have not better trained their manager on customer skills.

Customer service and staff training a must!

from marycappa
I stayed at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort for seven nights in January, 2008. While the hotel itself is quite new and nicely designed, the staff needs some customer service training. I have been traveling to the Caribbean for over 20 years and have never run into a front desk and management staff so poorly trained. Questions were routinely answered incorrectly and the attitude of the staff was such that they were doing you a favor rather than providing a service.

Internet access was advertised as free yet on day three we were told that there was a charge. Charges signed to our room were incorrect. Policies and protocols do not appear to be well thought out or consistent.

I had an interaction with Cheryl Gustave, a manager at this property which I felt was completely unprofessional. She treated me like a child (I'm a 45 year old woman professional) and never contacted me directly to discuss the issue until I called her directly. During our discussion her explanation was full or holes and very inconsistent.

the best there is

from andrew_8
this is the best that i have been to in st lucia as a four star hotel everything was up to date the staff most friendly person that you can find from the tim you step into the front desk will take your you away when you get and meet person like jackie,cherly desmond sarah lee with all the warm welcome that you expect to get from a long drive from the airport the food at the hight tide was great .

A perfect location!

from writeljtKalamazoo
We knew that we would be traveling over Christmas quite some time ago and I spent a lot of time trying to find the right resort for our family, which consists of a 2 year old. Choosing St. Lucia, I had read a number of reviews on Tripadvisor and happened to come across the Bay Gardens Beach Resort while doing so.

What appealed to me most was the fact that it was new and reasonably priced for a suite with full kitchen facilities, as well as a prime beach location. I also had the hotel arrange transportation for us to get from the airport, and it was so nice to have a sign with our name on it after traveling so far. The driver was Christian Lorde, in case anyone is interested, and he has a new vehicle with a lot of room. We were a bit concerned that maybe the car would be too small (we didn't have that much), as island cars tend to be. He was also quite knowledgable and we used him for a 1/2 day tour and return to the airport.

Upon arrival at the hotel, everything was set and we were even upgraded to a poolview suite. The room was beautiful and if our son had anything to say about it, he loved it. He seemed as happy as can be just sitting on the deck and watching the pool area. We could also watch boats in the bay, which he liked as well. Was glad to have a 2nd floor as rooms on ground floor have an open patio with access to the pool. Could've been a problem for toddlers. During our stay, we used the High Tide restaurant for a breakfast buffet (quite mediocre) and lots of room service, where the food was just excellent and reasonably priced. Being the holiday season, they offered a number of buffet dinners with entertainment, but seemed expensive at $60-$75 per person, and a bit limited menu for room service during the holiday time. The location of the hotel provides convenience to many restaurants in the area, so we tried a couple. The Chart House was quite nice and good service. A small mall and medical facilities are within a mile or less walk.

Wanted to give special mention to our maid, Claudine. She was so friendly and gave our son lots of attention when she was in our room. I mentioned to her that the baby likes lots of bath bubbles and she gave us many extra bath gels.

With the resort being so new, only opening in 2007, there were a couple of things that weren't quite open yet, though they are advertised-such as gift shop, a second restaurant (reviewed in a magazine but hasn't even broken ground on it yet), and poolside cabanas for massages, as well as a shuttle to Pigeon Island (taxi is about $15.00) The lack of these things didn't spoil the trip, but think that you should know before you go. We found the gift shop across the street at the Village Inn very adequate and the staff friendly as well.

The poolside service for lunch at Bay Gardens was quite slow at times and the room service the day we left was so slow and food choices so limited that we couldn't eat lunch before our flight. I overheard one woman wanting to go to the bar herself as it was already 1/2 hour since she'd ordered a drink. These are things the resort will want to work out in the future to plan for peak holiday traffic flow.

Overall, we were very pleased with this resort selection and will absolutely stay with Bay Gardens Beach Resort in St. Lucia again.

Laura Pallo, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Great Beach, food service need work

from YYZGuy99
My wife, university age son (yes, he did want to come with the fogies) and I spent the week of (31 December to 07 January) at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort (BGBR) arranged through the Toronto based packager Sunquest. Our stay was to include a ‘deluxe room’ and breakfast. Through no fault of the BGBR, our 5-6 trip from Toronto turned into a 12-13 hour disaster such that we arrived at the hotel about 9PM New Years Eve.
On arrival it was apparent that the room type we were supposed to have was not available and the hotel could only offer us a standard room the first evening. In dealing with this issue, we found the front desk staff to be empathetic, understanding, and proactive. The resolution was we took what was available for the first two evenings with an up-grade to a two bedroom suite for 5 days. The assistance we received from Victor was most appreciated. During our stay, we found the housekeeping to be friendly and helpful such that our experience with front desk and housekeeping was positive and not what some others have reported as Jennifer and Veronica did a great job for us.
We ate breakfast at the hotel each day. The service was very friendly but always extremely slow, with general attention to detail lacking (got the wrong beverage about 50% of the time). On the days that the buffet breakfast was provided (6 of 7), the kitchen seemed able to only produce one order at time (no multi-tasking here) such that it often took 20-30 minutes to get eggs for example. Once we did get the order, the preparation was fully satisfactory. We found the coffee to be very weak and, during the week we were there, only milk (i.e. no cream) was available. The days we ate lunch we were not pleased with what we received and thought the pricing to be very high. We did not eat diner as each night we considered eating at the hotel all that was offered was a buffet.
The hotel is sited at the north end of Reduit Beach. This is the prime section of what is generally regarded to be the best beach in St Lucia. The hotel keeps their portion of the beach very clean (as most of the other hotels on Reduit). The hotel has security on the beach which helps keep the hassle of vendors to a minimum, though pester on the island is minimal
While the BGBR is nearly new, there are issues with some of the choices made as the place was built. During our stay, we had three different rooms. In each there were plumbing problems as the towers that were chosen for the showers/baths all were starting to come apart after less than one year of operation; Maintenance staff advised that they could not repair them as no parts were available. Further, the shower valving is pressure balance and not thermostatic as one should have when solar hot water heating is employed so get ready for significant changes in water temperature. Finally, many of the doors in the units were poor (low quality hollow core) that will not stand the test of time as evidenced by two of three already delaminating.
In summary, BGBR is not what it could or should be with food and food service that was nowhere near what it should be after 6-9 months of operation. The site on Reduit is wonderful (I am sitting in Toronto facing -10C and snow) , the staff friendly and helpful, with rooms that are 3 star plus despite some construction mechanical and supply issues. Is it 4 Star… in my mind it is not but has the infrastructure and basics to be so with some attention to detail on a couple of service areas as is evidenced by some of the older Four Seasons properties which differential themselves by way of superior service and seeing that everything works.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort Needs More Improvement

from Rea529
My husband and I just got back from St. Lucia staying at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. Since this resort was rated a 4 star with it being brand new, we decided this was the place for us.
Upon arrival the front desk staff looked alittle confused when we told them that we had called about buying the all-inclusive meal plan and was quoted a price of $638.00....They could not give us an answer as to getting a meal plan or how much it would cost us and THEY had to talk to the Manager. After a long trip we just wanted to get to our room and rest. It was late and didn't want to have any hassles. We were told that we would get an answer in the morning. The next morning the Front Desk Staff said since we arrived late on Sunday that they wouldn't charge us for all 7 days, and the price would be $540...Swiped our card and we were thrilled. Two days later after drinking and eating in the ONLY RESTAURANT that was there, because the OTHER restaurant wasn't opened yet, which we were unaware of, the MANAGER stopped us as we were coming in from a beautiful night and told us that there was a big misunderstanding and the MEAL PL|AN was $1005.00 FOR BOTH MY HUSBAND AND MYSELF. To make a long story short after many back and forth conversations she told us that we can only pay 700 dollars andthey would eat the rest because of the front desk's mistake.
The whole week was beautiful weather wise. The room was service was prompt...Meals could be more desirable...Every night seemed to be the same, Chicken, Lamb or Steak...Hamburgers were awful. Restaurant Staff was friendly and if you go ask for Althea the waitress...she was delightful.
Also Anette the bartender was extremely Friendly and likable.
Don't count on entertainment at this resort...There was ZERO...
All we did was the Beach and Eat ...I suggest the Boat Ride to the VOlcano and Pitons and Waterfall...It was great. Another problem was the internet use..which was free to use as I emailed my mother's caregiver to check on her and by the 3rd day they said I had to pay!!! Had to have another discussion with the manager. Alot of interruptions on our vacation that we didn't need. Asked for a wakeup call at5:30AM....Call came at 5:46AM....FRONT DESK NEEDS DIRECTION.
If you are a young couple and want alot of entertainment, don't use this resort. If you want rest and relaxation this is definitely the one, but don't buy the Meal Plan....Food is Extremely expensive. I hope this helps anyone thinnking of going to Bay Gardens Resort.


from gprat
The beach is well maintained (though St. Lucia beaches are pretty mediocre), the room was comfortable, the maintainance and wait staff friendly, the night manager exceptionally friendly and helpful, the maids all hated their jobs and did them poorly. food was average in taste and pricey (but that's true all over the island), the pool was good and the entire facility well-maintained, the desk personnel were not all that friendly and seemed to think a 8 am wake call is good if it is sometime between 8:20 and 8:40. the location is excellent and within walking distance of numerous eating and night life...if I liked St. Lucia better the hotel would probably get better ratings...but there are so many Caribbean Islands I liked better than this one.

’t care about hotel amenities

from JFsB
Based on comments here, I spent my vacation (8 days / 7 nights) at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort (“BGBR”). While I agree with most of what has already been said here, all-in-all, this is not a 4-star hotel by any stretch of the imagination.

The Divine: Reduit Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen with sand as soft as baby powder and calm, deep green-blue seas. Although passengers from 3 or 4 cruise ship disembark nearby just about every other day and all beaches on St. Lucia are public, BGBR does not allow the use of their sunchairs to non-guests, so only a few cruisers come up to this part of the beach, keeping it more secluded and quiet than the rest of the beachfront.

The beach is also very well maintained (many sincere thanks to Christopher for raking early every morning). A daily highlight is the visit from the “Fruit Man”, who carries via a boat flying flags from around the world, a large selection of fresh bananas, mangos, coconuts, and pineapples – St. Lucia’s answer to the old fashioned ice cream truck! Another plus is that the beach vendors are not intrusive at all. You will be approached a few times a day, but all you need do is say “Thanks but I’m not interested” and they move right along.

Cheers also to the unobtrusive security team. As a single female traveler, I never felt unsafe and felt confident enough to leave all my belongings near my beach chair for extended walks along the shore, take a meal or have a drink at the bar.

The Very Good:

Theresa (a member of Cox & Company, runs the tour desk. She is very well versed on the different packages offered, and she left no stone unturned to arrange just the excursion I was hoping for and, in reality, exceeded all my expectations. Her pleasant manner and superior customer-centric attitude made her an absolute pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for a Land & Sea tour, contact Eugene at [--] (or visit the website at He knows about the indigenous flora and fauna, and is a terrific guide with a great sense of humor. A real gem!

The Good: The rooms at BGBR are just as described previously, including the somewhat negative comments about the small shower set up and water getting everywhere due to the “missing” wall. I’m 5’6” of medium build and couldn’t imagine a 6’ man in the space, so if you are tall or big boned, be forewarned.

BGBR is conveniently located near several very good restaurants (a bonus as the service and food at the resort leave much to be desired). Definitely plan to have drinks and/or dinner at Spinnakers (just a few hundred feet down the beach from BGBR) to enjoy the best sunset view. Also try Buzz for a fine bistro experience.

The Bad: Housekeeping is spotty at best. Every day, I was told by the front desk that clean beach towels would be left in my room. Every day, I had to make a second trip to the Front Desk as they were never left in my room. In addition, I was told that there would be turndown service each evening; I only experienced it once while there. Twice I came back from a long, hot day in the sun to find that, although the used bath towels / glasses had been taken away, none were left in their place.

Restaurant service and quality needs a lot of help. It should never take 15 minutes and 4 requests to get a glass of water! There were 4 staff to the 6 diners present at the time. On more occasions than not at the Hi-Tide restaurant, the breakfast & lunch la carte menus were replaced with buffets. This would be okay if the US$20+ dollar breakfast included more than a selection of undercooked, cold bacon and sausage, fruit salad, and other continental breakfast items. It was my understanding that you could get eggs or pancakes; however, be prepared for a 45-minute wait.

The Downright Ugly: As tourism has become St. Lucia’s Number One source of income, the Front Desk staff needs considerable customer service training.

Check in was a very disappointing: After a long day of travel, I was kept waiting 1 ½ hours before being able to access my room (note that check in time is 3 PM; I didn’t arrive to the hotel until after 6 PM – the room should have been ready and waiting). This is a real shame as first impressions are so important.

Later on during my stay, I needed to place an inquiry through the front desk about my return taxi to the airport that was arranged by the hotel. I was treated like this was an imposition and inconvenience, and it was 2 ½ days before I received the response that they “only have the taxi service’s cell phone” and they “aren’t allowed to call cell phone numbers from the hotel”. One word: Hogwash.

Check out was another disappointment. While I recognize that 12 Noon is their published checkout time, I didn't need to depart until 1 PM. I was told that I would have to checkout at Noon regardless or pay US$60 for continued use of my room. Couple that with, when presented with my bill, I was charged US$90 / day for an all-inclusive package that I hadn’t signed up for. When approaching the front desk, I was told they would “look into it”. After 3 hours, they were finally able to straighten out the billing problem, but, needless to say, these customer-service failures left a bad taste in my mouth on my last day at the hotel.

However, if you want a great beach on a beautiful island and don’t care about hotel amenities and service, I could recommend BGBR with a clear conscience.

I kissed the manager

from jeffmon
15 members of my family descended on St Lucia to spend time together for my mother's 80th birthday at a hotel my brother had booked. We all agreed that the Bay Gardens Resort was superb, especially if you were lucky enough to get one of the rooms facing Rodney Bay (those around the pool did suffer from over-exposure to loud music). The hotel is very favorably priced and brand new, nicely appointed with an extremely friendly and outgoing staff. The service was very attentive, the food at the restaurant very acceptable (breakfasts very plentiful and varied), and the activities available along the beach splendidly diverse (hobie cats, rib-rider speed boats, jet skis, etc) One factor definitely in this hotels favor is the number of restaurants within walking distance. Yes, it's a bit sketchy strolling in places where the sidewalk disappears, but the reward of having Caribbean, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Fresh fish dishes and others within a few blocks is very worth considering. Definietly take advantage of the free shuttle to Pigeon Point and explore the fort ruins while taking in the truly classic "fishing shack" restaurant Jambe de Bois along the shore... really a treat.

perfect st.lucia beach hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
now been to all 3 of the Bay Gardens (Inn, Hotel & Resort) the Inn & Hotel are next door to each other with a courtesy bus to each or a 10 minute walk away, for which you can use the amenities of all 3 should you wish, however you have everything you need and more at the resort, ideally situated right on the beach unlike the other 2, as to which has the friendliest staff of all 3 it is very hard to say as i believe you have to go along way to go to get better service from all 3, my main choice of stay is the Hotel, however do not let this put you off as i do not like the beach myselfas i burn too easily, and always on a tight budget, mind you if i was not on such a restrictive budget could easily see myself staying here, as they are plenty of places on the beach to shelter from the sun, as well as by the pool, which has steps leading you in gentlyand a good bar area to match the sizable rooms, but the best thing of all with the resort is its age as it has only opened recently, it is also ideally located to all local ameninties, and good views to look at while wistfully watching the world go by with the waves lapping the shore

Top Local Tips for Rodney Bay

Rental car and Airport transfers Cost Less Car Rental company was fabulous. They met us on time at the airport holding a sign with our name on it. They transported us to Bay Gardens Beach Resort in top notch time and were lovely people to do business. Andre was friendly, personable and a treasure of information about the beautiful island of St. Lucia. We miss you guys!!! We look forward to going there again.

Virgin check in If you have travelled with Virgin Atlantic (great flight), remember to notify your couriers/agents that you want to take advantage (ours didn't tell us) of the Virgin 'Check in and chill out' facility for your return journey. This means you can check in your baggage at a local hotel (Rex in our case) and return to the beach secure in the knowledge that your luggage has gone on ahead and your seats are reserved.

In the crafts market Shopping In the centre of town there is a beautiful market with arts and crafts and all sorts of goodies and fresh fruits. You can haggle the price down. If you are purchasing more than one item from a vendor demand a discount in a friendly manner of course. Also you can pit one vendor against another and watch them price war battle. The people of St. Lucia are extremely friendly however if you would like to get the best prices buy multiple items. I was even given free photo albums that were handcrafted and pots.


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  • bay gardens beach resort st lucia
  • bay gardens beach resort
  • bay gardens beach hotel
  • bay gardens beach castries
  • Address: Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay Village - Rodney Bay - 1892 - St. Lucia
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