The Body Holiday At Lesport Hotel

, Castries, St. Lucia
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The Body Holiday At Lesport Hotel

, Castries
4 star

Rooms: 154

Cap Estate Box 437 - Castries - St. Lucia Hotel Website | | 450-8551
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Just 100% Holiday for your Body
Submitted by: David in 16/10/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Le Sport (The Body Holiday) is an excellent place to relax and unwind. I am surprised that "Sandals" is allowed to advertise "ultra-all-inclusive" even though Sandals do not include SPA Treatments and Le Sport does.

I have been there twice and find the staff very friendly and in particular they listen. The first time we were there and mentioned the dive boat steps were not brilliant. The second time, they had been replaced!

The chef overheard that I said the soup was excellent, so brought me a hand written copy of the recipe.

There is so much to do and you will never go hungry - the food is great and there's always healthy (and otherwise) fare on offer.

Le Sport is hard to criticize in any respect, except maybe that the hyped-up expectations of the TAO restaurant are tough to live up to and it sometimes struggles on the all-inclusive menu - in short it's an ultra-ultra all-inclusive for people that have some taste and standards!

Try it - you'll like it !

Historical Traveller Reviews of The Body Holiday At Lesport Hotel

Honeymoon in Paradise!

from Ikeybabe
i'm really late getting to this review, but i've been busy being a newlywed. me and my husband honeymooned in June of 2003 at leSport and absolutely loved it! I really debated over our honeymoon destination and this all-inclusive, spa-luxe spot was perfect. we were upgraded upon arrival - without requesting it. our room was clean and the bed covered in rose petals, plus there was champagne and fresh fruit. we took part in just about all the water sports and did some excursions of our own. we even bought the overpriced video of our scuba adventure and dubbed it to our wedding video. we loved the food, overall. the grill was exceptional and was my husband's favorite. Tao was just aiight - very good, but not fabulous. we preferred the grill. the shows were fun - not broadway, but still entertaining. and the staff was terrific - very friendly, outgoing and accommodating. the resort did spray for insects, but i was still bitten by mosquitos - even wearing bug repellent. my husband tho, didn't get a single bite. yep, we were among the few americans. there were lots of brits and canadians. but everyone was friendly and out-going without latching onto you at every occasion. the spa treatments were divine. we'd definitely do LeSport again! and we highly recommend it. it was romantic, adventurous, soothing and fulfilling!!

Overall Pleased with LeSport

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back last night from a 5-day at LeSport. Overall my wife and I both liked it. The 1.5 hour drive was pleasant going there, we had a private car (some sort of upscale Toyota, as most of the vehicles are Japaneese) and a great driver who pointed out the sights -- Rain Forrest, etc.) Coming back though it was grueling. We were in an old van with the seats way too tight. Then I wished we had booked the helicopter. The driver Ben, though was very polite. He pointed out the various trees and origins of the culture, often pulled off the road to point things out.

The property itself was beautiful. Expect well-manicured lawns and high-end maintenance. All types of nice shrubs and not a weed in sight.
Our room was newly renovated and overlooked the sea. It wasn't a suite, but it was spaced well and comfortable. Marble floors, roman tub and shower, no curtain was necessary because it was ceramic tile. Make sure you are comfortable with your roomie because the room is so open there's virtually no privacy. We had a king-sized four poster bed and a balcony overlooking the water and beach- very private very nice. It was frustrating that the windows were sealed, I guess due to mosquitos, there were many so take your spray. I did and still got bitten. The property smelled like they spayed a lot.

At first it was hard for me to get used to, because I have asthma.
Didn't take long though. For me, I did not have to use my inhaler. I did bring it though.

There were simple amenities that I liked - rooms were very clean.
Toilet flushed with forced like at a restaurant so don't accidentally drop anything or it's gone forever. There was great water pressure on the showers with ample hot water, and expect to take many. The complimentary soaps and champagnes/wines were nice and not low-end.
Fixtures were well-appointed. Staff were very friendly and professional, but not overly so, not like Swept Away in Negril where they were more folksy and jokey jokey. This wasn't good, wasn't bad--just different.

We found the guests to be friendly enough too, not overly so, not overly talkative or chatty, wanting to get to know you--which we liked a lot. Everyone wanted their privacy like us. There were a lot of British accents. As Americans we found ourselves to be in the minority and that wasn't a problem. The guests were mid thirties and older, seemed aristocratic, upper middle class and wealthier. We especially liked this because security did not seem to be an issue. I did not notice any inappropriate behavior between staff and guests. And with the personal nature of massage, I found the staff to be extra sensitive and professional. Not a lot of small kids with parents but one or two here and there. I could actually see kids getting bored unless parents are there to give a lot of attention. Some looked like teens or early twenties on family vacation.

The beach was beautiful in a weird sort of way. Not very large and not brilliant white sand, it was just naturally pretty and very clean. A lot of guests camped out on the grassy knoll that bordered the beach where they could be closer to their rooms and shade trees. There were a few pavillions on the beach but not many. Some folks tagged a lounge early and kept their stuff on it all day. We liked our private balcony just as much. There were a couple of topless female sunbathers but they didn't cause any alarm.

The food was overall average for us, but for varying reasons. Initially I was fine with the selections, I'm vegetarian, my wife just a finnicky eater, and we're both germ freaks. The first night we arrived was a Saturday, we both had fish and the appetizers were good. The helpings were not overly plentiful but tasty. They did not mind if your ordered extra things on the menu. I did not like the fact that there were menu selections that you had to pay an extra charge, like salmon and lobster after such an exhorbitant all-inclusive tab.. A few nights later we buckled down and bought salmon because the menu selections started to look bland -- the salmon was good.

We found that we had to get to breakfast early before it was picked over. Expect a lot of fish, potatoes and fresh fruit, cereals and hot tea and coffee -- no iced tea -- simple healthy food which was overall great. The drinks never included large amounts of ice. I hated the birds flying around in the eating area. At first charming, then annoying, some folks fed them at their tables. Looking up in the ceiling, although a quaint and manicured eating area, I could see stains on some of the walls. The charm ended for me when I found a maggot crawling around in my nuts I got from the ice cream bar. We told the restaurant staff and the lady who checked us out on our final day, but in my opinion, they apologized and did not seem to care otherwise.

We were actually able to book two reservations for the TAO restaurant.
I liked it fine, my wife did not see a big thrill. So we cancelled the second night. Funny thing though, the next night at the main dining room, they served what I had eaten the night before at TAO. That was disappointing. Just expect limited selections overall.

The best dining experience for dinner was had at the casual grill that was set up with soups and grill station each night at the Cabana. I forgot to wear a shirt with a collar to the main dining room, so we walked around and stumbled on it. Glad we did. This is where the tea party treats were held during the day. The grill was the best meal we had.

Thanks for the advice on the sandwiches at the tea party. I avoided them. No one I heard of got sick though. As I said, I did not see a whole lot of icing down with the food -- keeping stuff cold -- the fruit and perishables were sometimes covered, sometimes not -- maybe I'm overly sensitive. Nothing I ate was spoiled or made me sick. As American, I'm just accustomed to refrigerating everything. But that's my way.

The drinks were very strong, which I liked but my wife didn't. The bartenders weren't the types who would cater and pamper you like some other resorts we've visited, they weren't old school. You order, they got it. Once at another resort, the bartender named a drink after my wife after experimenting with diferent concoctions. None of that here.

The spa treatments were awesome. These were great. Some were overbooked and my wife was stood up so she got an extra one. They do preschedule so make sure they align with your departure date becasue I ended up rescheduling and having two aromatheraphy massages in a day. We did tip some of the restaurant and spa staff, but I must say, I did not get any better service. The service was great anyway, but it wasn't like they remembered us or anything.

I took an aerobics class and met with a personal trainer 2 days -- both were awesome.

Overall we relaxed over and over and that's why we went. Yes, we will go again, but we want to try Ladera. I'd rate our experience a 4.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Le Sport, The Bodyholiday, is indeed a place where you recover your mind. It is an excellent spa and a superior hotel. We stayed 10 wonderful days at Le Sport Here and here are our comments:Hotel: Warm and beautiful. The gardens, the beach and all the surroundings stunning, very well maintained and clean. After making the long taxi journey from the airport you feel you have stepped into paradise.Rooms: We stayed in a Grand Luxury Oceanfront Suite with a grand balcony just by the sea. We could hear the wonderful sound of the waves hitting the shore. A fantastic and romantic view of the sunset. Although the suite was very nicely decorated, clean and large, it does not belong to the new part of the hotel, nor the renovated rooms. It is a pity because we would have expected a suite being better looked after and it would have been easy just to make some necessary touch ups. Apart from balcony, it consisted of 2 large rooms and a tiny bathroom (which was a bit rundown). There was a fridge filled with wine, champagne, water, beer and soft drinks. A basket with fresh fruit was also to be found. It also had a CD player. We visited a new single room which was in a much better condition with a much nicer bathroom. However, I am confident the hotel will upgrade the standard of the rooms. They hotel advertise their penthouse suite which should have been completed in November 2003, but seemed far from ready. Although overall the rooms are nice and it will not upset your visit. Although forget about room service. It does not exist. We had a champagne glass broken and it took 2 hours (and 5 reminders) to get it replaced!Food and drinks: Wow! Here we had our fears. All-inclusive = food must be bad! Already the first night those worries were wiped away. It is very well prepared, presented and tasty. It is not the most exclusive restaurants in the world, but then again, this is not Paris or New York. Cool down. Enjoy the food, the wine, the cool breeze, the entertainment, the views, the moon and the sea. What a first class setting! Choice of restaurants: TAO (top class); Cariblue (different a la carte menus in evening and large varied buffets during breakfast and lunch); Club House (splendid afternoon tea and fresh barbeque dinners); The Deli (snack bar with nice sandwiches, salads, soup, bakery, fresh fruit juices and smoothies during the day). The inclusive wine list is fair but it includes a nice champagne. The extended wine list is quite good but we found out the years in the wine list would never correspond to the bottle we got, thus we were paying for a 1997 vintage wine but would actually get a bottle from year 2000. Not very professional. The other spirits were top notch with only first class brands. Furthermore there is an overwhelming variety of non-alcohol drinks including great fresh fruit juices.Bars: The lovely piano bar staying open until last guest leaves (and we know that for a fact). Although this is the only place you might need a light sweater because the air-condition in here is freezing cold. Then there is the Club House bar which stays open during the day and until around 1 a.m. Almost every night there is live entertainment followed by disco dance. Thoroughly enjoyable. The bartenders where very knowledgeable and could make almost any requested cocktail or drink.Oasis: This is where you get your treatments, where you work out, go to your yoga class, aerobics or just relax by the pool, and it is a dream! Just gorgeous and will be even better when all the renovations are completed! Nothing more is needed to be said. A tip, try to get your treatment in the Temple. There is also a Clarins boutique but to our surprise it carried almost no products, in particular no sun lotions. What is the idea of boosting with selling Clarins products if you can not buy any? Hopefully an oversight.Staff: Maybe with the exception for the staff in the reception and the concierge, all the staff is friendly, helpful, professional and courteous. Always a smile and a hello. Very relaxed, yet correct. They create a great atmosphere.Activities: Wow again! Upon arrival we received the Weekly Activities Schedule and we were flabbergasted! Yes, we were aware of the various activities but we could never have expected this incredible schedule. Everyday is a full page of activities from 7 a.m. until 6 or 7 p.m.: Walks, cycling, yoga, water sports, fencing, archery, golf, fitness classes etc. The list is VERY extensive! There is no need to participate. You can stay on the beach and catch the sun, the choice is yours!Treatments: This might be the finishing touch which makes stay perfect! Men and woman can only enjoy. They therapists are professional and friendly. You are well taken care of and we promise you it will make you unwind from your hectic life. Relaxation!Beach: Small but sufficient. It was never crowded and the water is crystal clear. However, the so-called beach service does not work. We were supposed to be able to plant a stick with a red flag into the sand to order something to drink. No one ever showed up. Definitely some routines that must be looked over.Transfer hotel-airport: Dreadful. It is a long, expensive, bumpy, spinning and tiresome taxi ride between the airport and the hotel (minimum 1.5 hours). It is possible to take the helicopter, but not all the way to the hotel, thus it would involve a 30 minute taxi ride in any case. We would recommend the hotel to arrange for a helicopter platform on the hotel grounds.The island: The nature is extraordinary although we did not find much else of interesting point of view. There is a Tour Desk (SunLink Tours) but we did not feel they were very helpful. The tour of the island they sold was a disaster. Only good thing was we met some lovely people. Unfortunately the hotel itself does not give any concierge service for outside activities (except their own walking excursions). Nevertheless, there is little reason to leave Le Sport during your stay. We went to the street party in Gros islet, which was fun, but beware of your wallets! Do not wear anything fancy and only bring the money you intend to spend. Go a group of people, party and have fun! Marigot Bay is a must, it is stunning.In conclusion: There are certainly many other resorts that have a higher standard in regards of the room and perhaps the food. But for treatments and activities we doubt. Furthermore, a more expensive resort would probably be  stiff , less young people, not as friendly and easy going (yet with class) as Le Sport. There is no doubt you get 110% value for the money. Just think of what you pay per night for similar hotel room in London or New York where not even the breakfast is included!Would we come back? For the complete relaxation: YES!

Le Sport the 2nd time around

from spellboundbyIndia
I just couldn't wait to post my feelings about my 2nd visit to LeSport. I loved it even more than my 1st visit in October 2003. This time I wentas a "Single" woman, it was great, never for one moment did I feel out of place or alone. The entire Le Sport Staff from the General Manager to the Maintennance staff are trained to be as pleasant and as acommating as posssible. If one of the staff sees that you are alone while dining they will ask if they can join you, if you tell them that you would prefer to be alone they smile and leave you to your thoughts.The Resort is just beautiful and the service is impeccable and I am VERY hard to please. I have read several reviews that have mentioned the "terrible cuisine" I can't believe anyone could write such a thing. Although the food is not" five star" it certainly is beautifully prepared and onecouldn't ask for a better selection. If a visitor is looking for 5 star cuisine they should be going to Paris, St. Barts, New York, or London. when one goes to a spa they usually are looking for healthty,deliciouscreatively prepared cuisine, which LeSport has and the food is thoroughly enjoyable!Tao is available if one is looking for more gourmet & creative menu. I personally feel that it is much to stuffy and would rather dine more casually and outdoors. Several evenings I had my fish preapred exactly to my liking with the Maitre'D pleasant and accomadating to my requests.There were many single Woman at LeSport some there for their 14th time and many staying at least 2 weeks to a month, doesn't that speak volumes?The Spa Services have been changed to hour long treatments and are very relaxing. I read some criticism about the services. Sure, there are much fancier and more complete Spa's in the world but for an all inclusive resort I think that LeSport can't be beat. The Spa has also been remodeled and is now very pleasant and completely revamped. The treatment girls are so eager to please and some are world class no matter what spa you have been to. Petra is just wonderful and so pleasant when you arrive at the Spa, just her smile makes you relax and unwind.TheFitness Staff is first rate and the classes are fabulous. They even have a fantastic Indian Holistic Doctor on Staff and I had an "out of Body Yoga Experience in one of his classes, so did almost everyone else attentding that particular class. There was a Master Aerobics Instrutor at the resort when I was there and it doesn't get much better then her classes.I also went for Golf Lessons and I have been taking lessons in California for sometime now BUT the instruction that I received form Edwin and Terry, gave me the confidence to hit the links and really play a game of golf, great for my added confidence.Where else can you go and get the first rate instruction that you receive at LeSport and it is included in your stay?The Beach is beautiful and offers calm clear water, I spent many an hour just adrift on my float soaking up the wonderful sun and then coming back to the beach to relax on a comfortable chaise lounges &having a personable waiter or waitress offer me a cool drink. I ask you,what could be more relaxing?Snorkeling is wonderful at LeSport as a matter of fact the Sandal resorts take their guests by boat to LeSport's beach to snorkel.I don't participate in water sports but there is unlimited water skiing, sailing, tubing, wind surfing included in your stay. You can become certified in Scuba, and all who participated said it was first rate and they have a highly trained and very professional water sports staff.The Night life is great at Le Sport, the Staff performs, they have Jazz, Disco, Reggae and an open bar. The Bartenderteders at the Clubhouse make each and every guest feel special and make it a point to remember what you like to drink,the 2 Seans are really special guys and I can't thank you enough for making my trip so pleasant!My goodness, I have gone on and on and haven't even covered half the activities that are available to you at LeSport.My room (Luxury Junior Suite) was located at the very end of the resort and was so private and allowed me to sit out on my large Balconey and read while listening to the surf break on the rocks. I am an Interior Designer in California and I needed the tranquility from my high pressured profession and Le Sport was able to provide all the ingredients for me to rejuvennate and get back feeling refreshed and ready to go once more!!!!I was quite alarmed to read a post from a guest from the UK complaining about the Staff and Womanizing the single guests at the resort. I was there twice and was never approached in any manner that was disrespectful or unmannerly. We are executive professional woman and able to make very important decisions for ourselves, how sad to think that someone thinks that we don't have control over our own decisions. LeSport is truly a magnificent,elegant and first rate resort and I would recommend it to your most descriminating traveller. Just remember that you are on a casual, very beautiful Island and if you expect high sophisticatedt type living, you are in the wrong place go to Paris! If you want to feel rested, pampered, fit and rejuvennated, then go to Le Sport, it will fulfill all of your needs and I am sure you will come back every chance you get!!!Please be sure to experience the Island, I didn't the first time around, but this time I went to the Friday Night Street Party in Gros Islet and I will never forget my experience, it was fantastic, so colorful, great music, delicious food and such colorful and pretty people both tourist and locals.Don't miss Soufrierre and all the sights in between Castries and Soufrierre. As a partying note I will give you the name and telephone number of the most personable and knowledgeable guide in all of St. Lucia, Peter Joseph cel #758-484-1460. Tell him Dianne Starr told you to call, he will really give you a great tour.

A great week at le SPORT!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I recently spent our Honeymoon at LeSport and had a wonderful week. The perfect weather, water & sunshine alone were enough to make our week a success however we really enjoyed the spa treatments (skip the hydrotherapy though!) and the tranquility and beauty of the Oasis. We found the therapists to be kind and warm and we really did end the week looking and feeling great !

Another highlight for us was the TAO restaurant - exceptional service, ambiance and good quality food & wine (at a premium).

We felt the service overall at Le Sport was quite inconsistent. Some of the staff were wonderful, warm & helpful while others were downright rude and asking a simple question was almost like an invasion of their time (!) It depended on the day and who you spoke to so I can't really identify one main area as being poor.

We felt the same about the food - we had some great meals and also some very 'average' meals. As mentioned we especially enjoyed TAO restaurant and the DELI during the day - it was great to have a salad, panini or something casual (i.e no buffet) as well as fresh squeezed juices and espresso.

The beach was great except many people 'reserve' chairs which makes it pretty impossible to find one later in the day - this is typical of most resorts though. We loved the privacy of the beach (no other resorts) and the snorkeling was very good and easily accessible. We also enjoyed the use of the sailboats and beach kayaks.

If you want the 'Sandals' experience this is not the resort for you but if you're looking for a romantic, relaxing getaway - I would certainly recommend it.

Loved Le Sport

from A TripAdvisor Member
Me & my fiancee decided to get married at Le Sport after very extensive review reading and we did not make a mistake. The staff at this hotel a very polite, helpful and friendly on a personal level, nothing fake about the way they show a interest in you. The food was excellent and varied daily. The best restaurant however was Tao, we reserved this for our wedding dinner and was not dissapointed. The beach although quite small was sufficient and everything you need for a good time, ie snorking, sailing etc was in arms reach of your sunbathing spot and very good for snorking as there are lots of fish un like some beaches at other hotels where you had to take a trip out before you could snorkle. We booked an ocean view room which was lovely, a brilliant view overlooking the whole complex and the beach. The beauty treatments again you couldn't fault. The treatments have changed from 2 daily half hour treatments to 1 hour treatment, however it is a bit crafty as most treatments only lasted 45min to 50min.The nightly entertainment was good but got going quite late so if you are a early riser and early to bed you may miss out as we often did.Our wedding day was the highlight. We were treated exceptionally well and were made to feel very special with their little touches. Just to specify we went to the Sandals Haylcion on our second week and were glad we got married at Le sport as Sandals was more like a wedding factory, however we did get told that Le Sport would have more weddings from March so if you are looking to get married head for le Sport before then and your day will feel more special as ours did.Overall had a fantastic time and if I were to go back I wouldn't hesitate in staying at Le Sport again.

Behaviour at Le Sport - standard deterioration

from A TripAdvisor Member
I used to be regular visitor of Le Sport as a place where I felt safe and enjoyed being in a relaxing environment. But times have changed.When i've been there , there have been losts of inappropriate behaviour which have involved staff and guests. I took the action of complaining to their management team, but got no result. Staff have been involved in unsolicited behaviour towards in particular single women for 'fun' and 'cash'.There have been now reports made and being published in national newspapers about why single women are going out to visit Le Sport.What was once a reputable and exquisite resort is no longer the case. If Le Sport is not careful, their 5 star rated resort will turn into a 1 star club 21 Benidorm holiday.Please management of Le Sport, pay attention and address the security, quality issue and the service which in my opinion has deteriorated.

Great Resort for Singles!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I'm very surprised by the review before this!! LeSport was fabulous - just got home from a 6 night stay!!! I am single, 31 and had a great time! There were about 15 other single women and about 7 single men I met during my stay. The staff were very nice, especially all of the guys in The Clubhouse bar. I definitely recommend going to the Cocktail Reception to meet the staff they have every Wednesday night at the Oasis. I met many other guests there as well. There are classes almost every hour during the day from yoga to windsurfing, there was always something to do! The Spa was wonderful, I recommend picking your treatments 2 weeks before you go so you get what you want. Also, pick morning times so your day isn't ruined by a 2pm treatment. Be advised that there are 83 stairs (someone counted) up to the Spa, they were hard the first day but a breeze by the last. One disappointment I did have was I wanted to get the Abhyanga Synchronised Massage and there were no spot available until after I left. You need to schedule ahead for some of the extra treatments or you will miss out. The food was good and TAO was great! But you need to get up at 6am 48 hours in advance to make a reservation if your want to get in TAO! That is the only way I was able to get to eat there finally, the last night I was there. Be sure to bring OFF and spray it on your feet, legs and arms before you go out of your room at night!! You WILL get eaten alive by all the mosquitoes if you don't!! Everyone I met said they would come back again - I totally agree!! Definitely a wonderful place for a single woman to relax and feel safe!!

Over Priced and Over Rated!

from hicynthia13
I just returned home from a one week stay at LeBody Sport. I was very disappointed as I had based my decision to stay at this resort on all the Conde Nast awards. Which must be old awards the Resort is still marketing, otherwise the Conde Nast Magazine must selling awards to undeserving spas and hotels.

I stayed in a single room which was small but adequate. It had a very dirty bed side mat, and black mildew on the ceiling. The worse part was the air conditioning, it only worked at one temperate VERY COLD. So at night I froze there was no fan and high humidity was unbearable so there was no choice but to run the AC and freeze. There was no TV which was ok but there was also no CD player and the radio didn't work.

The Spa services could be described as VERY basic if you are a Regular Spa goer you will be VERY disappointed with the spa services. I can't believe this place received the number 4 best overseas hotel spas and number one Overseas Destination Spa! Has anyone from the Magazine even check this place out...they couldn't have?

Food Service was the worst particularly the evening dinner meal! It was equivalent to bad hospital food. Over cooked, over salted and very plain boiled carrots, and broccoli served with every entree. To me there is no excuse to this poor quality food as the property has a TAO a high end restaurant which you can only get a limited number of dinner reservations. The Head Chef at TAO needs to spend some time training the Chef of the main hotel restaurant. As the food in the main restaurant is terrible, not only was it very plain and over cooked but a number of guests including myself were food poisoned. I was so sick I could not leave my room for spent 24 hours. I froze in my very small room begging for soda water from the concierge staff. I had to make two calls and wait 3 hours for a jug of water. I wouldn't call this Five star service!

I would not recommend LeSport to anyone seeking a high quality resort this place if rated by AAA might receive a 3 diamond award. There are far better resorts in Jamaica and Mexico where you can get a much nicer room with good food and better service. Don't waste your time or money on this place! Unless you can get a cheap deal from Virgin Atlantic like most of the guests British guests who were at the resort during my visit.

Le Sport is Definitely Not a Five Star Property!

Great activities, wonderful pampering, beautiful setting

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was our first time with both an all-inclusive and a spa resort, and it was delightful. We went for 8 days in mid Sept., and the weather was fine. A short sprinkle in the am on some mornings and one overcast day-was this really the rainy season or were we just lucky? I had read about the mosquito problem, and we went prepared. They said they had instituted a new spraying program, and it was really effective. I can draw a bite from one five miles off, but only wore repellent one evening after I had been bitten the night before at dinner. Also you can purchase repellents at the resort gift shop if needed. The spa treatments were wonderful. Even my husband added an extra treatment, and generally he's not into that scene. Do take their suggestion and schedule yours selections in advance. Only two were disappointing to us: the hydrotherapy seemed like a multi-person jacuzzi, and for the cocunut & spice they used plain massaging oil. I had saved that for my last treatment thinking I would carry the lingering tropical aroma, but that didn't happen. We do suggest tipping. We were told these ladies earn about $2 US per hour. If you give them $5 EC (almost $2 US) it's easy to carry. If you give them the tip before your treatment word spreads quickly and you DO get better care. It seems like a small gesture when you leave feeling so good. (We tipped others at the resort too. Do as you please; it's certainly not expected for other nationals generally don't tip, but it's quietly appreciated.) The array of activities is impressive. We wished for a longer stay because there wasn't time to try everything, and often our spa treatments fell at the same time. The entire resort staff are good-natured, curteous, fun and very friendly, and if you choose to connect with them, their warmth is genuine. You'll have fun!

Top Local Tips for Castries

eat the local food at the market there is a bunch of little spots at the market and the food was great

Mozzie Protection and Helicopter When the wind drops (mainly in the evening) wear your Insect Repellant and the little ****ers will get you otherwise! We didn't bother with spray at all during the day (June). The Cap Estate is fairly breezy which we think deters the suckers! However, during the evening you definitely need to spray! One of the least problematic destinations we've been to though for mozzies. St Lucia is very mountainous and the journey from Hewannorra is 1.5 hrs. If you get travel sick take the helicopter (St Lucia Helicopters) to Vigie which is 20 mins from Le Sport. If not, enjoy the view from the road!

american airlines Avoid them if possible. they lost our luggage for 2 days and from what the locals say "are the worst airline coming into St Lucia and always lost luggage


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  • lesport
  • le sport st lucia
  • bodyholiday lesport
  • bodyholiday at lesport hotel castries
  • bodyholiday at lesport castries
  • bodyholiday
  • Address: Cap Estate Box 437 - Castries - St. Lucia
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