Four Seasons Resort Nevis Hotel

, Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis
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Four Seasons Resort Nevis Hotel

, Charlestown
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Make sure your credit card is ready for action!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband & I stayed at the Four Seasons Nevis April 6-12, 2004. We are big believers in the saying "you get what you pay for," because when we dish out the big bucks, we usually get what we want. I would say this was about 85% true at the Four Seasons.

Our initial impression of the Four Seasons was fantastic. We arrived on Nevis via American Eagle from San Juan, and within 5-10 minutes of clearing customs, we had our luggage and were in a taxi driving to the hotel. The staff that greeted us at the airport was great! So was the reception staff. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were whisked into the lobby and given cold drinks and chilled mint towels. We booked a mountain view room and were thrilled to be upgraded (without even asking) to an ocean view room. This made the $600/night peak season rate (before tax) a bit easier to swallow.

Our room was on the 2nd floor, which I liked, because it had a screened-in porch. Even though the 1st floor rooms were more recently renovated (due to hurricane damage), they had patios, which didn't look as private to me. Also, the mosquitoes bite at night and there are lots of little geckos running around. Thus, I preferred the protection of the screen. The room was very nice, exactly what I expected for a luxury hotel. The bathroom was large and had a great ledge to stack all our stuff on. The one complaint I have about our room is that we could never get rid of the mildew smell, despite our diligence in leaving the door shut and the A/C on all day. When I arrived home and opened my suitcase, I still smelled the mildew of the room in my clothes.

The beach was really nice. Not the best I've ever been to, but good for swimming and relaxing. Since we stayed the week before Easter, the hotel was pretty crowded, but we never had a problem getting an umbrella & table on the beach. I have been at many resorts where I had to reserve a chair at 8am, so that we had a place to sit later on. Not the case at Four Seasons, and this made the cost worth it, in my opinion. The beach attendants were great; they moved furniture and set up towels anywhere you desired, and they continuously came by with cold water, mint towels, and evian spray. Heaven!

The only problem at the beach for us was that we had to stay at the far end (close to Sunshine's) because of the noisy kids on the other side. There was a huge family from Spain staying at the hotel and they had a dozen kids, who ran in/out of their 1st floor rooms, played on the hammocks, and yelled constantly in Spanish. I tried to convince myself that since we were staying near the Easter holiday, that's why there were so many kids (LOUD kids) but after reading the other reviews, I think this is an issue with the resort. It is a very family-friendly resort. They have a children's center, organized games, a special buffet every night for kids, and plenty of activities all day long. If I was older with 2-3 kids and I was looking for a great family caribbean destination, I would choose the Four Seasons Nevis. For this reason, I would absolutely not recommend this resort for honeymooners or people looking for a quiet, private getaway. Go to Peter Island instead.

Moving on... Food. The restaurants at the hotel were great, but expensive. The buffet was $79/person, no matter what they were serving. We went one night to the lobster buffet, but I don't care how much lobster you eat, buffet is buffet. You cannot convince me that any buffet is worth $79. The Dining Room and Neve were both very good restaurants, and we enjoyed every meal there. We shared several meals to avoid overeating, but our food bills were still $100-$150 per day. Too expensive, overpriced.

The pool was nice, but we didn't go often. Too many kids. The Spanish kids would run, scream, and jump in the water, and the Spanish baby was allowed to swim naked. Gross.

The fitness center was great. Treadmills were nice and wide, with personal TVs and headphones. They had fresh fruit & juice to take back to your room, which worked out great for a mid-morning snack, since we didn't eat breakfast every day.

Overall, I had a very relaxing stay. It was pretty much what I expected & I was expecting a 5-star resort. We have been travelling for several years & have stayed in many 5-star places. If I was going back to the Caribbean and had to repeat a resort, I would pick Peter Island over the Four Seasons. It costs a bit less, it's more private, there are less people, almost no kids, the beach is better, the food is equal or better, and the service is equal or better.

Never again for Four Seasons, Nevis!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After years of traveling together, my husband and I (ages 44 and 39 respectively) have learned to hold off passing judgment on a hotel/resort until at least three days have passed; thus allowing a chance for initial disappointments to be overcome. We are hard working lawyers who vacation to totally relax. We splurge for luxury when we steal away from our busy practice. (We generally stay in a Ritz Carlton, Leading Hotels of the World, Relais & Chateaux or other Four Seasons properties). But even with our self imposed three day rule, nothing ever got better at the Four Seasons in Nevis. Our week long stay in mid February 2004 was the biggest disappointment we'd experienced, frankly, ever. The main/public room building of the resort was very pretty and has a small lovely lobby that is pleasant and comfy at night for drinks. The buildings with rooms, however, are very tired and need major overhauls with bulldozers. The first "ocean view" ground floor room that we were given had an overpowering musty smell and was dank. After my polite request to be moved was not well received (not a reaction I expected from the Four Seasons, nor appreciated considering the cost of the room) I resorted to demanding to be moved. After four hours, we were moved to a second floor room that was odor free but was also hardly luxurious: tacky tropical themed decor, average bathroom amenities with an ugly screened porch was nothing special at all. Worse, we were approximately 300 feet away from the ocean pool and promptly at 10:00 a.m. the children started their relentless yelling...ruining (almost every day) the room service we ordered for an outdoor breakfast that we cherish when we are on a beach vacation. The resort was overrun with screaming children. Their parents, mostly my loud fellow Americans, paid no heed. We have a grown daughter and are not allergic to children, but the hordes of unruly kids that had their run of the entire resort was unacceptable; i.e. little kids (6 and under)literally jumping around in front of the nightly live music while adults tried to dance and stir a little romance, little kids playing on the mats in the fitness room while an oblivious Mom ran the treadmill; kids screaming while playing in the bocci ball pit that is ten feet from the beach; little kids in the lobby lounge even late at night, the din of the beach and Italian restaurant (in addition to the poor quality of the food) led us to eat in the "gourmet" restaurant almost every night. The food was consistently NOT good at the resort and service was sub par in all areas. Twice our meals at dinner were served on chipped plates and a bartender did not know what a white wine spritzer was. My Nicoise Salad for lunch one day was old lettuce, canned string beens, canned tuna and a few olives with Italian dressing. The best things we ate were burgers, club sandwiches and fries. The beach buffet one night was the best meal we had for dinner. So the room was nothing special, turn down service was "hit or miss," the food was bad and the resort was basically a large children's least the water, beach and sunsets were beautiful right? Think again. Nothing special at all. The gorgeous blue crystal clear water that we craved all lousy winter in NY was not what we found. Even the fish were uninterested in the place...very few were spotted while snorkeling. There was drink service, albeit very slow, on the beach but no lunch service to the chaises. You had to carry it yourself in styrofoam from the bar! And the final let down...we LOVE to watch the sun set when we are on vacation but we couldn't enjoy it in peace at this resort. Like clockwork the maintenance man got out the noisy stinky and smoke belching beach comber and started driving it full speed kicking up sand as soon as the sun started its descent. After the third day, I brought this obnoxious practice in addition to my other complaints (about the kids, missed turn down and lousy food) to the attention of management. But, the beach comber ruined every sunset thereafter and nothing else changed. The problems at this property are pervasive and a perfunctory complementary cheese tray and bottle of wine in our room did nothing to influence our final opinion: Never again Four Seasons, Nevis!

Beautiful resort but mediocre service and food

from bradyky
We recently spent our honeymoon on Nevis part of which we stayed at the Four Seasons Resort. Having stayed at several Four Seasons in the past, we are familiar with the customary level of service and quality. Per usual, our mountain and golf view room came with a comfortable bed, nice screened porch, and luxurious bathroom. The resort grounds were meticulously manicured and beautiful as was the Robert Trent Jones golf course. Overall, the physical condition and landscape of the beachfront resort were everything we have come to expect from the Four Seasons. However, the service and food that we experienced did not parallel this quality. For example, our server at dinner served my pregnant wife a dessert containing nuts despite the fact we had informed him more than once that she has a lethal food allergy to nuts. As a result, after a small bite, her tongue and lips itched and swelled to the point that we considered a trip to the hospital. Also, after valet parking our rental car, the resort inexplicably returned the car a day early without notifying us. As a result, we ended up paying for a car rental day even though we had no car. The resort was notified of both of these somewhat serious errors and did seem concerned. However, since we did not complain too raucously, the only compensation we received from the resort was a free ride to St. Kitts on the Four Seasons shuttle to catch our return flight...a $50 value. In addition to these blatant errors, this Four Seasons seems to suffer from a certain level of indifference. The food in the restaurants was good but not great. The restaurant service was average to good at best (except for our brush with the nuts-he was awful). At the pool, the cabana girl came around and filled our water glasses occasionally, but noone offered to bring us a drink or a snack. The food was always expensive...pretty much $25 per person per meal no matter what you ate. However, I don't mind paying for really good food; unfortunately, the food here was just not that great. On the bright side, the resort had several excellent excursions and events to choose from each day ranging from snorkeling to hiking to golf tournaments. We took advantage of several of these options and were impressed with all of them. Also, I must note that the golf pro shop and staff were exceptional. My wife had a massage at the resort spa and reported that it was pretty average. The rooms were similar to every other spa she had ever been in and the massage was good but pretty typical. In contrast, we spent the first part of our trip at the Mount Nevis Hotel and Beach Club roughly two miles away from the Four Seasons. The rooms were not quite as nice (1/3 of the price too), but the food and service were ten times better. In retrospect, despite some definite positives, I don't feel like we got our money's worth at the Four Seasons.

Okay except for the do-do

from A TripAdvisor Member
Extremely nice resort. Very difficult to get to. Its very often cloudy at the resort, probably because of the weather environment around Mount Nevis (the resort is at the base of the mountain). Views are outstanding. But the water at the beach is a problem, perhaps because they have horses walking waste-deep in the water back and forth along the beach during the day. More than once I saw them defacating in the water -- where we're supposed to swim. Gross. Golf course was nicely maintained. However, it also was littered with goat do-do on many holes. On a more positive note, the food was out of this world.

Our Honeymoon

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Four Seasons this past March for our Honeymoon.
Champagne awaited us in our room. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The pools are the perfect temperature and the staff at the cabanas take good care of you by offering water, cool towels or a spritz. Everything you need is available and the staff makes sure you are taken care of. The weather is fabulous. Even when the rain passes through, no one gets out of the pool or moves from their lounge chairs.
The spa area is very relaxing. It was also a great place for children.
They have a childrens buffet set up in the restaurants and the kids can pick out whatever they want (just like the adults). We had a wonderful time and I would love to return next year.

nothing special in Nevis

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent seven days there last march and we were really diassappointed.
The food was pretty dismal and the service was just ok. Golf was convenient and the rooms were really lovely, but overall the resort seemed a little worn. We were there with three of our children and although they loved the pool we often got some attitude from the help in the Kids for all Seasons- they wouldn't let my 6 yr old daughter do one of the projects if our babysitter stayed there with her. We have been to several 4 seasons: the Big Island, Maui, and most recently Punta Mita in Mexico but Nevis is not a place where I would return.
Some of the other spots in Nevis seemed pretty special but not the Four Seasons.

Wonderful Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
Me, my husband, my 2 yr old and 5 month old just returned from a 7 night stay. It was fantastic.

The place was maybe half - three quarters full, and maybe 20 percent of guests were families. We were told that next week (spring break) the place would be at full capacity, and they were expecting over 200 children. I guess if you travel at school break times you should expect lots of kids.

My husband and I were very wary about taking our children away on such a vacation, but our fears were unfounded. We could not have been treated better, and our children were treated like royalty. Staff and guests alike were extremely friendly and accomodating. With that said, I would not dream of taking my children to the quiet pool or to the main dining room. Respect and consideration works both ways.

We stayed in a beachfront room with a screened in balcony. We had a great view of the sea and we also did not have to worry about our two year old running off when the doors were open. That worked well for us.
We did lots of room service for breakfast and even a couple of dinners, and dining out on that terrace was fantastic. We ate at the cabana (pool side) for lunch daily and that was also very enjoyable. For dinner, we at Neve, (the old grill room) which was very good and comfortable with kids. We ate at the Cabana one night but that was a disaster, something was going on and it took almost 2 hours to get our meals. That is not a good thing when you are with a two year old. Our questions and complaints to the manager went unheeded, and we were unhappy as dinners there will easily run you $150 for two. Oh, they gave us our child's meal for free. ($3.50 value).

My husband and I hired one of the fantastic babysitters one night and went to dinner in the main dining room. The setting was fantastic and the food was good. Again, very expensive. Our bill came to over $200 for two, and we had one or two drinks each, no expensive bottles of wine.

Someone said they took there kids to Bananas, I DO NOT recommend this unless you have very well behaved kids, or you go very, very early. It is a quiet, romantic, candle lit place, and they have no kids menu, and no high chairs. We were very uncomfortable being there with our children and almost left without eating. (Hilary, our taxi tour driver, who was otherwise great, told us they cater to children, they do not.
leave the kids with a sitter and enjoy this beautiful place).

The beaches were perfectly groomed, the water crystal clear and the staff helpful. The ocean pool is a great place for toddlers, a huge section is no more than 2 feet deep. We spent our whole vacation at either the pool or the beach - wonderful.

I will definitely come back here some day.

Just a note about getting there - we traveled American Airlines and I thought the service was awful. To save some of you the panic we went through, the flights from San Juan to Nevis are often canceled due to "weather". Since AA doesn't have certain navigation equipment in Nevis they cancel the flights to and from there if their is any hint of bad weather at all. They simply reroute the flights to St. Kitts, and then you take the four seasons ferry over. This would have all been fine if we would have been prepared for it. But we were unsuspecting, and after a long flight with very small children seeing the word "canceled" next to our flight was very distressing. This could have all been mitigated by AA staff who despite being questioned, and standing in front of computer screens with this info, did not choose to tell us that the flights were simple replaced and this often happens.

We did not find this out until we retrieved our misplaced gate check stroller (25 minute wait) and we dragged the two children down to the gate, stood in a long line and spoke to the aa attendent there. We were relieved but frazzled by that point. I have a lot of complaints about AA but this is long enough. Don't let it keep you from 4 seasons Nevis though! It is worth the travel hassles!

Kids, Kids and more kids

from skinh
We stayed at this resort the 1st week of January 2004. Too many children! I spoke with the general manager about his occupancy load and I got nothing back. Not even a glass of wine. Both pools were surrounded by children, we couldn't have a quiet breakfast or lunch, (not to mention they would not serve lunch by the pool) and the staff also complained about the amount of children ( I was told the resort which has 97 rooms had as many as 350 kids! I complained to both the general manager and the home office once we got home. Nothing! Neither cared. At $1200 a night, go somewhere else.

If you want peace and relaxation, go somewhere else

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I vacationed here in January hoping for type of second honeymoon. Yes, we expected children -- we weren't going to Club Med, after all. But the ratio of children to staff and other guests was overwhelming. The staff, though very pleasant, was clearly exhausted.
Our lunches had to be scheduled around naptime to avoid the dining room din. And by the time we had left, we'd had enough of parents sniffing dirty diapers around the pool, carriages on the terrace near our room doorway, and moms in terry housecoats in the lobby. This could have been offset had the management put us in a kid-free room zone or even acknowledged our concern with something less than a smirk. This was a true disappointment.

Nevis...a wonderful experience!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent 7 days at the Four Seasons in January of 2004 with our two kids ages 4 & 7. The resort is very well maintained and the staff is exceptionally friendly. The dining at the resort is good...and the dining room for dinner is the best. You must go to Bananas for dinner and the sunset! The views are great and the food is good. The Montpelier Inn is gourmet food and European style service at its kids here. The island is beautiful and you must take advantage of the horseback riding and tours of the rainforest/mountain. The golf course at the Four Seasons is worth the trip could play 10 rounds and not get bored with all the intricacies and beauty. Finally, your trip would not be complete without a visit to Sunshines on the beach next to the hotel. Do not let appearances fool you...the food is great and the fun atmosphere made the trip! Be aware of the power of the "Killer Bee" drink. It is a great drink but very potent. We would return in a heartbeat.

Top Local Tips for Charlestown

Best meals on the island Montpelier Plantation Inn, Coconut Grove, Mango's, Le Bistro, Cafe des Arte, Miss June's

Luggage If you fly direct to Nevis your luggage will probably be delayed by 1 or 2 days. Pack a small carry on with some clothes and other things that you cannot live without.

Slow Nevis Don't expect to find much to eat in Charlestown. I tried. The best I could do was getting an ice cream cone.


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  • Address: Pinneys Beach - Charlestown - St. Kitts and Nevis
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