Sunset at the Palms Hotel

, Negril, Jamaica
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Sunset at the Palms Hotel

, Negril
Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica Hotel Website | | 876-957-5350
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Reviews - Sunset at the Palms Hotel

beautiful and relaxing
Submitted by: gail in 25/03/09
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
MY husband and I loved this resort so much that we are returning again in March. Very casual relaxing, romantic, beautiful and friendly. We loved the buffet because you can always try just alittle of everything.If you want a place to just enjoy your favorite person this is the place for you. lazy days of mornings around the pool afternoons on the beach under shade trees waiting for the sunset. If you want a resort with a lot of activity this is not you.
Great Service
Submitted by: Justine in 13/11/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
I would recommend Sunset at the Palms to anyone. It is so beautiful and relaxing. The staff was excellent, the maintanence of the property is well-kept.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sunset at the Palms Hotel

Sunset at the Palms is #1

from Stang
If you are looking for a relaxing quiet vacation this is the place to go. The cabins are beautiful and larger than most hotel rooms. The layout of the resort makes you feel like you are in a real tropical location unlike some of the larger resorts. The food was fantastic and of course the drinks were great. They make the best Dirty Bananna I've ever had. The beach is across the road and truly the best section of beach on Bloody Bay. They are planning on expanding the dining room and possibly adding a few cabins across the road. Also building a much needed restroom across the road and maybe a restaurant and a pool on the beach side. I really don't think they plan on over doing the expansion because so many of their guest prefer the resort as it is with only a few upgrades. If I were to guess I would say their guests are 75% European. I think they know a good value and have good taste so they continue to come to Sunset at the Palms. Of all the things that we enjoyed about the resort we enjoyed the friendliness of the staff the most. We will return!!

Great time, great place:)

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place is exactly what I expected. The pictures of the resort are exactly what the resort looks like. It's a very nice quiet resort with a very friendly staff and a beautiful property which they take real good care of. The walk to the beach is not far at all and once across the street it is rather nice walking up to the beach under some trees and seeing it from a distance first. The beach is clean, lots of chairs for you to use. The beach bar was good, the beach grill was ok, some of the food at the beach grill wasn't the best but it was good enough for lunch or you can go back to the resort for lunch where they have more of a selection. The locals on the beach are very nice and they all remember your name for your entire stay. Particularly a man named Patrick helped us out with anything we needed and he'll give you good prices as well. After the beach bar closes, around 5 I think, there are some locals right next to the beach who have a little bar and grill which you'll have to pay for but they are really nice and will talk to you all night and tell you some awesome stories. The pool at the resort is very nice, oddly shaped but sufficient. The pool bar is good too, sometimes you have to wait a little longer for service from the pool side because the bar tender cant see you all the time but a light whistle will get his or her attention. The drinks are good, don't have too many because they will creep up on you like they did to me. You must have their Red Stripe, it's a really good beer. The regular side of the bar is very nice too, a nice bar top with good service and friendly tenders. The cabins are wonderful, lots of space with nice floors and a perfect balcony for sitting at night and listening to the tree Frogs and watching the small Mongooses running back and forth every once and a while. The bathrooms were nice, only once did we not get any hot water but it came back in about an hour. If you plan to leave the resort they have taxis to take you places, try to take one of these because all the other taxi drivers are insane and like to face danger I guess. There is a small market about 5 mins walking distance down the road, there is a bigger one all the way into town but they all have the same stuff. Rick's Cafe is a good place to watch the sunset and people jumping off the cliffs, the resort can get you a taxi there as well, its only about a 15 min ride and worth it. Or you can find Patrick and he'll give you a ride out there on his "Glass Bottom Boat" which we did once and it was fun. Not to much entertainment at the resort, they had a guy playing the guitar one night during dinner which was good, but not to much nightly entertainment but there are a few clubs not far where you can get some night life. The pool and Jacuzzi are open all the time, but the bar closes at 1 a.m. and you can walk out to the beach at any time as well and sometimes they'll have someone walk with you for security but this side of the beach is pretty quiet and really safe. We didn't meet one mean or nasty person, everyone was very nice and willing to help you including the locals on the beach. I do plan on returning to this resort again but for more than 5 days next time:)

Beautiful, quaint, quiet, cabin living

from A TripAdvisor Member
Negril Cabins was a very beautiful, simple resort. The grounds were being worked on at the time of our visit, but nothing to interfer with our vacation. You can see they're changing and adding on everywhere. The pool was not used much and the jacuzzi was only for 4 to 6 people and not very hot.The staff was very friendly and helpful, moreso than the other vacationers. It drew alot of Spanish, French, Germans and very few Americans. We didn't socialize much because the others were very unfriendly. That may be a drawback in picking a smaller resort. The walk to the beach was no big deal, but they need to get a bathroom facility over there. There were adaquate towels, beach chairs, and tables for a lunch in the shade. The entertainment at night is limited, but if you came for R&R, this is a great place. The cabins are very cozy, clean, and provide alot more privacy than a room. They need to get mini-bars in the rooms and get a lager variety of foods. The food they did serve was always fresh and well presented. Again, I think this is something they are working on. The employees are very happy with their new owners and talk very highly of them and their procedures, which makes for a more friendly visit. My only complaint is they would not let me buy a "Negril Cabins" vase that was in the room. Would I go back.... yes, but I want to try the cliffs next time!!!!!

Everything cris!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We chose this resort because it was small and unique. Cabins: Our room was clean and only small bugs at night around the bedside lamp. I would not recommend leaving a sweet drink (soda) on the table overnight.
There is a hairdryer in the room (good to know). We were in the 100 block, the back of the resort, and heard road noise. The main road is in the front but there is another road that runs along the side. But the noise only bothered me the first night and one morning. The biggest problem is that the rooms are not soundproof or airtight. Our neighbors enjoyed smoking cigarettes and illegal substances and we got a good dose of both a few times. We were tempted to move but we were rarely in the room and we just didn't feel like moving our stuff. You can hear the sink, the toilets, the shower, and the T.V. We had to call our neighbors at 1 a.m. (who were snoring) to turn their T.V. down a few notches because it was so loud! We did not have hot water twice in the evenings because you share a hot water tank with your neighbor. As long as everyone takes normal length showers, no problem. Our neighbors enjoyed taking long showers! So if you can deal with all this then you are set because the rest of the place is worth it. Food: Breakfast was the best, Paula makes omelets to order or scrambled eggs. Plus french toast or pancakes. There wasn't as much fruit as I expected but there was watermelon, papaya, and pineapples. Lunch on the beach was very good...excellent chicken and good hamburgers. Dinners were a little less predictable. The salad was only lettuce and tomatoes. We had mussels and shrimp for seafood night, lamb, turkey, and chicken, etc.
They had a pasta station every night. Overall, the food was average but I found something I enjoyed every night. The desserts were delicious.
As for drink service, some nights were slower than others but if you really want a drink as soon as you sit down, then you could go to the bar and order yourself a drink and then carry it to the restaurant.
(one minute walk). We did that several times and by the time the staff brought you a drink, you were ready for your second. You can order lobster ($15/person) also room service was $3.00. Beach: Quiet, no loud music playing all day, clear water, no seaweed or shells, plenty of loungers (although you had to get them yourself off the stack and carry them to where you wanted them). The watersports (kayaks and paddleboats) staff do not wear T-shirts stating they are with the resort. But we did find out that the boat to the left is associated with the resort and snorkeling costs $15/person. The people to the right (locals) will also take you on their glass bottom boat for the same price. We were asked at least twice a day if we wanted "to party or to smoke" but we said "no thank you" and they walked away. Police patrolled the beach area at least once a day. It was a small inconvenience to walk across the street but they have a crossing guard who is very friendly and jumps up and stops traffic when he or she sees guests approaching. Plus, we paid half the cost of the resorts on the beach! Also, mostly Europeans at this resort and at least 1/2 the women were topless. Drinks: Only the banana drinks were made with real fruit, most of the others were processed. But all were strong and tasty. Greg is an excellent bartender! Try a Hummingbird. Entertainment: Not much, but they did have a crowd every night at the bar. A very tasteful steel drum band one evening and a guitar player another. We went out once to Alfred's to see the night life and that was plenty. My husband and I are in our 30s and most people were older than we were. A few younger Europeans who were courteous and quiet. Excursions: The staff will assist you with anywhere you want to go. I wanted to go horseback riding at the last minute with a tour group and they called an Apple Rep from the Riu (across the street) to come over and sign me up. (I did not book the trip through Apple.) Very easy and very quick! And they asked me a few days later if I enjoyed the trip. Taxi service is available whenever. We decided at breakfast that we wanted to go to Mayfield Falls and arranged a taxi to take us 20 minutes later. Melvin Hunter was an excellent driver. The cost was $80 for 2 people and then entrance to the falls was $10 per person. You will get wet from head to toe. You walk in a river, swim occasionally, and stand under the falls!
Bring water shoes or rent them for $5. A tour guide will take your camera and take pictures the entire trip. Also, the resort will arrange to take a group out to dinner or to a bar on the resort shuttle.
(usually $5/person round-trip). Everyone on the staff was pleasant and helped us to learn Patois, the local language! It was fun to learn a few words. There is construction going on at the resort. We should have asked what they were building but it only bothered me when we tried to spend the afternoon at the pool. So we went to the beach! It didn't look like new cabins but perhaps was a new building for a spa. The wristbands that you wear say "sunset at the palms resort and spa." The only spa service available now is a massage in your room for $50/hour.
Very nice... Overall, we enjoyed our vacation at Sunset at the Palms.
We felt safe and relaxed. The staff and the other guests we met from Canada and Michigan were terrific!

Quiet and Personalized

from A TripAdvisor Member
This year was my year to plan the Carribbean vacation. If the location sucked it was all going to be my fault---family joke. I chose this location because it was unlike all the others. The separate cabin setting was fantastic w/ the exception of the "oola-la" neighbors that indulged themselves in partying a couple of nights. The day after you checked in the entire staff called you by name the next day. The beach was very laid back and there was no such thing as "a crowd". The beach could have used a little better clean up by the staff but several of the patrons could have used a lesson or two about picking up after themselves. The water was beautiful and the swimming and snorkeling wonderful. Book a snorkeling trip from the beach for $15----well worth it. Tipping is not required but nominal based on what the $$ means to the economy for the staff and their purchasing power. You will need some DEET bug spray. I was spared but my sister is much sweeter and left with some pretty good-sized, itchy welts. The food, wait staff, bartenders, housing cleaning-----all perfect. Some problems w/ plumbing but nothing that can't be addressed by maintenance. The size of this resort is perfect for those that want to get away from it all. I would return to Sunset at the Palms.

Overall very good

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at Negril Cabins from Feb. 19th to 24th. We had heard great things about the resort and our only concern was that it recently changed owners and is now called Sunset at the Palms. We figured that new management could be a positive thing or a negative thing. Overall our stay was very good with only a few problems. When we first arrived, we were told that due to a maintenance problem, our room wasn't ready and we would be sent to another resort for the night. After flying and riding in the bus all morning, this was not good news and no one would tell us what was wrong with our room. Apparently it was a few rooms with plumbing problems and the resort was booked so they couldn't give us another room. We insisted they figure something out because we didn't want to unpack and then have to repack a day later. They managed to solve the problem and got us our room within an hour. We had no problems with our room at all. In fact, the cabins were wonderful. They had A/C but we didn't need it because of the screens throughout the cabin which gave us a wonderful breeze at night along with the ceiling fan. The cabins are set in a tropical setting with beautiful trees and vegetation. We could hear the street noise a little but it didn't affect our sleep at all. The food was average to above average depending on the dish. We were used to more selection from some of the bigger AI's but there was plenty of good food for every meal. There was a bar and grill right on the beach which was so convenient since it takes a few minutes to cross the street from the resort to the beach.
There wasn't an abundance of water sports included in the cost - we could see the much larger variety at the resort next door - but I reminded myself that we paid less than at the bigger resorts. However, when we wanted to go snorkeling or parasailing, the staff quickly arranged these excursions with no wait time at all. In fact there was some good snorkeling right down the beach on the public beach, especially in the morning when the water was calmest. The staff was nice, especially the men. I'm not sure if it's a cultural thing or what but the women were much more reserved and less outgoing whereas the men were very friendly and helpful. Sometimes we waited a while to get drinks with our dinner. The bar was fairly quiet - we liked the bartenders, especially Greg. There wasn't much nightlife to speak of but there are other places off the resort to go to for that. We had a wonderful, relaxing time and would consider returning to this resort again.

Negril Cabins Resort, great but no more...?

from wallowaguy
We stayed at Negril Cabins Resort (NCR) during mid-February 2004. We enjoyed it very much. If we could be assured of the exact same experience on future visits we would return again. But that is the catch! BEWARE: Negril Cabins Resort was recently purchased by new management and renamed Sunset at the Palms Resort and Spa. The new management owns the massive Sunset Resort in Montego Bay. It is uncertain what the fate and style of NCR/Sunset will be.

Everything that other reviewers of NCR have written is absolutely true and accurate. The grounds are beautiful. The cabins are very well designed and appointed. You do feel like you are suspended in a tropical canopy. CAUTION: As others have noted, noise from the road and adjacent resorts can be very severe in some cabins and will very much undermine your experience. Be sure to request a cabin away from the road. Specifically ask for cabins in the 400 block.

The great majority of guests during our stay were Europeans, mostly Germans and Italians. That lent a nice international flavor. Note though, Europeans smoke much more than Americans. But they also tend to be less obnoxious.

The food was very good, ample, and well presented. The dining area was clean and attractive. Meals were a delight. One small problem seemed to annoy many guests (us included) - while the food is self-serve buffet style the beverages are not. Drinks were served by way too few staff for the large dining room. You often had to wait half way through your meal for coffee at breakfast and beer or wine at dinner. That definitely took away from the dining experience.

In the past one of the big attractions to NCR was that it was not your typical swinging hot spot resort. Very quiet, subdued and relaxing. NCR was like that during our stay and we greatly appreciated it. No tacky steel drum bands or blaring reggae. (That comes from the resorts across the street!) Who knows what the new NCR/Sunset resort will be like?

What the future holds for Sunset remains to be seen. Buyer beware!!! We were told by staff that the new management was looking to build additional cabins across the street and directly on the beach. One of the beauties of NCR is that it is on Bloody Bay, which traditionally has been the quiet, less-visited portion of Negril away from the long seven-mile strip of resorts. Alas, those days of seclusion and serenity may be nearing an end. Not only is NCR/Sunset planning to build on the beach but also a GIGANTIC resort is about to open north of NCR/Sunset.
NCR/Sunset used to be the last resort on the north end of the beach.
The new north-end resort will dump thousands of more visitors on the beach. While the beach can absorb that number much of the peacefulness, uncrowdedness and quiet will be lost.

In summary, we really enjoyed our stay at Negril Cabins Resort.
However, Negril Cabins Resort does not exist any more. The buildings are still there but the spirit may be gone. As they say, past results are no guarantee of future performance. If you want to go to Sunset at the Palms (the resort formerly known as Negril Cabins Resort) you might want to wait to see what reviewers write in the next six months.

My Kind of Resort

from robnbren
We went to Negrill Cabins March 2003....I loved this resort. The staff were wonderful! They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Our cabin was great, beds were comfortable and our room was spotless everyday. Our son (10) came with us and we felt very comfortable letting him roam the resort. You have to cross the road to get to the beach which is a 2 minute walk. The beach was great...some shade if you wanted it. The beach side kitchen & bar were good. The Jerk Chicken was awesome, the beer was always cold. The swimming was very good - the water was warm and so blue. The food at the resort was delicious. Smaller buffet but excellent choice and so fresh. The breakfasts were my favourite and their coffee was without a doubt the best I have ever had. I would highly recommend this resort, however if you want to party the night away this is not the place for you as there is very little in the way of night life. I would go back to this resort without hesitation.

Just What The Doctor Ordered!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent the first week of December 2003 at the Negril Cabins. It was great. It was a laid back kind of place where you do not have to be in a hurry for anything. Just relax. The beach was beautiful, not too crowed and long enough to enjoy a casual stroll. The water was warm and calm. There was plenty of shade if you wanted to avoid too much sun.
The cabins were nice but a little noisey if you were located near the road. The food was very good and there were plenty of choices for a small resort. The beer was good and the cocktails a plenty. For those of us who like a little refreshment in our room while waiting for the bars to open, that required a little effort. They did furnish a small frig for the room for $6US a day but the gift shop was in transition between vendors and the stock was limited. They were out of rum and did not carry beer. You had to walk or take a taxi to a store the purchase these.

If that is the only draw back? No Problem Man! We are planning on going back again!!

Unique Experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
Negril Cabins does have beautiful grounds, comfortable rooms, and wonderful people. It is a small, low key place that attracts people from all over the world. There were a surprising amount of Germans and Italians - a big cultural melting pot. So, be ready to meet folks from all over. We thought that was cool. Be prepared for rustic cabins w/wood shudders on the windows. You can hear everything outside (that is mostly good). The beach that is across the road is across a loud, and mostly busy road (but only 2 lanes). If you are not interested in hearing zooming vehicles and honking in your paradise, make sure you request a cabin away from the road! The beach was nice. I had to warm up to it because I was a fool and expected powder white beaches (like on the post cards). I don't think they exist in Jamaica. I did warm up to the real Negril beaches and they are pretty. The Cabin's bar and grill on the beach are great and there are a lot of affordable water sports. They told us that we couldn't go out on the beach at night, that is not true. It's just a little risky in that people will try to hussle you, mostly over drugs. Whatever, don't bring anything w/you and you'll be fine. Don't waste your money and time at Rick's Cafe. The Sunsets on the beach are more personal and a better experience in my opinion. The food was mostly excellent. Take advantage of the very affordable room service and ask them about special menu's to order from. Lastly, get to know the staff. Once they get to know you, they will reveal all sorts of little secrets. Oh, and don't be cheap.
tipping does help this situation.

Top Local Tips for Negril

Rockhouse and Pirate's Cove Rockhouse--The food is amazing-- very cool restaurant. Also, Pirates Cove is a less "tourist-y" version of Rick's Cafe.. but watch out, it was really easy for two to rack up a $100 dinner bill.

Biggest Advice Chill out. This is a laid back culture; experience it!!

Just chill this is paradise no worrys Take your watch off and enjoy life and no tv or your going to bed early!!!!!!


Other names for Sunset at the Palms Hotel

  • sunset palms negril
  • sunset palms jamaica
  • sunset palms
  • sunset at the palms resort
  • sunset at the palms negril
  • sunset at the palms hotel
  • sunset at the palms
  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica
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