Legends Beach Resort Hotel

, Negril, Jamaica
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Legends Beach Resort Hotel

, Negril
Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica 876-957-4395
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Horrible - Rip Off Hotel
Submitted by: Rachel LaTour in 14/02/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
We were ROBBED while sleeping and the staff was less than helpful the owner was a jerk and that was just the half of it. The food was actually inedible and the drinks were not good either. There are budget hotels and there are hotels that rip people off that are on a budget - this one is a rip off. We had to pay for all 7 nights although we left after being robbed and after going to another hotel we realized just how bad the Legends was. I would never recommend it to anyone; you can stay at hotels for the same price just a few feet away that have much better service and amenities (and security).

Historical Traveller Reviews of Legends Beach Resort Hotel

First experience All-inclusive

from A TripAdvisor Member
Having never stayed all-inclusive before, I have to say that I found the food to be fresh, and overall, good. The workers were friendly to us, but then, we were friendly to them. I noticed a lot of guests were definitely NOT friendly, and got back what they gave. The drinks were excellent, and plentiful. Our room had an ocean view, which was located over the kitchen, but the balcony had been enclosed with concrete, so you had to stand to see anything. The room was clean, but not particularly comfortable. The concrete-bottomed platform beds are HARD.
The AC was extremely noisy, and had a hard time getting the room cool enough to sleep, especially with the heat from the kitchen below, and afternoon sun in the french doors. Staying right on the beach can be noisy, not from our hotel, but from others about three properties away on either side. If you're not early-to-bed, early-to-rise types, it probably wouldn't bother you. In spite of the problems, some of which could be encountered anywhere, I'd have to say that for a budget vacation, we enjoyed our time at Legends.

Basic but adequate

from A TripAdvisor Member
We returned from Jamaica yesterday. We stayed at Legends from Feb 22-Feb 28. It was our 2nd trip to Jamaica, our first time staying at Legends. Basically, you get what you pay for. We happened to be there during spring break so we had a room across the street. Our room itself was clean and comfortable. The beds are built up on cement slabs with a mattress on top but, while that may sound primitive, it was very comfortable. The bathroom was adequate - sink, toilet and shower.
However, their water is heated by solar energy so don't expect a warm shower in the morning. Its very cold! When we came in from the beach in the afternoon and showered, then we finally had warm water. Our housekeeper was very good - kept the room spotless. However, it seems to be difficult to get any extra towels. She had to "check" first before we finally got an extra washcloth. There are no handtowels - just 1 washcloth and bath towel per person. The food was mediocre at best. There was little variety and by day 3, everything started to taste the same. Needless to say, we went elsewhere. Kuyaba next door is excellent - in both service, friendliness and food. Would highly recommend it. The office staff at Legends could use a crash course in customer service. They are not the most friendly and haven't seemed to master the art of smiling. We felt they do not appreciate questions and are not the most helpful. They come across as "strictly business" and thats that. The beach is beautiful, chairs are plentiful, shade is limited. Overall, we love Negril and will go back someday, but probably won't stay at Legends.

Okay, but not 3 stars!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My daughters and I stayed from 12/29/03 to 1/3/04. It's Jamaica, if your looking for Holiday Inn or higher standards, you need to go to a 4 or 5-star all-inclusive like Couples, Beaches, or Sandals. This is a good place for Spring-breakers on a budget. It's a 2 star facility, not 3. On the plus side, the staff was friendly and it's a safe hotel.
Unfortunately, I can't come up with anymore positives. The beach is small and sometimes it's hard to find a chair especially in the shade.
The food was pretty good - but not great. They were out of tap beer in the afternoon one day - with no apologies (I went all-inclusive but I don't recommend it). The room was large enough with a nice balcony, but didn't have washcloths or hand towels. The beds are uncomfortable. The bathroom lacked hot water and could have been cleaner. If my wife would have been with me, we would have checked out and found another place (her with higher standards!). I did have a good time, but I will spend more for a nicer Hotel next time.

thoughts after 2 visits to legends

from A TripAdvisor Member
After just returning from our second vist to Legends, I would like to respond to a few comments made in other reviews. To the other Iowa review, if it bothers you to be around a few women who enjoy sunning themselves, stay home, for goodnees sake, you are in Jamaica when you are at Legends! We had a beautiful ocean view from Room #501! Is everyting perfect at Legends, heck no, but my wife and I think, that for the price you pay, it is well worth the money. I will take the friendly staff at Legends, the great beach/ocean, and the gals, including my wife, letting the sun do it's thing on their bodies any day of the week!

Looking forward to trip #3 to Legends!


2nd stay...still great

from CJGirl
Just returned from Negril Nov 4th. stayed at Legends Beach Resort. This was my second time staying at Legends. We had a great room, garden side ...no problems....however gardenside means across the street...so you must be careful dodging the fast drivers! but usually the taxi drivers or locals are out front and will stop traffic...especially for ladies :) The staff was great especially Evon the resort chef...we were greeted every day with a smile and persoal service. Thanks Evon look forward to seeing you again. We ate at grill niight at the sister resort Samsara on Thurs...but to our surprise we could not leave until 9pm...we were on lock down ...I laid down on the couch in the lobby and fell asleep....as it was our first day in Jamaica and had been up since 5am catching ouf flight.....we know next time to take a taxi back after we eat...cause the driver insisted he could not take us back we would have to wait for everyone else. Other than that we had a lovely time...especially meeting the Boston's finest there...hope to see them again...will probably book later in Nov 2004 will plan to have Thanksgiving in Ja! Legends is a good resort close to everything clubs, duty free , cambio shopping craft market...cliffs..need more info email me CJ

t believe the website!!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I can't believe the review I just read from someone that stayed at this motel the same time we did. Maybe my standards are too high, or theirs are too low. You decide, but definitely do some research on every hotel in Jamaica, we thought we did by checking out Legends website, and it was nothing like it....MUCH WORSE. They don't tell you on the website or when you're booking a room, but if you're opting for the superior option over the standard, please keep in mind that the standard means you are going to be put acrossed the street from the main building, and every time you want to go to the beach, eat, etc., you will have to cross a busy highway. No one at this place gets an ocean view...we got a lovely view of a fence and the side of a building. Our bed was a slab of concrete with a mattress on top..must be the trendy thing to do in Negril (or maybe just the cheap thing), and we didn't once get a good nights rest, our backs hurt every morning. The bathrooms were a joke...no tub, and no vanity, just a sink, toilet and shower. It was dirty, and the window could never be shut. We constantly had mosquitoes in our room (I came home with about 30-40 bites on each leg). You had to ask the maids if you wanted washcloths, and you couldn't shower whenever you wanted to because they took your towels around mid-morning and would not replace them right away because apparently they are so cheap that they don't buy enough towels. We would get them back around 5 in the evening, so that gave you the option of either showering early in the morning or at night. So forget about washing all that suntan lotion, sand, and salt off of you right away after hitting the beach.
And speaking of the beach, Negril is not the nice town with the nice beach that it claims to be. First of all, the town is very run-down, not modernized whatsoever, you'd be better off staying in Montego Bay if you want nice. The ater was very pretty, but that was about it, the sand was not. I've seen better beaches in Texas. If you wanted to lay out at Legends, they crammed you into this tiny little space because they didn't want you to go off the property even 5 feet. And you had the choice of either looking at nasty women with their tops off (seriously, these women had no business going topless, and anyone that told them otherwise is blind), or you had the choice of looking at men in speedos. They do not mention on their website that they allow nude sunbathing, and if they had, I would've never stayed there. I'm sorry, but they need to keep that stuff in Europe where it's expected. Too many Americans visit Jamaica, and we have more respect for ourselves than that, not to mention, I saw several families with children. That's just what I want my 10 year old son to see, I might as well buy him a playboy mag.And to top it all off, the restaurant was right there on the beach, and you might be sitting there eating your breakfast, and all of a sudden you've got boobs in your face. And by the way, I'm so glad we didn't opt for the all-inclusive here because the food was awful,and the service was even worse. We ordered iced tea one night, and then the next night we ordered it again and the server told us they couldn't make it. They didn't have over half of what was on the menu, so we'd had enough. We went 20 feet next door and ate at Kuyaba, which was 1000 times better. It was elegant and charming, everyone was incredibly friendly and the food was excellent. The ironic thing was, everything was the same price as Legends...we check out there hotel online when we got back and the rooms were nicer and about the same price, if not cheaper. We couldn't believe we didn't find that place when we were searching for a place to stay. So if you really want to waster your time and money in Jamaica, and you're not want to spend too much, but are looking for something nice, stay at Kuyaba. But seriously, I will never visit Jamaica again. The people are disrespectful, and for being such a poor country, they are extremely greedy!!!

Great for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just returned from my second trip to Negril this year on October 10, 2003. My stay at Legends was great!!!. (my first time I stayed at Samsara, the sister hotel) and I had a wonderful time. The beach is fantastic, the water tranquil, the sunsets amazing and the pina coladas were flowing, everything you need to have a great experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and while Legends may not be top of the line...who needs all the amenities of a large scale hotel when you have all of that glorious beach. This has become my home away from home.

The Worst Hotel on Earth

from A TripAdvisor Member
I wouldn't recommend this hotel to ANYONE. My friends and I stayed at Legends as a graduation trip after we graduated from college. It was THE worst hotel I have ever been to. Although it looked like the pictures you see, it is 10 times dirtier. There were bugs everywhere.
The shower was dirty and basically just a concrete slab, we had to fight everyday to get some clean towels. The food was alright and a reasonable prize (5 or 6 dollars). The wait staff, security and water sport people were all really nice. But those were about the only good things about the hotel. On our final night there someone broke into one of our rooms and went through our things, taking any money they could find. They even left muddy footprints throughout the room. When we tried to call for help we couldn't because the hotel cuts your phone off the day before you leave. So on the last day we were forced to all sleep in the same room with our luggage against the door scared that someone would try and come into the other room. When we tried to complain to the manager he basically called us liars and wouldnt help.
He tried to claim that he had a video camera there that sees who's going in and out of rooms and saw nothing. But that was a lie cause he wouldnt even let us see the tape or tell us whether or not he saw us entering or leaving the room. While we were in the front office another women came in talking about she was going to hurt her travel agent because the place was nothing like what she expected. Some of us even ended up with $200 phone bills from calling home twice for 5 minutes.
The lady at the front desk really LIED about the long distance charges saying it was only $4 to connect and 1.45 each minute afterward.
Although that is still ridiculous it definitely shouldnt equal a $200 phone bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless, the only reason i had any fun was because i was with my friends, but if you were going for a beautiful, relaxing trip and counting on the hotel to do that for you , THINK AGAIN. go down the street to hedonism II or sandals you'll get your money's worth there.

Pleasantly surprised ...after reading other reviews.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Welcome smiles from most of the staff, great beach, clean rooms and the only negative was the food was adequate but nothing special. (but what do you expect on a budget) We believe that the better you treat the locals the better service you get (as it said in one shop ,the nicer the customer the bigger the discount). Any arrogance can easily be broken down . The Garden Pool was hardly used and felt like it was exclusive to us. The beach and sea were excellent and warm and the extra water sports good value. Like everywhere you go there is always the idiot both local and visitor. We were pleasantly surprised and the worst service came on the plane on the plane on the way back. Would visit again . What do you expect from a bargain break, a bargain and thats what it was. The staff overall were always friendly and accomodating to our needs. Just a point though, the Samara in comparison was awful! and not worth the taxi fare.

A Cheap Date

from Trying2CTheWorld
Legends is definitely a no-frills resort. I have been to Negril many times and find this resort to be marginal at best. It would be my last choice in the AI category. The best thing about Legends is the shuttle to its sister hotel, the Samsara. There you can see some awesome cliffside sunsets. (I would'nt want to stay there though). I would not advise Legends for first timers to Jamaica because it would probably be disappointing for them. However for those of us who know generally what to expect in Jamaica, want to spend as little as possible, love to drink and do not require much in the way of amenities - Legends is fine.

Top Local Tips for Negril

Kuyaba Go eat at Kuyaba and lunck at Alfreds so you will not get scurvy.

how much to pay 300-400 jamaican. 300 for most places. roundtrip to Scotia bank was 300 or 400. Ricks can be done for 400.

great food great food can be found at: kuyaba (nxt door), rick's (on the cliffs), angelas (a few doors down), which are all great but can be pricey, cheaper good food can be found at: selinas cafe (across the street) and reggie cafe (a few doors down the main street). Great place to visit is the roaring river by mayfield falls although wear suitable footwear. you get a tour guide around a local village and a blue lagoon.


Other names for Legends Beach Resort Hotel

  • legends negril
  • legends jamaica
  • legends hotel negril
  • legends beach resort jamaica
  • legends beach resort
  • legends beach
  • legend beach resort negril
  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica
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