Couples Swept Away Hotel

, Negril, Jamaica
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Couples Swept Away Hotel

, Negril
Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica Hotel Website | 876-957-4061
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Absolutly amazing!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently returned from our Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away. I would recommend this resort to anyone. After doing extensive research for our honeymoon destination, we settled on Couples. This was a decision we would never regret. The Room: It was breathtaking. We had an atrium room (#2224). We were on the second floor and could see and hear the ocean from our room! It is exactly like the photos in the brochures.
Clean, comfortable, and spacious. The lighting wasn't the best, but it really didn't bother me. My husband and I spent many hours relaxing in the hammock on the balcony. The cleaning staff kept the room immaculate. The Beach: Being from New Jersey, I'm not one to go into the water due to the rough waves and murky appearance - but Jamaica erased all those fears for me. I never spent so much time in the water before and it was wonderful. Clean and relaxing.. The Food: Yum. My husband and I consider ourselves pretty critical eaters and Couples did not disappoint. We ate at all of the restaurants.. Feathers was phenomenal and the service was incredible. The Main Dining Room always had lots of variety and the desserts ( I have to admit, sometimes I had 2!!). The Sea Grapes Cafe/Veggie Bar was great as well. Spent many afternoons at the veggie bar eating their wonderful chicken wraps.
Drinks: Excellent.. they had all top shelf liquor, although I mostly drank Red Strip the whole time. The Service: Friendly, courteous, respectful. Most of the men call you "my lady" - it's very charming. We had not one complaint about anyone. Being a former waitress it's in my nature to tip to show my gratiute for excellent service, so I usually left something under my glass or plate right before leaving. But in no way does the staff make you feel obiligated to do so. Chukka Blue Ride and Swim: This was the best part of our trip.. We did pay extra to go on this excursion. It was horseback riding through farmland with the gorgeous mountains above. They take you past old sugar cane factories and if you ask the tour guides questions they are happy to oblige and give you tons of history. But the most amazing part about this was the swim.. You actually ride the horses into the water, and it's deep. I was sitting on the horse and was covered up to my waist. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. If you do go, note the adorable dog (her name is Shiba) following the whole time. She seems to want to take care of everyone and she's affectionate too! Mayfield Falls: This is another excursion we went on. Beautiful clear river with wonderful cliffs and falls. If you don't want to take the drive to Dunn's River this is the place to go. Warning though - the road gets worse the closer you get and if you get car sick take something before you leave.. it's a bumpy ride. Shopping: Oh god.. this was the one thing i hated. Some people on the trip really seemed to enjoy it, but 20 shops - with all the same merchandise and bargaining was not for us.
To each their own.

One of the main reasons we decided to go to swept away is that it wasn't a "hotel". The villas really made you feel like you were on your own little island. We never even saw the other couples staying below or next to us. This place is magical and there must be something in the air that relieves all your stress, because I was never more relaxed in my life. If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Jamaica - go here.
I promise you won't be disappointed.

All Inclusive the way to go...

from dmk9851
We just got back after spending 5 nights (6/28-7/2)at the resort and am wishing we would've made it a longer trip. The resort was absolutely beautiful. We originally chose Swept away rather than the other ones so that this trip was not just about drinking on the beach. We wanted to be able to have plenty of activities available if we chose. We also chose this due to the secluditiy of the individual rooms (it definitely did not feel like a hotel). This resort definitely provided everything we could ever want.The rooms are gorgeous and give you the intimate, secluded feeling. Each room has a hammock on the porch as well and the staff keeps the rooms immaculate. One recommendation for women is to bring a better lighted mirror because the lighting in the rooms is difficult to see every detail. If you're into activities, this is the place to go, plenty of things to do! We did pay extra for the parasailing ($40) which was very relaxing. The catarmaran cruise was a blast and the rasta man was hilarious. The hobie cats are a blast, tennis instructors nice and willing to help you out, and the scub instructors were very knowledgeable. The gym itself doesn't have airconditioning so i'd advise to go early in the morning because it gets hot! Two activities to not bother with: 1. Rick's Cafe--You pay for expensive drinks and the only highlight is seeing the jamaicans jump off of some high cliffs. 2. Shopping--If youre just going for alcohol, don't waste your time. It'll cost $20 for the trip and its cheaper just to buy it in the airport. As for the food, here it goes...I guess being used to the high food qualitiy here in houston my expectations are rather high. The Feathers restaurant (the nicer restaurant) has great service and the waiters will accomodate you in every way. The food is ok but you really go for the atmosphere. CSA also has a main dining area, and another pasta dining area on the beach which is a beautiful view. There's also a healthy veggie bar. If you get hungry later on the late night grill opens at 11. Room service is limited to a continental breakfast which was fine with us. The frozen drinks are wonderful and they always keep em going.One more recommendation for them is to have more waiters on the beach. There are flags on your beach chairs you raise when you want a drink. However, it seemed impossible to get a drink that way.I thought my boyfriend was gonna be dissapointed once he found out there was no tv in the rooms but i can honestly say we didn't miss it all.Above all it was an incredible resort. You did not have to leave swept away for anything and I would recommend not too. The beach, activities, staff, and overall stay was wonderful and I'd recommend it to any couple that wants relaxing getaway.If you have any questions email me and I'll be happy to respond!

Surpassed Our Expectation!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just returned from Couples Swept Away and couldn't wait to post a review. It is truly a paradise! The accommodations, the food, the service, the staff, the beach. Unquestionably 4 Star. There are three room grades, Garden, Atrium and Ocean front. In my opinion, Atrium is the best. All locations have just a short walk to the beach and all rooms have their own porch, but only the Atrium rooms have their own hammocks -- definitely a plus in my mind. The atmosphere is so casual and private and very tropical. I can't wait to return and couldn't think of anyother place that I would rather return to!

Better than the first time.....

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was our second visit to Swept Away and will not be the last. Upon
arrival there was a card in our room that said "Welcome home." We had a
gift on our bed,special dinner invation from the General Manager and
free massages. Alex,Antionette and Nickki remembered us right away with
huge hugs and smiles on there faces. We picked up right where we left
off last year. We had a wonderful Garden room, upstairs with beautiful
vaulted ceilings and classic Swept Away furnishings. The view from the
verandah was overflowing with Palms, flowers and Mango trees heavy
laden with fruit. The service was as wonderful and some of the staff
from the dining room waiters, bel captian, watersports guys knew us and
again welcomed us home. The beach is always in perfect shape and the
water is the clearest I've ever seen. The food is wonderful with the
new chef doing very well. The overall feel of Swept Away and it's staff
could not be beat anywhere else. It's true in June it does rain a
little but this is how it happens.....the morning is nice,sunny and
warm then in the afternoon a few clouds roll in giving you a break from
the heat and sun. Maybe it rains,maybe it doesn't but blows over in a
couple hours and the sun is out again. As far as things taking
awhile....dinner and bar are on Island time and this is
how it works. Why would you want to watch the clock and fret about
time,don't you do that enough at home. You're in the
Islands.........Sit back, grab a hammock and let Swept Away take care
of everything.

The first Vist to Jamaica I fell in love with the resort, this visit I fell in love with Jamaica and it's people. Not only do I have a resort I can exscape to but I also have friends in Jamaica. The resort, the island and it's people will cast a spell on your heart.

Expected better Wedding Coordinator

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from Swept Away on June 22, 2003. We were married there on June 19th and Tamika was our coordinator. First, don't think just because you pay the extra $150 for the wedding that you are paying for better quality or service. When planning our trip we were down to Sandals or Swept Away and the deciding factor was the fact we thought by paying the extra money--it must mean that it was better--not so.
After sending all the certified documentation and the certified check, we did not hear anything over a month. I sent an email (that is how we communicated with Tamika) and inquired if the documents had been received. After 7 more emails and another month later, I still had not heard back. I then sent an email through the Couples website and WHAMMO I got a response. She said she had left a message on our answering machine--not so. I couldn't understand why she would try calling as we had strictly been corresponding via email. It should have been very apparent that the message was not received when I continued to inquire her about it. Communicating through email gives both parties record of it.

The bars were not consistently good. The same type of drink did not taste the same from day to day. Some days not enough alcohol and some days so much it was hard to even drink it. In addition, they did not always open on time. When open, many times you had to wait quite awhile to be waited on.

Anyway, on to the wedding planning. An appointment was made for us the day after we arrived to meet with Tamika. We found that many of the decisions could be made prior to arrival; instead of cramming all those important decisions into a half-hour.

We ordered pictures to be taken after viewing the samples in the book.
We were very disappointed with the quality--but what do you do--you can't do it over again. First, there were TOO MANY KISSING PHOTOS! Not enough of our faces. The color was a little washed out and they were not completly in focus. Obviously, the guy was NOT a "Photographer". We simply expected better quality!

The wedding was performed by Winston and he gave us a very meaningful talk prior to the nuptials. A+ for Winston. Above everything I mention during this review the EXCHANGING OUR VOWS was the most important thing we did. And the actual marriage when smooth as silk. That is one reason why I gave an above average rating.

Onto the beach! This was by far the highlight of the trip. We love the ocean and crystal clear water of Jamaica. It was never crowded--even during the peak of the day. We were usually on the beach by 7 and sometimes we were the only ones on it Our own private beach!). We saw several star fish and sting rays. We enjoyed floating on the water and soaking up the sun. We went on the glass bottom boat ride it was just OK. It was hard to see through the dirty and mucky glass. The best part of the ride was going past the other resorts north of SA. After looking at Hedonism, Sandals, and Beaches, we definately had the best beach!
Our beach was deeper and a lot longer than any of the others mentioned.

Half-hour massages were included and were wonderful. The 1/2 hour massage normally costs $50 so we thought we could pay the additional $30 to upgrade to 1 hour--not so. The coupon for the free massage is only for $25 and you have to pay $50 more dollars to get an hour. Again the massage was wonderful and she touched ever muscle within the 1/2 hour.

The Sports bar had great pub fare. The only problem is they never opened on time. They were suppose to open at 3 but no one took our order until 3:40 one day. That is excessive, even for Jamaican time.

Feather's was very nice with the best quality of food. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance; however, we were never seated on time. We had dinner there twice--one night there was live entertainment (Cello and guitar). They played "My Love" and "The Long and Winding Road" two of my favorites of Paul McCartney.

Despite the photographer, occasional bad/slow service, and Jamaican time; we had the most unbelievably romantic experience! The whole resort revolves around romance. Our wedding went perfect and that is truly the most important thing for us. We enjoyed our experience and had a wonderful time.

Positive reviewers must not go anywhere else!

from A TripAdvisor Member
These resort was okay ONLY if you get a beach front room or an atrium right up to the pool. The inner (cheaper) rooms get very muggy and are small. There are some great people there like Darren the night manager and clyon in the sports bar. Nicki the host went way beyond the call of duty. The food was average except for "feathers" and actually the main dining area was good for dinner if you used the menu instead of the buffett. Be prepared to wait a little on drinks, ect. their in NO HURRY down there. Don't take a cab on your own. It is a scam. They charge tourist more that 20x the amount they charge locals!!! In the states, you could only imagine what that would bring about! Go on a tour bus or the resort has some boat tours. Don't waste your time going to downtown because there really isn't one! Walk up on the beach and you will find all the vendors and restaurants you will need. We were there for 8 days and that was too much! Plus, it rained everyday in June - some for two hours some days for six or more. The resort was probably one of the best of the ones they have but, we would rather stay in the states than deal with the frustrations of Jamaica.

Truly Swept Away

from A TripAdvisor Member
June 10. 2003 We just returned from our wedding/honeymoon at Swept Away. It was fantastic! Very tropical, very private. Service was the best. Never an empty glass! Everyone was very nice. Our wedding was stress free, and the personal treatment we got was great. They made us feel very special. Food was always great. They went above and beyond our expectations. The beach was raked every morning, and the sand was so soft! Beautiful beach! Rick's Cafe was really cool. Go for the sunset and free shots! We will be going back as soon as possible. Definitly the most relaxing 7 days we have every had! YA MON!

Fantastic, romantic get away

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from our honeymoon where we spent 6 nights at Swept Away followed by 6 nights at Couples Negril. Swept Away was _much_ better than CN. We really felt welcomed by the SA staff - much of the staff knew us by name and the remainder recognized us. Antoinette was fantastic and was always willing to help whenever needed. We very much enjoyed the service and friendliness from the staff. Our biggest complaint about the staff is that at _one_ lunch my water glass went dry for about 2 minutes.... Sigh - that's the biggest complaint we can come up with. We did think the tour desk could use additional help when busy, but that wasn't too big a problem. The beach was beautiful, the food and drink were delicious, and the people were wonderful. What more could you ask for?We are planning to go back ASAP.


from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to Swept Away from May 3- May 10, 2003 and Loved every minute of it. I had no idea what to expect, and was wonderfully surprised and pampered the entire week. From our first view of the beach and the ocean when we arrived to our last teary goodbye as we left, everything was spectactular. The resort is beautiful. THe sand is softer than any I have ever felt, the water clear and warmer. THe food was spectacular. The staff, friendly and welcoming. I can't say enough good things. We definitely would love to go back.

This was first class-Highly suggest

from A TripAdvisor Member
From the time we went to Negril from the time we left it was an amazing time. The champagne greeting @ Swept Away to the luscious Atruim View, the work staff, the food, this Couples rules supreme. We would go back in a heart beat. One warning we went in May this is the rainy season so check with your trvel agent before you book. We had until 9-2pm to soak up the sun and then much rain until dinner time. The entertainment could of included better or more Reggae music but this was it it is all there for the taking, Scuba, Tennis, Catamaran trips, Golf! One trip not to take as far as we were concerned was the Rick's cafe. They make you buy tokens to purchase drinks. $5.50 for a Red Strip rip off. Well maybe if it was sunny we would have a different outlook who knows.

Top Local Tips for Negril

What to Bring Make sure you bring nice clothes for Feathers, men need pands, closed toed shoes and a colared shirt,. Also, bring bug spray and something for your bites. If you have an ipod stereo or a little radio for the patio. I wish we would've had that!

Best Patties in Town! Right on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril there is a quaint little resturaunt called Miss Sonia's Patties. She has the BEST patties (IMO) that you will find in all of Negril. Her patties are not like the general patties you would get from Juici Patties or gas station. Miss Sonia's Patties are very large and plump and stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken, pork, lobster, calaloo, ackee, etc! These patties are made right from scratch the moment you order. Absolutely tantalizing to the taste buds. =)

Purchasing Items We wold recommend purchasing your coffee in town as you can get a deal from them. Buy your spices or bottles of spices etc. before you leave your bagged luggage as you can't bring these on the plane. Purchase your liquor at the airport, they package it for you and you can bring it on the plane.


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  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd - Negril - Jamaica
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