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Beaches Negril Resort & Spa Hotel

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Not for singles
Submitted by: Debbie in 30/11/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
This is a clean hotel with great amenities and lots of children. If you are looking for a child oriented atmosphere with no Jamaican culture, this is the hotel for you. Not a great place for singles. Far from town. Lame nightlife, (the week I went we had an Elvis impersonater). Workers can't socialize and there are kids everywhere and 4 weddings a day.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Beaches Negril Resort & Spa Hotel

Beaches Negril is the best

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went to Beaches Negril over my school's spring break, which was March 21-29. I went with my best friend, and we are both 13. We were so excited that once we got there we went straight out to the beach. It is the most beautiful beach i have ever been to. The water is so clear that you can see straight down to the bottom...even when we went snorkelling and the water was about 30ft deep. After exploring the resort and getting familiar with everything, we went to our room. It was a little small, but that was just because there was 6 girls staying in it (we knew them, we went with a group of 4 families). The rooms are nice though. We got ready for dinner and picked out our resturaunt. We headed to The Mill, which we loved so much we ate there for breakfast and dinner almost every day. It didn't take long for us to make new friends with all the teen activities they have going on. There was beach volleyball, water polo, pool olympics, a different type of dance lessons every day(reggae, latin..etc), a disco(dance club) and an awesome beach party, the talent show, and the reggae dance competition. there was never a time when we were bored! and i have to mention the awesome staff too. especially the entertainment staff that are in charge of the teen activities. they are great! so, i would reccomend this resort for everyone. its a great place to go! (i have been begging my parents to go back for months!) i love it!

Beaches Boscobell Beaches Negril vacation from hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was by far the absolute worst vacation I ever had. We saved all year for this only to have a miserable time. The service was lousy, you cant find anyone on property to complain to, and when we came home and called the general headquarters we were rudely hung up on. I cannot believe they are still in business with the deceptive business practices they are partaking in. They portray these beautiful resorts on TV then when you get there it makes you wonder when and where did they film the comercials? Boscobel was horrible. Negril is ever so tiny. And they sell these day passes so you are competing for food and drinks with al the locals. If you havent been to jamaica lately believe me when i tell you you dont want to mingle all week with the locals. They drink all the booze, eat all the food, trash the pools, and all this for a very small day pass price. while we are the suckers paying big bucks only to have a miserable time. the hotel constantly ran out of food and drinks and we were all counting the days till we had to leave. We were stuck there literally because they shuttle you for two hours on a broken down old bus to the airport so you cant just get up and go to another hotel once you are there. Save your money and do Atlantis instead. At least there they know the meaning of customer service. I wouldnt reccomend sandals/ beaches to my worst enemy. It was that bad. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at, Id be happy to answer your questions. you have no idea how bad this place actually was. Just to give you an idea, I lost six pounds in the five days I was there, thats how bad the food was, I didnt eat.

Great beach!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and 14 year old daughter stayed here 5 days last summer. Overall, we had a great time. Bus ride from Montego Bay was fine, check-in process went smoothly. Our room was very nice, king poster bed and comfortable pull-out sofa, good air-conditioning, and very cheerfuly decorated. The food was a slight disappointment. Every time there was a special food at The Mill, they had run out of it by the time we arrived for dinner. The rest of the food there was just OK. Not bad. Tepanyaki was good. I'd heard about The Seville and was looking forward to it, but the food was just OK. My dinner was actually lukewarm. We enjoyed the burgers at the Beach Grill. My daughter loved the jerk chicken. Our drinks were very good (plenty of alcohol) and the bartenders very friendly and fun. I did have one complaint that we actually took to the manager. There was a group there for a wedding. One night at dinner in The Mill, this group spent the evening making complete fools of themselves. They were drunk and making a scene. Even one of the children in their group left in tears. I was about to get up to get dessert, when the "groom" got some cake and spread it all over his "bride's" face. Then she did the same and they began to lick it off. There was cake all over the table and floor. There went our appetite. We complained to the host, but nothing was done. We, as well as other guests, got up to leave in disgust. I understand that where you have unlimited alcohol, you will have problems, but I expected Beaches to handle it better. They obviously didn't care that they were such a nuisance to the other guests. Another recommendation would be that the entertainment include some island music. The only music we ever heard was rock music. A bit of local entertainment would be nice. My daughter loved the pool, volleyball, making new friends. She went to the teen disco, but left almost immediately. She wasn't comfortable with the sort of kids that were there. (We later saw parents gettie.) The entertainment in The Big Top could be improved. It was pretty cheesy and not well attended. I would have loved a musical review, reggae, etc. Contests of guests imitating animals is not my cup of tea. In spite of these negatives, we did enjoy ourselves. Wish us luck. We're taking our daughter, two sons and two daughters-in-law back with us this summer.


from slls
fabulous! Fantastic!- The staff is attentive to your every desire, and their attitude is truly "no problem, mon!" Everything is included, truly an ultra inclusive resort, no tipping either!!You can do as much or as little as you please, it's all there- you decide!This Beaches is very comfortable in size- not too large, everything has easy access, we were in theSavannah room block- very comfortable!Just a wonderful trip- beautiful beaches, roomypools, -free flowing drinks of all kinds- our kids aremax'd out on banana's and strawberries- deliciousvirgin smoothie drinks!Use Air Jamaica as your carrier- they have a wonderful pre-check out at Beaches, saves time and hassle at airport.. Would go again in a heartbeat!

Worst A.I. in the Caribbean

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have travelled extensively, and found this placealong with the sandals resorts (in Jamaica) to be the worst resorts I have ever stayed in or visited.From the service to the food, to the entertainment.2 star quality at best.I found it simply amazing that the sandals/beaches are so expensive, only to be let done by lack of service.Take my advice, if your a traveller, steer clear of this resort.

Spring Break at Beaches

from Bigcityeater
We (my wife and I and 3 boys aged 15, 13 and 8) have just returned from a weeek at Beaches Negril. The main reason we chose Beaches was for the kids acivities and especialy the Teen activities which looked so attractive in the Brochure. We were going during our school spring Break which was the peak in prices but we knew there would be plenty of kids at the resort to do the activities with(which there was) It was to our great dismay that we were informed that there would be no special activities for teens at all, as the first week in April is not considered "spring break" and therefore no special activities. It took the boys half the week to build a group up so they could do the activities themselves until then they hung with us. When I returned home I reread the Brochure to see if I had misread the Teen section, I did not. When you advertise something and the client is paying top $ you should deliver. The food apart from the Seville was awful, some of the worst resort food I have had. The staff was friendly overall although the service was poor. The amenties overall were O.K. The dive staff were nice and helpful. On a positive note our check in went smoothly and the drinks at all the bars were strong. This could have been a great trip but it missed the mark. The resort needs to improve the food (the food at the Seville showed it could be done) and make a little effort with the teenagers to help them get aquainted.

Great Family Resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from 7 fabulous days at Beaches Resort in Negril. This is a great family resort with something to do for everyone. Our children are 12 and 14 and had a great time and were always busy. The food was very good and plentiful, drinks everywhere!, staff very accomodating and helpful and our room was clean and spacious. I would definitely recommend this resort. We'd love to go back especially since we returned to 2 days of ice storms followed by 8 inches of snow!

We had a great time

from Susan Jane
We just returned from a six night stay at Beaches in Negril. My husband and I and our 18 year old son all went. We had a fun time. The food and activities were great. My son met alot of kids to hang around with. The grounds and rooms were well kept. The staff was very helpful. There was plenty to do right at the resort, plus we took 2 tours, horseback riding and the sunset cruise to Rick's Cafe, which we all enjoyed. Our son was brave enough to jump off the rocks at Rick's and had a great time. We would definitely go back.

The real truth

from A TripAdvisor Member
Beaches Negril ReviewAfter returning from an 8-night stay at Beaches in Negril, I sat back and let it all soak in for a few days. Now I feel I am ready to write a review that is fair and yet informative.Having been to Jamaica five times and staying all but one of those trips at Sandals properties, I feel my previous trips give me enough back ground to not only review this property, but also compare it to the others available. This trip took place the week of March 7-15, 2003. All but one of our trips have been over valentines week in February, as we always seem to have excellent weather over that period. We did have one trip in mid April but due to 5 days of non-stop downpour decided this was not a good time to go, although it is not suppose to be that rainy in April. Also that trip was to Ocho Rios which is on the other side of the island from Negril and gets more rain due to its elevation and proximity to the mountains. Our current trip ended up being a little later than usual as my wife and I brought my brother who had just graduated from medical school and was looking forward to a get away. This is why we chose a Beaches location rather than Sandals, due to the couples only requirement at Sandals.Beaches Negril: (not to be confused with Beaches Sandy Bay also in Negril)I have to say first and foremost Thank you to Nicki Meyer the Sales Manager, for the complimentary room upgrade to a Honeymoon Suite with concierge service and bar from a deluxe room booked (pays to be a signature guest member). The check in We had no problems at check in. We arrived and were placed in a waiting area for about 10 minutes to fill out paperwork. We were brought campain and a cold towel to wipe off and then brought to our room. This was not the case for many we talked to however. Seems to be a consistent overbooking problem at this location as noted by the people we talked with other reviews online.The room: Upon entrance to the room we were overwhelmingly pleased. The room had a king 4-poster bed and a pullout couch (sorry brother). They did bring up a second mattress upon request, for the pull out, and my brother said it was actually quite comfy. There was also a sitting area; dressing area, separate bath and toilet areas, as well as an ocean view deck (well if you cut a few more branches off a few trees). Not to forget the fully stocked concierge bar refrigerator that was refilled every morning. My hat goes off to the housekeeping staff who was diligent in their work. They were through our room at least three times a day and we never had to use a wet or dirty towel once. We also came back after each nights adventure to find our beds turned down. Everything in our room worked without problem: the a/c, toilet, shower, lights, refrigerator, even the alarm clock (once we adjusted the switch to 50htz instead of the American 60htz), as we lost 2 1/2 hr. the first day due to not knowing about this.The staff:Having just received a new Manager and a lot of staff changes, for the most part all seemed to be in order. The playmakers, however, seemed to be a little short staffed as compared to other properties. They were not always able to partake in the activities they were starting, as they had to get other things going or had other duties to attend to. Some activities were late to start and not as much going on as other locations. There also was a general shortage of group activity contests, not that there were none just few as compared to other stays. (Which seemed weird as this is a property geared toward families and kids). The playmakers they had were fantastic and always willing to talk about anything you had questions about .One could not write a review and not make mention of a few standouts: Sonya- the tennis pro that keeps things happening on the courts. If she was not working at tennis she was keeping the guests going playing volleyball. (Although not well 8)). David who upon first glance doesnt look to be the one to get the party started, yet whenever there was a comedy gap to be filled there he was! Need to know were to go and how much it costs on the island, this is your man. Nodia-(AKA the energizer bunny) this woman; what can I say, if the property ever loses this playmaker it will be greatly felt. She just keeps going and going from the early morning to the late night dance sessions. There are few that are more fun to be around. Stacie-(Not sure of here title) but when there was entertainment to be given there she was always getting the people going. This girl could sing, dance and wow what a looker! (Sorry Ladies) I would also like to give recognition to the dive staff. Especially Norman and Wiese who went out of there way to make things happen. (Thanks for the night dive. It was one of the highlights of the trip, especially the after dark gear repair with no tools or parts). The dining staff in the main dining area seemed to be a little more lax than that of previous trips. On previous trips upon ens plate and brought us to the table and got us a drink upon request. Where as on this trip it was hard to even get the attention of anyone to get you a drink and there was no attempt to see if all was going well or even an attempt to make any conversation with you. Dont get me wrong it was not a matter of them being rude just a general lack care.The food:The food was an item I had a few concerns on due to a few reviews online; however, we found the food to be good to great at all the locations. The pizza bar is a great addition not seen at other locations, but one that should be added, as it was fantastic. The Seville: The food at this restaurant was fantastic and carried a good range of choices for all. It was a 5-course meal. Not one to be missed. I only wish we had gone earlier in the week, as we definitely would have made a return visit. The staff here was fast, friendly and very courteous. Make sure to show up early for your reservation, as the bartender is Awesome. The room itself, however, was too dimly light as noted by many that ate there. Atmosphere is good, but one likes to see ones food. The Teppanyaki: This is an experience not to be missed. The food is out of this world and the entertainment that goes with it is a joy. This is a mirror restaurant to other sandals and beaches, but still a meal not to be missed. Last Chance Saloon: Missing a little slice of Americana, well this is where classic southwest burritos, tacos, salads and all your spicy favorites seems to be. The favorite of the younger kids also. I have to say this is a restaurant that should have reservations, as 1 hr. waits were not uncommon and would be just as easy to have come down when your reservation was ready, as to sit and wait. I realize Im not on a time frame, but could have been enjoying the properties other amenities rather than sitting and waiting. The Mill: The food at the Mill was just average. The selection remained about the same every night, and according to my wife, needed more variety. She is alittle more finicky about what she eats. I loved the fact that they had Lobster night and crab leg night, not your little legs but large legs and pre cut, so more reward less work. The property:The property itself was very well kept and seemed to be ready for a crowd of any size. There were more than enough chairs on the beach. Unlike some of our other stays where we had to get up early to fight for a chair. The beach, which is huge, was always well cleaned and we never noticed anything laying around for long. All of the items advertised were available banana boats, kayaks, hobby cats, skiing, diving and snorkeling, and even a water trampoline. Although this needed some work as it was quite worn out. The snorkeling never seemed to go on time and ran at different times each day, which was very confusing to my non-diving wife. A quick look at the scheduling board only raised more questions. This was with sunny no wind days all week so I can believe the reviews of troubles on days of less than perfect conditions. My main concern with going to this property was the kids. All the noise and splashing and general chaos that goes with a resort where kids are present and the lack of relaxation that may develop. I have to say I was not only happy but also greatly surprised at the very lack of such. The property is large enough and seemed to have more than enough to keep the kids busy during the vast part of the day. I hardly even noticed there were kids there. Being a father of a three-yr. old, I know how hard that can be and when the kids were around it was actually a joy to watch them and how much fun they were having. The kids programs: I did not use this, as my little girl stayed home with grandma this trip. However, I spoke with many families that did and both the parents and kids agreed that this is a fantastic program. Kids were kept occupied with swimming, games, contests and much more for as many hours as you wanted and was usually hard to get them to leave, I was told. My only real complaints during the week were that the resort had a shortage of, no lack of, volleyballs. They have a large area of the beach set aside for a volleyball court and many people willing to play. This is a family resort, but for the first three days there was only one ball to be shared with the pool court and even it disappeared on a few days. After a very strong recommendation on my part (OK I vented my displeasure about the situation) by mid week a few new balls arrived. Volleyball was to be seen played from 10am until dark or even later a few nights for the rest of the week with at least 3 full teams and at times others waiting. (Side note to beaches: 3 volleyballs cost $60.00 customer satisfaction priceless. Everyone enjoys a game of volleyball, maybe consider 6 or 8 in a locker for back up a small price to pay for a good recommendation to others and a return customer). My only other complaint was that at all the other Sandals resorts they had a few theme nights. A pirates night, toga night or others where they had guests dress up and had contests. These were many of our most memorable moments and we missed these events at your location. With all the kids this is a no brainier for easy entertainment.Overall I have to give the resort a very good rating and will surely be back with my daughter next time. I would actually choose this property over any of the others stayed at or visited due to its great beach, fun staff and overall experience. You can read reviews online from all over the world. You get the opinion on a lot of them that the people are upper class whiners complaining about not being waited on hand and foot. Well, this is one middle class family giving you our 2 cents worth and hope it helps you in your vacation choices.*As a side note we made a trip over to Sandals Negril for supper one night. Would have to say that this property needs a little work. We have stayed at this location 2 times and recommended it to many, but were not impressed by its current status. The beach is almost gone, which I guess you cant control, but the resort stunk of rotting alcohol and one could hardly stand to be by any of the bars do to the smell. The bar staff was not only slow, but also rude the night we were there. A far cry from what we remember.*A note to anyone who is making a trip to Negril. Plan to go to the locals market and see the local wears, not just time square, which does have a few good deals for the souvenir hunters, but go a few blocks further to the locals market. It is a trip to remember even if you can keep yourself from buying something. It is totally safe to walk around by yourself during the day and we had no problems at night other than the usual solicitors and we are not great adventure types. Just catch a cab outside the resort only $1-$2 and you can look at your leisure or pay the $8-15 the resort charges per person but either way make the trip. Its almost more fun than Ricks Cafe.

run around

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am reading the reviews written on this site and scratching my head wondering if we are talking about the same place?? When we arrived in Jamaica we were informed that our confirmed hotel, Sandals Montego Bay, was sold out, so they were moving us (a party of four) to Beaches Negril. Hello?? Doesnt a confirmation mean the same thing in Jamaica? Furthermore, Sandals Montego Bay is a couples only resort and Beaches is a family resort, not exactly the same vacation experience. For our inconvenience, we were promised honeymoon suites. Of course after a 90+ minute bus ride we arrived at Beaches Negril, to find ourselves in, you guessed it, standard rooms. After MUCH, complaining and getting nowhere we decided to try to make the best of a very frustrating situation. The food was good. The dining room service was fine. However, the special restaurants, all two of them, were closed on certain nights. The rooms were average looking. My sisters toilet was constantly backing up. Her and her husband had to use our bathroom several times while theirs was under constant repair. My husband never got his computer up and running because no one at the front desk could help him get an outside line. He finally gave up.Bottom line, when the staff asks if everything is all right, the ONLY answer they want to hear is YES. Otherwise, get ready for the ol run around! I doubt well go back to Jamaica but if we do, we wont be staying at Sandals or Beaches!

Top Local Tips for Negril

Jamaica no problem Do not be nervous that people are not so fast for delivvery as at home. For example you can expect a 1-2 hours waiting line at cutom when you arrive to Jamaica. Yeah-mon and Irie. No problem feel all right.

Aiport Tips When you arrive at the airport and are waiting for your shuttle bus, a couple men will take your bags for you. Before you get on the bus, they will expect a tip from EVERY person riding. That was something I wasn't aware of and had to borrow money from my mom since I didn't have any small bills. And on the way home, I tried giving them a couple dollars, but they saw I had more money in my wallet and made me give them $5 just to carry my bag 10 feet. I could have done it myself for that! Anyway, just be sure you bring some single and 5's for tips.

Been here 6 times. Excellent weather!


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  • Address: Long Bay - Negril - Jamaica
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