The Gloustershire Hotel

, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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The Gloustershire Hotel

, Montego Bay
3 star

Rooms: 96

86 Glouster Avenue - Montego Bay - Jamaica | 876 952 4420
110 Traveller

Reviews - The Gloustershire Hotel

Location, Location, Location
Submitted by: Deborah in 24/06/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
It was in the middle of everything..all of the action. We really enjoyed our stay! The rooms are not up to US Standards, but they were clean and a deal at their price. You must get a room on the street with a balcony if you want to see all the action. I was afraid after I booked the hotel, then I looked at the reviews and thought I'd gotten the wrong hotel. But, after being there I was extremely pleased. The food in the restaurant was wonderful. Our room came with was a typical Jamaican breakfast, which was great and a great way to explore other foods and typical Jamacian Food. They have a chef that will cook eggs anyway you want it. Everyone in the hotel went out of their way to please and help us, except the front desk. They have a bad disposition! We did not use the pool...why with a beautiful beach across the street! One review told me to take $100 in one dollar bills...this was good advise. The people there only make their money from tip well! Would I go there again? Of course, I can not wait to go again!!!
Very nice indeed!
Submitted by: Dom in 14/11/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We just stayed one night before heading toward Port Antonio. First we were surprised by the very affordable rate, then found the interior and open air areas quite lush and very pleasant. The bar inside was great, barman was a cool guy and did great cocktails. The room was OK considering the price and the interior mature garden is large, extremely welcoming with its small pool and jacuzzi hidden in the 'jungle'.

The staff have been smiling, very pleasant... The location on the Hip Strip and what else to say except that it was very nice indeed as a first stop in Jamaica!

If you don't know where to go, go there.

Historical Traveller Reviews of The Gloustershire Hotel

A delightful eight day stay.

from A TripAdvisor Member
The people of Jamaica are among the most straightforward, least inhibited anywhere in the world. It's really incredibly simple. If you approach the front desk as a demanding snob from Virginia Beach - they would not be the least bit hesitant about reflecting your attitude back at you. Treat them with respect and guess what kind of an attitude you'll get back from them.

If you are a "Type-A" personality and have difficulty leaving that attitude at home then, Jamaica is definately not a place for you. It is no accident that the appropriate Jamaican response to virtually every circumstance is "No problem, Mon!" Nothing is so important that it would justify getting excited, upset or in a hurry about. "It's a Jamaican ting Mon!" and they will refuse to buy into your "Type-A" frustration. It is simply not in them.

The one exception to that involves motor vehicles. Without exception, Jamaicans in control of any sort of motorized transportation, exhibit a profound death-wish. I have no idea just how much of an impact that fervent prayer had upon the fact that, in eight days, I saw not a single accident.

The breakfast buffet was truly outstanding. In addition to the delightful waterfall that opens to the sky along the side of the resturant, they offer a "bottomless coffee pot" filled with that Jamaican "Blue Mountain Coffee" that sells for $57 per pound in specialty shops here in America, (more than double the price of Hawaiian Konna, and for good reason). And the fresh pineapple juice they serve is like nothing I've ever tasted before. As long as you do not expect psychic ability from the individual behind the serving line and are not too bashful to specify how much of which items you desire, I assure you that you will begin your day quite well fed.

Poverty in Jamaica is so grinding and pervasive that hustling is not just a way of life - it is a matter of absolute survival. Yes, people approach you on "the strip". You simply smile, say "No thank you." and walk on. But should you have an interest in what they are offering, be prepared to bargan for it. They think anyone who pays "asking price" to be a fool - and no fun to boot. I injured my knee and needed a cane or walking stick. I found a hand-made one of incredible beauty. Asking price was $45 US. I got it for $15 US. People comment on it every where I go back here in the states.

We too had a day when the laundry had problems and it was evening before the young lady returned with our towels - but she did remember us and return. Then too, I wasn't paying $500 to $2500 per night at one of the luxery resorts. Our room was surprisingly large and comfortable. Both accomodations and service were well above average for the price we were paying.

I would highly recommend the Gloustershire Hotel to anyone who is not an up-tight, overly demanding snob. And, if you want to see the most radient smile on God's earth, tell Jason at the front desk that Mom and Dad Stanley send him their love.


from A TripAdvisor Member
The hotel stay was a nightmare. They ran out of towels and we had to wait hours for them to furnish us with clean towels and washcloths daily. Upon returning from the beach, we literally had to sit in our wet bathing suits, covered with sand while we waited hours for towels and washcloths. It was such an inconvenience. There were occasions where we were late for dinner reservations. Moreover, the plumbing is horrible and needs repairs. For example, there was not enough water pressure coming from the shower head, our toilet overflowed and flooded the bathrooom and our bathtub was backed up. In addition, the television remote had to be replaced four times and our television twice. The room service was horrible. When you placed a call for service it took more than an hour before they responded. Also the rooms were not cleaned until late noon to early evening. I cannot mention everything, this is just a few of the things that took place at the hotel. Stay away from this hotel and save yourself the stress and headache that I encountered.

Nice Nice Nice

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was the first time that I had been to Jamaica with my six year old daughter & husband we were attending a wedding in the Halfmoon hotel and our villa was not up to scratch so we were left to find our own accommodation in the middle of the summer hoildays and Sunfest we parked our car on the Montego Bay strip and went into at least 6 hotels we found the Glooustershire the Reception staff was very pleasent they advice us they could only accommadate us for 3 days we went and viewed the room it was very pleasent and clean & breakfast came with the price.

What I would like to say I have read all the negative feed backs and I feel they are very unfair most of them are from Americans If you are going to Jamacia to sunbath sit around the hotel all day and complain and the be waited on the Gloustershie is not for you, book into an all in if you intend to have a hoilday were you are out of the hotel most of the time but when you are there it's comfortable and clean it's just fine for the price it's mordern not old knackerd furniture and you have a breakfast to start the day.

I'm very fussy were I sleep and especially where my daughter sleeps if it was not nice enough or even clean for my child I would say so I think that it's very important that sheets and the hygiene of a bathroom is my number 1 and they passed with flying colors.

I will visit JA again and stay there the hotel was perfect for our needs I have been to Tobago Anitgua & many more and paid three times more for the same quailty rooms and facilities the beach is a 1min walk across the road it's a perfect place to stay and not to expensive for a nice break after our three days the Gloustshire kindly accommadated us for an extra 4 days and offered us another larger room which helped us out tremendously.

Keep in mind the staff are not slaves they do not earn the average wage so treat them with respect and the will do the same they are very proud people and visitors to JAalways want something for nothing.

A pleaseant nice place and what a bargain for the price a 3* or 4* the only diffrence would be the staff would be running around behind you.and the facilities would bigger with there own beach. I met some great people from around the world at that hotel and they all said what a lovely and convenient hotel easy to get to 12min from the airport and every thing is near you have a safe in your room and security what else do you want just be HAPPY.

This place was great for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read the reviews posted on this site, and I have to say many of them are quite unfair. A lot of them are posted by people who have been spoiled by the way of life in their country. This hotel is in a great location for the people who like to see how fun Jamaica can really be. The locals will ask you to buy items and services from them, but sorry to say, that is the way of life in Jamaica. Just be firm on your 'no's' and they will give up. It can be noisy at times as well, but what would you expect when you stay in the busy area of town? The pool and jacuzzi both looked to be very clean. The jacuzzi worked great and was very relaxing. The staff was very curtious and brought plenty of towels to the room when I needed them. There was never any pressure to tip anyone. Breakfast came with the room and was pretty good. The coffee is an excellent Jamaican Jahba mountain blend coffee. I suggest you try it and buy some later on. I was very pleased with this hotel and would stay there again in a heartbeat. Again, if you are the cultural equivalent of a spoiled brat, stick to the resorts.

poor service

from A TripAdvisor Member
Looking at this hotel on the Internet is very deceiving. The hotel is old and nasty. We booked the hotel for nine days. When we 1st arrived our room was not ready. We had to wait in the lobby for about 30 minutes. When our room was finally ready the bellman came to get our luggage and wanted to know why we had so much. I though he was being funny. I realized that he was not being funny after finding out how many stairs we had to climb to get to our room. It felt like 100 stairs. It was ridiculous and they had no elevator. We felt sorry for the bellman, so we tipped him. The room was okay to our surprise. The staff however were lazy and slow. It seemed like the same person was the chef/receptionist/housekeeping/operator and more. It was ridiculous. You had to leave money in order to use the phone and you could not dial straight you had to go through the operator downstairs. When your money ran out you had to go down the stairs to give them money and then climb back up the stairs. As far as housekeeping they cleaned your room at their leisure. People ate in their rooms and then put the plates outside the door. The plates sat there for two days. The garbage cans in the hall were overflowing. It was disgusting!!! Be happy if they remember to give you a rag/bath mat. I had to call 2x's for a bath mat; I finally decided to use one of the towels as a bath mat. Ridiculous!!!! We had no rags luckily I always travel with my own. The staff were not very pleasant they seemed as if they did not want to work but were happy to take your money. The restaurant was awful we ate their one time, which was our 1st day. We waited for a good 45 minutes for our food and it tasted like ----!!! We figured out why the restaurant was always empty!!! Jamaica is a beautiful place and this hotel needs to be shut down or they need to renovate and have better service. The pool did not have chlorine in it, it was horrible. I would not send my worst enemy here. as far as the beach you have to pay $5.00 to get into doctor's cave and they close at 5pm. if you want a beach for free go to negril. I guess you get what you pay for. they could have been a lot better!!! horrible, horrible, horrible. don't stay here.

Absolutely Terrific

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just arrived home from the most spectacular vacation ever. The people of Jamaica are awesome if you put your "American ways" aside and learn about them. The Gloustershire was a nice little hotel with everything you need if you plan on spending less time in the room and more time out enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. It is right across the street from a great beach, and just walking distance from clubs and restaurants. Everything about this vacation was perfect. I would return here over and over again.

Great Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed in the Gloucestershire in August of 2003. I read the reviews after I bought the vacation and was very scared. However once I arrived my fears were put aside. The staff was very courteous. Our room was not ready as we arrived at 9 am. They offered to hold our luggage for us so we could go to the beach. Once we got into our room it was quite clean.
The pool was also very clean and there was someone observed cleaning it frequently, the hot tub worked perfectly and the food was very good. As for the complaints of the people about the noise and locals harrassing them. I have one question, What did you expect staying on a road signified as the "Hip Strip"

fun place

from A TripAdvisor Member
the gloustershire was an excellent hotel. other reviews have stated that it was dirty or out dated. you cannot expect the same levels as in the usa. even so our room was clean and everything worked fine. the pool and jacuzi were clean. the hustlers outside the hotel are everywhere not just in front of the gloustershire. if you want to avoid this, stay at an all inclusive, but if you do you will miss out on what jamaica really is. the staff was friendly and taxi drivers who were at the hotel were great. hint, pick one driver and work with him the whole time you are there. you will get better prices, see, and learn more.
the restaurant seemed ok, only ate breakfast there one morning. if you want to be on the hip strip and non-all-inclusive i dont think there is a better hotel in mobay.

Ok for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I've been to Mobay many times in the past four years and the Gloucestershire is about average for a locally owned hotel. Yes, it's right on the strip, so if you want peace and quiet stay at the Grandiosa up in the "ills". Also, who travels all the way to Jamaica to get in the pool? You have the clearest water in the Caribbean right across the street at Doctor's Cave. Save the pool swimming for the states where you get all the chlorine you want. My friends and I stayed during Sumfest, July 18-27th. We had a blast as usual. Most hotel restaurants are a rip off. Ask the locals where to eat. As a matter of fact, for the best curry chicken and festival, try a restaurant called "Evelyn's"! Delicious! Look it up in the phonebook. $5.00(US) And it's more than enough to eat. It's right on the other side of the airport. One more thing, if you want a real tour guide of Mobay, COME HANG OUT IN JAMAICA WITH US! We are normally there four times a year!

Bad attitudes and Bad area

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived at 2:30 by taxi, we did not get into our room until 6:00 p.m. We were only offered free alcohol drinks when ask if we could have complimentary breakfast being wasted most of our day already, the staff said no. Upon getting into our room we had 56 counted steps to climb with luggage. no ramps replacements. The pictures do not show justice of this hotel. We wouldn't even think of swimming in the pool. The buffet was ok. But the buffet food is given in increments of what the staff wants to give you. You can't pick the food yourself. The hot tub didn't work. We ask for a blowdryer and iron, there were none in the rooms, you pay for your safe before you get to the room. Or you will climb 56 steps again. The staff's attitude was very bad. The girls that worked the front desk were very hateful and would not be flexible for a minute. Staff slow. The last only way that you made a phone call from your room was go through the operator in the front lobby. This was a bad experience not to mention the area is ok for someone who smokes marijuana and likes staying on a dangerous road. Having a kid in this area is not a good idea. The best thing would have been the Burger King but then you must live past the walk to Burger King. We will not go here again.

Top Local Tips for Montego Bay

CLUBBING Wednesday night party at the Brewery, Thursday night is ladies free at Margarittaville and Club Amnesia in Ocho Rios, Friday night party at Pier 1 nightclub, and party again at Margarittaville Saturday night. If staying on the hip strip Margarittaville and The Brewery are walking distance from some of the Hotels on the Strip, however you will need a taxi to take you to Club Amnesia and Pier 1.

Just take a cab from the hotel If you are going anywhere on the strip, just grab a cab. The buses they put tourists on are very uncomfortable and we waited more than an hour for ours only to find out the hotel was about 5 minutes away. Its not worth what they charge for the shuttle - just make sure you agree on a price w/ the driver before leaving

lots of fun things you must do to enjoy mobay you must check out doctors cave beach, you must check out marguarita ville, you must blend with the locals at aqua sol theme park, you must shop at the duty free area very nice jamaican craft items and souviniers to remind you of your memorable time in jamaica, just come here go to your tour desk and say where can we go today you will be well taken care of.


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  • gloustershire montego bay
  • gloustershire hotel montego bay
  • Address: 86 Glouster Avenue - Montego Bay - Jamaica
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