Superclubs Breezes Montego Bay Hotel

, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Superclubs Breezes Montego Bay Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 124

Gloucester Avenue White sands - Montego Bay - Jamaica Hotel Website | | 954 925 0925
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Reviews - Superclubs Breezes Montego Bay Hotel

Only employees leave good reviews of this place!!!
Submitted by: Jimmy in 07/03/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Sucked.. Seriously google them w/reviews and BELIEVE all the bad stuff. It's terrible, pick something else. Rooms SMALL.
Air only worked HALF of the time. NO PROBLEM MON! For God's sake people CLEAN THE PLACE UP!! BEGGARS, but then you get that everywhere. You wanna dance at the night club?? HA HA you'll be the only one there Guaranteed!!! THE FOOD IS THE ONLY REDEEMING THING and the only reason I atleast gave it a 2. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!
We had an awesome time
Submitted by: Myra in 03/02/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The reviews were poor about the service, rooms and neighborhood, but we found the reviews dead wrong. The hotel while not a new massive sprawl in the rain forest was clearly being taken care of and had the patina of a well tended and grand lady. The suite with balcony couldnt have been more spacious. We travel alot, everywhere and dont demand a new room or bathroom. the view was singularly fabulous. The staff was friendly, the food pretty good, the music both canned at the pool and live at night was excellent. What in the world the other reviewers are talking about is beyond our group of four... we felt safe, and laughed the entire time, ate every meal outside and enjoyed the party animals who clearly had a different trip... but everyone got along. p.s. The hot tub on the roof is dynamite.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Superclubs Breezes Montego Bay Hotel

Got what I Paid for

from A TripAdvisor Member
After a long cold winter and not much money I went looking for a cheap resort somewhere in the Caribean. My travel agent said the cheapest place was the Breezes-Montego Bay. I had done some looking and the place was 20 to 50 percent less than the other resorts in Montego-Bay and since flights to Jamaica are not that expensive the whole trip cost me about the same as driving down to Virginia Beach and staying at a Comfort Inn if I drank heavily and ate similar quality of Food. The food is not great though can only compare it to VEgas casino food as this was my first time at an all-inclusive resort. The place is on par with the Lady Luck Casino so if you like staying at the big strip hotels(the Paris or the Venetian) avoid this place as you will be disappointed. We got lucky and after waiting 2 hours(we arrived at 1 and check in is at 3PM) we were upgraded from a Cabin room which though did not see were told they were closets to an oceanview which though small(think cruiseship oceanview) was more than enough. The Deluxe rooms next to ours seemed fine and since the reason you are going is not to stay in your room but to go to the beach these will do fine. The food at Martino was fine though I admit if I was staying more than 3 nights it would have been nice to have a second restaruant like most of the other Breezes have. They could use the space now occupied by the 1980 something Disco as even the night of the Toga party only 10 people were there and only for less than an hour. So when looking around if this place is 20 percent better price than anything out there and you are only staying a few days this is a top choice. If staying longer here plan to spend some money to go on the excursions either offered from the hotel or from some other respectable tour company. If feeling adventerous go with a taxi cab driver outside the hotel. Do go walk around the street outside the hotel as the people asking if you want some will take a simple no thanks. As one reviewer stated do not pay fo as much) or the Ritz Carlton(about three times as much)

loved breezes

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I went to superclubs breezes montego bay to get married and it was wonderful. Our wedding and reception were perfect. The staff was very helpful and they took care of everything. I had read some reviews on this resort before we went and got a little discouraged but it turned out to be great. We were greeted at the airport by someone from the resort who took us straight there. Upon arrival we were greeted again by the staff who was very nice. They gave us chilled towels and drinks upon arrival and also a brief orientation about the resort before going up to our room. The room was small but cozy. The food was great. There was entertainment every night by the pool which we really enjoyed.

t bother

from A TripAdvisor Member
Don't bother with this place.When my 23 year-old daughter and I checked in earlier this month (March '03), Breezes had the type of room we paid for, but it had only a king bed. We then showed our itinerary to the desk clerk. It showed that we had reserved, and paid for, a room with two double beds. The desk clerk told us to take it up with my travel agent. How I was supposed to get this rectified through my travel agent (World Wide Travel Exchange) at 9:00 at night, I didn't have a clue. Since the travel agent didn't confirm my accomodation, I was stuck was a downgrade to a gardenview room for one night. I was not given a refund for the difference in the cost of a "gardenview" room and our supposedly confirmed "oceanview" room. On the second night of our stay through the rest of our vacation, we were put in an oceanview suite with one king-sized bed and one convertible sofa-bed that had an extremely thin mattress that mydaughter was forced to sleep on and which gave her backaches.If you have a penchant for losing electronic gizmos, avoid this place. When you check in, you're given a TV remove control, a cable-box remote control, and an air conditioner remote control, and will be told to return them when you check-out or face a stiff monetary surcharge on your bill.Do not call the States from this place. You have to go down to the desk and given them your credit card, then they'll promptly charge you a "provisional" fee of $100. It's not actually charged to you unless you exceed that amount at check-out, but it's a hassle. You then go back up to your room and make a call to the States at $1.70 a MINUTE!!Don't stay at Breezes if you like hot (or even warm) showers. They have no hot water (or, at least, they didn't the week we were there.) A 4 star hotel with no hot water? Who's rating these places? The hairdryer didn't work, either.In addition to the accomodation fiasco, the food at Breezes is just awful. If you must stay here, try to book their "formal" restaurant, Martino's. I say "formal" since the hotel advertises a strict dress code, yet doesn't enforce it. Who wants to go to a supposedly "posh" restaurant and sit next to a group of kids in shorts and tee-shirts.Never go to this place during Spring Break ... unless you enjoy the sight of adult wannabe's pickling their livers, shouting obsenities and falling over themselves. They can do that back at the frat/sorority house ... why pay good money to make other people witness their juvenileness? The pool at Breezes is disgusting. People use it to clean the beach sand off their feet! You can barely see the bottom of the pool.The mixed drinks are either watered down, made with inferior liquor, and/or poorly made. Do NOT order a Margarita unless you have no tastebuds! If you ask for any drink other than the "standards", you'll be greetly with a blank look and a few words of patois English that's usually undecipherable.The beach is nice ... not much of it ... but nice. The attendant was quick to set up an umbrella. Nice touch. The towel attendants, as were a large number of the hotel's employees, while not actually rude, but are extremely apathetic.On the up side, I didn't use their in-room safe and nothing was stolen! And, the housekeeping is excellent. If you dare to leave the property ... and you really should just to say you did, beware of the peddlers, cab drivers, store clerks, and ganja dealers who will be all over you relentlessly ... like bee to a rose. But, who can blame them. Jamaica is one of the most poverty-stricken countries I've ever seen. But, stay calm. Be polite. If you must go to Jamaica, go to Negril (in the northwest part of the island) and thoroughly research your hotel choices. Above all, choose a reputable travel agent and make them earn their commission. Using an online agent is convenient, but unless you're extremely lucky, the service is likely to be horrendous and you'll have little, if any, recourse.

GIve ME BReak

from A TripAdvisor Member
COme ON The hotel was nt that bad. The rooms were clean. sure hpusekeeping was a little slow The food, drinks, and everything was there forthe asking. They had activities but you have to participate and some chose not to. The staff was nice and of course service was on islanmd time. You cant go there with a snooty attitude expecting Gran Lido when you did not pay those prices A bargain acation is what you will get. There was never an unmet need and I went tere expecting the worst but was so surprised. I just got back tday and had to post. People need to not be so spoiled AND EPECT TO PAY FOR THE hOLDAY iNN WHEN YOU WANT THE RITZ CARLTON

A Dirty Dump!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I visited this dirty RESORT 2/2003. This was the filthiest place I have ever visited. The room was small, dirty and had ants. I've seen port a pottys cleaner than the bathroom. I showered in my sandals and took down the stained shower curtain. I didnt want it to touch me. I slept in my clothes because the linen didnt seem clean. The bathroom fixtures were rusted & there was no hot water. A cat was at the outside bar everyday, the linens were stained, the drinking glasses were kept outside by the fountain machines which were dirty and covered in bugs, the staff seemed hostile, the food at Jimmy's was often cold when serving began and tasteless. Martinos a/c was out when we went the food was not worth the wait. The activities and pics they have on the web are falsified to project an untrue image of this old, dirty, place. The elevator was broken the 3 days we were there. Our A/C was broken also . The people who had a good time must have smoked some ganja while they were there. There were no activities except pool volleybal. The staff will hound you to purchase day trips like dunns rivers falls @ 75.00 pp meals are not included. Sure Margaritaville is about 5 min away & worth a visit . Bottom line if you have low standards or are a pothead you will have a good time. If you require clean accomadations, decent food , clean water (water was $2.00 a bottle in gift shop, M&M's $1.oo.) and clean linen go elsewhere. There are no midnight snacks as the web site says. Save your money and visit my hometown Va Beach you will have a better vacation. I disputed the trip with my agent based on the false description on their website. I was refunded for half of my stay and would have left early but couldnt get a flight home.

Had A Great Time!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading all the other horrible reviews my friends and I were nervous about our trip to Breezes Montego Bay. However, by the end of the trip we had more than gotten our money's worth. I would have to disagree with almost every negative thing people have commented on.First, you must consider the price you are paying. A great deal for the beach front property alone! The hotel is old and has some worn edges, however, a trip on a boat or kayak out into the bay will show you that all the surrounding hotels are of the same "era" or older... there are no new beach front properties that were visible for miles(much less properties with any beach at all). The beach was wonderful, and workers were always helping with chairs and umbrellas. There is a complete Watersports staff that helps with all kinds of on-site water activities. And again remembering the low price it's hard to believe it's all included. Rooms are small, but little time is (or should be with such a great beach) spent in them. Housekeeping comes daily, and we never worried about the security of our belongings. There were no bugs, lizards, old panties, or anything else I read people found in their rooms. The bathrooms were large and everything worked. The air conditioners worked just fine too.The resteraunts are pretty good, not great if your looking for exotic foods, but they offered a nice blend of American and Carribean food. Always a wide fruit and desert selection. We dined outside every meal, and enjoyed "theme" nights at the mainstage while eating and drinking. Which brings me to the bar... you can earn back the cost of your at the bar. Consider if you had to pay on average $4/drink at a regular hotel bar.... you do the math for how much you consume. The bar serves everything from beer to frozen drinks to mixed drinks to shots. There are even make your own daquiri and pina colada machines. 2 minutes at the most I ever had to wait on a drink. The bartenders are great and will fix you whatever you want, and if you don't know what you want they'll make something for you! By the way, there are cats walking around outside, but they will not bother you if you don't encourage them (they are simply doing there job... which would you rather have... cats or rats?)The disco does suck... but the pool bar stays open until 1am and everyone stays outside enjoying the weather and usually live band or DJ. Margaritaville is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, and is a great alternative to the disco. However, you will be offered drugs by almost everyone you pass. Just say no thanks and there will never be any problems. It gives you a story to come home and tell.Keep in mind several things if you are planning a trip to Breezes Montego Bay. Most importantly, the price you are paying. Breezes is not a 5 star hotel. Go with the mindset of it not being such, and you will have an awesome time. Expect more and forget what you paid and you will not be satisfied. I am telling you, the beach and the bar alone will pay for itself. Also remember that Jamaica is a very poor country which depends a lot upon American tourism, and as you walk around, the sights you see will reflect that. You will also become aware of this in the way the workers at Breezes treat you. Everyone is extremely.. I mean go out of their way nice.. to you! This is there means of living and they will treat you better than other places you pay higher prices will. As one worker told us, "It's a hard job to get but an easy job to lose," so they will do there best to serve you and keep their job.I recommend Breezes to anyone who is looking for a great beach to relax on with an all inclusive bonus at an affordable price. Vacations like the ones to Breezes should be spent eating, drinking and relaxing on the beach... not in the room!

Breezes is Great

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had a great time at Breezes! The Staff was the best. Leroy arranged a private Island Tour for us, Brian mixed up some great cocktails. Our room was awesome! The buffet was marginal at best, however you have many choices. The Entertainment by the pool was a hoot. We renewed our wedding vows and were just blown away be the attention to detail. Wow, Breezes is the best.

Relax at Breezes

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from a week at Breezes Montego Bay. The hotel lived up to expectations. It is a 3 1/2 star resort. The male entertainment staff was very outgoing and friendly. The female staff was quiet and stuck to themselves. We went to the disco 1 night and there was 3 people there other than employees. The pool bar is good although service is a little slow but you will get used to it after a day. The poolside grill was great although it closes @ 6 nightly and re-opens from midnight til 2 AM. I would recommend this resort to anyone looking for a place to just unwind and relax on your own. If you want to catered to and pampered this is not the place to go. The rooms compare to a Super 8 hotel. Basically just the essentials. But keep in mind you are not going to Jamaica to sit in your room. The beach was excellent. We were able to snorkel daily over the reefs that are in the swimming area. While snorkeling I even found a 6" conch shell in the swimming area. Out of all of the staff I would say the watersports staff is the best. They will help you with anything you want on the beach. All you have to do is ask. Denton was excellent. He took time out of his own personal time to clean the conch shell that I had found. The hot tub on the roof is a must at sunset. Very relaxing! All in all a good place to go to just don't expect the Ritz. Also they advertise domestic drinks. They have domestic liquor. If you wany domestic beer they have it in the gift shop but it costs extra. Drink the Red Stripe!

Good get-away, not fancy

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent 5 days there recently and after the initial adjustment, we had a great time. The beach and activities were fantastic. The drinks were great and the weather was GREAT! Just what we needed coming from a very cold/snowy winter. The room was small, but fine for sleeping and everything worked. No bugs. The food was ok. Martino's was better than the buffet for dinner and breakfast was good at the buffet. Lots of fresh fruit. The staff was very friendly and the watersports staff on the beach were very nice. Spent lots of time on the beach relaxing and enjoying the water activities (water skiing, snorkling, sailing). Also a beautiful sunset right from the beach or from the rooftop jacuzzi. Not top-of-the-line accomodations or food, but a great getaway if you can get a good deal.

t need a great hotel to enjoy Jamaica

from A TripAdvisor Member
We loved our stay at Breezes and would recommend this hotel to anyone who needs a cheap vacation. For $800 total, we flew direct from St. Louis on Saturday, Feb 8th and stayed 3 nights at the Breezes in Montego Bay. We have no complaints. Check in: We had no problems checking in and our room was ready. Room: Our room was small, just enough room for a bed, but the safe worked and we didn't see any bugs like other reports. The A/C worked great and so did the TV. They gave us a pitcher of water every morning but there is no in-room fridge. We were never in the room so we didn't care. Pool: The pool is small and we didn't see anyone swim in it the entire time we were there. But it was clean and they had water aerobics and water volleyball. Beach: The beach was great. You wouldn't even know its a public beach because we were surrounded by tourists. No one approached us the entire time we were on the beach. There is a small coral reef right off shore that has many beautiful fish to see while snorkeling. The hotel has free snorkeling gear and I had no problem checking gear out. There's beach volleyball everyday at 4:00pm and you can ask for a free beach umbrella. The sand is very soft but the beach is not topless. Drink and food is allowed on the beach. Activities: They have a desk to sign up for tours and there are plenty to take. We were only there 2 full days so we didn't take any tours. The trampoline school/circus school didn't happen while we were there. Food: Nothing special except Saturday night was seafood night with plenty of shrimp and oysters. We didn't go there for the food. There is inside and outside dining. One night, we actually ate at the Groovy Grouper which is a restaurant on the beach not affiliated with the hotel. The fresh fish was excellent for only $8 and credit cards are accepted. Drinks: This is why we go all-inclusive and they didn't disappoint. Three bars, main pool bar, disco and piano bar. Bartenders were very friendly and mixed anything you wanted. They had a list of rum drinks and the Dirty Banana is a must try while in Jamaica. The pool bar stays open until 1am and the piano and disco bars are open until 4am. One warning, no one goes to the disco. There were maybe 10-20 people there each time we went. The disco music was mostly dance/reggae and wasn't club/techno (thank god). The Hip Strip: is nothing. Crappy tourist shops and not even good crappy. Three blocks from the hotel is Margaritaville and its worth the walk. Its free during the day and there is a waterslide and water trampolines. There's a $5 cover after 9:00pm but 2 for 1 drinks from 9pm-11pm. We went once during the day for the slide and trampoline and had a blast. One woman lost her top! We felt safe walking down the strip but we were asked if we wanted 'smoke' alot. Overall, the place is exactly what it is, a three star all-inclusive resort. Everything you need to have a great time is there. If you get a good deal, I highly suggest this resort.Good: Beach Drinks Close to airport Bad:Its not 5 star

Top Local Tips for Montego Bay

Canopy tour The camopy zipline tour was amazing. A great adrenaline rush swinging through the jungle. The tour guides were also the best and made the experience really fun.

liquor if you want to buy liquor and bring it home than I suggest that you wait until you get to the airport it is cheaper also it you dont want to be bugged a lot than dont go out on the street because they will not leave you alone. Also if a local comes up to you on the street and walks with you and tells you about the island they will expect you to pay for it?!?

Hip Strip Do Not turn left on the Hip Strip fron the Breezes Hotel!!


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  • montego bay breezes hotel
  • breezes montego bay
  • breezes jamaica
  • breezes hotel montego bay
  • Address: Gloucester Avenue White sands - Montego Bay - Jamaica

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