Rose Hall Resort & Country Club Hotel

, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Rose Hall Resort & Country Club Hotel

, Montego Bay
3 star

Rooms: 488

16 Dorothea - Montego Bay - 00000 - Jamaica 876 953 2650
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Wyndham Rose Hall
Submitted by: Sarah in 02/11/05
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Jamaica
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This was an amazing hotel. I couldn't have asked for more. It was unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it before. I was shocked! It was like paradise
Fantastic Stay
Submitted by: Mr & Mrs Mason in 26/06/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Honeymooners
We stayed here in Aug 2002, It is situated on a golf course and a beach-so the view is amazing! It has a wonderful beach with drinks being served and pools were fantastic with swim up bars, lazy rivers and water slides. The choice of food varied but on the whole was good; the buffet had a wide selection for every age; Jarva's was a waiter service restaurant/cafe and provided good food throughout the day; the Itailian restaurant had to be booked-you were allowed at least one visit per stay, we only ventured here the once- it was a bit dark, dingy and you had to substidise most items on the menu. The Three Palms restuarant(which is a short golf buggy ride away) also had to be reserved, however this restaurant offered a much better service and outstanding food, some items on the menu had to be substidised-but generally most things were included. However throughout the holiday we did notice that the Americans are big tippers & the waiters tend to flock to the Americans first! We also ventured into the clubs in Montego Bay-dont believe the stories that you hear, the hotel will tell you where it is safe to travel & they arrange for a return taxi for a small fee. In Jamaica they drive on the same side of the road as the English and they believe that the left side is the right side and the right side is suicide! We were over the moon with a stay & we will return again.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Rose Hall Resort & Country Club Hotel

Best Vacation Ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just returned from vacationing at the Wyndham Rose Hall Resort. Went the week of 1/11/03 to 1/18/03.
Everything was perfect!! We flew Air Jamaica and had no problems going, however, coming home our flight had been rescheduled for 2 hours later. The resort was wonderful. Definitely go All Inclusive and definitely sign up for Wyndham By Request. We were upgraded to an Ocean Front room at no extra cost. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and we could also see all the action each night from our balcony. We also received a nice cheese and cracker plate with bottled water. There is a different show each
night on the Terrace and adults and children are welcome and the shows were enjoyed by all. Our room was very nice. Had a king size bed and a roller bed for our daughter. Housekeeping does a fantastic job. Always spotless after they leave. The food was great. We ate mostly at the Terrace Buffet. Each night has a different theme (ex. oriental, italian, southwestern) breakfasts were great, had every kind of omelet to belgian waffles. The two pool side grills have great lunches, burgers,
fries, chicken nuggets, cesaer salads, chicken wraps, etc. The Java Cafe is also good. Serves meals all day.
The water park is wonderful. The kids will have a ball on the water slides. There is a big one that you go down in an inflatable tube. There is also a smaller one with 2 levels. The lazy river is great to just sit on a tube and go with the current. Grab a drink to take along with you. There are also 3 hot tubs to enjoy. There are lots of hidden areas to grab a lounge chair and relax in. The beach is great too. The water is a little cloudy where the waves break but if you walk out beyond it is clear. The bottom is nice and sandy. Some days the waves were big enough to ride. Water temperature is very warm. There
is a Jamaican band every afternoon til 3 playing on the beach. You can go out in kayaks or sail boats. Both are fun. You can also go to the activities booth by the main pool area and book different water trips (glass bottom boat trip, parasailing, snorkeling, etc) We did the snorkeling, it was $24 a person and 1/2 price for kids. It is good but not the best, water is rather deep, but it was still enjoyable. You get to snorkel for 1 hour.
You can also book tours from the lobby to different attractions. We went to downtown Montego Bay to do some shopping. It was interesting along the ride. Our drive was Hugho and he explained a lot of the history. The shop owners are a pain in the butt. They beg you to buy things. Just don't be afraid to say NO!! We also took a great tour on Friday night to the Luminous Lagoon. You go at night in the dark and get on a boat. They take you out
a little ways. There are only 4 places like it in the world, it is where the warm salt water mixes with the cold fresh river water and between the 2 layers micro organisms form. When the water is disturbed it glows. It is really awesome. The drive stops and lets you jump in and swim in it. You can see fish swimming because they make the water glow. Make sure you take an empty clear water bottle with you and fill it before you come home. We've had ours for 1 week and it still glows if you go in a completely black room and shake it. Very interesting!!!! Last but not least, the Jamaican people are fantastic!!! They are so
friendly and eager to please you. Tipping is not required but a $1 or $2 will get you quicker and much better service. The people that run the activities are great, they are always trying to get everyone involved. Richard is great!! The only one problem is that everything you order you have to use a card and sign for it. The card is also your room key. It is like using a credit card but if you are all inclusive you just throw the slip away. It does hold things up and lines form because of it but nothing you can't deal with. There are a couple of stores in the resort lobby. Great jewelry prices!! If you do buy snacks be prepared to pay. A can of Pringles and a bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips cost $12. Crazy. Also under the all inclusive all your meals and drinks are included but if you ask for bottled water it costs $3.49 per bottle. There are coolers set up throughout the grounds with water and lemonade for you to drink. There were 10 of us in our group, ages 47, 45, 43, 43, 20, 17,
16, 14, 11, and 9 and there was something for all of us to do and all of us had no complaints. Go and enjoy yourself!!!

The worst service on the Island

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I traveled to Jamaica in March of 2002 and decided that we would stay somewhere different this time while there. We previously stayed at the RIU tropical bay, but wanted something alittle different.--Well we got it alright. I have never been so disapointed in a trip in all my life. I will compare it to the RIU and you can decide.

The overall staff were the worst that I have dealt with. They dont explain there all-inclusive plan at all when you get there. They give you a quick rundown and that is it--you find out later when you try to get a drink. You have to have your room key for everything unlike RIU you have a wristband and there is no inconveince or even discussion of tipping. These were the lasiest people ever. There was one waiter that we gave a 10.00 tip to because he was so nice and brought us a refill on our drinks instead of us getting up to get the pitcher and fill it ourselves like we had to do earlier that day. The food was at times unedible except for the grille on the beach that had great jerk chicken. The RIU prides itself on service and let me tell they give it to you--they were sincere and great the moment we got there greating us with champagne and escorts to our rooms. There wasnt a wait and the room were great. At Wyndam the rooms were modest and rundown like the service. Our view was of a roof and you could see the ocean somewhat through the trees.
Everything was a wait--from food, drinks, waterpark (tooooo many kids- who werent watched at all) to checkout--we left and will not be back. What was really funny is that I complained to the so called management staff that sit at the table in the lobby and they acted like it was common and didnt care. The dinners were unplanned and it was as if there was no management leading the staff they just walked around with no guidance. What a waste of time I could have driven to Florida and stayed at a motel 6 for less money and got the same crappy service.........I am in customer service and I would rate the RIU tropical bay 10 stars------they bring you drinks to the beach and wait on you hand and foot. Oh yeah,, you will see lots of managers around making sure that everyone is getting waited on--they even come and talk to you about your service.....Try it out you will love it.....

Couple with 0 kids, Find another place.

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read all the reviews before heading out to the Wyndham Rose Hall, well I'll have to say I agree with most.
We have no kids and were just looking for a relaxing vacation with peace and quiet.
If you dont have kids this is NOT the place to go in my opinion. There were kids everywhere! Ok you expect the kids at the waterpark and beach but after 11pm you want some adult time, well you cant get it. There were kids in the"disco" after midnight playing pool (im talking 11-13 years old max) there were kids in the slot/gaming room, where signs state "no one under 18 allowed at all". There was even a kid about 11 years old playing video blackjack with his father around midnight, I just had to get up and leave, I couldnt take it.
Have I made my point?

We stayed in a suite in the west wing which is on the golf course side. The suite was hardly what you would expect from a suite. It was two regular rooms, one with a couch, chair, and frig and the other with a regular bedroom setup with the adjoining door in between open. The only plus was having the two bathrooms instead of one.
I called it the not so sweet suite.

The food wasnt bad as far as I was concerned. The buffett on the terrace was fair/good with a good selection. Best bet is to stick with the pool grille for lunch. The two upscale restaurants, The 3 palms and the Italain place(something Luna, cant remember) were Excellent. You do have to pay extra to get the steak(and a couple of other choices) at both of the places but its well worth the extra money. Dont miss these places they are a must.
The blue mountain cafe which is open till 11pm is fair at best.

I found the service wasnt as bad as I had expected it was going to be. I left a tip often and had no problems. Everybody was friendly and accommodating. The maids did a great job in cleaning the room, leaving towels and bathroom supplies.

Great time in the waterpark. 2 swim up bars come in handy. too many kids overall.

Beach: Not the best beach in Jamaica but it was ok.
As other people said hang down by the golf course were its more quiet.
There are NO waiters to serve you drinks on the beach like most resorts have. This is very inconvenient. **Major Flaw**

Total overall score 3 out of 5 stars.

Great honeymoon at Wyndham

from A TripAdvisor Member
We loved the Wyndham, and it's hard for me to understand why so many others hated it. Granted, the food was not the best we've ever had (though the nachos in the cafe were excellent as was the Italian restaurant) but we didn't go on vacation to eat and it was all free since we were on the all-inclusive plan. Service was relatively slow but this is customary given the laid-back culture of Jamaica. Drinks were excellent and were definitely not watered down.

While the rooms were average, again, we didn't go on vacation to stay in the room. We had a great time at the wonderful pools, lazy river, and swim-up bars. We had no problem with towels--in fact, we generally just dried off in the sunshine. We took two tours outside of the resort--Martha Brae rafting and Ochos Rios falls--and had a great time.

For the most part, the staff was very friendly. We'd ask the bartenders to make us something good and they never let us down. We would love to go back to the Wyndham in the future (perhaps for our 5th or 10th anniversary).

In reference to the keys that some complain about, we bought a waterproof container on a necklace from a camping store before our trip. We simply tied it around our neck or wrist and were able to wear it in the water--saving us trips outside of the pool. With a little ingenuity, minor inconveniences such as keeping track of keys can be avoided. But overall, I think people need to lighten up and enjoy their vacations instead of focusing on such insignificant details.

What a great all inclusive - the Wyndham!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from a fantastic 5 day, 4 night stay at the Wyndham Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Many of the reviews on this site helped me plan my stay there. The people at the hotel were so friendly, kind, and helpful. Make sure you register with Wyndham By Request on their website. We got free crackers & gouda cheese with water bottles in our room one afternoon. The pools with the swim up bars were just fine and the lazy river waterpark with slide was divine in the sun or shade. The lush tropical plants and cleaned off beach left little to be desired. The water tended to be murky, but we went to Rose Hall Beach and took a snorkel trip with the same people who do the water sports at the Wyndham - for US 25.00 - this was well worth the reef and all we saw in that hour. It was great - Cool Aqua has a website and you can check out their dives, trips, etc. They are also prompt in answering their email, something I couldn't understand about Resort Divers out of Montego Bay. I planned my trip quickly, but it was so much fun. I also posted on -this site had a wealth of help if you plan on going. The Wyndham was one of the finest properties I had ever seen, and I will go back. Make sure to get reservations EARLY at the Three Palms and the Luna di Mare - two exquisite restaurants that have wonderful food. And do the all inclusive - it is a much better deal, by far.

s All

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned and could not wait to inform others so they are not as uninformed about this resort as us.This all inclusive requires the use your of room key to get anything. So if you decide to go swim or down the lazy river and then decide to stop for a bite to eat or drink you need to go back to your chair for a key. The kids also need to keep track of their keys. Towels are monitored as if they were made of GOLD. At the end of the day you have to return your towels and sometimes you evev have to wait. One day clouds rolled in so everyone was leaving at once,there had to be 20 people in line to return used towels. Not exactly how i want to spend my vacation timeS o we spent a good portion of our vacation trying to keep track of towels and keys. Oh and they will replace a key once, then there is a 1.00 charge. They do not make this very relaxing at all. 3 kids 10-12-14

Nice vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
Beautiful facility and landscaped grounds - much better than most other similarly priced resorts. Nice beach and pools, very challenging golf course and nice tennis courts.

Not big on structured programs - but very relaxing.

Rooms were very clean but are in need of upgrading. The main buffet (we were on the "all inclusive" package) served in The Terrace was average and inconsistent. The more upscale Italian restaurant was fabulous.

My biggest complaint were the guests who spent their entire vacation complaining!! Most complained that the Jamaicans were unfriendly. We smiled and said "please" and "thank you" and they were wonderful hosts. For some reason, when people go on vacation, they lose all social graces and still expect to be treated as royalty.

Great pool, rooms - mediocre otherwise

from kinotype
The Wyndham features a fantastic set of pools, decent beach and rooms - but poor quality food (covered extensively in other reviews) and is isolated being 12 miles east of Montego Bay - so I thought of it like a land-locked cruise ship. Taxis are expensive ($20 one-way to Montego Bay - but it's possible to negotiate down to $10 if you go outside the Wyndham gates).

If you want to play in the pools and the ocean and don't care about food quality or accessability to anything outside the hotel, you'll enjoy the Wyndham. If not, think of a different vacation location. The Wyndham can offer great rates - my $55/nt web special (non-inclusive) made me more satisfied w/ my stay.

Best vacation ever! November 2002

from A TripAdvisor Member
Well, I was quite hesitatant after reading many of the reviews about the Wyndam Rose Hall. However, after my vacation my wife and I were pleasantly surprised.

The property is well maintained and gorgous. There are plenty of places to eat, drink and relax. The resort is definately family oriented but all kids hang out in the water park area, which is awesome and I will get to that in a bit. For those adults wishing piece and quite simply stay to the far left of the beach near the arts&crafts shed and the golf course. I failed to see one child hang out in that area and the entire trip my wife and I made home base on top of a rock retaining wall overlooking the beutiful ocean.

The ocean is not as clear as some other areas in Jamiaca due to its location on the North side of the island. Snorkeling is almost impossible off the beach however there is a snorkel trip available all day, every day for about $25/person. However due to the wind on the North shore, the sailing is great. The reort makes Hobbie cats availabe to the guests and they are very easy to sail and quite fun in windy conditions.

The reort itself has two main pool areas where everyone seems to hang out. The west pool is the older pool and sports a nice pool bar thats actually in the water. Adjacent to the pool is another pool bar that serves drinks and food from 12noon to 6pm. That bar also services the little restaurant next to it, where you can choose from about 6 lunch specials and enjoy eating while overlooking the ocean. Sometimes prior to 12noon when your pre-lunch hungary, ask for a chicken or beef jamaican paty, their excellent.

The east pool or water park is excellent. It sports one long waterslide which you ascent using a yellow water tube and another slide which totals three but are short and you ascent using your body. There are hot tubs scattered around the water park. Two are located in the middle of the lazy river floating ride and one private secluded hot tub behind the water slides. There is a large pool bar with in water stools and tables at the water park. However, I noticed many people near the bar all day without leaving the water. I grabbed a drink quick and made for clean water.

The lazy river ride is great. Grab a drink from the pool bar, grab one of the many empty yellow rafts and float, the natural current of the integrated lazy river pushes around a nicely landscaped ring. There are waterfalls and sprinklers around the lazy ring and your drink is likely to get wet so be careful. The children although present are not too noticable, maybe a splash here or there.

The water park makes the vacation fun and breaks up the day.

Our vacation itinerary:
7 am eat breakfast at the Java Cafe (excellent food) or the Terrace (buffet style)
Reserved a perfect place on the beach by 7:30am. around 12noon we got a bite to eat at the west pool while leaving our stuff on our recliners on the beach reserving our spot (everyone seems to do it and we never had any problems). In the afternoon we would walk over to the water park and float around, throwing down a few beers (REd stripe Light) and participating on the water slide.

Sunday night they have a beach party which is quite fun, flame throwers, bomb fire on beach, flea market with lots of neat wood sculptures for purchase (vendors are very nice and do not bother or force you to buy). You only get to eat at the nice restuarants , there are two Three Palms (across the street at Golf course) and Luna's (Italian-excelenet). We actually skipped the reservation at Three Palms in favor of the buffet just because it was easier. The food is good and there is plenty of variety.

The card: everyone talks about the credit card/room key for the all inclusive package. It makes things a little slow but not nearly enough to ruin the trip. Your in Jamaica, and time really does slow down. I've been gto almost all the carribean islands and throughout the world and I've never had such a spectacular time. I can write forever telling you all the in and outs of the place, but there are just too many.

Rooms, definately try to get a ocean view room on the golf side. We had room 201 which was perfectly located. The ideal room would be 705 or 706 which is the top right corner of the hotel if your looking at the brochure picture. Thats definately the quietest park of the building while still being able to see the beach party in the west pool area, while still remaining private and secluded.

For those of you going to jamaica for all the reasons most travelers go, there is plenty of it. I got hooked up within 5 minutes of stepping on the property. Go to the old Scuba shack on the beach (far left when looks at the ocean), there usually is someone there in a hawian shirt. If not look for the pool boys or grounds keepers, they'll hook you up.

There are a lot of little things, like a stain on the bathroom tile floor which may have pissed me off normally, but I was in Jamaica mon'.

Things to know:
Definately get the Wyndham by Request membership-its free just signup for it at You get extended checkout for free, free bottle of wine, cheese and crackers upon arrival and a bunch of other nice things.
-Get snorkel and flippers at the towel stand near water park
-Cab ride from airport to Wyndham is $20 each way. About 15 minute ride

All in all, I would definately go back to the Rose Hall and I plan to visit soon.

Not Upscale and Slighly Sleazy

from AnnetteThompson
I visited the Wyndham Rose Hall in Montego Bay Dec 6-8, 2002. I was very disappointed in the Wyndham.

The food was mediocre. For dinner there was an attractive upscale restaurant but it required reservations and the they were booked up the 2 nights I was there. The buffet in the main restaurant has the atmosphere of a school cafeteria especially with the many kids running around and cost was $24/person! The waiters are supposed to bring drinks after you sit down but we had to flag down a neighbor's waiter both nights because our waiter never showed up. Daquiri's in small plastic cups cost $6.

Though some of the employees were nice, several were lazy and couldn't answer simple questions like "Are there lockers by the pool where I can set my walkman/money?" (correct answer - no).

When we checked in Friday night, we were not given cards in order to get towells the next day by the pool. When we wanted to find the hot tubs the first evening there, we were told that no maps of the large pool and garden area were available and it was difficult to find the hot tub in the dark.

There was a small lazy river to float on and few pools but the lazy river was very small and did not wind throughout the pool area like the brochure pictures make it look like it did. The 2 water slides are short and boring. There was no hotel staff to show you where to get a float or how to get to the top of the slide because they were standing off in a group complaining to each other about something for the 45 minutes we stayed in that area.

Evening entertainment was the biggest let down for me. I had read the Wyndam had shows and karoke but that wasn't the case while I was visiting and that included a Friday and Saturday night. The in-room movies had old movies already out on video for several months and couldn't keep up with demand so when I tried to order a movie, I was told several times it wasn't available.

My room overlooked the golf course and was also mediocre. I expect something better for $240/night and I wasn't even on the all inclusive plan. There wasn't any carpet in the room, the bathroom door needed repainting and the wallpaper was peeling in places. The carpet in the hall was old and loose so that it bubbled up in places.

I did like the gift shop with womens dresses but the store clerks were unable to suggest other places in town that I could look in when I found a dress I liked but it wasn't in my size.

The manicurist and masseuse were nice and good at their jobs. The quality of the manicure was doubtful though since my nails started chipping 2 days later.

Check out was fast. Unfortunately the Wyndam doesn't have free shuttle service to and from the airport to be prepared to pay $20 US each way.

Next time I visit Jamaica, I'm not going to the Wyndam.

Annette Thompson

Top Local Tips for Montego Bay

Scotchies Restaurant Visit Scotchies for it's geat jerk chichen. It's a five minute ride from the hotel.

Check into a rental car I would recommend checking into a rental car if you plan on traveling between resorts - especially the shopping areas. We did not rent a car this time and ended up spending quite a bit on taxis.

Duty Free Shopping I can recommend The Royal Shop, Tropicana and Casa de Oro as reputable stores to shop in. The prices are very fair and everything I have purchased from these stores have been appraised back in Canada and passed the appraisal with flying colours.


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  • Address: 16 Dorothea - Montego Bay - 00000 - Jamaica
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