Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Hotel

, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Hotel

, Montego Bay
3 star

Rooms: 524

PO Box 480 - Montego Bay - Jamaica Hotel Website | | 8769532485
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Reviews - Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Hotel

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Magical holiday
Submitted by: Yvonne in 03/09/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
My stay at the hotel was fantastic. All the staff was helpful and worked to the max. Hurricane Dean did not detract from the sevice and did not spoil the holiday. I would certainly return again. The hotel was clean and we got value for money.
Excellent value for money
Submitted by: Carol in 07/02/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I have just returned from a two week stay here. Having read several bad reports on the hotel I can only assume that some of the things people have written about complaining where caused by the guests staying there at the time. I found the hotel clean and tidy, the beach and grounds were well kept. The food was good and there was plenty to choose from. The staff were both friendly and helpful.There sense of fun made the holiday for me. I will definitely be returning. Thanks to all the staff who made the holiday enjoyable including the unsung heroes such as the cleaners, gardeners, maintenance staff who keep things clean and tidy. A good hotel with plenty to do and excellent value for money.
tut tut
Submitted by: charlie-emeliah in 11/09/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
It was awful. I had hair in every meal. It was gross!!!!!!
Great service, great food,great holiday.
Submitted by: Clive in 05/09/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: Uruguay
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Really had a great time, great for kids, great for couples, excelent food , excellent service, the staff work so hard to make you feel welcome, nothing seems to be to much trouble, all in all really great time, cant wait to go back again.
Many thanks
1st class hotel
Submitted by: Aaron in 04/08/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Don't usally write reviews on hotels, but could nt help myself after reading a previus "holiday maker`s" coments. The holiday inn montego bay was a first class hotel in every sence of the word. entertainment all day from beach to bar to restaurants. if i could afford it id be back here every year instead of the canaries. without a doubt the next time i have a bit of extra money, its the holiday inn monego bay i'll be going. P.S I could write all day about this place and its people it was that good of a holiday.
Worst hotel in history
Submitted by: Jacqueline in 04/02/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
This hotel is morw like a two star than three. The hotel on arrival looks shabby and the apartment blocks look like lumps of concrete. The main restaurant is plastic. Plastic chairs, tables and no linen. The same poor food evry night and no childrens selection. My 4 year old hardly ate for 2 weeks and he is not fussy. The beach is poor and very small. No glorious sand here. The excursions in house are expensive, we went with a local taxi driver who only charges a third of the price. I have seen better evening entertainment at Butlins on a bad day. It was all over by half nine evry night and then they expected you to go to their nightclub in Montego Bay, where on arrival you are body searched and the drinks are NOT free and very expensive. Plus I did not feel safe. I hope you are getting the picture that this hotel is dire. As I won't evem mention the on site disco,more like a wake. Even the piano player was elsewhere on holiday. Very dissappointed with the lack of entertainment for the kids and adults. Out of 2 weeks I would say we had 3 nights of OK entertainment. General hint, don't go!!!!!
Great Holiday, Poor Food
Submitted by: Sharon in 13/09/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I read mixed reviews about Holiday also, but my brother went a few weeks before I did and warned me that the food was not great, and I must say I agree. The best meal of the day was breakfast which was varied and tasty, after that it went down hill. Pasta with tomatoe sauce and pizza served every single lunch and evening meal time. The meat cooked was always tough apart from the chicken. All cakes tasted exactly the same, coke and sprite were always served from bottles and not on draft, flies always all over the food, fish dishes are available at the restaurant but exactly what fish am I eating? Why no sea food?
Once all facilities are locked for the night there isn't anywhere you can go to even get a glass of water if you needed it. The night I discovered this I found a teenager lying flat on her back because she was diabetic and had low blood sugar and needed something sweet to eat or drink, but with all facilities closed there was no where to go. Luckily someone turned up with a can of Coke and I stayed with the girl til her blood sugar rose and she didn't feel faint.
I am used to eating carribean food so I was a bit disappointed that the hotel didn't serve any mangoes while I was there and it was mango season and I they only served breadfruit once. The menu definately needs looking at. Stayed at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay last year food was excellent. Perhaps the chefs at Holiday Inn should spend a few days there and see how hotel catering should be done.
Now after reading this do not be put off. Staff are polite and friendly, room kept clean facilities good. BE WARNED TAXI FARES ARE INFLATED HAS SOON HAS THEY REALISE THAT YOU ARE NOT JAMAICAN. A $70 JAMAICAN FARE WAS INFLATED TO $700 HAS SOON HAS HE REALISED THAT I WAS NOT BORN IN JAMAICA. How did I know this because I was told by someone who took the same journey that I took and lives out there how much the fare should be and they came back in the taxi with me just to prove this.
Great Atmosphere
Submitted by: Karen in 10/06/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Like most other travellers I read mixed reviews about this hotel before setting off. But, all I can say is IGNORE the negative reviews. The Holiday Inn Sunspree is definitely a place to stay when in Montego Bay. The atmosphere in the resort was amazing. The staff were polite and very helpful. There was a variety of food, including lots of Jamaican recipes to tickle those taste buds and the menu changed daily. Entertainment was at its best. Can't wait to return.
I'm going back!
Submitted by: Diana in 23/05/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
I had read good and bad reports about this hotel and was a bit worried about what I might find. When we got there the staff were lovely and the room was very lovely too. It was that good I am going back again this year!! Can't wait!!
Great Hotel & Got Married !!
Submitted by: Scott in 29/03/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Me and my wife chose the Sunspree Resort Hotel in Montego Bay and were more than happy with our choice. We actually took 7 extra friends and family there with us for the onsite wedding and they all left with the same great memories. Great Location, Great Beach, Great Pools, Great Beer and Great Food. Immaculately clean and the staff are extra friendly. Would well recommend a stay here !!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Hotel

Pleasant Experience

from redhills
This property was bought by the Hendrickson family (Octogon Hotels) from Intercontinental Hotels. We arrived just after the reopening from a six week closing. Apparently all staff was laid off and then a rehiring process began. The remodel work is not finished, but what was completed is nice. Will attach a few photos of the new lobby area. Only buliding one and three were up and running. The buffet was ok--some things better then others but there is plenty of food plus the grill and snack shack. The only 'reservation' restaurant open was Sorrento and our experience there was good (men need long pants and a collared shirt, ladies nice pants, skirt etc.) The bars/drinks were great. The impressive thing was the friendliness of the staff but there is now a strict no tipping policy. The new owner was visible every day with hands on management but they have their hands full getting the whole property up and running/refurbished. The grounds were well kept and the best asset is the ocean front location (albiet shallow water). This is still a good value comparing it with what you will pay at Sandals and other neighboring properties. Also very family oriented; the disco no longer exists. Evening entertainment varied; we did not care for the loud amplified music which was hard to escape and often lasted late. We had a remodeled room which was pleasant with ocean view. Maybe check in needs a queue to organize service. If your budget prevents you from the higher priced resorts or you just want to be casual, don't hesitate to stay here.

Seasoned Travelers Opinion -- Ok for the money.

from MO-Got-2-travel
Just as I said, it’s OK for the money. My wife and I have stayed at a good mix of Caribbean hotels so I would think this is an honest review. We arrived at the Sun Spree in October just two days after it had reopened from the remodel. I can’t say it looked better than before since I hadn’t seen it before but the property was OK. If you like pools, theirs adult pool and main pool are nice. The adult pool is small but it has a swim up bar so that helps (drinks are stronger here too). The beach is a different story. They have a lot of beach front and the man made island is nice for snorkeling around but the shallow areas are mainly covered with sea grass that you don’t want to walk in or swim over so it limits what you can do in the water. The hotels glass bottom boat and snorkeling tours where not up and running yet, so no comments there. I will tell you we went on the Martha Brea tour and it was nice and relaxing. We also went on the Dreamer Tour which was a snorkel, Margaretville, free drink catamaran tour. This was fun and I would suggest it to anyone who can go. The rooms where decent but the bathroom was pretty small. We did stay in a remodeled room but I know they are not all remodeled yet so be careful to make sure if you go to get a refurbished room. Check-in was not ruff for us since we were the only ones there when we arrived, but as the week went along and more people arrived in busses from the airport you could see that people were waiting in lines for up to 90 minutes. So if you arrive and there are a lot of people in line I would suggest sitting down in the lobby and finding the lady with the rum punch drinks and just think no problem. (You could try sitting next to the door on the bus and heading strait to the check in counter and let the other person you are with get the luggage, this may help get you through check in quickly too.) So, this leaves food, one of my favorite things on a vacation! Not so great here. I will give you a run down of the food situation. The buffet still has flies but I think the new owners may be working on this. We saw them walking around with note pads writing things down. They only had the fine Italian dining restaurant open and it was ok. I have had much better, but I have also had much worse too. The barefoot grill was good; this is right off the main pool and serves burgers, dog’s and such. The best food we found was just down from the barefoot grill (not sure the name of it) and it served jerk chicken. The jerk chicken was fresh, hot and the jerk sauce was really spicy!

Great Vacation at Holiday Inn SunSpree

from HappyTraveler808
My husband and I and our two teenagers had a wonderful stay at the resort. For the price it was definetly worth it. My only complaint is with the restaurants...the buffet is the better choice. It's a good choice for a family vacation.


from girlynj
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Apirl, 2008. We were there to find a place to get married for 2009. The wedding planner was so friendly over the phone, and even more friendly in person. We found all of the people working there to be so nice. There was entertainment all day long for the kids, and the parents around seemed to be very relaxed. I had a great spa treatment with Jackie.
The Bad:
The place is old and in need of a make-over. The tables have stains on them, and the towels were so dirty looking. The buildings are so old looking. Our room was O.K. because we were in the new tower, (we did not mind the walk that others complained about) but it was JUST ok. Other guests were relocated into our building as rooms opened up due to bug problems. The main bar had a nasty smell coming from it, and the drinks are so watered down. Food was O.K.
Would I stay there again? You get what you pay for, so yes because we didn't pay much. There were far too many kids at the resort for us, as we do not have any.

Sunspree...No Way, No how, No never Again - after 3 visits there!

from pleaseangel
Sunspree...No Way, No how, Never Again - after 3 visits there!

Please, please, please whatever you do, read this carefully. This is not the place you want to spend your hard earn money to go to, let alone take your family.

The entertainment is lame, the facility is aged and looks it (digital enhancement is used for pictures on resort website) luxury here and this so not a typical holiday inn brand. You get less than what you pay for, even if it is affordable.

The food...forget it. Unless you like cold, tasteless meals often visited upon by flies ( flies that is another story) - skip the market place and any other area that they may have food laying about. The infestation of flies is enough to make you sick.

The service...there is none. These folks are not happy and it is very evident. Oh by the way...the only way to get service --- slip someone a couple of US dollars. Although they state no tipping, well that is the only way that you will get any form of service. Spend a 5 days there and we ended up tipping over $200.

The front office staff - lets put it this way, if you need any form of assistance or if you are looking for resolution to any problems DO NOT seek help from management especially WINSOME - she has more nasty attitude than a catus and the personality to match!

The reviews on here are very real, however after giving this resort the benefit of the doubt...i finally got not waste your money here. There are far better facilities with great service, great staff and great food.


it was heaven

from ruthfrro
i had a lovely holiday was everything i thought it would be and more went with my daughter u need to go to the falls that is exellant food brillant i am a chef and i noticed they were taking food probs on a regular bases i was well impressed would go back tomorrow only one thing was not enough seating to watch entertainment at night would be nice to sit at table and chairs rather than lie on the sunbeds but it would not put me of going back the staff could not do enough for you they were so friendly rooms were spotlise


We went to jamaica holiday inn sunpree on Aug 22-26 and I have to say this resort was wonderful from the service to everything you could think of. Not a five star but the service made the resort a five star. Some of the reviews were discouraging but I have to say I had a great time. Wonderful beach, tours to dunriver fall, ATV BIKES tours all were outstanding. Our Room had a garden view that was wondeful though the room could be updated alittle. I LOVE THE FOOD... and This place provided a buffet and al a cart meal for everyone. Both jamaican dishes along with other choices. WONDERFUL ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK. As for Nightlife the Magaritaville is a wonderful place for adults and also pier 1 helped us to let loose and have fun ((FREE BUS RIDE TO GO AND COME for both OFF RESORT ) MAGARITAVILLE IS FREE TO ENTER AND PIER 1 IS LIKE $10 U.S. TO GET IN. THE RESORT WAS BEAUTIFUL and there is always something to do in the day and the entertainment from staff for guest and families was great. They are starting there new renovation soon so I could only hope that it will be better. My girlfriend and I love this place and plan to go back in the spring of 2009. I also hope that more couples give this resort a chance because its a lot of fun. Seee you in jamaica sooooon. Ya Mon

Good times for the frugal-minded!

from sweeteliza
We stayed at the Sunspree Resort days before it closed down for a major renovation. Overall, it was a pleasant, enjoyable stay, but we were also not anticipating Ritz-Carlton standards.

It's a great spot for families with children; in fact, it seemed about 90% of the guests were families with young children. This worked fine for us since we were traveling with a toddler (and my sister-in-law had two pre-teens), but if you are looking for a quieter, romantic resort, this may not be the place for you. We were fortunate enough to meet friendly, local folks at the resort (I believe resident Jamaicans can access the beach with a per day fee, so the resort is popular locally too), who offered great travel and shopping tips.

We were able to check-in without major delays with our Priority Club membership. Our room was spacious and clean, but the bathroom could use some updating (which they might be addressing in the renovation). There were no towels in our room when we first arrived, but it was rectified with a quick call to housekeeping (albeit a few hours later).

Internet access was not available from our room even after we paid the $15/day fee. They promptly refunded the fee and we were able to check our emails using the computers in Matilda's Lounge. ($5 for 15mins)

The buffet, well, it's a standard buffet. Breakfast was good, lunch and dinner were satisfactory. (Flies galore!) We mostly dined on the jerk chicken/pork from the Jerk Hut. Getting warm milk for our one-year old was a challenge, except during breakfast, where they had hot milk with the cereal.

We were always able to find an umbrella and a quiet spot near Building 7 and the pier. The staff was efficient and friendly. They were appreciative of tips, though I didn't notice a lot of people tipping.

I'm not sure we'll go back there again, but it's definitely a good value for families with children.

Our airline bumped us and we ended up staying one night here... that was enough.

from mtsublueraider
Let me first say that as a hotel, this is a beautiful property. But, as an "all-inclusive" resort as it's advertised... it's not so good.

We were bumped from our flight on the way back from the states after staying at a Sandals property. No big deal! They took us to the Holiday Inn to stay the night so we could fly back the next day. No worries!

The room had a great view of the ocean and was very comfortable. It was clean and had a pull out couch and nice bathroom. It's not the Hilton, but what did you expect? You enter the room from a breezeway that is not climate controlled.

From the room you could step into a courtyard where the property has a TON of beach to walk. We were able to see an amazing sunset from an "island" in the swimming area. The pools were clean but there was some odd check-in and check-out process for beach towels. How many get stolen anyway? Is this really necessary?

Now to the "all-inclusive" part of the resort. I am NOT a picky eater by any means but the food was terrible. I can't do any better than to say that we tried everything and even the most basic of items were not good. We even tried adding sprite to our wine and it still wasn't good. After staying at a Sandals resort, i would have been very dissapointed if I would have had to stay a week here just because of the food.

As a hotel... GREAT!!! As a resort... not so good.

Good times!

from fp14
This was my first trip down south and I had a great time. Went with 4 other friends and we're all in our 20s. The wait when we checked in was a bit long but it's to be expected because we were a lot of people arriving at the same time. The wait was made more pleasant by some of the bar staff coming over and serving us some rum punch. Yum!

The resort itself was very clean, rooms were cleaned everyday. I had a bit of problems when requesting a cot, I had to call twice but no biggy! They brought it soon after the 2nd call.

One thing that was very annoying throughout our vacation was that our card keys kept stopping to work so we had to constantly go back to front desk to get them reactivated. Staff at the front desk said that it's either because they had gotten wet or because they were stored in my bag with my digital camera. Even after I stored them separately this problem was reoccuring.

Food was pretty good, the buffet often had the same selection but the pasta station was a good touch as they would customize your pasta for you. I loved the beach snackbar (barefoot grill) and their grilled cheese, cheeseburgers and fries. Very good! There was always something good to eat so nothing to complain about here. We went to 2 of the 3 à la carte restaurants. They were both excellent and the service was great! Booking them was a bit of an inconvenience because you could only do so the day before at a certain time. This was hard because my friends and I were often outside of the resort at this time doing some tours. We still managed to book them though and were glad we did because they were a nice change from the buffet.

The beach is alright, the little island is a nice addition and good to relax on as there is always a breeze coming in. My friends and I spent most of our time there. There were always chairs available which was nice. We would have liked the beach to have been bigger and farther to get a real taste of swimming in the ocean.

One thing lacking at this resort is a nightlife. We went to the disco and it was practically dead. No one was there. The whole resort seemed to close down at 10. Another thing is that the drinks and food aren't 24 hours. They close at 1 or 2 am (I forget). This resort is more family oriented and if you're looking for a good place to party on the resort, this is not the place. However, the resort has a free shuttle and admission to Margaritaville which was a great time!

Overall, I would recommend this resort to people wanting to visit Jamaica on a budget. We got this trip for 975$ taxes included and were very thrilled with our trip. As far as I know, Jamaica can be an expensive place to visit but we got an excellent deal and truly enjoyed our stay. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and didn't expect a tip. Service was the same whether you tipped or not. I never recall waiting very long for drinks and they were always very good, quite strong! The pina coladas were the best!

Top Local Tips for Montego Bay

Bring water shoes. Bring water shoes if you are planning on going to the Dunns River falls. If not, there is a charge to rent shoes for the day.

fab holiday! go with a open mind and just enjoy the holiday, and relax and enjoy the atmosphere!

Best time to go We went in February which is winter, even for them. It was beautiful not to hot, daytime high of 27-30 degrees, a little chilly at night, we needed a sweater.


Other names for Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Hotel

  • rose hall holiday inn
  • montego bay holiday inn
  • holiday inn sunspree resort montego bay
  • holiday inn sunspree resort jamaica
  • holiday inn sunspree montego bay jamaica
  • holiday inn sunspree montego bay
  • holiday inn sunspree jamaica
  • holiday inn sunspree
  • holiday inn rose hall
  • holiday inn montego bay jamaica
  • holiday inn montego bay
  • holiday inn jamaica
  • Address: PO Box 480 - Montego Bay - Jamaica
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