Half Moon Club Hotel

, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Half Moon Club Hotel

, Montego Bay
5 star

Rooms: 419

Rosehall Main Road - Montego Bay - Jamaica Hotel Website | | 876 953 2211
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Butler service comes to Sandals Ocho Rios
Submitted by: HerbTravelGuy in 29/06/07
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This fabulous and famous resort known as a top wedding spot now has a new feature: a unique Butler Service that is being offered in their Concierge Suites.

I recently had an opportunity to experience first hand this new service. Arriving at Sandals, Ocho Rios one is immediately taken by the lush vegetation and the manicured grounds…this fine property goes from white sand ocean front to hills overlooking the coastline, a rise of over 600'.

Upon checking in, my butler, Franklyn, met me at reception, streamlined the checking in process, and had my bags delivered to my rooms. Upon my arrival I discovered that all my clothes had been expertly put away. Franklyn then sat down with me and explained the many options I had for my stay. Then I was handed a cell phone with a direct connection to him, so I could call whenever he was needed “I will make your dinner reservations for you and escort you to dinner to make sure all is in order, I will take your drink or wine order and get you settled in, if you ever need me, just call on the cell”.

This Butler program has been in effect for a year now and it is very successful. Each candidate is trained by The Guild of Professional English Butlers of London, England. David Roper, General Manager, told me “The success of our program is proven by how many butlers get hired away by guests, it shows how well we train them”. So successful that Sandals is now implementing this service in other properties.

Since weddings are one of the main attractions at Sandals Ocho Rios, the butler service has become very much in demand. Anyone who has been thru planning a wedding knows that there are a multitude of last minute things to do and decide. Having someone right by your side that knows everything and everyone at the resort can greatly help all go smoothly.

I came in before sunset from sailing only to discover that the slacks that I had planned on wearing for dinner were wrinkled, now where is that cell phone? Called Franklyn, he came up, took my pants and shirt away and returned 15 minutes later with them pressed to perfection.

Having someone to arrange all your activities, making sure you get to them on time, press your clothes, serve you coffee or meals in your room and then the absolute best, having Franklyn pack my bags. I am the world's worst packer, so I just let Franklyn do it all and guess what? I had space left over in the same suitcase that I brought in stuffed. Have to learn to fold like that.

Franklyn was also very familiar with Ocho Rios and was able to supply me with tourist tips and little known facts. During my stay, the service, the assistance and the insider information that Franklyn provided transformed my vacation experience.

I felt as if I had been transported to a magical realm of luxury and opulence, where kind and courteous service had been developed into an art.

Ahhhhh, thank you, Franklyn, for providing for me a taste of the good life.

Sandals Ocho Rios has always been famous for its' service but this new butler service takes it to GREATER heights.
The Dolphin Master of Half Moon Bay
Submitted by: HerbTravelGuy in 01/07/07
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Its early morning and the sky, still streaked with pink, is reflected in the crystal clear waters of Half Moon Bay Resort. This famous resort, favorite of royalty and presidents, sits on 400 acres of the most beautiful beachfront in Jamaica, perhaps the Caribbean. Luxury villas line the beach, each with its own private bay. Here you can ride horses right out into the ocean and swim with them, you can play golf on their championship course and you can interact with Dolphins. That is what I am off to do this beautiful morning.

As I arrive at the lagoon where the Dolphins live, I can hear them clicking. They have swum up to the beach and are clicking for food. What a cool sound, Dolphins make over 200 distinct sounds, all out of their blow holes.

I am enthusiastically greeted by Oneil. He is an enthusiastic young man who openly shares his story with me. He tells me that when he was a little boy, he lived in a middle class neighborhood of Montego Bay. His aunt, on his 4th birthday gave him a stuffed animal, later in life Oneil would look back at that moment as a turning point in his life.

Oneil studied hard and took his classes seriously but he excelled at soccer. He was on his high schools' winning team and later went on to play professional soccer with a major Jamaican club.

However 25 is a little old in the soccer world and Oneil was looking for something else that would perhaps have a more promising future. He heard about a company that was looking for people to learn to train Dolphins. He couldn't believe his good fortune, he had read everything he could find and had studied these noble creatures for years. He applied and was immediately hired.

He started his studies at the Educational Center for the Marine and Terrestrial Wild Life Animals in Kingston and then went on to work at Dolphin Cove at Ocho Rios and then eventually here at Half Moon Bay Resort. Jamaica law is very strict concerning the keeping of Dolphins. They have adopted the USA laws concerning their care and handling.

He is the one who now greets me and begins the orientation. The two Dolphins are Bruno, 8 years old and Miguel 7 years old. Both came from Cuba and Oneil makes the highly questionable statement that they only understand Spanish, right. Other interesting Dolphin facts are: they can go 3 days out of water (of course they need to be regularly hosed down, this is how they transport them), they can live up to 3 times longer in captivity 50 – 60 years! They nurse their young for 18 months and they can glide thru the turquoise waters of the Caribbean at 22 miles per hour.

Not only do tourists and nature lovers enjoy these Dolphins, Bruno and Miguel have played host to children from the Make A Wish Foundation who come to frolic with the boys. They have also interacted with Autistic children and children with special needs who all seem to create a special bond with these majestic creatures. The trainers tell me that the Dolphins seem to sense when there is a child with special needs and they seem to make an extra effort to communicate.

Then we gather our group of 10 (never more) and float out into the lagoon. We swim out and line up and the dolphins shoot by and jump up, what power, how graceful they are…and these guys weigh in at around 500 pounds. Now they do their tricks. Miguel swims up and lays his cute Dolphin head against my cheek; he lets me run my hand down him…so smooth. Then I am positioned in the middle of the lagoon and Bruno and Miguel swim up on either side of me and I am instructed to hold on to their fins…wow what a ride, they pull me for about 50 feet and really fast.. I felt like Poseidon being pulled by his band of sea horses.

Well the boys were getting tired and so was I. We headed in to shore and out of the hot sun that was reminding me I was in the tropics. I had one more chance to thank Oneil and all the guys. Oneil, “I asked”, “so what was the toy your aunt gave you back then”? “Oh yeah, mon, it was a Dolphin. Now I am the Dolphin Master of Half Moon Bay”. Somehow I knew that was coming but it still gave me a chill.
His aunt had given him a gift that opened up his world. Now Oneil gives that gift to others as he has given it to me. Tonight I will sleep peacefully in my bed while I dream of Dolphins.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Half Moon Club Hotel

ve ever been

from fdnewyork
Our rooms were fabulous, great views, excellent service and food, plenty to do (or not!) We hope to go back again soon. Half Moon is especially nice for older children as they can ride bikes all around, visiting one of the many pools. The place is very safe and secure; the people are very nice as well.

Goodbye Florida - Hello Half-Moon!!!

from TerriPleasantRidge
We just got back from Half Moon and was I impressed! This is my husband's 5th trip and he says its the best its been. The service is friendly and fast but if you order 3 or 4 courses for dinner, it will take you 2 hours. You won't mind though because you'll be listening to the surf and enjoying the eclectic entertainment that starts every night at 8:30. The food is fabulous and the drinks are plentiful! Make sure you make reservations because they cater to a lot of large groups (none of which was loud or obnoxious) and can fill up time slots that you might want. This is a pricey place so I strongly advise at least the American Meal Plan. Also, make sure you tip in cash because the servers like it more and they will remember you! The facility is huge so you never feel trapped or confined. You can get bikes and go down to one of several more private beaches and you'll feel like you're on your own desert island. The spa is fantastic, I had no problems getting reservations for anything and you should be sure to frequent it. The fitness center is also very nice as are the tennis courts and other recreational facilities. Here's what you should beware of: They're still finishing up some construction on the new units that run in front of the two new pools. They say construction will be done by May and maybe sooner, but be prepared for some construction noise and the need to change rooms. I'm very picky about my peace and quiet and spent a half a day complaining before they moved me. I finally threw a temper tantrum in the lobby and my husband talked to Peter, the general manager, and they moved us. At the same time, they took money off of the woman's bill who was in the suite right next to us but she had been quietly complaining for 4 days. If you have a problem, go right to the general manager and bypass everyone else. Although they're all friendly, they're not effective. There is virtually no beach service - you'll have to get drinks yourself - but it never bothered me. It was pure relaxation and all I could ask for. I've stayed at other 5 star places (Kona Village in Hawaii is my favorite) and this is well worth the extra money! The new management is sinking a lot of money and added staff into Half Moon so it promises to get better and better! Treat yourself and you won't be sorry.

Loved it

from A TripAdvisor Member
Prior to visiting Jamaica we checked resort reviews on Tripadvisor and selected the Half Moon. We were a little concerned because there were a few critical reviews. After thoroughly enjoying five nights in January, we concluded that the review process must have a negative bias, since guests who have a bad experience are more likely to review than place that happy customers. We loved it and don t mind saying so.GROUNDS. For us the best part was the overall appearance of the resort. It has wedding gown white buildings tucked into the trees, surrounded with bright green lawn, set against the blue ocean and sky. The buildings are mostly 2-4 units each, located right on the beach. The place has 400 acres for 400 units, so it is well spaced out. It has swimming pools spaced out around the units, rather than the usual gaudy mega pool in the central area. No beggars, drug dealers or beach vendors. Tight but friendly (at least to guests) security. Quiet and peaceful. The beaches have trees set back from the water edge, so there I always a choice of sun or shade, and we could watch the topical birds by just looking up from the beach chairs. The water was Caribbean clear, but the bottom near the swimming areas were mostly turtle grass. There appeared to be a man made reef 100 yds offshore, which protected the beach and assured gentle swimming for children, but prevented any body surfing. We noticed no mosquitoes and left our windows open night and day, which worked well the first four nights, but we were eaten alive the fifth.ROOM. We stayed in a Royal Suite. It was located on the second floor of one of the four unit beach buildings set 20 feet back from the beach. The size of our first house, it had a foyer, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a sunny outdoor patio with honeymoon grade privacy. The floors were black and white tile in keeping with the resort color scheme. It had mahogany furniture including a coffee table, a sofa, a love seat and two easy chairs and little touches like a ceramic elephant and a fresh flower arrangement. The suite also had two televisions and three phones, but who needs them. The shower had its own window so we could shower while looking at the tree tops. The bed was a little saggy for us.FOOD. The main dining area had the Seagrape Terrace and Il Giardino, both on a large tree shaded patio adjacent to the beach, and oriented to watch the sun set. Tables have blue tablecloths and cloth napkins, and blue chair cushions with a mesh covering that can take a wet bathing suit and still be dry for dinner. The bathrooms have original artwork on the walls and baskets of individually rolled cloth towels. Buffet is an option for breakfast and lunch. The waiter stands by while you select your food, and carries your plates to your table for you. The fare included samples of local dishes, like achee and bacon, as well as usual bacon and eggs, and made to order dishes like omelets and stir-fry. For dinner off the menu shrimp cocktail, salad and filet mignon was excellent. The off site Teppan style restaurant, Sakura, was a disappointment. Why eat simple sliced squash and chicken in a plainly decorated, off smelling shopping center space when you could be rack of lamb and risotto looking over the ocean?SERVICE. All of the help was local, skilled, friendly and deferential. We would encounter 5-10 on our walk to the main building planting flowers, cleaning pools, weeding, cleaning rooms, delivering towels and room service, sweeping the sidewalks, replacing broken floor tiles, mowing lawns, painting and doing the things that need to be do be done, and on vacation are done by someone else. In passing they would not look away or ignore us but would generally look us in the eye and say good morning. Very friendly. They accommodated us Americans, who not only drive on the wrong side of the road, but walk on the wrong side of the sidewalks.ACTIVITIES. The resort has a 28 stall stable with thoroughbreds. We enjoyed the mountain ride and took jumping lessons from a very knowledgeable and experienced Jamaican instructor. We missed the popular beach ride, where the horses swim in the ocean and pull you through the water while you hang on to the mane. For sailors the resort offers Hobie catamarans, sunfish and windsurfers. Wind was generally light and the surf flat, but we had one windy day which allowed a thrilling sail over the reefs in the Hobie. Lots of guests played golf and tennis. Loafing in the sun was the most popular activity. . GUESTS. Mostly Americans, Canadians and British, but a few French, German and Japanese. Many young families with the latest in high tech strollers. Many middle age plus couples. No teenagers. A few  soon to be weds . There were no mixing events, so singles hoping to meet someone would be disappointed. As you would expect, it was a classy crowd who dressed appropriately.ARRIVAL. Off the plane and through customs and immigration, you find the Glamour Tours booth, where a representative checks your name and escorts you to a little bus which takes you on a 10 minute ride to the hotel. The entrance is a long driveway lined with palm trees and colorful shrubs. Once there a representative greets you and describes the hotel, the meal plan, and the services available. He escorts you to the bell desk, where you hop in a golf cart for the ride to your room. From customs clearance to unpacking bags its 45 minutes.OVERALL. Half Moon is an expensive place well beyond our means as a regular vacation spot, but for a once in a lifetime treat on a special occasion, it is worth it.

A great place for families

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is a great place for families with young children. There are pleanty of activities - water sports, horseback riding, golf, tennis, etc. - for the children. The children's center is a great diversion for a few hours a day. The food is ok for what it is - mass produced. If you are looking for a family destination that has all of the bells and whistles, and is a direct flight from many of the large east-coast cities, this is it. Be aware, this is Jamaica, and it is still rustic - the food is not like St. Bart's.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My famil;y of four visited Half moon over this past Xmas. We were expecting an ocean front 2 bedroom suite with a value of 1980 per night. What we experienced is the following. we checked in at 2pm, for a 3pm check-in. We were told our room would not be ready until 8pm. We were not given a reason for this very long delay. At 8pm when we were "allowed" to check into rooms 114a and 114, we entered a room with no air conditioning, no water pressure in the shower, no hot water, no furniture for our belongings, a mini-bar that was mini indeed. no security on the doors, no blinds in the bathroom (you could see out , and everyone could see in). The food was average, the desserts were horrible, the wine list did not exist, the manager Peter made me feel silly for complaining. he told my travel agent I was the only one complaining. Let's be clear, I was one of MANY complaining. My tiolet was leaking, but the specific complaint I over heard was that a toilet was leaking on the 2nd floor and dripping on to the first floor complainer. My friend Jane was there in a Villa, and her sister Amy and her husband Frank from Chappaqua were also HUGELY disappointed they checked in and got a 'room" like ours but were lucky to be moved to the West Cottages. What makes me the most crazy is that the Manager did not take responsibility for putting guests in rooms that were not ready to be occupied. When we had no A/C. someone suggested we leave our doors open for a breeze, but since we saw a rat running around our patio, our comfort level was low. My brother is an lawyer, he has always said, your word is nothing, but a picture is pure gold. I took lots of pictures so I would have proof. Half Moon is half baked, for the money try someplace else.

Perfect Wedding

from A TripAdvisor Member
We got married on November 8, 2003 at the Half-Moon and could not have wished for a better wedding. First the property was first class, and the staff was even better. We had 90 guest for our wedding and from the time they arrived they were treated like Kings and Queens. Our guest had a privite place to check in, and was provided with cool hand, and face towels, cold juice and RUM PUNCH!! From there they were taken to the villas, to meet there maid, buttler, and cooks. My wife and I went to all of our guest villas throughout the weekend, and all they could do was thank us for giving them the vacation of their lives. For our wedding day the staff made sure that everything was perfect. The wedding was on time, just off of the beach, and the reception....Lets just say go all out and get the buffet reception it is well worth the Money. They present the food very elagant, and you have a lot of choices. Half -Moon is not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and some. If you are planning on getting married, I would suggest that you vist or contact Raquel at Half -Moon. She will make all of your wedding dreams come true!!! Your guest will thank you $$$$$ :-)

Fantastic Wedding Destination!

from beachbella6905
We were married at Half Moon May 2001 and I can't say enough wonderful things about the hotel, the staff, the food and overall service. The facilities were top notch and beaches at the hotel made the Ritz-Carlton beach (located next door) look shabby. The villas, at the far end of the property, proved to be the perfect accomodation solution for our 90 guests who could all be in one central area. The villas come with a butler, maid and chef, all who provided us with the higest level of service and catered to our every need. This is by no means a small boutique hotel, but the staff of the hotel does try hard to make sure each guests feels "pampered". We in fact, 2 years later, still keep in touch with one bellman in particular who repeatedly went out of his way to make us feel special the week of our wedding.

Watch out atht eh Half Moon

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Half Moon resort in August of this year. The ONLY good thing is that I was from the airport to the hotel in 45 minutes. I think that that is a record in Jamaica! Arrived there at 1:30 PM and was not able to check in until 3 PM. Was made to wait at the bar until the room was ready. Taken to the room by the staff, opened the door and it was hot and humid in the room and there was no electric! Staff showed me the room, but nothing worked due to the lack of electricity. Called the fron desk and told it would be back on shortly. 1 1/2 hours later, still no electric and called again. Asked them to get me electir or move me! Moments later the electric came back on. In wall A/C barely able to keep the large room cool enough to sleep. TV did not get 1/2 the channels on the channel guide. Mini bar consisted of a fridge with 3 beers and sodas and 5 mini bottles. Not at all what was on the slip that was in there! Was on an all-inclusive plan. They falied to mention what restaurants/bars were covered on that plan and hit me with a large bill when I left! Had to rent a golf cart to get from one place to another on the resort as it is huge and that as $45 a day!All in all, a terrible experience! Would never stay there again!

Dream Wedding

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had my wedding there in Feb. There were a total of 14 of us. The wedding was perfect!! The resort is by far the most beautiful we saw for the duration of our stay in Jamaica. We honeymooned in Negril and there was just not a comparison. One thing i would note is that the service is definitely on another time schedule. However, all of our guests raved about the place and the ceremony. I hope I get the chance to go again.

Great for large family!!!

from 4kidsintow
Great place for a family vacation. We had 15 people from across the US meet at Half Moon for a week. What a blast. With 8 adults and 7 kids ranging from 7 years to 3 months, we chose a spacious 6 bedroom villa.
We lived by our private pool with Warrell, our butler, serving meals and drinks and our kids swimming happily. Kids club was really fun, the dolphins were a highlight, cruising on the golf cars was relaxing and the golf and tennis were challenging. Only two complaints, the beach wasn't "spectacular", there were bugs and the water was a bit unclear.
That being said, it was still gorgeous. Also, the food was less than appealing. After a few days of jerk chicken there wasn't a lot of gourmet options. However, our friends at the Ritz next door said their food wasn't great either. We all said that we would definitely go there again.

Top Local Tips for Montego Bay

Commissary and bikes By some of your drinks there and some snacks there. Also get a bike.

Evening Meals Go fully inclusive if you can afford it as restaurants on the property are expensive. But make sure you have the Bar B Que on the beach - well worth it.

Sugar Mill & Akbar These 2 places are worth eating at every night. Sugar Mill is really not more pricy than the other places.


Other names for Half Moon Club Hotel

  • half moon resort jamaica
  • half moon resort
  • half moon jamaica
  • half moon bay jamaica
  • Address: Rosehall Main Road - Montego Bay - Jamaica
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