Sivory Punta Cana Hotel

, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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Sivory Punta Cana Hotel

5 star

Rooms: 55

Sivory Beach - Punta Cana - 00 - Dominican Republic 809 687 3118
294 Traveller

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Historical Traveller Reviews of Sivory Punta Cana Hotel

Unprepared and overpriced

from Cas01
We recently returned from 8 nights in a luxury oceanfront/plunge pool suite at the Sivory. The venue is fantastic: the location of the pool, the oceanfront suites shrouded in palm trees steps away from the ocean were magnificent-the picture of a tropical paradise.

Regrettably the services and staff are not a match for the beautiful facility making it no where near a five star category as advertised. Everything from the poor food quality, to the very slow inept service or general lack of service, steeped in confusion and lack of training, really detracts, disappionts and falls short of 5 star expectations.

Ordering food became a daily ordeal. It was difficult to determine if this was due to a language problem, poor training, indifference or all of the above.Why it should take 3 days of deliberations to get plain toast instead of French toast for breakfast is a mystery. Ordering eggs became a daunting task. Gestures were used to describe scrambled, hard boiled, etc, as well as pointing to the translated menu, and still what came to the table usually bore no resemblance to what was ordered.The toast came French style, the eggs "blackened" fried in some unpleasant tasting oil, but nontheless either over-or-undercooked and usually cold.This is hard to understand since there were never more than 8 people in a restaurant at any given time and no more than 14 rooms occuppied at the resort. Butter became next to impossible to get and jam or marmalade unattainable.

Similar confusion ruled at the 3 restaurants during dinner. Admittedly, the Asian restaurant was the most popular, the service was still slow but the Sea Bass was very good. The French restaurant was inconsistent offering bland filet mignon and a stringy, inedible lobster tail that refused to come out of its shell on one occasion.

We did take the SIVORY PLAN in order to avoid paying $21.95 plus 26% tax for a hamburger at lunch and for an extra $10.00 dollars it could be delivered to your room (the room service charge was $10 even if you had the Sivory Plan and the 26% tax applied to your room rates also-a hefty surprise!) As far as the Sivory Plan is concerned...LET THE BUYER BEWARE...many exceptions rule, and they vary according to which staff person you ask. Make sure you get it in writing as to what is and isn't included and the pricing limits. As a word of caution the wine in the in-room wine cooler is included because it contains cheap wine under $20 value which applies also for wine in the restaurants. Decent bottles of wine carry additional costs. Alcoholic drinks provide a whole new range of mystery-what does each one cost, is it included in the plan, and what is the dollar amount covered in the Sivory plan for drinks. This turned out to be quite arbitrary ranging from $10-$20 depending on the staff person responding to the question. This confusion caused many unnecessary stressful and embarrassing confrontations with the waitstaff and a hefty unexpected charge on our bill. The charges were later removed following the managers involvement at check out.

In general, the resort was a sad disappointment to us. Perhaps the issues encountered on our arival should have given us an indication of impending problems ahead. When we arrived were taken to the wrong room on an upper level which turned out to be already occupied. Then we were told the room we reserved wouldn't be available for a couple of days but we could stay in a lesser room once they found an unoccupied one. Finally, after some serious confrontation and waiting we were taken to our oceanfront room which had been ready and waiting for us all along, except the front desk conceirge took us to the wrong room. This perhaps set the tone for our visit. That and the fact that the plunge pool was so cold it was totally unusable. The main pool though beautiful to look at, almost impossible to use because of its frigid temperature. Restaurant hours that were very restrictive especially breakfast ending at 10am not exactly a good time on vacation. The lobby bar lounge was eternally deserted and closed by 10pm except for one night when 8 people finally joined each other for a drink to commisserate and the bartender said he had to leave because it was 10pm. Maybe with greater emphasis on training, service and attention to detail the resort (quiet as a morgue) will someday meet its objective. As for now, it does not belong on "The Small Luxury Resorts of the World" or five star resortlist and the money we had spent even at the introductory rate was definitely NOT WORTH IT. They should take a service and staff training lessons from the Secrets Resort next door!

Private, beautiful, and a place to return to

from cboer711
My girlfriend and I stayed in the Sivory in the beginning of March and truly enjoyed our stay. The resort grounds are beautiful and private. We stayed in a oceanfront room with plunge pool. The room was fantastic with a wonderful shower and bath tub. The huge glass slider was situated perfectly in front of the bed looking out right to the beach, but the windows did not have screens on, so it was nearly impossible to listen to the waves as we slept (worried about bugs). All in all it was one of the most beautiful resorts that we have stayed at.

We heard some grumblings about the food, but really enjoyed most of our meals. It is overpriced, but we had the sivory plan, so we did not have to worry about that. There are some problems though. Meals did not always match their descriptions, the salads all had the same dressing, the tenderloin in one restaurant was vastly different in quality than the tenderloin in another restaurant. That being said, the hotel was only half full, so we ate privately at each meal, which added to the experience. The food was good, but for the all inclusive plan at $150 per day per person (plus the 26% fee on top), the food should be exquisite.

The spa is pretty amazing. They have pool stations with certain theraputic jets, which was very cool. Also, there is a set of six showers, all with different shower methods, which I enjoyed daily. It is true that the hottub wasn't hot, but the spa had a very zen feeling and it would be hard to complain about anything.

The staff was very helpful. Unfortunately, it was not exactly spelled out what was included in the Sivory Plan. Also, we always had a question about tipping, some employees seemed to expect it, while others really deserved it. We only had big bills and the front desk would not provide us with change. So we ended up tipping sporadically, but were always worried that the tips were not being shared with everyone.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel was only about half full. Part of the enjoyment of our stay was the privacy and the fact that we felt that we had the place to ourselves. The beach was empty and walking from our room to the beach, we could have avoided any other guests if we wanted to. I wonder if the sivory would be as magical if it were at capacity.

If we stayed again, we might not do the sivory plan. There were rumors that the beers were $20 per bottle. In reality they are $8.62 and the wine bottles are relatively inexpensive. The bottles in the room are all between $7 and $20. The mixed drinks are more expensive at around $12 (remember that all of the prices do not include the 26% fee). We just felt that it was easier to indulge and be on the plan, so as not to constantly be calculating how much we were paying. Additionally, the water activities were all included, and we went snorkeling with a guy that worked in the hut at the beach. We also took out boogie boards. They also had other activities, but we were limited in time, but you can take advantage of all.

Overall, it was a fantastic stay. Our favorite aspect was that the resort is very informal. I walked around in my swimming suit all day, and dressed very comfortably for dinner. In a luxury hotel, it was nice to feel as though I were at home.

The good, the bad and the ugly

from Party-Guy
We just returned from a week at Sivory, this place is for R&R and nothing else so dont expect to be entertained, you need to do that yourself.

The place is beautiful and the staff is very friendly but the service was lacking in many areas, granted they have only been open a few months, the price dictates 5 star service and I dont think this is the case.

The food is good, but not excellent. Definitely get the Sivory Plan as a beer is 20US and a hamburger and fries is 26US.

WE organized our transportation through Sivory and paid 220US for the trip there and back to the airport, this turned out to be a total disaster! They were almost an hour late picking us up to go to the resort and on the way back to the airport there was a mix up and the driver thought we should be paying him directly and threw a fit in the middle of the airport, screaming and yelling at us in Spanish!! I would recommend you organize your own transportation for less than half of this price!

Overall we had a very nice relaxing time but for the price there are many more fish in the ocean!!

Bad food?

from drbri
It is true the Sivory is not perfect, especially in terms of room services, but I would guess it will improve going forward as the staff gains experience in what is expected at a luxury property. However, how anyone can think the food is bad is beyond me. I suppose it's possible if you don't like eating grilled lobster and filet mignon al fresco to the sound of the waves breaking. C'est la vie.

Paradise- the most amazing place i have ever stayed at

from CynSantaMonica_CA
The service was impeccable, none other than I have experienced at any resort. Nor do I think I will ever at any other. The service was the best I have ever experienced. We took a taxi in but got the helicopter service on the way back to the airport. That was worth it and was the most amazing view! Only thing is make sure you go to this resort with someone you love beacuse you will be with each other every minute of the day- this place is not a place to meet other people- it is very remote from the city and other hotels. We snorkeled, scuba dived, rented a kayak, windsailed and boogie boarded. We tried all three restaurants and all of them have delicious food. They have a small boutique shop and they have really beautiful items. The rooms are remarkable and the staff is always there for you for whatever you need. We reccomend this place for anyone. It is paradise.

Great Rooms, Food not so good

from nessnesskitty
Just returned from Sivory. Because the resort is new things are not yet consistent. There are a ton of friendly employees everywhere but very few know what to do. If this resort wants to be a 5 star property, they need to tighten things up. For instance, the spa pool and whirlpool were at different temps each day - mostly cold and no one could fix it. The pool was not well attended by the valet, we constantly had to get up to get our own drinks and the towels were left there all day, which looked quite sloppy. The rooms were not made up until late in the afternoon and the mini bar stocked even later. If you requested something to your room, i.e. ice it took forever to get it.

The food is terrible although it was always presented beautifully and the restaurant atmosphere is amazing. Also, you were never sure what you were going to get at each restaurant because there were constant substitutions and in several instances the items listed were not available. Vegans look out! And meat eaters beware - the meat ain’t sweet! Try the pasta, we lived on it.

We had a wonderful time despite the bad food. If you can't get over several bad meals - don’t go there is nowhere else to eat. We went on a promotional deal and paid for the Sivory plan (absolute necessity) so all in all it was worth it, Heck, we drank A LOT more than we ate so we got our money's worth, but if we paid full price - I would have gone we we we all the way home :(

As far as the person who had $800 stolen from his/her room, I don’t know how that could happen because there is a safe in each room so don’t let that stop you.

Sivory Resort Punta Cana

from salentine
I consider myself a discriminating traveler. I have been all over the world and enjoyed some of the finest hotels. I was very pleased when I entered the Sivory Punta Cana. Well did I get a surprise the minute I entered; I felt at home and relaxed. I would compare it to the 4 Seasons Punta Mita, which I love! Upon your arrival I was greeted and welcomed by the Head Concierge Heidi and the General Manager Anna Lisa Brache. They are terrific! I was handed a cool towel and a lovely class of champagne. It was at that moment I decided to extend my stay. The rooms are beautifully appointed and very large. I would compare the rooms to the new upgraded rooms at the Guanahani in St. Barths. The beach is very nice and nearly secluded. If you are a food critic and love gourmet dining this is the resort for you. There meal plan is a great value and you can order anything you want. The Sommelier, Juan is very knowledgeable and accommodating. A true gentleman!! If you are looking for fine dining, good wines and a very relaxing atmosphere this resort for you. If you have questions and want some inside tips feel free to e-mail me –

Great place, but...

from lanushka
I can pretty much second every good thing said about this place, but we had $800 stolen from our room, which certainly ruined what could be a perfect vacation.

Loved Sivory

from NewYorkMarina
Very relaxing place. If you like quite and want to have the beach all to yourself - this hotel is for you. Rooms are furnished in contemporary/indonesian style. Shower is huge for two people and has massage jets. Our balcony door was open most of the time and no problems with mosquitoes whatsoever unlike someone mentioned in one of the review here. The weather in Feb is awesome, always breezy and not too hot and not humid - very pleasant. The hotel is quite, no Caribbean music in the background and no crowds - we almost felt like we have the place all to ourselves. The hotel was 30% full when we stayed there, I guess it is due to the fact that it's just opened in Dec '05. The vegetation is still young and was recently planted. Hotel is extremely clean. Rooms are made 2 a day including turn down service. In the morning they bring a tray to a room: freshly baked muffins and croissants, fresh fruit salad and freshly squeezed orange juice - if you don't require a big american breakfast in the morning - this is more than enough and it is complementary. Lunch menu selection is good and tasty. As far as dinner is concerned, the food presentation in all 3 restaurants is top of class. The menu, though, needs a little more variety. I would recommend grilled lobster and fillet mignon (order medium, we ordered medium-rare and got it completely rare inside). Tequila desert and Florentine is good too. I ordered tuna in asian restaurant and 1st time they brought it - it was completely cooked through, I asked for it to be changed and when they brought it again - it was completely cold inside. The staff is very polite and tries to accommodate you in every way and I would still say that the service is good, but sometime times the stuff doesn't quite understand what you are asking - not everybody speaks english, which is OK, smth you have to accept in DR. Once I ordered breakfast and didn't get the order. Another time, we ordered food to our room and also didn't get it - it was delivered to another room. In all their food service needs a little more improvement but hotel is just opened and the new French chef (something of a character, like somebody said) that just arrived, they said, is working on it.
The food is very expensive, even by New York standards. It is worth taking their Sivory meal plan. The wine cooler in the room is VERY convenient.
The beach is not the best one I have ever seen but it is secluded, (there are always waves, but water is warm) hotel is completely isolated; it is 30min walk to Secret Excellence. I highly recommend taking a walk on the beach, just a short distance from the hotel is amazing stretch of the beach where water is calm and it just seems to be a paradise that you see on photos in the magazines.
I do recommend a helicopter ride from the hotel to the airport when you leave.
In all I would definitely come to this place again and recommend to others.

Sivory is great!

from 1beast
Just returned from a week at the Sivory in Punta Cana. The place is gorgeous, service is outstanding, and the food is fab! The hotel is literally at the end of the road, and should take 1 1/2 hours from the Punta Cana airport. It took us 2 1/2 hours on the way in (we drove). Roads are in miserable to terrible condition, and road signs virtually non-existant. However, once you arrive, things take a turn for the better. The rooms were wonderful, and the hotel staff was outstanding in every way. Take the all-iclusive- it was well worth it. The chef, Francoise Bouvet, is a former Cordon Bleu instructor, and it shows. The food ranked from very good to outstanding. Most wines and other drinks are also part of the deal. The Sivory has a sommelier, Juan Pierre, on staff whose recommendations were also very good. He seemed to remember our likes and tastes and made nightly recommendations. Sivory staff is headed by an extremely pleasant Ana Lisa, who always checked on us to be sure that everything was to our liking. Other staff was excellent as well, and it sure doesn't hurt that the weather is in the very pleasant 80s with sun almost all the time, and accompanied by that lovely Caribbean breeze. We loved the more active Atlantic waters here, as it made for great fun body surfing and wave jumping, and we often had the beach to ourselves. Our only hesitation is letting others know about the Sivory, as the "secret" will be out.

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  • Address: Sivory Beach - Punta Cana - 00 - Dominican Republic
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