NH Royal Beach Hotel

, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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NH Royal Beach Hotel

, Punta Cana

Rooms: 369

Av Alemania S/N - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | | 18092856518
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from klatron
I stayed there from 12/28/09-1/5/09 with my wife and adult kids (2 separate rooms). The resort is apparently brand new, so there were some cosmetic things to be finished but it's 90% there, except for the gym which is not close.

The rooms are nice, especially if you're on facing the pool. Every room has a jacuzzi on the balcony. Showers were only warm in the evenings, but bearable. We had to move rooms after initial check in because the A/C was not working. It took some back and forth (2 hours), but eventually Esther at the front desk heard us and helped us move. After that no problems.

Get the $25 for 25 hours of internet at the business center. The wi-fi works at the pool (not so much in the room). It's cumulative so you can turn on and off your wifi and work offline).

The resort sits perpendicular to the beach, that is the short side is on the beach. But the pool extends far (toward the check in) so that even the ground floor rooms away from the beach get pool access. The beach is small for the size of the place but we never had trouble getting a place under a grass hut, or getting a beer.

I hear a lot about the service and food in the reviews. If you're going to the DR for a culinary holiday, well, that's a different problem. The buffet was fine, the restaurants (2 at this resort and 3 next door) were tolerable. But this is no Per-Se, so don't expect it. Service was like every other resort, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. I suggest tipping and sticking with the people who help you (Robinson in the buffet).

They did a great job of keeping it adult only. If you need a reminder why that's good, take a walk next door and look around. The pool is dirtier and the grounds are beat up. But they have the casino and the other restaurants. A note on the casino: it's not too professional. Pay attention to your hands, they have trouble counting there. We had to correct one dealer several times at the blackjack table. Also, no craps.

Overall, for an all inclusive in the DR it's pretty good. I'm not sure how full it was, so maybe at 100% it might be a little harder to deal with all the small imperfections. Lastly (and the boys at the pool bar know what I'm talking about) don't order top shelf booze and think you're getting it. Let's just say more than one early morning I saw some "reallocation" of vodka to different bottles (I could never get my phones camera to work fast enough). But hey, it's hard to mess up beer.

Needs fine tuning, but it is a good, clean, friendly resort, 4.3 stars!

from Miraflorino
We arrived Dec 24, 09 after 11pm, hungry and very tired. Check in was pleasant and painless. The room service was unavailable for the holiday, which in my mind is unacceptable but I kept an open mind. We found some food in the Thantra bar, nothing
fancy but we hungry.
Next morning, Christmas day I got a better idea of the place.
The good: The servers and the restaurant and the bars. Special mention of Francisco,
Antia, Darling, Enyer, in particular. but in general they were very accomodating and made us feel at home. Emilio the manager was also very helpful and attentive.
So service is a plus, but it helps to speak Spanish.
The grounds are pretty and well kept, the beach is gorgeous, but I did not like the water.
It is warm and safe but I have seen better colors. Perhaps with better weather, nonetheless a great beach.
Good towels and easy to get, that is a plus. Bracelets were pleasant to wear, another nice touch. Tropical drinks were watered down and they could improve, mojitos were weak and spearmint hard to find for three days. In general the drinks were best by the reception area, where the service was also very attentive.
Now with the not so good. In my opinion the food could be better. I thought the buffet lacked the variety and diversity of other 5 stars. The breakfast was Ok, but the lunch and dinner needed better quality and variety. On the other hand, the two restaurants at the Royal Beach, Pure and Mortero are ok but the reservations were complicated and hard to get. Food was tasty and the wine good. The restaurants in the Real Arena, were not as fancy and refined, we tried the Grill and the Italian, and overall pleased with both. The italian food was very good in my opinion. So the main issue was the complication with reservations, hopeful they will work it out,
The housekeeping needed also improvement. Few towels, no coffee for the morning brew and other little problems, like cheap gel and no refills in the other toiletries. Calling for services, worked sometimes but not always.
The concierge people were pleasant but a little disorganized and overwhelmed, and anytime I see lines, I feel like something needs to be done. I also understand that the Royal Beach was just opening, while the Real Arena was more settled, so things get better with experience.
We found hard to get chairs after 11 am both at the beach and the pool, so they need to
make an effort to provide more chairs or locating them. Security by the beach was excellent so perhaps providing chairs should be next.
The night entertainment at the Royal Beach is low key and for action the Real Arena offers plenty so no complaint there. The shows we watched, one was good (Michael Jackson) the other with the drunk comedian MC, was bad, but the dancers were OK.
In the final count I felt like the Royal Beach was more a 4 than a 5, but with the potential
to be a great 5, and we will go back, there were more pluses than minuses.

t do the Spa

from kimcollins4
We just returned from our stay at this new hotel. It was the best vacation I've ever been on. The weather was amazing the entire stay - 7 days - December 28-Jan 4. The people and service was great. The beach is beautiful- palm trees scattered about. And the beach staff is awesome- you don't have to leave your spot the whole day if you don't want to- they'll bring you whatever you need. We loved Lucy and Joseph- they took care of us the whole stay. The room was AMAZING! Usually these Caribbean hotel rooms are pretty basic- boring and ugly- the room was beautiful- the bathroom was incredible. And this all inclusive doesn't skimp on anything- the food was AWESOME!!! Wine - ok- beer great- specialty drinks- great. You don't have to, but if you tip a little they'll give you bigger drinks on the beach :)

The other cool thing about this hotlel is that is it connected to the NH Real - and you can eat at their restaurants and enjoy the nightlife. That hotel allowed children - The NH Royal doesn't- which I have to say- if you are single or a couple without children- it is soooo wonderful to be at an adult beach without kids running around :)

The only negative that we experienced at the NH Royal was the SPA. Granted, it was just opening and undergoing renovations- that wasn't the issue- the issue was the service. The worst Spa service we have ever experienced. I had a mani/pedi one day- my appointment was at 2:00. At 2:45 they finally brought me back. Then, I'm not kidding when I say it took 2 hours. And the pedicure was done right at the manicure station! And the girl was on her cell phone! It was HORRIBLE and really uncomfortable. The next day we had a couples massage and what happened is still so bizarre to us that we hardly believe it ourselves. Here we are enjoying a lovely massage when my masseuse literally starts TEXTING!!!! She would put her phone on my table and it would vibrate- she would pick it up and text, apparently thinking I was too dumb to figure it out. After this happened three times, I sat-up and said very loudly "are you on your cell phone!!!" She hid the phone behind her back and acted oblivious. I laid back down and she did it again. Ridiculous!

So we recommend this place completely- Just stay out of the Spa.

Great stay

from adn8
Stayed at this resort for Christmas and New Year's Eve. I had a great stay, despite some people's skepticism as it was a brand new hotel.
I thought the service was quite attentive the majority of the time and the waiters, cleaning ladies, cooks, bartenders were all jolly and friendly. They definitely made me feel welcome. I never felt pressure to tip in order to receive better service.
The food was great, even at the buffet (caviar anyone?) which we ate at most of the time... We did have access to the NH Real Arena next door but their buffet, though bigger, was lower in quality in my opinion. There are times when it was clear that the waiters weren't sure what to take away, etc, as some may still be in training, but it was never really inconvenient in any way and you can tell that they definitely make an effort.
Yes, the hotel is quiet, even the live outdoor band didn't attract much people since everyone was next door. At night, most of the events are at the Real Arena (Micheal Jackson show, etc.) which was fine as it was a few steps away. They post schedules of their shows so you can plan ahead which ones you want to see. Once you step back into your own hotel, it is peace and quiet!
The bars were not skimming on the alcohol but some were more equipped than others. The lobby bar had the most choice of liquor and you can try their daily specials. Always interesting! At the beach bar, make sure to try a Coco Loco which is straight from the coconut...which you can later ask the bartender to chop in half for you to enjoy some fresh coconut to eat.
There were a few times where we couldn't find any lounge chairs on the beach, since many people abandon their towels on it, but you can simply ask one of the workers for as many chairs as you need and they will bring it to you.

Ultimately, I was there for some relaxing on the beach and even a few kinks would not have detracted me from recommending this hotel to others. It is a great resort and I would definitely stay there again!

Decent Hotel, quiet, food OK, nice rooms

from MrsZMontreal
Travelled with spouse and immediate family; all adults. Got bumped to this hotel 1 week prior to traveling; it was either get refund or stick with NH Royal...

Overall: The hotel lacks some services and amenities which can be found at the sister hotel next door. We often went next door because there was more to see and do (ex: bowling alley, disco, parties, snack buffet outside, photography shop...). However, it was nice to have the quietness for the Royal beach side and also a newly built bedroom. The hotel itself is nicely built with nice quality furniture pieces in the lobby and bedroom.

Transportation: If traveling by Skyservice, ask for emergency exit seats... otherwise, be prepared to be cramped. There is a small hot meal on the flight...
Upon arrival, we located our shuttle bus via asking signature vacation desk. The bus had a toilet, but it didn't on the return trip. Ride was less than the announced 30 minutes. A gold cart type buggy drives you to your hotel room after check-in.

Room: We had an adjoining room; one room with king bed and another with 2 double. Each had a couch, coffee table flat screen TV, outdoor jacuzzi, large bathroom, free safe, balcony, and ceiling fan. Rooms were clean, nicely decorated, quality furniture. Cleaning ladies would be inconsistent with room cleaning... sometimes forget to give new soap, sometimes forget a towel..rooms generally face the pool area.

Pool: very nice, clean, quiet, access to swim up bar, lounge chairs available...staf present for service and security.

Beach: Some algae which they try to clean up early in the morning. Lots of parasols for shade. Lounge chairs run out but you can ask staff to get one for you. Generally quiet. There's a small bar under a hut that can serve drinks in a coconut or pineapple. Ping Pong table and volleyball table available on the beach. You can borrow snorkeling gear, board games and get fresh towels from a nearby hut.

Staff/service: Room service a bit lacking. Staff generally very friendly. Still very new at service in the a la Carte restaurants. Service at the buffet varies depending on where you sit...knowing Spanish is a real plus, even at reception desk.

Restaurant/food: Unlimited access to a la carte restaurants (2 at Royal Beach, 4 next door at Real Arena). A la carte food is not really recommended. you never know what you're going to get. However, if you don't like the food, you can ask for something else. Long pants for men is obligatory. Buffet was decent. Breakfast was the best with an omelette making station. For the other meals, there's a pasta making station, soup station, meat of the day station etc... (see pics). Amazing meal at the buffet for new years with great seafood, sushi...there are some tables outside overlooking the beach which is especially great in the morning. Buffet next door is larger, but with simpler foods; less seafood and quality items...

Entertainment: Mostly available next door. There's daily aerobics and dance on the beach. Daily activity of the day next to the swim up bar (banana leaf hat making, cocktail making etc...). There's a live band playing in the evenings daily, but there were no people to listen...The DJ at the NH Real Arena at the disco Tahntra plays the same songs every day (YMCA, in the Navy, Grease....)... even played the same songs at the New Year's party...blah!

Bar: Best one is in the lobby. Second best is at the pool. They make good drinks with daily specials. Virgin cocktails also available.

Activities: I wouldn't recommend booking with signature... book with the guys that approach you on the beach... it's cheaper.

Conclusion: We had a good time. Overlooked the kinks and enjoyed the company we had. We were there mostly for the hot weather and beach, which is what we got. I recommend going to an activity (ex: snorkeling and such) ASAP in case the weather turns bad later on and you miss your chance... I would try a different hotel next time...

Very Beautiful Beach/Pool... But Service lacking...

from Dctraveler42
Everyone was really nice - but they just were not setup to be customer service centric. I didn't feel we were catered too as a 4 or 5 star should. Room service was not reliable. I was there a week and unable to get proper room service. Shower was always cold -- and bad water pressure. The buffet was really good. We made a reservation at some of the restaurants - none were really good. The service was always poor. Only when I would flash a $20 would I get attention - at which point they would be over bearing and again not customer service centric. I didn't feel the staff cared - maybe because I was American and we had an obvious language barrier. Frankly it shouldn't matter -- customer service is unviersal... If they truly cared to impress this would be a whole different review. It is a shame -- because the beach is goregous - the pool to die for. I highly recommend you take the excursions. We went Samona island which was breathtaking - a paradise. We went boogey riding and had a blast. This resort has potential if they get the right leadership to set the pace. Simple idea for them is to just have food at all the bars. Have room service that is effective and available -novel idea huh. Maybe they don't care about Americans - because most of the visitors are Canadian and Europeans - which is why they ignored us... Who knows??? My recommendation is - if you don't care about service, like being on your own, fending for yourself, and just lay in the sun...this is the place to be.

Great resort overall!

from zahurs
This resort was only a few weeks old when we arrived, and that was evident by some lingering construction and issues with our room (the toilet wasn't hooked up, but eventually fixed). In addition, the staff was all new and still in "training mode", so there were some growing pains there, along with the fact that a lot of the staff had very limited English speaking skills. After the first couple of days, things went very smoothly!

The quality of the resort was fantastic in terms of decor, room quality/cleanliness, amenities and a great beach. The new resort is right next to the NH Real Arena, and as Royal Beach guests we had access to everything at Real Arena which was nice.

The food was above average for an all-inclusive resort. We ate at both Royal Beach and Real Arena, and found the restauraunts at Royal Beach to be a cut above.

Finally, nightly entertainment was very good. However, the good stuff was over at Real Arena, with energetic and enthusiastic entertainers every night. Royal Beach had some live music every night but drew a sparse crowd.

Overall, a great resort which we would likely visit again!

Good and Bad

from happy_gypsie
I have heard many people say that they wouldn't stay at a brand new hotel because the kinks need to be worked out. Now I completely understand.

The rooms are clean, nice, and spacious. Each room has a huge walk in shower and there is a bidet in the bathroom. There is a jacuzzi outside on the balcony, which was nice. Room nicely decorated.

Front desk service was very helpful and nice.

Room service....could use improvement. The first day I ordered, the operator kept putting me on hold at 5 minutes at a time. When I called back, she would answer right away and put me on hold again...for another 5 minutes. Called back again and finally placed an order with another operator. Second day...ordered room service. 2 hours passed and we never got our food. We called the operator and he told told us the guy was on his way. We called half hr later...he said he was on his way again. No one ever came. We have no idea what ever happened to our order. We complained but no one really cared so we just let it go. What are you going to do, ya know?

Food - I would say the food was mediocre at best. Anything that wasn't eaten at breakfast or lunch buffet, you would see it at dinner buffet in a separate form. All of the food started tasting the same. Good luck trying to get reservations at the restaurants. Book as soon as you can...before you get there if possible. We didn't try Pure but Mortero was pretty bad. I ordered duck and it was way overcooked and dry. The service was weird at the sit down dinner. The staff just seemed confused. We got someone else's food at first. For dessert, we got one dessert that we ordered...the other dessert, who knows where it came from but we did not say anything and just ate what we got. In some of their defense, they really did want to do their best and tried hard but I think leadership lacked. The service at the buffet was good. Some better than others.

Bartender was awesome at the bar on the beach. There were not enough lounge chairs for everyone at the beach so grab your chair early in the morning. The beach was beautiful.

The good thing about this place is that we could use the amenities next door at NH Real Arena, where everything has been well established. The service there was impeccable. We ate at their buffet once for lunch and had dinner at the Japanese restaurant (average food but great service). It is also "more happening" at Real Arena. Royal Beach is more relaxing and quiet. Depends on what you like and what you are looking for. All of the day activities and night time entertainment is at Real Arena. There are some at Royal Beach but participation was few...like 10 people as opposed to 50-100 at Real Arena.

walking to the paradise

from Laluvavas
I recommend this hotel to all the people who want to enjoy eating good food, tranquility places, good beaches and good service. The hotel has a beach that you can observe while you eat in the buffe, an immense swimming pool in which we can take our mojitos inside it. The hotel is placed on a very good location near the airport, it also has a comercial center just five minutes from the hotel. You can enjoy with all the activities there like spectacles, live music and a relax place to spend the night.

Perfect, Adult, relaxing, very very NICE

from JohnFNoonan
This hotel just opened, so no one really knows it. Perfect beach and pool. The food is gourmet. My wife is very picky about her food and she loves it! The rooms are great and the bathrooms are nice and big and beautiful, very nice, with a bidet. The views are great. I am not a travell agent, and have no connection with this hotel. My wife and I travel extensively and have lived all over the world, and this is a 5 Star hotel. As you know the global economy is tight, so there is vacancy. I highly suggest if you are coming to the Dom Rep, this is your spot. I really have nothing bad to say about it. It's a very nice spot.
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