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, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 600

Majestic Street - Punta Cana - 3005 - Dominican Republic
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Getting Better Everyday

from pfanzp
Majestic Elegance - Punta Cana - "Great Potential"
Date: December 7, 2008
A Tripadvisor Member - Toronto, Canada

We just returned from a week's vacation at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana, and I can say that it's not as bad as some reviews have made it out to be.

We upgraded to "Elegance Club" along with 2 other couples and although there is still quite a bit that needs to be done in and around the resort, there definitely were changes seen while we were there.

We arrived early Saturday afternoon and being Elegance Club patrons, were greeted with a cool refreshing "Majestic" drink and escorted to the Elegance Club Towers by Angel. Thanks to Angel for all his assistance throughout the week

Our rooms were not ready yet, however, we did get to the hotel early in the afternoon and check in was for approx 3:00 pm. No problem, we went directly to the Sea and See (Seafood Restaurant ) at the beach and had some lunch. By the time we finishted lunch, our rooms were ready and we were escorted to them by Angel. Luggage arrived a little bit later by bellboy.

Rooms were very spacious and clean. Although there were a few issues we experienced with the room not being completely done, (ie. no DVD player, TV was not on the wall, but sitting on the desk, A/C not working all the time, and power shutting down at times,) it was not as bad as I would have expected from reading the first few reviews. To be honest, these are things that could have happened with any brand new resort.

My husband, being a Chef, was disappointed with a couple of the a la carte restaurants, however, the Gourmand (French) and 9-Doors (Japanese) were quite good. Buffet was good with exceptional variety. I know that in the future, when this resort is fully operational - the food in all the a la carte restaurants will have the potential to be a truly 5-star dining experience.

Service at the Majestic was absolutely phenominal. All the staff were friendly and eager to assist you in any way they could. Definitely always smiling and greeting you as you passed.

The VIP Lounge for "Elegance Club" was great - giving you the option to have drinks and snacks all day long, and computers with internet access to keep in touch with your family and friends back home. Bali beds were also available by the private pool.

Had a great time with the Animation Team - especially enjoyed Walther's (Moskito's) enthusiasm and great sense of humour. He truly was able to get the people up and about to participate in the various activies, ie Horseshoes, Table Tennis etc.

Overall, fantastic experience for what we were looking for in our holiday. We never had a room so close to the ocean, or even to see the breathtaking view of the morning sunrise from our balcomy. Beaches were absolutely beautiful, clean and never had a problem getting a "hut" .

We can't wait to see the grounds fully matured and the resort running at 100%.
Would we come back????? - In a heartbeat!

Vacation from hell will be a vacation from heaven in 2 - 4 months

from kemje
Ok our vacation started out horribly !! Resort opened on the 21st of November -- we arrived 22nd. No rooms were ready - wires everywhere. Nothing worked in room -- not even key cards. We spent first day with workmen getting everything working. TV hooked up , fan working, ac working. No hot water -- that came 2 days later. Suppose to have 7 restaurants -- 2 opened --10 bars -- 4 open. But little by little as days went forward -- more things started to open. Their steakhouse if phenominal -- meat would melt in your mouth. All workers -- maintenance,maids, busboys, waiters, bartenders, entertainment were great -- can't say enough good things about them. Management left a little to be desired. I would recommend this resort highly in 2 -4 months when everything is complete and opened. We were allowed to use sister property-Colonial -- But I didn't pay for sister property I wanted the Elegance finished. This will be the great resort it is hyped up to be in the future. Beach is beautiful -- water awesome -- pool great. If you have chance in future -- go there. Just don't go NOW !!!

Loved, loved, loved our stay in paradise!

from SnowbunnyMidwest
I understand that some people have had negatives, but we just got back last night from our 8 day, 7 night stay and it was paradise.

(sorry for the length, but I want to be detailed.)

One thing that we did while preparing for our trip was to remind ourselves that we needed to go in with an open mind and be flexible. We saw so many of the staff members getting their butts chewed out by guests. People need to remember that the staff didn't have anything to do with deciding the opening day, the construction of the rooms/resort, etc. They are only the workers, and people need to cut them some slack. I was absolutely AMAZED at the anger management courses these people must have gone through. Even with all of the yelling, they still stood tall and composed, and kept a positive attitude.

We arrived on 11.22.08 in the evening. We were escorted to the Elegance Club and along the way was given a tour of the resort. Once in the club we were given food and drinks while they found our room assignments. We were then taken to our rooms, and our luggage soon followed (it was brought in by the bell boy from the front lobby)

There were no major things wrong with the room we had (room #4133). We had hot water, a working telephone, clean sheets, towels, robes, etc. You could tell that they were still trying to set all of the rooms up because about an hour later, a worker arrived with our dvd player and alarm clock. The room was breath taking. But you could see that some areas of the room were put together in a hurry.

The beds were heavenly. The pillows were soft. The bedding kept you really warm, so most nights we only slept with the sheet on.

One night (the staff said we could have this done as many nights as we wanted) we had them do up our jacuzzi. When we got back to our room, there was a bottle of champagne next to the tub full of rose petals and bubbles! Definitely romantic!

See & Sea. We ate here every day for breakfast and lunch. Buffets were good - food was cold though. But it wasn't anything that detered us from going back the next day. Pizza, hamburgers, fresh fruit, cheeses, meats, omelets, etc. Lots of staff members walking around to get you drinks. Hard sometimes because if you are not paying attention, you forget who you gave your order to -- and you might end up with DOUBLE the drinks! LOL

Gourmet restaurant. We had the lobster - WONDERFUL. We went here on our first night, so not crowded. Sat down, ate, left. No fuss.

Steak House. So good we went twice. Had the cowboy steak, hamburger, and another steak (I don't remember the name, but it was the third one down on the right side of the menu) Great sweet cream corn soup. Heavenly buffalo wings.

Italian. Not your typical italian restaurant - not a menu full of pastas. I had lasagna (only thing on the menu that screamed typical Italian to me). But there was squid and lobster on the menu as well.

9 Doors. This was the sushi restaurant. We didn't go into the Hibatchi room, we (aka my boyfriend) ate the sushi where we first walked in. I didn't hear any complaints from him. We needed reservations here.

I don't remember this restaurant name, but it was the late night snack place in the strip of shops in the Colonial: Great late night snack food - hamburger, chips and cheese, buffalo wings. Doesn't open until around 11, so great late night bar food.

(We met people that switched to the Colonial after many attempts at finding a room without problems... and they said that the food was WAY better at the Elegance than the Colonial. So, even though they switched hotels, they still continued to come over to the Elegance for food!)

Room Service:
Everything we ordered here was great!
We ordered shrimp (20 pieces) and the greatest brownie in the world!
We also ordered lobster one night (came in BITE SIZE pieces when we asked for a "small portion" of lobster - we didn't want a huge meal, just something small for one person.) :)
Also ordered a hamburger - great hamburgers there.
We also ordered red wine - they came with both a bottle of red and a bottle of white.

Room service was quick. Always a nice presentation. Who ever brought in the food would ask where you want it, uncover it, get you anything else you needed, etc. Was not just a drop and run.

There were no menus to order off from. So, you need to have an idea of what you want - and then be flexible. The first night, I wanted chocolate cake, but substituted for a brownie - and it was the greatest brownie in the world!!

The beach:
Since the hotel is not up to full capacity, we LOVED the fact that the beach was not crowded! Lots of chairs (no playing of the towel game to save a chair early in the morning). Lots of days we didn't get to the beach until 10am, and there were plenty of open chairs. The water is gorgeous and very clear. Can see to the bottom. We took a walk up the beach on Friday afternoon and found that we were spoiled to have so much room on our beach!

The staff members were still working on combing the beach in the walking areas - so I would think that will improve in the coming weeks. The sand is soft, they just need to clean up some of the sticks, sand spurs, etc. that blow in or come up from the water. Nothing untolerable though where you could not walk without sandals. Just had to keep your eyes open for where you were walking.

The greens are going to be GORGEOUS!!! Obviously since most of the greens/plants/flowers were just planted, they need some time to fill out, but in a few months, it will be even more breath taking then we saw!

The staff was wonderful. They were always accomodating and actually remembered you! There were many times that I would walk through the Elegance Club and be greeted by a staff member, and have them ask about something we had talked about the day before.
I apologize as I don't remember some of the names, but here goes:
Julio, Nacho, Walther - MUY COMICO :) , Kayla, Martino.........(Wow, how quickly my memory goes after only a short time!)

Oh, and there was a gentleman in the Club that wears a grey uniform - I didn't see him wearing a name tag, but he assisted us with ALL of our needs - coordinating a night for the staff to draw us a romantic jaccuzi bath in our room, liquor deliveries to our room, coordinate check out, pretty much help us with any desire we had... I wish I could remember his name........... But THANK YOU to him especially!

And many staff members that assisted us at the restaurants and bars that remembered the drinks that we ordered, helped us practice our Spanish, and gave us laughs. They really gave the impression that they remembered US, and tried to build a relationship / friendship while we were staying there.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Would DEFINITELY go back. When we left, a staff member said that it would be FULLY operational Feb. 2009... so those going then should be fine.

Loved the Elegance

from rocketgirl17
We have just returned from a 1 week stay at the Majestic Elegance. While the hotel still has some work ahead of them to complete the resort, we still had a wonderful time. The staff were excellent and we have never experienced such exceptional service. The restaurants were great and again the service was exceptional by all staff. The rooms are very spacious with balcony and the beds are very comfy. My teenage boys had a great time with 'Moskito' who organized games and such at the beach and pool. Although the hotel experienced a few problems after opening we did not let this effect our vacation. We loved the staff who were very friendly and helpful, the pool was great and the beach was great. All and all we had a wonderful time as this is truly paradise!

beautiful beach

from newbieOntario
First Day-
Arrived Nov 21 part of a Sunwing group- the very first guests of the Majestic Elegance- Surprise-Surprise! Sunwing had told us that this hotel had been taking guests since October. We were dropped off at the Colonial by the Sunwing bus operator, who was then forced to load us back up and take us to the Elegance.
The lobby and lower bar area was/is magnificent, even with the unfinished drywall and construction debris. The poor check-in men looked as if the computers had just been switched on and that they did not yet know what to do with the computers or with us.
First Issue-
Sunwing’s description of our room did not match any description of any rooms that the Elegance had to offer. Ricardo swung into action and sent us to the Elegance Club check-in area, with the promise that Calix would look after us. After a long trip through the construction site, past workers, tools, barrows, wires, etc, I asked the bellboy to stay with our luggage- thinking we may need to get out of there. Inside the Elegance check-in area Calix and his staff were doing everything they could to get their guests comfortable and then moved into rooms that the construction workers had not yet moved out of. The torrential rain caused flooding of the check-in area floor and water was dripping out of numerous areas in the plaster ceiling. The air conditioning was not working, and there were no restaurants open, so we waited. After 2 hours we were taken to the room by Calix, the bellboy had stayed (great staff), and upon informing him that this room still did not match the Sunwing description, he told us he would get us moved again, we waited in the room for another 2 hours, not having a key to the room, no TV, no drinks in the fridge, no hot water, no telephone, no internet, no AC- lots of construction noise. 2 hrs passed – I went and found Calix- talking on 2 phones at the same time, with the walkie talkie on his belt, standing by the pool watching the men cutting the marble for the overflow drain to be installed. He told me we would have to stay in the room over night- that there were no more rooms available.
We went for supper at the Italian Resturant- I have to say the staff is tremendous- but the meal was late and cold- it took us 2 hours to eat.
The first issue continued into the next day- still no other room available, with Calix promising to find us one sometime in the future– finally after lunch I told him to forget it I would settle this room issue with Sunwing. The room we had was nice, I liked the sunken area and the layout. It was on the south side of the resort facing the vacant lot, and was very private with a view of the ocean and the wreck off the coast.
Second Issue-lack of Hot Water – we had cold water on the 21st, tepid water on the 22nd, hot water on the 23rd , 24th, 25th, back to cold on the 26th, tepid on the 27th, and hot on the 28th. At least twice during our stay the toilet was hooked to hot water, and on at least 4 separate times the water would be shut off for a period of time.
Third Issue – Electricity – the power could go off at any time during the day for any length of time with no warning. This happened at least 2 times a day, each day, every day.
Fourth Issue- Construction workers and construction noise throughout the entire week. Construction workers and bikini clad women don’t mix well (no offense to us construction workers). The noise was continuous throughout the day. They were still building the marble countertops for the pool bar in the Elegance Club area, and the grinders are quite noisy. As well as hammer drills, hammers, etc as the electricians did their thing.
Fifth Issue- Lack of lighting- the walkways in the central garden and pool area did not have the lighting completed until the 26th, (it does look quite spectacular now even with the immature vegetation, to stand at the top of the stairs in the main lobby at night, and look out through the arches towards the ocean is spectacular). The lack of lighting in the corridors still was not addressed by the time we left Nov 28th. This meant that as you walked to your rooms you moved from lit corridors into dark areas, this happened on both sides of the complex. The hotel provided security men with nightsticks to stand in these darkened areas.
Sixth Issue – Restaurants – We really enjoyed eating at this hotel. Simply because of the people who were serving us. For the most part they were extremely cheerful and always did their best to help us. However the restaurants were not all open at the same time, and even if they were open, all menu items were not available. The Italian restaurant experience on our first day kept us out of it until, the 26th for supper- it was very nice and hot. The steakhouse or as we affectionately called it – ‘the rodenthouse’- (we were there when the rat dropped out of the ceiling on the large table)- was great. We ate there 4 of the nights we were there. Each night the service and the meals got better. The corn and chicken soup was tremendous. The beach house was dark at night for eating. They had not yet got all the lights working and it was ok food but not great. We ate lunch usually at the buffet in the Colonial which brings us to the seventh issue.
Seventh Issue- Access to the Colonial- Ricardo and Calix and our Sunwing rep Jenner all told us to go to the Colonial and that we were free to use their services. The first 2 days of our trip, no one had told the Colonial that and we were hassled, especially regarding internet access. The last 3 days we had to take a long walk detour, through a darkened area and on part of the service road.
Eighth Issue- Life safety- no fire extinguishers, no pressure at the fire hose cabinets and intermittent hydro and water left me feeling unsafe.
Ninth Issue- our room really was not ready. The TV was hooked up on our 3rd, but was not hung from the wall on the bracket. The room sensors are a good idea but were not operational, and as a result staff would walk in on you after knocking. The pass thru service system, is another good idea but not yet working. There was no literature, no info of any kind in the room. No DVD player, no DVDs either, the library was empty. The ceiling in the shower fell down unto the floor that last morning we were there. It just wasn’t ready yet for guests. The butler system, maid service, bar service all will be great, but aren’t there yet.
Overall, we had a good time. We met new people- shared the adventure together. Got sun, swam in the ocean enjoyed the beach and the people.
Being a novice to package trips, how Sunwing could sell packages to a hotel without any pre inspection is beyond my comprehension.

Find another place to go.

from max199
This is by far the worst vacation we have ever had. The hotel should not even be open. Not one guest we talked to had a good time. The food is Cafeteria at best. None of the rooms are complete. Wires hanging, phones don't work, no hot water. Mosquitoes in rooms had to buy bug spray. Management is a Joke.It took 3 days to get my room changed. God forbide if there was a fire nor one fire extingishire on the property, no fire hoses in the boxes. The sprinkler in my room was inside the dry wall with a hole showing.Buyer beware, stay away, far away.


from BMR2723
So first and foremost our decision to stay at Majestic Elegance was made due to the following factors:
1) Adults Only
2) Majestic Reputation including website information
3) Opportunity to stay in a brand new resort
4) Swim-Up Room at the Elegance

Our trip started the day before the Elegance was opened, so we stayed at the Colonial for one night so we can make some general contrasts with respect to the rooms:

Room - Our Elegance Club Swim-Up room was much more modern, HUGE, tastefully decorated, had a "brand new" smell, tonnes of closet space, 2 jacuzzis (one indoor, one outdoor), brand new towels and linens, nicer TV, lots of different patio furniture including personal Bali Bed (which becomes a huge sponge during rain storms and takes at least 3 days or so to dry completely). However we did not have DVD, only phones were in bathrooms, no alarm clock, the back door did not lock, our shower did not drain properly (used alot of towels to prevent it flooding into other rooms), leak from ceiling of shower and toilet area, no hot water at first. Our room keys did not work and we had to walk up to the main lobby to get them reactivated as there was no one at the Elegance Club. Power went out a couple of times. Some details looked like they were rushed - however if we didn't have to spend quality time in our room during the rain storm not sure we would have seen some of the "issues" like cracks, drips, etc. There was no evidence of room service except for the room service doors, that we came to find are not checked and we grabbed the plates and put them on a table inside the room so that they would be take away. If I were going in the near future I would request a room that had already been used because chances are the issues that the first-timers experienced may have been dealt with because the hotel knows about them.

Check-In/Out - Express Check-in took 10 minutes to walk to the Elegance lobby and 15 minutes waiting for the room. We were lucky some people waited hours. But there are snacks and drinks that are constantly offered. We asked for a late check-out (6:30pm) which was granted however they called us at 5pm to ask us when we were checking out and when we advised them we had a late check out the staff member quizzed my husband on who he arranged it with, what she looked like, whether she took a note in writing or on a computer, and asked if there was anyway we could leave earlier because they had someone waiting for the room.

Pools - all were operational, few spare tiles on the bottom of the pools, but otherwise clean and had plenty of chairs around the pool, and the swim-up bar opened a few days after we got there.

Restaurants - Italian, service was a little slow, but it was the first night and as long as you provided them a friendly reminder they had us in and out within 1 hour, they forgot to bring salads and they ran out of desserts. Steakhouse, service was disorganized but using the same friendly reminder approach we were in and out before alot of people there...and the rat (ha, ha)! Food was great at Steakhouse, went beack a second time and service was 100% improved. Sea to See, only ate there for lunch and continental breakfast but did the trick. Teppanyaki - the best meal I have head in any resort I have visited (and I am a picky eater) in the Caribbean!! Highly recommended!! Buffet was not open that we saw but found out it was open for one meal - we just used the Colonial. A few things to try at Gourmet restaurant try the Creme Brulee and at Italian try the chocolate soup. The other ala carte restaurants did not seem to have a dessert selection so we went for just dessert at the others.

Entertainment - Magician show was quite entertaining and alot of audience involvement. Circus shows at both resorts are different and both highly entertaining. All in all happy with the entertainment and pleasantly surprised that the Elegance even had its own entertainment!! Good job. The animation team was very friendly but not pushy - Mosquito is quite the ham!!

Bars - Most bars were open, the lobby bar on the lower level had all premium liquor and offered awesome selection - unfortunately they were only getting the slushy machines throughout the resort as we were leaving. Say Hola to Francis and ask him for a Toasted Almond - yummy!! Francis was awesome!!

Staff - There were alot of people at the Elegance Club that were giving information only when asked and often times the information wasn't the same as what someone else had been told. My only advice to all Resort Management out there is that there is never enough communication - put together a letter outlining what is open and what is not and what "special details" would not be available. It saves your guests time and frustration from having to keep coming back. it was difficult to get angry with them they always had service with a smile, even if it wasn't quick. They make great efforts to understand English but it is not their first language and people need to accept that! And as mentioned in other posts - they are getting the brunt of a decision that they didn't make so take it easy on them.

Property - lots needed to fine tune, construction materials still laying around - but it was being cleaned up, trash cans came in on the second last day of our visit, no fire extinguishers, lighting issues throughout the resort were being worked on, on the second last day there was a wooden wall placed in the most convenient entrance to the Colonial - which forced us to walk more, but we were okay with the exercise.

Amenities at the Colonial were up for grabs. And there seemed like there was minimal resistance when people were not satisfied with a few room changes and requested to go to the Colonial instead of staying at the Elegance.

To add more comedy to the opening issues, the tour operator (not the hotel) whom we travelled with forgot to pick us up in the lobby last night and we needed to get taxis to the airport. because they had originally dropped us off at the Colonial...make sure you get emergency contact information - it came in handy for us :)

For future guests of the Elegance keep in mind that everyday it got better and although it is not a 5star at this present time, the potential is there and they are working around the clock to make it perfect. I would recommend this resort in a month or so.

The Cole's Notes Version is that we made the most of our holiday, we were lucky compared to other guests. The main concern was we don't feel that we got what we paid for.

On a final note, when I walked around the resort there were ALOT of rooms that did not have furniture in them or were being used for storage.


from mere2
I agree with previous comments: no hot water, wires everywhere, construction work going on, no computers were working so it took forever for our check-in and check-out.... Food in the restaurants was better than at the Colonnial but we had an incident where a rat fell from a hole in the ceiling right onto a table full of people. Never managed to get shower gel, shampoo AND conditioner (we always ended up with double conditioner and no shower gel). Definatelly not a 5 star hotel....

worst experience ever so far

from Prncss
we arrived november 24 2008 the resort is not even close to be finished at least 3 or 4 months. no spa, half the restaurants are not open they do not even have enough employees to staff all the restaurants. We went to the italian restaurant and the waiter told they only have 4 menus so we had to wait 15 minutes to get a menu, everyone has been at least once to a new room since a/c not working, roof leaks, bathroom overflow, no tv, on and on. The employees will tell you anything to get you out of the office then you can never find them again. there is no room service yet, no spa, no working jaccuzi's. Do yourself a favor and do NOT come here till at least marchor april of next year.

Not Finished

from skaple320
As of this writing, this hotel is not yet complete. Not even close really. Our room seemed fine at first, but then stuff stopped working. We had no hot water in our jacuzzi, the safe malfunctioned, and then the light fixture over the toilet started leaking water all night ?!?!? There are exposed electrical wires, and we were awakened at 8:30 to the sounds of continuing construction. Not all of the restaurants are open, and the ones that are are not that great. If you are planning to stay here within the next few months, I would strongly recommend finding somewhere else. That´s what we are trying to do less than 24 hours after checking in.

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