Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Hotel

, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 659

Playa Bavaro - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | | 34 902 078 078
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Hotel

Simply was fine

from A TripAdvisor Member
2 families stayed from January 8th to the 15th.
4 adults and 4 kids ages 10 to 14.

The place is very good and will be excellent soon. Remember, it is still in the start up phase. Most people spoke english and were very helpful. The best food by far is in Le Gourmet. The buffets are OK and there is always plenty of food. The beach is great and the pool is awesome. Entertainment is just OK. The Michael Jackson night is very good. We met a lot of people from places like Kansas City, many Bostonians, and a German couple. Our room was awesome. The colonial junior suites are not yet ready so you will be upgraded to a "swim out" room. These are (in my opinion) the best rooms. Ours was directly across from the swim up bar. It was great for the kids as they could go from the pool to the room with ease. The layout of the place is not as good as it could be but a day or two of getting used to it is all you need.

A lot of things are still not ready such as:

stores, kids center, jacuzzis and the lighting. It seems that they have a lot of electrical problems. Lights out on walkways and bridges. The fountains work somedays and not others. Once they work these bugs out it should be nice.

They only serve Presidente beer unless you want to pay extra and the alcohol is classico brand and the others are extra too. The bugs were not bad at all. Bring everything you need such as meds, sunblock, lotions, bug spray as the only store that carries it is very expensive.

Daily activities are not yet where they should be. They have daily pool aerobics, and volleyball but the participation is very minimal. They need to beef it up a lot to get people interested.

All in all, the place is very good and it will live up to your expectations as long as you can look past the minor stuff.

Happy vacation.

Majestic Colonial- the place is great!

This is to calm the fears of anyone who is going to the M-C in the near future, & has read the mixed reviews. It is far from perfect, and not completely finished, but overall, it lives up to its 5 stars.
my wife & I just returned, with another couple, after 7 glorious days. The food at all areas was very good, all the bars except the sports/disco bar was open, & the staff was very friendly, helpful, & obliging (It helps to tip!) The beach is awesome, & the pool (and I am not a pool person) is very nice. When we arrived on 1/4, it was like we had the place to outselves; it started to fill up on the weekend. There is still one section of rooms that they are working on-but the work for the most part goes on unnoticed. There were a few minor issues, but you have to have an open mind & empty glass towards them! We are already planning next years' trip.

Best deal for a Luxury Resort in Punta Cana for the Money!

from Pierre012
For the price we paid, our holiday is one of our best. Food was excellent, rooms are extra large & with everything we should expect. I would have appreciate a bit more international drinks, but... Service was getting better every day, since the staff have to get used to the newly opne resort (dec 15).

We are use to go to brand new resort (some may say we are cheap people, but just like to have as much for our money as possible). Our Travel Agent give us the right info for this kind of trip.

I would go back tomorrow if I had the time and money!


warm breezes, balmy tropical nights

from A TripAdvisor Member
My partner and I arrived at the majestic on the 30th December, knowing that the resort had just become open to the public. Feeling somewhat nervous about this, and as we were approaching the main entrance, we could see some unsconstructed areas and debris, which encited further worry...and melted away as soon as we stepped into the lobby entrance.
This hotel is beautiful, elegant and eleborate. Granted, there are many details which need to be worked on, expected, I think, when considering that this is a brand new resort. I am truly sorry that so many reviewers on this page have had an unenjoyable experience, but both my partner and I have travelled throughout the world, and have never come across such lovely staff, truly friendly and welcoming, and always there to please you.
This is the first time we have travelled on a fully inclusive holiday, mainly due to worry about food standards and what a resort would provide in terms of culture, surroundings and the general experience of a one stop shop.
This hotel has exceeded our expectations; a truly fantastic resort, majestic with the personal touch.
I can only say, overlook the minor details that the personnel are striving to resolve, meet like-minded travellers, enjoy your stay, and live well on the marvellous, elaborate culinary tastes, and the beautiful paradise that surrounds you. I'm only sorry that I couldn't have stayed longer...and that some of the wonderful people I met weren't living closer to me now!

The Worst Vacation ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
We were devastated by the conditions of the resort! There were a significant number of issues and problems that we encountered including but not limited to safety, ongoing construction, lack of entertainment, lack of professionalism and completely untrained personnel.

•Construction was constantly and continuously being done throughout the hotel during our stay there
•There were no retail stores open at all
•Unable to purchase sunscreen, medical or any other necessities (e.g. a mosquito repellent)
•We had to call housekeeping every day 3-4 times a day to get our room cleaned and towels changed
•The door to the outside patio would not lock and since we were on the first floor anyone could have been coming in and out of our room
•Internet was impossible to use because it was extremely slow
•It was very difficult to communicate, because 1) no one spoke any English, and 2) there was no communication among the workers/staff - they were always doing and saying something different from one another.
•There is no voicemail in the room. So, if you are not in the room and the front desk actually decides to connect our family to our room they are unable to leave us a message. This happened twice.
•One of the concerns was the level of safety and security on the premises: workers placing concrete or installing sheetrock walls in spaces which were allocated for guests. They were doing it right in front of our eyes without any kind of “danger” warning signs. There were plenty of open wires in finished and unfinished rooms that had voltage already connected. A number of guests had little children with them, and this could have turned into a total disaster.
•There was little to no entertainment at the resort; first three days of our “vacation” did not have any shows.


from Simonalex
I did not travel, but my daughter is at the Majestic right now. She called my from her cell phone and gave the room number and hotel phone number (from hotel papers). I tried to call - no connections at all. Should anyone provide the working phone number of the resort?
I would not even tell about the rest of her first (and second) impression - I simply could not reach her.

Awesome Stay at Majestic Colonial

from A TripAdvisor Member
Was at MC from Dec 22nd to Dec 29th, and am coming back with an awesome experience. This place is 5* for sure, and to anybody who's headed for MC don't worry about anything, you will definately have a good time. I went there knowing it's a new resort, and they did have some problems, but you could observe the day to day progress as they removed the kinks one by one.

Best Things:
- food was excellent with a huge selection and different restaurant options, and luxurious service from the staff
- beautiful work on the interior and exterior design in the resort, always had a greate view where-ever you looked
- great entertainment staff, kept us in the caribbean spirit throughout our stay
- great beach

Worst Things:
- reception service
a) could use a few more people. they seemed to be understaffed at the reception specially when a bus arrived from the airport, so several times you'd end up calling the reception and nobody picking up the phone, and thus having to go to the reception for whatever service you wanted
b) could use some sort of ticketing system like siebel or something, so problems or complaints could be followed up. Had a climate control problem in my room. I would inform the reception, they would tell me that they've told the appropriate department, i.e. maintenance or housekeeping - so the issue was passed on. Nothing happens, so I call again, and have to repeat the whole thing all over again.
- they could have used some pesticide treatment both insides the rooms and outside

Here's some more info:

What was already done ( by Dec 29th ) ?
- all 7 restaurants. actually in terms of buildings ( i.e restaurant seating areas ) there are only 4 restaurants. Example the beach hut is actually sold as 3 restaurants. It's got two different kitchens, but a common seating area, i.e the hut. During the lunch-time it's called one restaurant, and for dinner it has two other names - for a steak house and a sea-food place.
- all 8 bars
- pool
- sauna and spa
- as you've must have already seen from the pictures, the resort is shaped in a U. All the rooms on one side of the U were already completed, there was work going on in the other side of the U. But, we never heard any machines running or construction noises, as the leftover work was mostly in the interior such as painting, wiring, lighting, ...
- gym, opened up in the last couple of days of our stay
- disco dance bar
- casino
- theatre, with full entertainment team
- strip mall
- trained staff, did not ever feel that was dealing with new untrained staff

What was not done ?
- rooms were still being worked on, on one side of the U shaped resort
- a lot of last minute room preparation as people were checking in, e.g. final cleanup, or adding furniture ( like a bed ), or appliances such as a TV. But I doubt, that this will still be a problem for people coming in now.
- tennis court, they were on a second coat of paint on our last day at the resort, and soccer field
- children playhouse

Sunwing Bait and switch

from Yongestreet
On December 19th I received an email from Sunwing confirming the Majestic was 100% open to the public. We arrived in Punta Cana on December 25th evening and were on the bus heading to the Majestic when Sunwing announced we were not staying at the Majestic since it was not available. Sunwing was aware of this prior to our plane departing Toronto and chose not to inform any of the passengers. One couple had already received an email from their friends that were at the Majestic so they knew this statement was incorrect. The only option we were given was to stay at a four star or three star resort.

Four days after staying at the other resort the Majestic and Sunwing tried to force all 20 passengers to sign a release not holding Sunwing and the Majestic liable for this change and in return you would recieve 1 week free at the Majestic in low season or upon availability and you would need to pay for your airfare.

I could provide additional details of what occurred over the entire week but it won't be as beneficial to you. My only suggestion would be if you have booked a trip with Sunwing and/or at the Majestic you seriously consider cancelling unless you would like a stressful holiday.

Not 5 Star

from TheExpats
Give this place a wide berth for at least another six months to a year.... It is not ready to offer 5 Star Service.... In fact if you are expecting a large 5 Star might want to go elsewhere... I don't think this place will ever really offer a 5 Star experience...

They have a lot of growing pains and a lot to learn about customer satisfaction. My wife and I spent Dec. 25 to Jan. 01 at the hotel and did not enjoy our stay for one minute. Much of our stay ended up in meetings with the front desk, management, owner and tour operator. None of these meetings were very fruitful..

Yes, there is a beach and yes, they have a pool, but for the amount of money you are going to spend, there are better places to go..They were still building the place when we left..with one wing of the hotel still not finished.

Food quality and service was poor... The Front Desk was almost useless in solving problems.. If you are running into problems ask for the Manager, Jorge Puente Antuna... You can at least talk to compared to the rest of the staff..but don't expect to get much... A small group of us did manage to speak to the the owner of the hotel (you would need Spanish) and he did make some difference to the last couple of days of our holiday..

The bar serves generic "booze", no premium brands and there is only one type of beer.. The wine was/is of poor quality and the champagne was not drinkable. There is no room service...Phones don't work..except to the front desk and they won't talk to you..

The food was not even close to 5 Star...and the quantity & variety was not there.. There are 7 restaurants...two of which are combined and not all the restaurants are open at the same time.. The Japanese/Chinese Restaurant is a joke.. and as the "French Family" we shared a table with one night said when I asked them about the French Restaurant......."It's not French and it's not a Restaurant".... Quality is just not there....

If you want to waste your money go have a peek.. otherwise you can spend your money and have a better holiday with fewer headaches elsewhere...


p.s. Bring your mosquito will need it.. and check out the hotels along the beach... Better value for your money


from BlueSpiritTraveler
Where do I start? First, if you are even considering a vacation here, be warned to go elsewhere. This place is not what your travel agent may tell you. It is not nearly finished and should never have opened to the public - bad management. There are many safety hazards due to the fact that it's still undergoing construction - loose wires, rocks and dirt piles, etc. Aside from that, it lacks many basic services and amenities, much less anything approaching the 5-star quality that it is supposed to be.

We pre-booked and prepaid for everything. When we arrived, they did not have ANY room for us at all. The hotel staff and management did nothing to assist us and were totally unresponsive to our queries or concerns (or offered tips) that we had a 3-year old child, nothing to eat, and nowhere to sleep. We saw and talked to many other people in the lobby who were stuck there for hours with no rooms, either. The resort was literally building the rooms and moving in the furniture as we waited, but even that couldn't make up for all the guests waiting for rooms. We finally had to go to a different resort for that first night, which we ourselves had to arrange since the entire staff was overworked, had many other people yelling at them, and were completely incapable of doing anything to help. Luckily we were able to find another resort with a room available for one night. The next day we finally got a room back at Majestic Colonial. Too bad.

Totally sub-par. NOT 5-star. Mostly buffet. House wine AWFUL. Even the choice of menu wines that you have to pay for were bad - nothing for a serious (or even casual) wine-drinker to enjoy. Bar service was chaotic at best. The entire staff is so obviously untrained - they literally walk back and forth doing nothing with dazed looks on their faces; if what you ask of them is too much (like ordering a drink), sometimes they will outright ignore you and walk away. Finally we found one server who was decent and just tried to seek her out whenever we wanted something. The a la carte restaraunts were okay, but not great. There are times of the day when there is no food available, which is unfortunate if you don't like to rush or have a timetable to adhere to, or if you have a child who naps through meal times and then is hungry when nothing is available. We were told there would be snacks, but these turned out to be only hotdogs and hamburgers at the beach bar - not the healthiest choice.

The room we had was actually nice - poolside with private jacuzzi, which we used every day. The all marble showers and floors were beautiful but treacherously slippery. The room had a few issues - looked like it was rushed through, and there were a few holes and missed seals in the walls and corners and ceiling; I suppose that's how mosquitos constantly entered the room. Also, there were very loud crickets somewhere in the room that chirped constantly all night (no exaggeration), which got a bit annoying. No facecloths, no tissues, no garbage can, no mini bar (unless you consider a small fridge of bottled water and sodas), no snacks, no shower soap, only tiny circles of hand soap.

The grounds were very nice, but the landscaping needs filling in (the least of your worries, believe me). The paths are downright dumb - some lead nowhere, and you see guests cutting across grass and low shrubs to conveniently get to where they are going. Also, lighting is lacking in many places, making it a bit dangerous in places (like the bridges that cross the pool) at nighttime.

The pool is the one thing that was gorgeous - a very long, huge, freeform pool. It seemed clean enough and we enjoyed that. We were a bit worried about a few troublesome filter areas that looked potentially dangerous to children, but we just stayed away from those. The bar by the pool is a bit annoying, as there was always some 'activity' staff trying to get tourists to do things - play volleyball, limbo, dance, or do other strange tourist trap type activities, and very loud ones.

Spa, although open, is not quite ready, either. I had two appointments, which were botched (overbooked). The massage I got was basic, and the girl was so sick she had to leave the room twice to deal with her coughing fits. The showers, steam room and sauna were nice, but again, not quite ready yet.

Beach is pretty - soft sand, clean water; saw some reef area and lots of fish (surprising). But near the resort there are a lot of construction rocks that were just thrown there and are now mixed with the sand, and also lots of broken glass. The beach chairs are comfortable but not enough of them for all the guests. There are catamarans and banana boats and donuts (?) and speed boats and kayaks available. We didn't do any of that, but people who did looked like they were having fun. One thing that was annoying were the many helicopters that constantly flew over the resort and buzzed quite close to the water and swimmers a few times - I think they are tourists on pleasure rides. We walked down the beach to see some of the other resorts. All the same, more or less. Lots of people, crowded bars, crowded pools.

The entire Punta Cana strip is basically row after row of all-inclusive mega resorts that cater to those who enjoy non-stop drinking and loud music. If that is your taste, you will like it here. If you prefer a quiet, relaxing vacation, you would be well-advised to consider somewhere else altogether. If you DO go to Punta Cana, stay away from Majestic Colonial for at least another year - it is simply not ready and not worth the headaches of everything that it is struggling with - no matter what discount your travel agent offers. If you're looking for 5-star, or any quality vacation, this is not it.

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  • Address: Playa Bavaro - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic
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