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Club Med Punta Cana Hotel

Provincio la Altagracia - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | 809-687-2606
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A nice relaxing vacation

from Delandry
We traveled to the Club Med Punta Cana for 10 days from February 23rd to March 3rd. What we found was a nice relaxing place for a family. If you don't have any kids....don't go, you won't enjoy it! The food was OK, but got repetitive after the first week...and none of us were starving! The water on the tables in the restaurants is completely safe. I was 6 months pregnant and I drank it everyday and I (nor my family) never had a problem. We didn't drink the water in the room, we just made sure we had the refrigerator stocked with bottled water from the bar. The location in respect to the airport is great after a long flight, only 5 minutes. We traveled with a 3 year old and enrolled her in the "Petite Club", but after 2 days she complained about going. I think the teachers (Nelson and Teresa just to mention a few) are very caring, nice, and really work hard to see that the kids have fun (even talk with the kids outside of the club). I just don't think all the kids can adjust so fast to being in a strange place, with strange kids, and a new language, not to mention that they too, want to be on vacation with Mom and Dad! I think it is probably an excellent program for the older kids, but all the 2's and 3's don't seem to enjoy it. In addition, since there is so much crying going on, there was pink eye infection all over the club! The rooms were fine, we didn't spend much time there anyway. It was nice to have a suite with a door to the bedroom so that our daughter could sleep while we sat in the other room. They were a bit small, but again, we were not there much, so it didn't matter. The staff seemed pretty accommodating and all are very nice. The resort is pretty spread out, but I requested a close room in advance via fax the day before I left. I was granted a room that was only a 2 minute walk to the pool, front desk, mini club, and one of the restaurants. In addition, they gave us ocean option we didn't even pay for! Since two of us (adult and child) ended up with Pink Eye and Tonsillitis we were "fortunate" enough to check out the medical facility. The people/doctors there were fantastic!! They identified the problems and prescribed the necessary medication to make the down time less than a day!! The visitors the first week we were there seemed mostly Canadian. What a blast we had!! They are fun, polite, and easy to talk to. We left making a lot of friends there. The last few days, after the Canadians left, we were "stuck" with more of a French crowd.
This is where I wish I only made the trip for a week! I hate to stereotype a nation as a whole, but the majority (if not all I encountered), were rude, pushy, snobby, the whole bit (even the kids)!
You might be waiting for a drink or standing in line at the buffet and they would just cut right in as if the "Silly American/Canadian" was invisible! One person I met even stated that one "stole" her special order omelet. The staff, even though they can't say much, all seem to agree with the difficulty to please them! There were some topless sunbathers...I didn't care too much...there wasn't actually much to look at. I personally wouldn't take off my shirt if I had what they offered. My 3 year old didn't even notice, my husband...pretty disappointed as well. The pool and the beach were fantastic. Very warm water in both, especially the first week when the weather was 88 and sunny every day! (and very safe for all ages) There always seemed to be enough beach chairs, especially if you want to sit in the sun. Some of the activities were goofy, but fun. The cost was the most affordable for a family with what it offered in my opinion. All in all, I would recommend the resort for a family. If you can work it out to go with another family with kids the same age, that may even be better for enrolling the kids in the club (some common ground for them). I would, however, suggest you find out when the majority of the Canadian people go on break. That would make your stay even more enjoyable..... that is, of course, if you are not the rude, snobby type!

A Relaxing Escape.

from exec1107
This review will mean more to those who have stayed at any Club Med before coming to Punta Cana. You already know a lot of what to expect from Club Med -- average accommodations, average food, an affordable price, and lots of activities. For those who have not been to Club Med, I will say this -- if you are a high maintenence vacationer (ie., you need everything just so), go elsewhere. This is a resort where all the basics are handled adequately, and how much fun you have is largely up to you. I went with my family (wife and 3 year old) in the first week of March. The very good things are: a beautiful beach with many palm trees and safe swimming area, a very large and clean pool with depths ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet. Great for kids of any age. Multiple activities throughout the day. Generally friendly guests. Clean but simply furnished rooms. The so-so things are: average food quality, hard white resin beach recliners, silly & sloppy evening shows, weak petit club (for 2 & 3 year olds). After 2 days in the petit club we took our son out because we missed him, and he did not like the petit club very much. The first thing he said on the morning of the 3rd day was "It's not my school day today!" The facility is safe, but quite basic. The child's activities change each 30 minutes. There are English-speaking and French-speaking groups of children and the staff can speak each fluently. As for the topless bathers -- grow up. The French culture allows it, and you cannot travel and expect that everything in the foreign country will be like it is in the home country. Why would you want to leave home if only to find everything is the same? Keep the price in mind. Three of us went for $4,100. The quote I rec'd for Sandal's "Beaches" in Provo was $2,000 more. Enjoy.

The ultimate family vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
Club Med Punta Cana is the ultimate family vacation. May husband and I and our three children, ages 8, 5, and 2 spent 9 days (Jan 27-Feb 4) at Club Med Punta Cana and found little to complain about. The only downsides were 1. The incredible size of the property would be a problem if you had young children and were in a particularly remote building. 2. The food was a bit repetative if you were there for a long period of time, and many people we met were there for more than a week, particularly those coming from Europe. 3. A couple of times at meals we were seated with people who only spoke French, and we only speak English, making communication difficult! That only happened a couple of times in our nine day stay, and usually the hostess asked us before seating us which language we spoke in an attempt to avoid that situation! 4. My husband's biggest complaint was there wasn't nighttime babysitting available in the rooms. For a fee, you could leave them until 1am in the Kids Club facility, but that means having to carry sleeping kids back to your room or waking them up. Both bad choices. In the end, most nights, my husband stayed in the room with the kids while I enjoyed the shows and the nightlife, because I like silly shows, and he wasn't as interested. Hopefully next year we can convince my mother to join us since she would be happy to stay with the kids, and let us go out together.

The positives far outweighed the negatives and include the children's programs where all of our kids had their own clubs with scores of capable GOs meeting their every need and providing endleess activities including: circus school, archery, soccer, rollerblading, swimming, beach volleyball, treasure hunts, sandcastle building contests, tennis, basketball, show productions, magic shows, hip hop, kayaking, sailing and much more. They also took them for meals and snacks throughout the day so Mom and Dad could have that time to ourselves. Pure heaven. Even our little one was taken care of from 9am until just before dinner and then again after dinner until 9pm. By the end of the trip he had had enough of being left, but everyone else was enjoying the time!

The beach and pool were both huge and gorgeous and the chairs were plentiful. If you didn't want to be around the many children at the pool, just head to the deep end.

To avoid the many kids at meals, I found that could be accomplished by coming to the tail end of meals. By then most of the kids had been fed and were at their clubs or were with their parents doing whatever the activity of the moment was. there were also fewer kids at Kispanola than at Semana Restaurant, especially since the kids clubs fed the kids at Semana.

The food was plentiful and buffet style at both restaurants. The fruit, vegetable, salad, cheese and bread selection were awesome at every meal although the hot, main courses were hit or miss. If you are looking for five star, gourmet food you will be disappointed. If good, and plentiful, if a bit repetative will keep you happy then Club Med is right on target! The fruit tarts at lunch were my personal favortie dessert and the kids liked the soft serve ice cream!

The activity list was, windsurfing, sailing, sand villeyball, fitness classes, rollerblading, archery, trapeze, basketball, snorkeling, swimming, ping pong, massage, silly shows, etc.
With all that was available, my husband and I each found our one favorite activity and did that one thing all week long. I lived on the trapeze and he was playing sand volleyball. The evenings were filled with silly shows followed by fun at the bars and beach disco where you could party with the GMs (guests) and GOs (staff).

In the end, if you are not traveling with your kids or family members with kids, Punta Cana is probably is not the right Club Med village for you. It is truly designed for families and there are many children, so be prepared for that. Most of the people who I've talked to with complaints about the kids were those traveling without kids. My suggestion...choose a village for 18 and up. For families...go to Punta Cana and enjoy!

Great Family Vacation Resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you are reading this review, you have probably gone to multiple sites trying to discern if this is a good resort to go to. And you are probably confused at how some can absolutely rave about it and others can't say a nice thing about it. I have decided that, in this case anyway, that you must take any complaints about this resort with a grain of salt. This is a truly wonderful resort. We have been to many southern destinations and three other all-inclusive resorts. They have all been nice, but this is by far our favourite. If you don't have a great vacation here, it is your own fault. If you don't like to experience other cultures, then don't go here. If you don't want to experiment with other languages, then don't go here. If you feel that all the food has to be the same as your native country and people all have to act like those in your own culture, then don't go here. If you resent having to walk maybe 10 minutes along a lovely pathway, lined with beautifully manicured gardens to get to the restaurants or your room, then don't go here. If you don't like children or are prone to criticizing how other people raise their children, then don't go here.
If you expect Las Vegas style shows, then don't go here. We met people who resented sitting with people they didn't know or who didn't speak their language. We embraced it. We met families from the States, Europe and Canada, GO's from Brazil, Peru, and other parts of the world. We dined with a woman travelling from Germany - together we struggled to understand each other, but it was wonderful getting to know her. The food buffet had something for everyone -and if you don't like seafood, don't worry. There are so many other choices. The food was tasty and completely acceptable. All the GO's were wonderful people. They ALWAYS said hi to you when you passed them and they ALWAYS tried to communicate. To the reviewers who complained they didn't speak english - STAY HOME. If you try, then they will try. If you are arrogant, then I don't blame the GO's for pretending they don't understand you. Why not broaden your horizons and try to expand your knowledge. It's fun.
The Chef of the village - Phillippe - said it so well. He would love to invite politicians from around the world to come to his village so they can see that people of different religions and languages can all live harmoniously. This is truly a harmonious village. The children's activities are too numerous to mention. Our children, in the 14 to 17 age group sometimes participated in the organized activities, and sometimes did their own thing. The teen group GO (Terry) was very easy going and the kids all enjoyed him. There were only a total of 30 14-17 year olds at the resort last week, but this week there are over 100 - so each week is different. There were not many 16 or 17 year olds when we were there, but our daughter and her friend didn't seem to care.
They participated in the water polo, the water aerobics and sunning on the beach. Our 13 year old son participated in the 14--17 club for the first day and a half and made many friends. They all hung around with each other (most of them between 13-14) all week - eating dinner with Terry most nights, rollerblading, archery, water games or simply doing their own thing. Boredom is not an option at this resort. There is no pressure to participate in anything, but you are always welcomed when you do. The shows are fun. Especially when you get to know the GO's who are in them from night to night. These are not professional shows, but we always enjoyed them. They have so much fun on stage, it is hard not to enjoy yourself too. The two GO's who do the trapeze in the theatre are amazing. The accomodations are very comfortable. The hot water issue in one review I read must have been an unfortunate problem that week. I heard no one complaing about hot water. We certainly had an abundance of it. If you want a luxurious room, stay at the Hilton.
These rooms are clean, but fairly basic. But who goes to a southern resort to stay in their room all day? We left a tip on the pillow each morning for the lady cleaning our room. You are not expected to, but it is a nice gesture. The walk to the low rise accomodation buildings throughout the resort is pretty and quite relaxing. After eating all that food in the buffet each day, the walk was actually quite welcome.
Apparently, walking is also good for your heart!! There is plenty of security all along the pathways - so walking home at 1:00 in the morning even felt safe. If you are part of a package, your ground transfers should be included. Our Air Canada package did not include the tourist card, so on arrival, we had to purchase 5 cards at $10 US a piece. However, our departure tax ($20 US per person) was covered by Club Med. I think each travel package is different. We met others from other resorts who had their tourist cards, but had to pay the departure taxes. Air Transat also went to Club Med from Canada. I know their tourist cards were included, but don't know if their departure tax was.
Also, if you are not part of a package, you are expected to pay for your lunch if you arrive before the lunch buffet closes. This happened to the man ahead of us in line. He complained loudly and I could see his blood pressure shooting through the roof. The 'vacation don't worry be happy solution'? Don't buy the lunch. Go check into your room instead and wait until 2:30 or 3:00 to get your wrist bands. This actually happened to us - while we were part of a package, the GO who checked us in (he had only been there a week) made a mistake and told us we had to pay for our lunch. We decided to wait until after we settled into our room to get our wrist bands. I can assure you, we didn't starve (of if we did, we made up for it the rest of the week).
The few drinks we may have missed were not worth ruining our vacation over. Mistakes happen. All in all, you cannot go wrong with this very well run resort. The beach is one of the most beautiful we have seen and very private - not a busy hotel strip. Lovely sand and lots of palm trees for shade. This was our first Club Med, and we met many people who have been here many times or to other Club Meds in other parts of the world. We would certainly go to Club Med again. Pick this resort and enjoy yourself.

s a great choice

from fiveinthefamily
This is our second Club Med vacation. It is a great week away with the kids. Punta Cana offers a great kids club (that costs no extra $ - the review before mine is wrong), good food, nice rooms and a beautiful resort with friendly GO's that understand English very well. Yes, there is lots of French spoken, but no problems with communication. It was fun sharing a table with people from all over the place. Our room had a very comfortable bed and lots of hot water. The beach had some seaweed and the snorkelling was just OK. There are no adjoining rooms in Punta Cana, so our family of five was split up with us in one room and the kids in the one next to us. This worked out well as our kids are 7, 8 and 9. Families with younger kids may want to try Club Med Ixtapa - their rooms connect. The five minute trip from the airport to the resort was easy to take after a 7 1/2 flight. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend it highly!

Parents must read this before booking

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have been travelling internationally extensively for over 27 years of my 34 on this earth and have visited the Caribbean over 14 times, that's my experience. I need to begin by saying that this is NOT a 4-5 star resort. I imagine that anyone who rates it as such has not stayed in a 4+ star resort, sorry. It is a 2.5 AT BEST. In the interest of being fair, I will list the good aspects first, but don't stop there, please read on, you won't beleive what you hear. THE GOOD:1. The pool is massive and has a nice shallow end for the kids. 2. The Beach is nice, and not too wavy. 3. Beach and Pool chairs were not hard to come by.4. The drinks were easy to come by and made with better than average alcohol. Only one beer available, Presidente, not bad.5. Our ocean-view room had a really nice view, although this is highly variable depending on the building you are located in (we were in Cancun building) 6. No mosquitos. THE BAD:1. PARENTS BEWARE---The kids club was totally unacceptable. Our boys, aged 3+ and 2+, were reluctant at first, but went along with the program. We arrived at 9:00 sharp with high hopes for the kids having fun with the others. All of the other parents basically pushed the kids in the door and turned tail out of there, I guess to minimize the remorse. I quickly profiled the "G.O.s" in the club and decided to stay in the background, outside the club, out of sight, for a while. After approximately 5 minutes our 2 year old came wandering out of the activity room in to the common area and then out the front door into the resort, free. From here he could have wandered anywhere, rocky ocean coast, pool, anywhere. I picked him up and returned him to the club to question the G.O. as to why he was unattended and allowed to wander off. The response in Franglish, was "dey all cry duh furst day", WHAT?!?! While I was questioning the lady in charge, Theresa, another "G.O." was manhandling a 2-3 year old crying child with moderate roughness, taking hold of him with force and throwing him up over her shoulder, pulling down his shorts. My 3 year old, who is a very reasonable kid and very articulate, said that the ladies had been mean to him. That was the last of the kids club for us. Really, if I wouldn't leave my kids with strangers in the US why would I leave them with foreigners in a foreign country? Shame on me for even trying this. Over the next three days, whenever we passed, there was loud screaming and crying eminating from the kids club. It seemed that the older kids (6+) were having fun, but the little ones were in hell. 2. Cockroaches the size of my thumb in the bathroom and in the closet. 3. The bathroom was horribly filthy, moldy, smelly. 4. The other guests were primarily French and New Jorkers. Previously, I would have considered myself a fan of the French, no more. They are just plain rude and pushy. Not appealing to a midwestern boy. The New Jorkers would literally push you out of the way to get to the blintzes and bagels. Downright nasty, rude, inconsiderate, loud, obnoxious, foul mouthed New Jorkers were everywhere. 5. The restaurants. First of all, you are forced to sit with whomever the G.O.s choose to seat you. Usually a French family. This would be fine, if they had any interest in talking to you but they generally just looked at us with their usual disdain for the Americans. I formerly defended the French, despite their terrible reputation in the US, but now I see why I was wrong.6. The Food. Massive quantities of slop. Seriously, Tang is not Orange juice. Instead of wine and beer at breakfast, real Orange juice would be nice.7. The Room. VERY VERY SMALL. Every piece of furniture had a sharp edge. The door could not be secured to keep the little ones from opening the door. The "fridge" was warmer than the room. Foul Odor. The TV got an italian, french, and spanish channel. One night I did get a Hockey game on ESPN, but then it was gone. 8. The Resort. Everything is a LONG walk. No matter where you are housed. A stroller is a must. Couples without kids/empty nesters this would be hell for you, screaming kids everywhere.9. The Management. I attempted to meet with the Manager, Phillipe, but twice to address concerns regarding the kids club, I was turned away as "Mr. Phillipe is too bizy rot no".IF YOU HAVE BOOKED THIS DUMP, TRY TO CANCEL. DO NOT BOOK THIS RESORT, IT IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. SPEND A LITTLE MORE MONEY AND GO TO A MORE AMERICANIZED RESORT IN A NICER LOCATION. ---


from Skyview851
My husband & I just returned from a weekend at Club Med Punta Cana. It was our first Club Med experience.Pros: The weather was wonderful, the beach excellent. Water in the Carribean in Jan is not warm, but it is ok, once you get used to it. The bread in the restaurants was excellent, you have to try the chocolate bread!Neutrals: The food was tolerable. I do not eat seafood, and that is a big problem at Club med. They even put tuna on their pizzas! Yes, they always had beef or chicken, but it was not what you would find in an average american restaurant. There was an abundance of fruit at every meal, which I ate & had no problem with. I also drank a lot of sodas with ice from the bars and had no problem with the water. We did not take our teenagers with us, but they would have been unhappy with the menus. The hotdogs & hamburgers that they offer would not have been eaten by my kids-I tried the hotdog, and I wouldn't eat it either.Rooms were adequate, not luxurious, but very clean with lots of closet space. They have a small refrigerator that doesn't cool very well and 2 small safes, neither of which would lock properly. Negatives: If you don't speak french, don't expect to make a lot of new friends, don't expect to be seated with english speaking guests at dinner. My guess is that 90% of guests were french. With this comes topless sunbathing & thong bikinis; If this bothers you, you might consider another resort. Kids: Looks like a great kids club for those parents that wanted to spend the $ to enroll their children. Most children were in the infant to 6yr age group. That means at every meal there were screaming children, crying babies, and parents who have never heard of disciplining their children. While at the pool, there were a number of toddlers around the deep end of the pool with no adult close by. At the beach, there were unsupervised children galore, and I wonder why children don't end up getting hurt, since their parents don't seem to watch them very well. Dress ran the gamut from semi formal to ultra casual at all meals, but casual was the norm.Hints: If you want to spend time in the sun, wear your swimsuit to breakfast with a cover-up, and on your way to the restaurant, deposit your sunglasses, towels, books etc in a lounge chair. If you eat first, then go back to your room to change, there will not be any chairs left. On the beach, avoid the white plastic chairs, they are not as comfortable as the blue.You are expected to check out by 11, but club med provides wonderful changing rooms with lockers, showers, towels etc., so you can check out, put your carryon in the locker & then go to the beach until your afternoon departure. Don't depend on the airport transfers being included, even though it says so in your papers from your travel agent. We waited an hour at the airport trying to get transportation to the resort, and on the way home, had to pay for a taxi, since suddenly, there were no english speaking GO's around. Taxi is $10 each way to the airport, so plan ahead! It was an enjoyable getaway, but I would have to say that I would certainly book a 7 day carribean cruise before I would spend a week at this resort.

Strengths and weaknesses

from Ethan045
Our stay was average given the price. The strengths were the beach, the weather, and the kid-friendly environment. I can't overemphasize the later point. For smaller kids the place definitely works: shows, tons of junk food, and plenty of space to run around.

Unfortunately there were some serious negatives starting with the rooms. Our toilet was constantly in need of repair. and we had no hot water the entire week we were there. Our last day, the water was luke warm and we practically celebrated. What was most annoying about the hot water problem was the general indifference expressed by the reception and management. After mentioning the problem our first day, the response was to "just let the water run for awhile." We got a similar response the second day. We let the water run for an hour and ended up finding a shower at a friend's place. Nightmare.

Also, since a previous message brought up tennis, I thought I mention that the GOs are helpful but they're a lot more helpful if you pay and take a private lesson. If you're an average player the GO's organize tournaments which allow you to meet other players. However, if you're a strong player, you'll need to pay $40 a hour to hit with the pro. I suppose it's natural to want get paid additional amounts. But I found it annoying that there were many times when GOs just hung out and would only set up a time to hit if you paid them.

The Ultimate Family Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
The only place to begin this review is to say that this is the ultimate family vacation resort. We were in Club Med, Punta Cana for 5 days, and every day was great. Our kids, 10 and 6, had the times of their lives in the Mini Club Med. The activities are non-stop, and our oldest could not get enough of Circus Club. For grown-ups and kids, the activities are endless. My wife and I did the standard tennis lessons each day, and played in the late afternoon social tournements a few days. Great fun. If you want to go nuts with tennis, go the ATP route. The tennis GO's were great.

The food is buffet style for every meal. This does get a little tedious after 5 days, but the food is very good with lots of variety. There is enough standard "american" stuff for even the pickiest of eaters. The tables are large, so at every meal, the dining staff seats you with other people, and often one or two GO's come and join as well. We had a great time meeting people from around the world. If putting up with a buffet for 5 days or more is the price to pay for being at Club Med, Punta Cana, it is a bargain.

The rooms are nice and roomy, for a hotel, with termostats that work and cable TV for when the kids are winding down. Housekeeping did a great job every day.

The bartenders are efficient, just don't expect snappy service. You may have to wait 1 or 2 minutes if the bar is crowded. If you are in a hurry, you are in the wrong place anyway. You can always get bottled water or a drink at any time of the day with few hassles.

The airport is only a 5 or 10 minute ride from the property. Be prepared to pay $10 per person to enter the country. This was without question the best family vacation we have taken. We all truely hated to leave. It is not the Ritz, but if you want a great tropical getaway, where you are not on a beach full of hotels for as far as you can see, but you want to feel the remote flavor of the islands in a great and beautiful setting, this Club Med is where you want to stay. The property is beautiful, all of the activities are great, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, beach vollyball, nightly shows, circus camp, swimming, windsurfing and fitness. The GO's are fantastic and really try to get to know you if you are so inclined. Or you can sit by the pool or the beach, do nothing and have a great time. By the way, the resort was completely full, and at any time of the day, you could get a lounge chair at either the pool or the beach! No getting upp at 6:00 am to "claim" a chair.

Oh, yes, the french. Some were reserved, but for the most part, they were great. The last few days a large group from New York came in, and my only comment is that they should stay in New York. When young kids tell the bartender to hurry their Shirley Temple because they are in a hurry, you don't understand the islands. Also, it is flat out rude. The french were reserved, some didn't speak much english, but the New Yorkers were obnoxious.

Great time at Club Med Punta Cana

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family and I just returned from Club Med Punta Cana and we had a wonderful time (10/12 - 10/19). In all there were seven of us traveling together, including a four year old and two one year olds. The four year old chose not to attend the mini club due, in large part, to the fact that there seemed to be very little English spoken - the predominent language seemed to be French. The pool was really what made the vacation great. It has a large shallow end that's approximately knee deep and was perfect for the kids. The direct flight made traveling simple although there was confusion on the way home because the flight time was changed to two hours earlier without any notice to the travelers. All in all, the food was great, the weather was wonderful (hot and sunny each day even though weather channels had indicated rain), and the beach was beautiful. The resort has a very friendly and safe feeling to it. I would definitely return to Club Med whether to Punta Cana or another village.

Top Local Tips for Punta Cana

Trip from airport to Club Med The resort is very close to the airport. We paid $10 for two - it's about a 5 minute drive.

Sunscreen Bring lots!!

The airport is very busy plan for extra time at the airport...


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  • Address: Provincio la Altagracia - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic
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