Bavaro Resort Hotel

, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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Bavaro Resort Hotel

, Punta Cana
Playas de Bavaro - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic 809-221-2311
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Hated it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This resort (if you can call it that) was horrible. Upon arrival only two clerks were checking in a swarm of new arrivals. The line was unbearable. Next our rooms, smelled of mold and mildew and every night we spend some time killing all the bugs before we went to sleep. Spiders crawled on the ceilings, waterbugs guarded the bathroom, and the area on top of our bed was swarming with tiny ants. The TV had no remote and barely worked (unless you like snow and a rolling picture on your screen). And you can forget about simple luxuries such as robes, an iron or clean sheets. The beach towels bled their color onto our clothing once wet (they were NAVY). The food was barely edible (we lived on doritos and cheetos from the gift shop). At the spa (nothing to brag about) we were asked to share a towel! And last but not least, the staff was poorly trained, rude and very unaccomodating. Upon speaking to others vacationers there, I got the exact same feedback, proving once and for all, the feeling was mutal all around, made even more obvious by upset guests. On a positive note, the pool and beach were beautiful, but if that's what you're looking for you can find it somewhere where you can be pampered as well. This was not a 5 star resort.

excellent !!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have never stayed in a better hotel. Their animation staff does such an excellent job. Alfredo rocks on !!!

The vacation from Hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
Look, I don't want to seem like all we did was complain to these people, but that was just about the only thing my child, my wife and me could do about his hotels behavoir. We strongly do not recomend this hotel to anyone! We arrived around 6 p.m. at the hotel and arrived at our room at 6:30 p.m. to find people still there, not fully packed, and the room was a mess. The hotel was making extra money by allowing guests to stay later for a price, even though we were due in at about 4:30- 5:00. We called to the front desk for a maid three times, before one came. We were upset because we were tired, hot, and hungry and it looked like we couldnt relax or have a clean room for awhile.We went to the front desk and told them that one woman wouldnt be able to clean, since it was so filthy and asked if they had another room available. The assistant manager said I was arguing with him, when there was no argument, just a complaint about service. Another worker behind the desk offered us another room. We said we will eat first and then look at the room, and leave our luggage in the first room. The asst. manager said he understood and would do that. The restaurant and front desk are 25 feet away from each other. When we came back our luggage was at the front desk. The asst. manager said, Oh, so you are going to another hotel? He was being arrogant. I reminded him of our conversation. He laughed. We went to see the other room. There in the bathtub we found a huge dead roach. I told the bell boy to get the roach. I left the bathroom, he went in. My daughter went to see the roach and saw him put it in his pocket. He came out and said there was no roach. We were so tired we stayed in that room with the musty smell and noisey air conditioner ``` at this supposedly five star hotel. We had something stolen from our room, filled out a security report and nothing was evr done about it. In fact they said that we lost our belongings, not that it was stolen out of the room. We spent the whole vacation defending ohe asst. manager said- Why do you expect us to pay for something that you lost. My wife jumped out of her chair and approached the desk. She said our items were in the locked room and where taken. They treated us like we were lying. He said, laughing, If the items were stolen why didnt you call the police. Go ahead call the police. He knew we were leaving shortly. He said why didnt you go to the manager. I said because you told me to fill out a report with security and wait. Also, I was waiting for an important fax to come in, I notified the front desk of the fact, I gave them my name as it appears on the fax and my artistic name. The fax was sitting there for two days. I missed the appointment, and the opportunity.Also, every single day they charged us for the mini bar, we never took anything from the bar, just used it to keep our water cold which was free bottled water from the outside bars . We even told them to lock it, we didnt want it. One worker behind the desk said they do it to everyone just ignore it, they see childrens clothes and shoes they charge candy . They finally wrote off everything but one bottle of Evian. It was stressful to constantly go through one problem after the other and being called a liar. The asst. manager acted like he was doing us a favor by taking off the mini bar bill. They had such a terrible attitude.The transportation from the main house to the rooms, restaurants, shops in the large complex, that looked like golf carts, burned diesel fuel, or at least smelled like it, made us sick every day. Not like in Puerto Rico where they run on electric. They said that all water sports were included but didnt mention they only had 5 boogie boards and you could only have it for an hour and if you didnt return it in time a charge would be billed to your room, also the catamaran had to be back in half an hour. Beer bottles were allowed in the main pool where we swam and we constantly were watching to see if anybody broke any bottles in the pool. . Also there were some people who wereol the mans girlfriend put her breast in his mouth and said he needed to be breast fed not bottle fed. So we reminded them that they were in public, we had an 11 year old daughter there, and there were other children there, and could they go back to the room and continue. All in all it was a terrible experience and we got the feeling they did not like Americans. We have traveled in many countries and have never been treated like this.P.S.: We have read everyone elses comments about this hotel and we don't think that some people should be talking about other people's ordeals like that. These comments are just trying to tell others about their horrible or excellent experience at Barvado Princess.God Bless All

Food poisoning week

from A TripAdvisor Member
We really liked the resort, the way its spread out. It is very romantic at night, with the walks along the path. We ate at the sea food resturant El Pescadores and the next day we were throwing up and having the runs. A week later and we are still having the runs and are sick and tired. I will never go there again and will never take the chance and bring my young kids there. I would not wish my kids or any other kids to get food poisoning. Your trip would be no fun at all.

VIP Package

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am writing this letter to inform you of the Terrible Vacation we just experienced in the BAVARO PRINCESS resort in Punta-Cana Dominican Republic. We were very unfortunate to book a week in the Bavaro Princess resort. We booked the so-called 'VIP Package'. We were told that with the VIP Package we will be getting a Newly Renovated suite, Closest to the Ocean, Bath Robes in the room, Beach Towels in the Room, Mini Bar restocked daily with Premium Drinks, Gourmet Dinner at the Licey Restaurant and so much more. Here is what we got: 1.The room was NOT renovated, it was in a terrible shape, the bed sheets were dirty, and so were the Pillow cases and the closet shelves. My daughter had to lay her own clothes on the pillows to be able to sleep on it and my wife had to lay our own towels on the bed to be able to sleep on it. We had to lay our shopping bags on the closet shelves before we could put our clothes on it. We were bitten in our beds by bugs all night. My bed was broken and was never fixed for the whole week. We had cockroaches in the room. We had bugs all over the bathroom. 2.The room we were given was not close to the Beach it was third row with no sight of the beach at all, let alone 'Closest'! 3.We had to complain for days until they got us the Bathrobes and the Beach Towels in the room. 4.The only drinks they gave us in the mini bar were two bottles of water, two cans of Coke and Two Cans of Seven Up. All the rest of the Drinks were for extra charge including the simple Juice bottles. So much for VIP Premium Drinks! 5. There was never enough pressure in the showers, we had to shower on a drip by drip every evening. 6.We had booked the VIP Package for my whole family, yet when we arrived, they forced us to pay $15.00 US Dollars for my daughter in order to let her eat in the Licey Restaurant. 7.The food in the Restaurant and specifically in the Buffet Restaurant was so dirty that I picked flies from my own food plate at least three times. We could not even touch the deserts in the buffet as we could see with our own eyes flies that are resting in peace in the big plates. 8.Our daughter got sick for a whole day in her stomach from the food and the drinks. She was throwing up and had Diarrhea, so did lots of other kids and adults all around us. 9.The Transportation Buses were in a very deteriorated shape, it was very noisy, it could hardly move and it was polluting the environment all around, let alone that in most cases they were very crowded that we had to wait for a long time to be able to find enough space for the four of us. 10.We were promised with the VIP Package to have reserved spots on the Beach but it did NOT exist. 11.For a whole week, we specifically asked for the Hotel Manager, they refused to let us meet with the Hotel Manager, they even refused to give us his or her name.

The Dominican Republics Resort of the good, the bad and the ugly

from A TripAdvisor Member
Bavaro Princess The Dominican Republics Resort of the good, the bad and the ugly First off, I have reviewed all the comments on the site, and of course vacationed at the Bavaro Princess. And, yes, we have stayed in Puerto Plata as well. So I feel I qualify to add to the comments here.I, including my wife and friends have travelled to many places on vacation and this is the first time that I felt compelled to write about a place that needs these types of reviews. As for the others who have written, I am tempted to comment on all of them, just for the sake of clarification. However, the nice part about this is that everyone is entitled to their opinions, so here is mine. Incidentally, in all of the reviews, no one was 100% satisfied. Would we go back? NO. Would we recommend it? Read on. The Check in was extremely slow. For about 60 people there was 3 staff. One was working, the other was lost walking around behind the counter, the third was talking on the phone and would use any excuse to answer it to avoid finishing the check in of the visitor. As for Check out, be prepared to be charged for things you did not use. You had to argue very hard to get the charges removed. The Grounds Spectacular very beautiful, nicely laid out. The Rooms the fun starts here. Room lay out very nice. Air conditioning seemed to make more noise than the jet engines on our plane. Rooms were musty, regardless as to how high you ran the system. No comfort zone, you either freeze to get out the humidity or you suffered with the mustiness at a lower setting. Thats not all caused by climate. We had no hot water for 3 days, after numerous complaints to the front desk. Water pressure was low, I have seen worse. We woke to a choking smell of sewer, where upon we slept outside on the chairs in bed sheets. Staff told us that at 4:00 am in the morning what do expect us to do for you at this time of the morning? They sent a service person that had to hold his nose while checking out the room. Only after he called them an hour later did they offer to move us. The next night at 6:00 pm they moved us. And, only because we were on the V.I.P package. Do not waste your money on this one. We had our room key, used to keep the air on taken almost everyday by the staff. When approached they denied taking the key. It suddenly appeared from one when I insisted she remain until security arrived. We had a THEFT from our room of our phone card, someone took the numbered code and either sold it or used it on a cell phone(someone in the area) so we were able to find out. For the rest of the week we felt violated. There was evidence of the staff going through our personal belongings. I left things in a certain ways only to find upon my return that they had been disturbed and searched through. We were always requesting towels to shower or wash with. They would take them when cleaning and not return them. As for bugs and lizards we were lucky, only a few biting insects, my wifes legs have numerous bites take spray with you. However, if you were one of the unfortunate ones with a room with mould, this is the place. In these rooms the mould was everywhere, it was ugly, and it was bad. We spoke to 3 different people, we were lucky. The resort did nothing about it no matter how you complained.The Food, for the most part buffet was buffet; it was not the greatest compared to other places we have stayed at. Meat selection was scary, especially since everything was grilled except at the Gaucho restaurant. Choice appeared extensive but as you looked closer it was limited. We are not fussy eaters and accept the local food openly, I ate pasta for 3 nights until our reservations kicked in. As for the Chopin, the entertainment on the water was great, the beef (well put it this way, my sandal could have been more tender). The cook smiled as he attempted to cut a piece for us with his sharp knife, you should of been there to see me attempt cutting it with my table knife. We found the other restaurants on the plus side for the food, when dining out at night. ).The Staff was very friendly and helpful, except for the front desk and especially the girl from hell who booked your restaurants at night. The animation staff were great, Marqurita especially. As for you cheap people out there tipping is expected. Take a look around you on the way to the hotel and you will see the conditions these people go home to. Try living on 350 pesos a month.As for the manager, Jonas R. de Widt, you could tell by his mannerism that he was shell shocked from all the complaints. I am still in communication with him regarding our theft. If you wish to give them a copy of your passport they will give all the help you wish...I ask you! do you feel comfortable giving them your passport to me. When I asked him to accept their own country's visitors card of which we pay for, he was unable to give me an answer as to its acceptance for the resort...scary isn't it. In summary you cannot beat the beaches in Punta Cana; you can however do better than the Bavaro Princess Resort as this is definitely not a 5 star resort. We have and will always go with the flow when we travel, however keep in mind when we do pay for a service we are only asking we get what we pay for, in the Bavaro Princess's case we came up short.

Terrible Service, inconsiderate staff

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you have never been in a 5 star all-inclusive resort before, you may think that there is nothing wrong with this place. However it is the worst place I have been to and I have seen a lot. Although resort grounds are absolutely spectacular, staff is rude and absolutely indifferent to you and you will have to scream and argue to get anything done. Room service is dysfunctional and we got bed sheets changed only once in 7 days. Food is horrible and everyone in our group got sick. Management refuses to do anything to help you and is a cause of all problems. I only described some of my bad experiences in Bavaro Princess and you can contact me to find out more. There much better places to go. Stay away from that place.

We loved this resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I, plus our 5-year-old son, stayed at the Bavaro Princess for two weeks in February. We had a great time. Some of the very negative reviews we saw after making our reservation last November had me overly concerned about the choice we had made but, in hindsight, I'm so happy we did not change our plans. If you arrive looking for a good time at a spacious resort on a beautiful beach, you will not be disappointed; if you arrive looking for everything to be the same as you have at home (food, language, personalities, etc.), perhaps you should be staying at home. The room is exactly what you would expect from a resort like this. The food ranged from okay to excellent, depending on the meal, and we never had a single problem with upset stomach. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Although some of them did struggle with English, they are way better at English than I am at Spanish so who am I to complain? The grounds were unbelievably nice, well-maintained, and huge. If you don't like to walk, this might not be a good resort for you. All in all, we would definitely recommend this resort.

Fantastic holiday

from A TripAdvisor Member
Feb. 21/03 We just got back from our first vacation in twenty five years without our kids and had a ball. We went with two couples and we all loved the resort.The people who gave the resort a bad review need to get a life. Sure the food is a little different (but good) and there is a bit of a language barrier, but give your head a shake, you're in a foreign country. A lot of the staff could speak enough english to communicate and the ones who couldn't tried real hard. We didn't encounter one staff member who wasn't helpfull. We found trying to communicate with the non-english staff to be fun. A tip to anyone that didn't find the staff helpful and pleasant; I discovered years ago that people will treat you the same way that you treat them. The pool and beach were beautiful and the weather was 85-90 degrees. We'd go back in a heartbeat.

Most relaxing vacation yet

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just returned from this resort and had one of the best vacations we've ever had. We travel somewhere south almost every year and would highly recommend this as a destination. We also had the VIP program - always had a restocked fridge, beds turned down every night, cleaned daily and fresh towels. We sat on the beach every day and not once did we have a problem getting a chair - any time of the day. Food wasn't to bad - between all of the restaurants there was always something good to eat. Staff were friendly and helpful - a little bit of a language barrier a couple of times but we at least attempted to learn some of their language, which helps. I would certainly recommend this resort and would even consider returning next year.

Top Local Tips for Punta Cana

LOCK EVERYTHING Keep all your valuables, including medication, in the safe. Prescribed drugs were stollen in room.

Walk along the beach If you walk along the beach, about 30 mins, you'll run into some markets. Either way, there are markets which you can bargan some good souvenirs.

Snorkeling If you are going snorkeling make sure to bring some bananas (preferred) or bread. Drop a little in the water and the fish will surround you! Bavaro Splash was a fun excursion, well worth the $69.


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  • Address: Playas de Bavaro - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic
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