Paradise Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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Paradise Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, Puerto Plata
Playa Dorada - Puerto Plata - 332 - Dominican Republic 809-320-3663
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Reviews - Paradise Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

Good service, staff great, very friendly, rooms clean
Submitted by: kay in 07/07/08
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We first stayed at the paradise beach for 1 week in 2005 and enjoyed it so much that we returned the following year 2006 for 2 weeks. The food was excellent with plenty of choice you could have different menus every night without having to repeat you meals. The rooms were clean and well kept although basic, but hey it's a 3 star what would you expect - some people complain well they should have gone to a 4 or 5 star.
I liked it :)
Submitted by: jojo in 02/05/08
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I loved it. I've been there twice and yes I agree the staff is great. great service and food :) The rooms are basic, but very clean! I would definitely go again.
Great service, staff very nice
Submitted by: ROBERT BARIL in 30/10/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
From 2005 to 2007 it was my third times in Paradise beachresort my wife my two kids and my niece loves Paradise and I am planning to come back next year for easter 2008 this year. I stayed for two weeks.
You Should Go!!! Great
Submitted by: helene in 06/02/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
It makes me mad some people go for a 3 star hotels, but expect for the same price a 5 or 6 stars hotel. We went to paradise beach resort and casino this year 2008. We had the best time. The hotels - yes its old but don't forget it is so clean and the staff is so friendly. Also the food was terrific - what else do you want. For me and my husband it was the first time and we can't wait to go back next year for 3 weeks so don't believe everything you read just try it. Don't forget the most important thing is the way you are treated.
Save your money and go somewhere else!
Submitted by: Aleksandra in 08/01/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type:
Abhorrent! It took over 4 hours to get a room and then it was a tiny room with two single beds pushed together. One of them was so slanted inward that I was afraid it would collapse! When I moved into a second room (after complaining for over an hour and no one assisted!), the ceiling in the bathroom literally caved in on my arm (lucky it was only my arm!) and the water was lukewarm at best... The toilet didn't flush AT ALL! We had to wait an entire day before we were able to move to the third room, which had a slit in the wall for a window, an in-operational TV and a plastic table for a nightstand, oh and no hot water... The room was disgusting, the service was too slow, even for Caribbean-time. The beach was nearby and although the food was repetitive, it was indeed tasty. NEVER AGAIN. I suggest you save your money and go elsewhere, it will be worthwhile.
Rooms and casino
Submitted by: Maria in 23/04/07
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Retired
Arrived Saturday after 3:30pm. Given a room on the third floor, a room on the first floor requested as my mom is 85 and has a knee replacement. Then I was given a room on the second floor, shortly thereafter water began leaking from the top of the bathroom floor and water was in the light receptacle, called front desk and it took over an hour for any one to come
When the workers arrived, I told them to get me a new room for me and my mom, that I would be in the dining room as mom and I had not eaten since breakfast which was around 7:00am our gear was moved to a first floor room by the time we finished supper. The physical plant of this hotel needs to be rehab, the paint is pealing of the doors, the walls look like they have tumours, the plaster is bulging. The casino is a joke. The slot machines are so old they breakdown after playing a few minutes. There is not one modern slot machine in the whole place and the casino very small. The food in dining room was very repetitive. I will say that the staff was very nice especially in the dining room. Also, the housekeeper was very good. I will not be visiting this hotel again.
3rd year in a row, great service & staff
Submitted by: Sheila in 13/09/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Wow, I too was there April 2006 for 2 weeks. I booked today to return again in April 2007, for another 2 weeks. This will be my 3rd year in a row at Paradise Beach Resort. When my husband and I go there, it's to relax and enjoy the beaches and to us it is a tropical paradise. You have to realize before you go there, that it is a poor country, and the people as sweet and friendly as they are, live very simple lives. I have yet to come across a rude dominican. I have noticed that they don't seem to like confrontation. If someone is mad, rude or yelling at them, it's not in their nature to be that way so I don't think they really know how to deal with it. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. No, the rooms aren't the Hilton, but compared to what's in town, I don't mind them at all. So far, the rooms I've had have been spotless. There was once that I had a slow leak in a pipe in the bathroom, I didn't complain because it was small and I only had a week left, but the made came 3 or 4 times a day to wipe up any water that leaked on the floor. After a couple of days she came back with a service man and he fixed it. But I gotta say they don't have the power tools we do. lol No home depot there. We spend most of our time outside anyway. She left us fresh flowers everyday she came. I have never, seen a bat or any bugs. I see little lizards on the trees and sometimes climbing up a pillar. The food was great, a big variety, and I especially enjoy the omlets in the morning. We did have the occasional power outage in the afternoon, but like I said, we spend most of our time outside. At night we watch t.v. but other than that we really didn't use electricity. The people in town don't all have running water or power so I really didn't feel inconvenienced. It's a beautiful place and I can't get that kind of scenery and tranquility where I live. I don't mind a few miner flaws. The staff really do the best they can with what they have. I hope this years trip proves to be as great as the last two. And I sure hope there are more people out there that enjoy it as much as I do.
Would not go back even if FREE
Submitted by: Darlene in 26/05/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever entailed. My husband & I stayed at Paradise Beach & Casino Resort, in Puerto Plato from April 18, 2006 – April 27, 2006.
We have traveled to many different countries and have stayed in as many different kinds of hotels. We have always been opened minded when traveling, because we know not everything can always be perfect when you travel abroad. Therefore, we have always found the positive in every trip to have an enjoyable experience we could cherish for years to come. This time, out of the thousands of destinations available worldwide, we chose an Amshamarina hotel. We would like to have a moment of your time to explain why this was absolutely the worst experience in all our 30 years of traveling out of the country.

When we arrived, April 18 our room was not what we saw when we booked on Expedia. We paid for a Superior Oceanfront with a balcony. We got a tiny room with two twin beds and when you put the luggage in the room there wasn't any space left to walk around. We went back down to the lobby & requested another room. We were willing to pay the additional charge for a “suite” as long as we could have oceanfront. We were told that no rooms were available and to push the beds together & to check back at lobby Wednesday after 1:00 P.M. This was not acceptable. We went & talked to Brodington, and he went to front desk. The only suite available according to front desk was poolside view. We looked at five rooms finally settling for Room 1438 without a balcony. It is now 4:30 P.M. and we are tired & hungry. Okay we compromised on our room but we'll get something to eat and get some sleep so we can start fresh in the morning without being angry or stressed. And guess what? There is NOT one thing to eat on property. Everything is closed until 6:30 P.M. We missed lunch and are too early for supper. We walk to a restaurant outside of our hotel, Hemingway's, and wasted $25.00 for hamburgers even though we are staying at an all-inclusive hotel. We chalk it up as a very long day, come back and go to bed.
Wednesday, April 19, 2006 we call housekeeping and request two additional pillows. We never did get them! Okay so once again we blow that off and go to breakfast. We are relaxed and wide-awake after our cold showers that will not drain down the tub properly. We laugh it off and plan our excursions for the week ahead. Helicopter ride, scuba diving, jeep safari, whitewater rafting, cable cars, Saona Island tour and deep-sea fishing. So off we go… we went on our helicopter ride, took one two-tank dive & went on cable car. We get back from cable car ride and were having hamburgers & hotdogs Friday afternoon when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. We were leaving the restaurant. I was already on outside of the 18” wall that surrounds the food court and my husband, Stewart, was talking to me from within wall coming towards me. As he approached the wall & put his foot on a steel diamond plate. Down in the SEWER he goes. Raw Human Sewage! One leg was still up on top of the ground and the other is scrapped up and bleeding as three pipes drain raw sewage into sewer hole. Four people that work at the resort came over as I got him out of the hole by myself. I asked for medical attention for him. All four people turned and walked away. Again, by myself, I got him to a chair. The dive guy, which by the way is wonderful, went and got him some ice because his knee was swelling quickly. I was shocked! My husband is sitting in a chair with a swollen knee, blood running down other leg, sewage all over leg, sneaker, sock, and not one person from the resort made any attempt to help us or even clean him up. You cannot imagine the pain and embarrassment my husband had to endure while sitting there covered in human waste waiting for help. I run to the front desk & quickly explain that I need medical attention for my husband because he fell in sewer. The only person who showed any interest was an employee named Malda, who I think works in guest services. The first thing out of her mouth is “There is not a sewer hole.” She didn't ask, how are you? She didn't ask, do you need medical attention? She did not offer any assistance whatsoever. Well… we showed her sewer hole and she says, “You are not suppose to walk there.” Now we are really really MAD. We actually screamed at her then. There isn't any signs posted. There aren't any barriers over hole and if the steel diamond plate wasn't rusted in the first place it would not have caved in. My husband is bleeding with HUMAN WASTE all over him and a knee that is swelled and this lady is concerned about who is at fault. Nice guest recovery! I work in hospitality as does my husband. If we ever treated a guest like this, we would lose our jobs on the spot. Safety First! We demanded to see a manager at this point and we were done talking to her. By myself, I help my husband up three flights of stairs to our room with no balcony. Malda calls our room. Again, we want a manager and medical treatment. A local area manager finally comes up. I do not remember is name. After we explained what we have been through so far on our vacation, he is not concerned with anything except getting a doctor to look at my husband & suggests we move to a lower level so he does not have to tackle the stairs. Nothing else was important at that time. We go to the Medical center and Malda goes with us. He is given a shot, pain meds, voltaren ointment and is knee is wrapped. We go back to resort. I leave my husband near the pool & proceed to look at rooms again with Malda. After looking at three rooms, I chose room 1411. She finally apologized for not handling the situation properly. I apologized for yelling at her.
Okay so now we are in a decent room. The drawers will not open because of faulty design but who cares. The water works, the air-conditioning works, and the most important of all we have a balcony. Yeah! It actually looks like the room we paid for when we booked. It is late Friday afternoon. The meds help relieve a lot of pain but to keep swelling down my husband has to stay off it. We hang around hotel room Friday night. We hang around hotel Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is what we experienced:

We find out from the people in the room next us, that room 1411 has been empty all week long. Quite a shocker since we were told by front desk there was not any room available with an oceanfront balcony.

Bats everywhere. Thousands of bats are hanging from the eves on just about every building there. Bats do two things…Eat, and leave excrement running down the side of your buildings. Quite unsettling especially after falling in human waste. Seriously, they must be removed from every building at resort.

Tickets to Michaelengo or Eden's Restaurants? What tickets? We did not get any tickets when we checked in. We got two tickets for towels, paid for a safe and asked for a remote for television. We did not even know about tickets for reservations until another guest told us. What the heck! Maybe we could have had a meal where there were not stray cats & dogs roaming in food area and jumping up on the guest's tables. Maybe we could have had a meal where the black birds did not feed from the buffet pans before restaurant opening.

Timeshare people. Too many of these people are hounding you day after day to purchase a timeshare. When we first arrived a young girl approached us and said, “you remember me? We spoke yesterday. We let her go on with her presentation for a minute, when my husband spoke up and told her that we were not even in the country the day before, and if you have to use deception to sell timeshares, that maybe it would not be a very good idea to purchase one. One of them even told us to sue because he witnessed my husband's fall into the sewer.

Waiter asked for our shoes because the people in Puerto Plata are poor. His name was Felix. I have been a server for 10 years & was appalled at the quality of service that was being rendered. I got my own coffee, my own ashtray, removed my own dishes on occasion, and went to bar to get drinks to go with our meals. Why? We had one server out of 10 days treat us attentatively. I wish I could remember his name but he only works weekends and when I went into my purse for a tip for him, another server came up & asked me if the tip was for him. I told him no it was for the one that got our drinks. Then we saw a stray cat up in the rafters and the activity lady told us it was probably eating the rats! Good God Almighty!

Casino is a joke. After tackling the stairs with my husband's injuries, it's Wednesday night we are going to at least do something. Yeah right! The slot machines are so old that they keep breaking down. An attendant simply walks around one from another unjamming them. My husband asked for a drink a dozen times and to no avail. We could see the waitresses go to the card tables and bring drinks but not to the slots. After about an hour of trying to get a drink, any drink would have done, Water, Coke, anything we left. We actually finally spoke up too. We told them at the door that people would tolerate the broken down crappy slot machines if they could at least get service while playing. Jack Tar is just down the road!

Wow! This really blows! We are actually prisoners at a resort that simply just does not care. No diving, no Saona Island, no jeep safari, no fishing, no disco!!! No vacation. A total waste of time, energy and money! It took me two years to get my husband to go to another destination beside Cozumel, Mexico. We always go for 10 days & go twice a year. I finally got my way. The cost was the only comparison. The type of treatment that we received from this hotel was absolutely horrific for anyone to have to endure. It is really sad too. The country is beautiful! Gorgeous mountainsides, waterfalls (the ones in the pictures) perfect weather and beautiful oceans. All totally missed because of rusty steel diamond plate cover over a sewer. Just does not seem fair to me. Guests at your hotel told us to go to Punta Cana. In hindsight I wish I had of known and we would have went there instead.

In closing, with what I have outlined, which certainly falls far short of your Amhsa Marinas Mission statement on your corporate page, we both agreed that this vacation was a total loss, therefore, . We always use the hotel as a hub for excursions & tours. We don't care to sit around a pool we have our own. We don't care to drink. We are usually avid divers, and love to go on the excursions that are offered at the hotels. What we experienced was Aggravation, Pain and a Lot Of Embarrassment.
What we cared about was taken away, and that was seeing the true Domincan Republic!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Paradise Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

Great winter getaway!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I went to the Paradise Beach Resort from Jan 9-16. We had a really great time! The weather and the whole atmosphere was great! When we booked our package we had the economy room. I was pretty worried about the description - the bathroom being seperate. It is not. The only thing - you get to your door and as soon as you walk in the door you have a spiral staircase and at the top is your bathroom and bedroom. For the amount of time that we were in there it was not worth upgrading. We took the trip for the outdoors and the beach. The food - there was soo much to choose from, being a fussy eater I had no problem. I gained 4lbs the week of the trip!!! The a-la-carte meals were great. Michangelos was great. The service there was amazing.We had met other couples at the hotel, this made it alot more fun because the girls took off to the flea market while the boys went golfing. If you are a golfer - take the clubs because you will want to golf this course. That is the one thing that I wish we did. There is a flea market close by the hotel. If you go to this one you have to see Marco at #9 and tell him that you read about him on the internet. He will give you a great deal. If you don't see something that he has, just ask for it and he will get it from another one and you do get a better deal when you buy more. We had walked the whole beach and checked out the other hotels to see if we should stay at another when we decide to come back. The answer is no. The paradise was the only beach to be constantly cleaning the grass and seaweed that washes up on shore. I will give them great pride for that. In the morning they even raked the sand. We had taken a walk and checked out other hotels. They did not pick up the grass and there is garbage on the beach one of the hotels had a stream running into the ocean, the beach smelled sooo bad there was nobody on it. It is nice to be on a beach that was cleaned constantly and you don't have to step over empty shampoo bottles and other garbage. We walked past the five star hotels and it looked like you could walk a long way out but it was all seaweed. I would never get in that water. Paradise had activities and music on the beach all day so it was never boaring. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying. My boyfriend really enjoyed the disco. There was such a variety of music from hard rock to the sixties to dance, they played everything. There were alot of drinks to choose from. When we got there we made it a mission to go down the bar list at least once We have lots of memories.. pictures by the huge wooden list of drinks successfully completed..I would really recommend the turf trip - it was a fun experience. I can't wait to go back!! email me for more info.

Fantabulous Beach! Crumby Room

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I arrived at the Airport - brace yourself for a dead halt landing! (small air stip) The airport was fast at letting us through, getting our baggage (note if you have a black suit case - so does everyone else) and getting on the tour bus to the resort. The lobby was beautiful - no trouble with checking in - before we knew it we were in our room. EW. The Economy room was small (we expected this) the airconditioner was extremely cold! There was NO water pressure sometimes even no water (during prime hours ie: before dinner). We had to have baths everyday (We hate baths - we are shower people) We had to stand on the bed to look out the window. But - we sort of took the attitude that it is like being at a cottage. The buffet restaurant was great! A different variety of foods every night. The Grille restaurant was fabulous - eat dinner right by the beach. Very quiet and romantic. Sometimes stray cats would come and beg for food while you eat. (Cute) The Italian restaurant 'Michalangeos' was disappointing. They sat us right beside a loud family of five. After we finished our meals a camera crew proceeded to set up extremely bright lighting equipment that shawn directly on our table. They could have waited for us to eat dessert before filming - or whatever they were doing. We were so angry we left. The swim up bar was CLOSED. When I asked why they suddenly couldn't speak english anymore. We never sat by the pool since there wasn't any shade. But ***the beach was fabulous! It was all worth while. Note: They offer day excursions we took a trip to the town of Puerto Plata. Also (the best) we took a split day trip on a Catamaran and then Jeep Safari. The drinks and lunch all included for about $60 US. Also note: There is alot of children. I was more irritated by their screaming mothers than the joyful children squeals. I would recommend this place for families. But for quiet couples like us...pick a couples only resort.

Lousy Rooms-great hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I travel a great deal with my wife, and we have visited many many hotels. This hotel is rated as a 4 star hotel, which is absolutely accurate until you set foot inside one of the rooms. The food is actually quite good for an all-inclusive resort (which is rare). The grounds are meticulously maintained and the activities are also not lacking in any respect. Now, back to the rooms - they are 2 star rooms in a 4 star resort. Even after upgrading to a "Superior" room, as another writer here suggested, the room was extremely disappointing to put it mildly. You would think that a superior room would at least have a dresser to put some clothes away - nothing at all in this area!!! The only thing in the "Superior" room was one double bed (not queen, not king, but double), one night table and two chairs - that's it! I would stay there again, but not if there was a similar price deal at another neighbouring hotel in the area. Unfortunately the room spoils this really good hotel, unless you don't really worry too much about this kind of thing. One last point - if you are going to stay at the Paradise Beach Hotel, you absolutely must not accept the Economy room or Standard room. I would not even rate these as 2 star rooms, nevermind 4 star.

Gotta Go Backitus

from A TripAdvisor Member
I've been to Paradise Beach Club 3 times and every time it gets better. The staff is friendly and kind. They truly make your stay a memorable experience. The food at the specialty restaurants is great and the buffet has a little something for everyone. The beach is great and the pool is oh so much fun! This resort is for those of us who want to have something to do all the time and enjoy a variety of activities. There is action in all areas and at all hours. The club is all that and a bag of chips. The shows are very entertaining and to top it off the AC in the rooms is what makes your stay that much cooooler! Thumbs Up Paradise! You got me on your side and all 18 members of the group I went with as well.

Planning a third.....

from A TripAdvisor Member
Been twice. Lots to do.. great service. Would recommend!

Tropical Delight

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I, had the time of our lives here. Neither of us had ever been out of the country, and we were both a little nervous. But when we arrived, We were pleasantly surprised. The rooms were always clean and neat. The dining was awesome. And the views, and water beautiful. It's a shame so many Americans don't know about this beautiful place. We were the only couple there at the time from this Country. Hopefully with people writing in about their experiences, That will be a thing of the past.

Very Nice!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Nice rooms, good food and a clean environment. I say to those who didn't give thisa positive review, don't be so picky. Anytime we are away from the snow it is a good thing. Eh!!


from A TripAdvisor Member
The Staff was very friendly, food was way better than what we had in Cancun. Before we went, my friends and I read dozens of reviews that only made this resort sound sooooooo fun. Let me tell you, if you want to relax, see DOZENS of little kids with very little night life, then thats the place for you! The club at this resort was said to be the best, however I wouldn't know cause it was closed the entire time. so we were at Tops disco almost every night...can't tell you how many times I heard Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave" being played. I went up to the DJ booth to see him spining from 2 CD's!
I must say though that the scenery was beautiful, and the staff was amazing. The resort was very small...but we lucked out and got a duplex room at no charge. The other rooms we saw were very cramped. Honestly, I had a good time. If it wasn't for the friends we made with the only other 2 groups of people our age there, also from Canada, the trip would have sucked big time! Oh and the Casino was a total rip off...I can't tell you that I met anyone that won.

Don't know why people keep going back!

If you decide to go... you'll come back totally relaxed!


from f00dy
DO NOT STAY HERE It was empty. The staff are rude and disrespectful. We moved after one night to another property. The pool was under construction but did not look as if anyone had recently been working on it. My husband caught the dealer at the progressive roulette table counting numbers for the house. The staff likes to stare at breasts and behinds and all looked and acted like a bunch of shady misfits. Oh, I forgot the ever present sewerage oder-lovely. I'm not even going to comment on the food. The beach is the size of a postage stamp. It says, "you are now entering paradise" painted directly above five sewer pipes draining directly into the ocean. The whole thing was a sick joke. Sorry, I forgot the mention the fleas. The hotel seems to know about the problem and cortisone cream is sold in one of their shops for about $18.00 US.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Hello to all!
Well, if you havent yet been at the paradise havent experienced life!!! If you are a must try Puerto Plata and most of all...THE PARADISE!!!! Welcome to heaven!!!! Well, where to start! Well, lets start at the begining...You walk in the marvelous lobby and you are well greeted by the front desk...Please make sure you say hello to Cesar..the cutest clerk you will ever see and a great help might I say!!! Once you have checked in...your luggage are brought to your room...suggestion is to tip your bell hop, but if you dont...they wont fuss over you...if you have Luciano as a bell will gladly want to tip him, he is a great help as well!!! So what is next....The get to pick what you want at the dont like? No problem!!! Just ask the cook to make you something...he will gladly do it...You must eat at the Italian a-la-carte restaurant called Michaelangelo's MUST try the Rock-Tale lobster... its exquisit!!! Youre taste buds are guarrantedd to have a feast in your mouth!!! If you are not too keen on italian food(you are definetly crazy..but hey!) you also have choices of buffet (try to get served by Miguel....he is a real charmer)and a wonderful grill (you must eat there at night while watching the wonderful sunset...this restaurant is on the beach!!!) where to go next ....oh yeah.. Let's drink!!!! you must have is the best... Brugal is his name and kicker is his game!!!! you must pay a visit to Hugo, the beach bar-tender....always smiling and ready to serve you...better yet... have a drink at the Sinner's bar where you will be charmed by Alan's wonderful voice!!!!! Not to mention...ask him to spin 2 beers and not drop a single drop of beer on the floor...well, wel, well, after all that drinking...which is all included...beleive it or not.. as much as you want, when you want....doesn't sound like Paradise!!!! You will definetly be or night!!! You must mingle with the KIKO'S team they are great. They are managed by Benji...and w
cholocate, dance with Leo, Winston, and definetly Dave (dont take your eyes of their bodies!!!) My favorite sport at the Paradise was the water sports.... or should i say looking at the guys that work at the water sports.... Augusto...real cutie and real sweetie.. will look after you like gold... and Ladies take you hands off my man Gafa (i have been with him for over 3 years now)!!!! Wish i could bring him home!!!! If all that is not enough... you must the Crazy Moon disco... the best disco in Playa Dorada ....if you dont know how to dance merengue or the lover's dance..."bachata".....not to worry... they will teach you! If you want to hear a particular beat.... go right ahead... DJ'S Mike and Chico will definetly playe it for you...all you need to do is ask!!!!
Well....has you can all se...i can go on and on for ever!!!! And for those wondering I have been going there 2-3 times per year for the last 4 years...
Hola muchachos....dame in chin de Brugal por favor...besos muchachos!!!
Enjoy your holidays...!!!! Sonia

Top Local Tips for Puerto Plata

insect repellant on excursions Ifgoing on excursions into mountains take your insect repellant as we were bitten badly by tics !!!

Chantelle's Tip Take Dominican Peso in currency, don't forget you have to pay departure tax once you arrive at Puerto Plata and when you are departing to leave, do the Helicopter ride if you can afford it.

$10 to arrive and $20 to leave Remember to take $10 to pay your way into the country and $20 to pay your way out. You cannot leave the airport without paying this


Other names for Paradise Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

  • paradise beach resort casino
  • paradise beach resort & casino
  • paradise beach resort
  • paradise beach puerto plata
  • paradise beach club puerto plata
  • paradise beach club casino
  • paradise beach club & casino
  • paradise beach club
  • grand paradise playa dorada hotel
  • Address: Playa Dorada - Puerto Plata - 332 - Dominican Republic
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